Wobbler — atypical bait (wire technology)

Wobbler — one of the most difficult to manage baits, with a large drag. Drag — is the most important characteristic that defines its use in catching some fish in different ponds. Drag is at all baits, but most significantly, it is a blade with a deep crankbaits over three meters.

Naturally, in such a categorical matter is unacceptable, and the general rule for all situations does not exist. In practice, there is a clear separation between fishing in closed, relatively small lakes and reservoirs and fishing in rivers or large bodies of water with a large displacement of water masses due to strong surface currents or waves. The explanation is simple: the water flow or excitement dampens vibrations generated by the game wobbler. In large rivers with strong currents predator often responds to the bait at a time when it is actively moving (acoustic signal maximum) or "scraping" the bottom, creating a "cloud" of turbidity (such is deemed wobbler — kind of stimulus for the predator, a reminder of the presence of the victim).

It is another to fishing predator in small closed basins. Here too sharp or high-speed wiring penetration glubokonyryayuschego wobbler with big bow blade, and, consequently, a large drag comparable to throw a large (up to 300-400 grams) of fish. Hungry pike such production may be interested — walleye and perch almost never. Moreover, the small perch (up to 1.5 kg) is afraid of sharp diving crankbait and get away from him flee. Such movement blade bait does not correspond to the raging water, stored progonistoy fry — the main food of predator. Doubters anglers should pay attention to the fact that, even with a decent spinning tests 5-21 g 5-25 g vibrate when posting large wobbler, especially if it's burial, about the same as with the fall-vice polukilogrammovogo instance of the same perch.

Therefore, if in a closed basin with a deep crank 3-4 meter drop sharply into the pack "prickly", they, regardless of their size, at best temporarily depart from the bait for some distance, at worst — is rapidly leave the fishery. Grounded flight is accompanied by a sound effect. At depth, if the lure dug straight "down" zander, care for spinning flock remains invisible (only becomes noticeable lack of bites).

Perch maneuvers big scare wobbler impossible, but also make him bite the bait on the overall problematic. Constant feed medium perch — verhoplavka and fingerlings carp fish in the diet of a large (approximately 500-600 g) are small (perch, carp, ruffe, bleak) fish are created when you move around a weak pulse. And the narrow neck striped (in this component it is inferior even zander) does not allow a large swallow the bait. Perch often reacts to game melkodrozhaschih crankbaits type «Crank» 5-7 cm long, weighing up to 8 grams more reminiscent of his daily food.

In general, to successfully catch the fish of the family Percidae baits in water with no current need to use very delicate tackle, use the "inconvenient" for casting small lungs, and therefore silnoparusyaschie crankbaits, rarely equip magnetic system for distance casting. Installation of additional load on the line in front of the bait or on the front tee unacceptable — they immediately lost the game.

These conclusions were drawn from many years of fishing in reservoirs near Moscow — Istra, Ruza, Ozerninskoe and rivers Oka, Volga and Akhtuba. Data repeatedly tested. Of course, they can be augmented and refined, but to reject them, I would not recommend it.

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