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Weapons and Accessories

Of course, even hunting nepuganoy game requires skills and knowledge of rules that can significantly increase the chances of success. But you first need to learn to make the weapons.

Spear. Javelin throw with great accuracy the strength not to everyone, but for the protection of wild animals, it can be helpful.

Spear simply make. They can serve as a solid stick 2m long with a pointed tip, burnt in the fire. But to improve better equip its tip, which is suitable for a sharp piece of stone — the best flint, quartz, obsidian, etc. But whatever material you use, the tip should be securely fastened to a pole, during the impact is not fell off. For this spear split by about 10 cm and put in stone, securing it an animal strands, rope from nettle fibers, etc.

Weapons and Accessories


Stone ax. Thick stick of hard wood, the length of 55-60 cm is necessary to split from one end to a depth of about 20 cm and inserted into a suitable stone splitting hard rock, the same as for the spear, the only other form that can be given to him, treating such is as strong as a rock. Inserting a stone into the handle, you have to get a good foothold.

Weapons and Accessories

Sling. Its easy to make a part of your clothes, the best of the belt and cut into two pieces of 35 cm and a piece of cloth to the bag, which is embedded projectile. At one end of the strap loop is done, the second — the node. In the loop slips his index finger, and the unit is pressed between thumb and forefinger. In the middle of the bag put a smooth stone. Then you need to swing the sling slightly on the side of the arc itself and dramatically waving it above his head.

To penetrate to focus all their attention on the target, at the right time to let go of the node, proceed hand in the direction of the target. Achieve accuracy hit pretty hard, but with some practice, the sling can be a reliable and effective weapon.

Weapons and Accessories

Onions. Good material for a bow, which is good spring. For arc bow best yew, but can amiss and any other solid wood: walnut, birch, oak, etc.

A piece of the branch chosen without laterals length of about 130 cm ends of the branches abate on both sides at a distance of 0.5 m, one must try to make them as symmetrical, so that when stringing the bow string or curl the ends and does not twist.

Then the onions slowly dried over a fire for 2-3 days, turning it over a spit fire and preventing fire wood. After the final drying of onions should be fluff (very desirable) any fat caught up to this animal.

Before you start pulling the string, you should try to bend the bow in different directions in order to identify which one is the best. Denoting the inside of the bend a bow small incision, with the convex (outer) side must be cut small transverse grooves, as shown in the figure.

Then you can cook on a string. In the absence of ropes, nylon fishing line, and other materials can be used peeled, dried and twisted intestines of a captive animal snares or masher, but in the first case can be woven string fiber nettle, fireweed, or make it out of not very thick vines. Of course, this string will last a long time, but the dozen or so shots can withstand.

One end of the string attached to the bow, and the second is a loop that fits into the groove bent bow. Subsequently, you need only put the bow of the hunting season and keep the onions in a constantly flexed.

Weapons and Accessories

Arrows are made of straight lines, no knots and convolutions solid sticks, twigs of approximately 60-65 cm They purified from the bark, and then, putting across your index finger, determine which end is heavier — here is a tip, and on the opposite — light plumage. Easy end neatly split a depth of 12-15 cm and a tail is inserted tightly attached thread of clothing or home-made thin rope from the fibers of plants. The plumage is mostly feathers, its dimensions: in length — 10 cm, width — 5 cm to the head of the boom was sharp and hard, it is slightly burnt at the stake, and then scrape off the cornering, while trying to sharpen an arrow. You can make an arrowhead from a piece of flint flakes or acute animal bones.



After making 10-15 arrows can begin training in shooting. Since such a bow very primitive and far to hit the target is problematic, we must try to creep to hunting as close as possible.

Weapons and Accessories

Silky, masher, traps. In small and large animals, birds and reptiles can be hunted in many ways. Many animals live in ground burrows, rock crevices and hollow trees. To determine whether the animal is there, you need to try and find a long twig it, and if it in the hole, the first thing to try to block all the means at its inputs and outputs, but one in which the animal can kick out. To catch squirrels and marmots can be poured into the burrow water and soaked animal over time come out to the surface. Small animals can try to pull out of the shallow burrows thin, forked at the end of a stick, turning it into a hole as long as there will not be able to catch the animal fur for the rod.

Catch the lizard better in the morning, until cool and lizards are inactive. On hot days, lizards love to bask in the sun while lying motionless and provide an excellent target. They can throw stones, sticks, shoot a bow or use a sling. To catch the snakes should hold her head to the ground at the end of a long forked stick. When catching snakes for food safe to assume all


toxic to ensure your own safety, although many of them may turn out to be completely harmless.

Good food are the eggs of sea, marsh, river, meadow and forest birds. Even eggs from one nest enough to satisfy his hunger. Birds' eggs, it is best to pick the day and catch birds in the nest — at night.

Manufacturing snares requires not so much skill as the availability of material for the manufacture of: wire, twine, and rope.

Trap masher and snares must be installed on game trails leading to water, which are determined by the heels and animal dung. When installed it is advisable not to violate the natural countryside views, as it alerted animals. For setting snares and traps pusher is better to choose a natural narrowing of the trail, including any obstacles (stones, rocks, dense vegetation, and so on).

If traps and masher put mainly on small and medium-sized animals and birds, trap meant for larger animals, but its construction requires not only skill, but also time.

The trap can also be a hole, and the incident beam, which, in contrast to the masher, a much more substantial in size. In the latter case, the guide rails to install the trap so that the incident beam is not caught on are near the stones, rocks, trees and branches, and its impact has to be exactly a certain place, and the animal grabbed the bait, did not have time to get away from the incident log.

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