Types of fires

Types of firesA fire for a seasoned traveler — a piece of cake. It should be mangled dry twigs near the trunk of pine, birch — everything goes. They are always near the barrel dry. For starters there is no better material than crumpled newspaper. Once lit up small branches, it is necessary to add a thicker dry twigs.

Food for the fire are wood. And from what you will "feed" the fire depends on how effective and comfortable you will use it. Never chop firewood living trees: they are very badly off. Raw branches also burn just to make the smoke from mosquitoes. The best wood — pine. They are brightly lit and left little coal and ash. Needles burn very dangerous: flying sparks may be a source of forest fire, or at least they prozhgut tent flap. Birch logs are only good ones that have dried up, lost their bark and fall to the ground. Fallen Birch left in bark, rotted for two years, and burn in the fire will be. Fir wood is rarely not rotten and therefore not suitable for the fire. Aspen, dried on the vine — good wood, but you should always remember that from aspen sparks. In the steppe, even if there are trees nearby, you can always find a bush honeysuckle or cotoneaster and used for firewood dead dry branches. When fire breaks out, you can put a thick wood. If the fire is weak, you can try to gently fan it, waving cardboard. Campfire, a device much. It should be remembered that the fire in a campaign fueled cooking. With a large stake to hang or remove bowler problematic. Raspylavshiysya fire is very dangerous and can cause a fire. In the evening before going to bed, the fire must be put out — it's the law, as the evening wind blows the remaining embers and fire erupted again might do a lot of troubles. Before leaving the place to sleep fire should be completely extinguished — filled with water, covered with earth or sand.

Types of fires

Bonfire "Pyramid" gives a great flame. It is suitable for the rapid heating of people, drying clothes, but quickly burns. 2.
Bonfire "trench" is used for cooking in windy conditions outdoors. To equip a fire, have to dig in the ground groove to length and width, which allows to install on her hiking boilers. Dug the groove must be placed in the wind and have a wide conical bevel to windward. Equipping a fire, do not forget to take care of the removed turf. Bonfire "trench" is convenient because it does not require a lot of wood. In cold weather, being in the woods without a sleeping bag, it can be equipped with a place to stay. To keep warm after the burning of firewood close pit wooden block of wood with a thin layer of soil and grass. From above it is easy to make a comfortable, warm bed. 3.
Bonfire "fovea." To equip a fire of this type, you need to dig a hole in the ground. To keep warm bottom of the pit is expedient to lay stones. On such a fire can boil water, cook, bake in hot ashes. 4.
Bonfire "asterisk." To fuel this fire will need thick dry firewood. Put them a star or a fan, as shown in the figure. As wood burning shift to the center. Such a fire can burn for a long time. 5.
Fireplace "Fence" ("Nodya"). Equipment for this type of fire to drive a peg into the ground four, between which lay the wood in the form of a fence. Bonfire ignited snizu.On can burn for a long time, providing that much heat, if put alternately dry and damp wood. This fire is very useful for drying clothes. 6.
Bonfire "reflector" is a mixed version of fires "Nodya" and "Hearth hunter." This fire gives a lot of heat around him well bask in the winter. 7.
Bonfire "Hearth Hunter 'divorce between two dry logs are stacked in such a way that they can be fitted boiler pan or kettle. 8.
Bonfire "grid". Bonfire at the base of this type are placed two thick dry logs, which are several rows in the form of a dense lattice stacked firewood smaller and smaller diameter. This fire is best for joint activities with the detachment of navigators. A slightly modified version of the "Grid" can be used for cooking, heating people, drying of clothes, shoes and so p.Takoy fire can grow in the presence of dry and wet wood. Burned, dry dried raw wood, so the fire can burn for a long time. Bonfire of the three logs adapted so that the fire "Pyramid" is like his stuffing. Note that the lower two logs are stacked to form blowing on logs. At the same Paulin laid on top and the third timber. The advantage of this type of fire is that it can burn two hours or more without additional wood. The simplest device for installation on a fire cookware with a flat bottom is the tripod stand. It can be done by putting three around the fire about the same stone or sticking straight into the hot coals of three metal pegs kit for tents. And the stones, and the metal pegs and there should be as close as povershinam imaginary equilateral triangle. Depending on the trip to the practice can be used in other types of fires. For example, in the construction of a fire in the swamp, you must first make a "foundation." To do this, put a few pieces of wood in a row and they make a fire of any kind. For longer storage of heat after the fire burning coals and ashes be sprinkled a little ground. The heat in this case can store up to 10 hours. No matter what type of fire you decide to use, always follow these general rules:


No matter what type of fire you decide to use, always follow these general rules: 1.koster must be protected from high winds; 2.kostru should be available air or it will be bad burn and smoke, heating 3.For better breed wide a fire, and cooking — a small cone-shaped; 4.teplo the fire comes up: why the fire bed to hold up its flame.

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