Rock-ClimbLocomotion: 49 MILESTrek done Tohickon Vale Common toward the 200-foot shale drop known as Gamey Rocks. The palisade is hilly decent to devote both experient and newer climbers a exercise and, erst summited, offers heroic views of the Tohickon Brook vale. When the sun starts to dip, ingroup nigh the banks of the brook (campsites from $15; 85 MILESTailspin done the sleepyheaded countryside of Lancaster County. This 84-mile route rally ( done the Susquehanna Vale features 6,000 feet of mounting and the probability to prison-breaking at Read more [...]
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Brazil goes under the water — the second signal the end of the world

Was grim for Brazilians beginning of 2011: the country collapsed floods and landslides that killed six hundred fifty-five man, one hundred twenty missing, one hundred and thirty serious injuries, over fourteen thousand people were left homeless. In the disaster area were several cities, where more than five million people. This natural disaster recognized as the most devastating in the country over the last fifty years. This is the most tragic natural disaster in the history of the country. In some remote areas have not yet been established relationship, and experts fear the death toll could Read more [...]
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End of the world in 2012, as a result of strong solar flares

Another of the theories Doomsday theory stands based on the anomalous flares. This flash, increase the energy flux that the Earth received before many times. And then the result: loss of vegetation and all life on earth - that is what will happen to the planets in such a theory. Astronomical data indicate that in 2012, we should observe a fairly high activity of our sun - that's why we have on site the monitoring of solar activity in the "online." Age of the Sun and the nature of his life, are stable for millions of years, put this theory to the end of the world in question. And Read more [...]
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Australia takes on water — the first sign of doom

As a result of heavy rainfall in December 2010 in Australia, the country worst hit by the flood. He was found the most wasteful phenomenon in the history of Australia. It should be noted that rainfall in the country came under the influence of the regular climatic phenomenon, which is known as El Niño. This phenomenon is also caused floods in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Severe flooding has affected forty-six localities of the country, the water in the rivers rose up to eight meters. One of the major Australian cities Brisbane has turned into a dirty swamp, destroyed roads and bridges, suspended iron-road Read more [...]
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Flooding in Sri Lanka

Terrible floods horrified not only Brazil, Europe and Australia, but got up and Sri Lanka. As a result of heavy rainfall from the coast out local water bodies, which resulted in a massive landslide. As a result, forty people were killed and twelve listed as missing, homeless left three hundred forty thousand people. The total number of affected people is estimated at half a million people, and the damage caused to the elements, - five hundred million dollars. The most serious damage caused to the Eastern Province of the island state, districts Ampara, Batticaloa, Kandy. There's part of settlements Read more [...]
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Natural disasters: Japan — Earthquake in Japan, floods

"Superlunie" is already making itself felt: massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan Recall that 19 March 2011 is expected to "superlunie" when the moon is closer to Earth as close. Our planet is already felt the approach of his companion, and this is demonstrated by the events in Japan. On March 11, one hundred and sixty kilometers from the city of Tokyo was the most powerful earthquake of magnitude 8,4-8,9 Richter scale. Tremors occurred at a depth of ten kilometers, resulting in only one of Tokyo suffered more than four million buildings. But an earthquake disaster Read more [...]
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In 2012, the Earth will be two of the Sun or not?

In the constellation of Orion at a distance of 640 light years from our solar system is the star Betelgeuse. According to scientists, the Betelgeuse outbreak should occur, comparable with the appearance of a second sun. That is, the star could explode at any time, becoming a supernova. Nothing surprising here, because the life cycle of Betelgeuse is coming to an end, and it is under a red supergiant. Humanity will be able to witness one of the most ambitious space spectacle during the existence of the planet. It may seem that broke the "second sun" - because the bullet will fire a Read more [...]
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When will the end of the world? Other dates of doom

We have already talked about the fact that many prophets and seers have predicted end of the world of humanity, starting from 1033. As you can see, has already arrived in 2011, but we do live and zdravstvuem. The majority opinion was the fact that the end of the world will be as follows: December 21-23, 2012. This date is a lot of panic and experiences. All of this is no accident. I would like to recall that it was on that date the Mayan calendar ends. According to the calculations of astrologers end of the world, too, will happen in this time, since it violates the cosmic cycles. Read more [...]
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Bay Expanse Allstars

Salfi at the succeeding place of a community skate common he's serving to figure in Oakland     Pic: Ture LillegravenTHE Maverick Jason Salfi Possessor, COMET SKATEBOARDS A distinctive skateboard beautify is a sandwich of unsustainability: chemic epoxies pressed 'tween layers of overlogged maple and coated with toxic varnishes. In 1998, Salfi cofounded Comet Skateboards ( with the finish of creating a greener add-in. At its solar-powered San Francisco manufactory, the society makes decks with Woods Stewardship Council?certifiable forest, so builds the Read more [...]
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Can you avoid a doomsday in 2012?

Albeit weakly to believe that the world will end, but somewhere deep inside everyone to think about where to run and where to hide, if that person did come? Unfortunately, the various disasters we can not avoid. And I say it is not based on the prophecies of our ancestors, and based on the real facts of modern. Already for many it is no secret that the magnetic belt of the Earth is shifting inexorably towards Canada. Now the concept of the "North Pole" is a geographical name. Hard magnetic axis continues to move, and once it reaches a certain size, in the world there will be overhauled. Read more [...]
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(From it. Abris — shape, contour), schematic. drawing area, made by hand, directly on the ground. A. axis travel route (regardless of bends) is taken as a straight line and is drawn along the middle of its leaf. Objects of interest, represent conventional signs not to scale. Of distances and angles direction resulting measurements in the field, point numbers. The necessary information, to-rye can not be transferred graphically recorded in the fields. A. is to produce sketch and plans for the area.

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Floods in Peru and Bolivia

In the countries of Peru and Bolivia declared a state of emergency because of the severe flooding that triggered rainfall. In addition to flooding, in a heavy landslides. Rivers burst their banks and flooded six of the nine areas of Bolivia, damaged roads and bridges. In Peru, the most difficult experiences southeastern part of the country. Here, the flow of water washed away bridges and fifteen has crippled more than three hundred kilometers of roads, agricultural land. Flood victims were three people (it is possible that their number will grow every day), and ten thousand homeless. Humanitarian Read more [...]
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Superlunie March 19, 2001 disaster threatens

March 19 Earthlings will witness "superluniya" when the moon is closer to Earth at the closest distance. In anticipation of that date, the Internet is filled with alarming forecasts that the passage of the moon perigee point (as close to the Earth) threatens our planet major disasters. First, the "superlunie" can cause serious change the Earth's climate, and this, in turn, will cause volcanic activity and earthquakes. Note that the previous cases of closest approach of the moon to the Earth occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. And it is in these years were recorded extreme Read more [...]
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Can we survive the end of the world in a bunker?

What is a private bunker? At the word "tank" usually remember World War II and Hitler's bunker. Although now, thank God, all is quiet, calm, but some wealthy people trying to build near his mansion kind of shelter, because emergencies await us at every turn, from floods and finishing the enemy attack. The main thing that the bunker was built, that they say, the conscience. We know that in Europe and the U.S., the privately owned bunkers in great demand. Thanks to modern technology can construct a whole underground mansions. Unfortunately, in Russia, this business has not received Read more [...]
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Fittingness Is an Chance

    Exposure: Exemplification by Michael MillerPracticed Advice "Fittingness can be gruelling oeuvre, but it decidedly pays off in the longsighted run. Sometimes you've merely got to guess it, testament it, so eff. Advertize on done and persist." Andy Chains 2004 ASP Humankind Genius Surfboarder[#5] Authoritative Effectiveness The Big Button If you neediness to get stronger, you pauperism to hit the weights. Good ask 34-year-old Joe Decker, immortalize bearer in the Guinness 24-Hour Seaworthiness Dispute, which knotty such Powerful feats as acting 1,100 push-ups in a row. Read more [...]
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Different points of view on the end of the world

So we did not talk, but each of us anxiously waits until 2012, when the planet will end. Not be denied that people - being quite shy, and predictions that everything is destroyed - not much of a myth. Please note that a lot of similarities in the different traditions, born in different parts of the world at different times. Note the script is practically the same: fading sun, flying fire from the sky, a powerful earthquake and a huge tsunami. The prophets of old, looking to the future, saw there the same thing: the death of the Earth and civilization in general. Description of the end of the Read more [...]
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Terrorists and 2012

Terrorism fell a basis for a theory of the end of the world. September 11, 2001, many people still remember, people are concerned that terrorists in 2012, can not simply acquire nuclear weapons, but also to apply it. To have been no events associated with terrorism in 2012, the government and security forces of all countries, need to be very careful and follow the movement of terrorists, to screen all incoming data properly in order to avoid the consequences of the 2001 attacks. In 2012, the situation is already tense, that's why, once again, you need to follow any information on possible Read more [...]
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As the sun affects our planet?

We all know what role in the life of each of us is the sun. The light and heat of heavenly light gave us life, but the solar wind in the near future can bring us a lot of trouble, and we talk a little about solar activity. Solar activity is studying many observatories, scientists and researchers as well as changes in the sun, the behavior of sunspots, solar flares, and the appearance of coronal holes can significantly affect the life of the planet. Physical magnetic storms can affect not only our health and psychology, but also adversely affect the growth of plants, the electrical work. Read more [...]
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How to make a simple fishing rod?

Oh, how I want to go fishing! And the time is, and the pond nearby, but there is no gear, even fishing rods! This problem can be solved in several sustainable. Very simple - go to the lake, passing under the last year's leaves, in ravines, with a stick digging worms. Also along the way to cut off the rod in the nearest bush. Any suitable thin, straight tree. And the most direct grow in the midst and in the shade, where the woods needs proredke. Suitable maple, willow, elm, even, but better - birch, walnut, cherry. The length of the rod of the future should be at least three meters. Read more [...]
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A fish kill in California. March 2011

Beginning March was not very successful for the residents of Southern California. There was a mass death of fish. Harbor in Redondo Beach, which is located in the south-west of Los Angeles, filled the dead carcasses of sardines, sprats, mackerel, and there are about a million. On the sea bottom formed almost 46-cm layer of dead fish. Local authorities are concerned that the tons of rotting fish can cause an epidemic of infectious disease, and this will lead to further loss of marine life. Here, experts say, and the fact that the corrupting smelling fish attracted gulls and other birds, and Read more [...]
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