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Forensic medical examination to determine the severity of injuries

g) "dislocations of the cervical vertebrae." This also should be classified and subluxations of the cervical vertebrae, if they were accompanied by life-threatening symptoms; h) "closed spinal cord injury in the neck." This refers to the violation of the integrity of the spinal cord hemorrhage in its substance or a shell in the neck due to injury; i) "perelomovyvih fracture or one or more of the thoracic or lumbar spine with spinal cord dysfunction, or the presence of clinical judgment of severe shock." These injuries can be life-threatening only if they are accompanied Read more [...]
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Forensic medical examination during the judicial investigation

Received by the court material evidence of the case considered in an administrative session, after which a decision on the committal of the accused to the court set a challenge to the court meeting experts (Article 228 CCP). These experts may be like those who gave conclusion the preliminary investigation, and again invites the initiative of the court, prosecutor, and defense counsel. Expert gives the court a subscription that he warned of the consequences of false conclusion and for refusing to give an opinion on art. 181, 182 of the Criminal Code (as well as the preliminary investigation). To Read more [...]
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Forensic medical examination during the preliminary investigation

Preliminary investigation produced (only after the criminal case) investigator, authorities of the Ministry of Interior and the public security organs of the district where the crime was committed (Article 125, 129 and 132 of the CPC). Urgent investigative actions and fixing of any crime (inspection, search, seizure, inspection, arrest, interrogate suspects, victims and witnesses) are carried out by inquiry in cases in which have to be carried out a preliminary investigation. By compelling investigation the investigating body shall refer the case to the investigator (Article 119 and 126 of the Read more [...]
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Forensic examination to improve the quality of treatment and preventive care to the population

Forensic Medical Service of the USSR is an integral part of the Soviet health care. Paragraph I «Instructions for a forensic medical examination in the USSR" (1978) reads: "A forensic examination of the USSR is the aims and objectives of the Soviet socialist justice. At the same time, its activities focus on all-round assistance to the health authorities in improving the quality of medical care to the population and for preventive measures. " In the many years of collaboration with the authorities of practical public health forensic service has developed a form and have experience Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry-5

In forensic science over the last decade, a new separate section - a forensic stomatology. Isolation of this section was due to the further differentiation of medical sciences, in particular the development of dentistry as a medical discipline with original professional trained in this area of medicine specialist - a dentist. A forensic dentistry studies dental problems in the interests of legal practices of society. The major issues of modern forensic dentistry include: - Procedural framework forensic dental examination; - Forensic examination of damage to the soft tissues of the face, jaw and Read more [...]
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World Shakers: The Counter-Enviro Ability Lean

The 62-year-old generator of spectacularly successful novels alike Jurassic Commons, Crichton is a original at exploitation skill as a springboard for blockbusters, which is one of the reasons environmentalists let been so disquieted by his up-to-the-minute bestseller, Country of Concern. Advisement in at 603 pages, the new is a persistent fulmination against the environmental cause, featuring villainous, grant-hungry greenies who cabal to produce mortal lifelike disasters equitable to gull the reality into believing that world-wide thawing is a terror. To reward his horizon that climate-change Read more [...]
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Ridges and spurs

On ridges, snow and rock, frequent wind education - snow cornices, and below them on the leeward slopes - snow bags. On the windward side of the crest, where the corridors begin rising air currents form a snowy wind funnel. When raising the crest of snow in the area of the snow avalanche danger extremely bag, and if you want to cross, do it with a reliable insurance from a safe place. Overcoming the danger of caving cornice below and therefore permissible only where it obtayal and overhangs, with the location of fear in the side of the ledge. It should also be wary of cornices formed not Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry-4

AI Rybakov in the book "Mistakes and complications in dentistry," a classification of defects in the activities of dental practitioners. Classification suggested by the author is of great importance not only in the professional dental plans, but also in forensic terms, especially when considered in the commission examination questions about violations in the activities of doctors, dentists and other health care dental facilities. However, the author singles out a particular group, which, in his opinion, should be included from defects "as a result of negligence and malpractice, Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry-3

According to the law, and possible removal expert, in particular, if the doctor is a party or a relative of one of the parties to the forensic investigation process (Article 59 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and similar articles in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Union republics), or he is in the service according to them (Article 67 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and similar articles in the Union republics). Of expert activities dentist should give in cases considering the appropriate treatment, if he provided medical aid to the patient. In the procedural basis of forensic dental examination Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry-2

Wide involvement of scientific and expert work of dentists is a characteristic feature of modern forensic dentistry, which undoubtedly enhances its scientific horizons and promotes professional forensic dental examination. At the root of the domestic judicial dentistry was a prominent Russian scientist, educator and expert, head of forensic medicine at Moscow University professor. PA Minakov. Under his leadership, dental GI doctor Wilga wrote the first Russian dissertation on forensic odontology, published in 1903 in Moscow under the title "On the teeth in the forensic respect." In Read more [...]
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Metapleksis Japanese

Shrubby vine to 3 m length with a smooth cylindrical branches and yellow-green hairy stems. Ovate leaves 8-14 cm long and 4-9 cm wide, pointed at the top and at the base glubokoserdtsevidnye sit on long, up to 8 cm tonkoopushennyh stalks. Leaf blade on top of juicy dark-green, off-white below, with a pattern of cirrus veins. Inflorescence racemose, 8 - 16-flowered, on long stalks. The large flowers are white or pink and white at the bottom and in the middle of the purple, with campanulate corolla, dissolved in May - June. Fruit-leaflets 5-7 cm long, pointed at the end, with a curved beak, Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry-1

Instruction production forensics in the USSR (§ 26) states that forensic investigators can be brought to fulfillment of the state functions of forensic persons qualified physician. In practical terms, the involvement of the expert dentists who do not have training in forensic medicine, for example to establish the cause of death can lead to serious forensic defects. We know of a case of Forensic corpse of a man killed in a head injury, where doctor-professionally competent dentist described damage the teeth-jaw system, but have not opened the skull and did not examine the brain, depriving the Read more [...]
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The Unanimous Enchilada

Off Isla Espiritu Santo     Photograph: Justin Bailie/DaybreakSalina Cruz, OaxacaSurfboard IN SerenityThis gamey interface metropolis of 71,000 features a colossus oil refinery, a monumental industrial entertain, and nigh cypher holidaymaker substructure. It too offers admission to the topper uncrowded breakers in Mexico. Thither are 15 breaks inside two hours of townsfolk, virtually of them right points with flaxen bottoms. And the beau is a uniform foursome to six feet from April to October, occasionally peaking at 12 feet in June and July. (One of the longest pipe rides in the Read more [...]
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A forensic dentistry

Applied to forensic dental examination it comes to examination of living persons to establish the nature of the damage, its limitations, and the mechanism of determining the degree of severity of injury or disability for injuries of soft tissues, facial bones, and teeth, as well as damage caused by teeth rights, etc. The forensic medical research bodies, held in similar cases, should, in addition, to establish a causal link between the injury and death. Physical evidence that may be targets of forensic dental examination, fingerprints are the traces of the teeth and how the human body (seized Read more [...]
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Forensic medical records

In accordance with Art. 191 Criminal Procedure Code and the requirements of the "Guidelines on the production of the forensic examination" of the results of all forensic make out in a document which referred to as "Expert opinion". "Expert opinion" are, when produced by the decision of the examination the person performing the inquiry, the investigator, the prosecutor, as well as a court. "Expert opinion" is made according to certain rules, and consists of three main sections: "prologue", "research department" and the "final part" Read more [...]
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Carbonado Justice

Carbonado Justness     Picture: Courtesy of Carbonado$700If you're purchasing a ski that's fatter than 110mm underfoot, you belike do lots of tramp to run trackless powderize. That's why the Judge, one of the outflank resort-to-backcountry crossing skis we've well-tried, is intentional to be a punt or more barge than near alpine skis of exchangeable cinch. It performs scoop in balmy coke (course) and holds its own on cord, but because it's so whippersnapper, it can get deflected by chunks of ice or fixed filth. 140/115/125; blackdiamondequipment.comTAGS: drift, constancy, sidecountry Read more [...]
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Forensic medicine-1

Trial medicine - Area of medicine dealing with medical and biological problems in the practice of investigation and trial. During the preliminary and judicial investigation is a forensic examination (see). Its objects are real people, corpses, evidence, the case file. The cause of death, the time of its occurrence, the nature and severity of injuries, their origin and other information of interest to the investigator and the court. Forensic science is taught in medical school and in the Department of Forensic Medicine Institute of Doctors. In the system of health care, there are special institutions Read more [...]
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Forensic medicine

Preface to the textbook The subject of forensic science and the history of its development. Procedural and organizational framework of forensic services Subject, methods and content of Forensic Medicine A short history of forensic medicine Legal basis of forensic Organization of forensic services Forensic medical examination of the corpse and thanatology Dying and Death Early changes in the carcass Recent changes in the carcass Establishing the time of death Examination of the corpse on the spot detection Forensic post-mortem examination Research bodies newborn Forensic examination of corpses Read more [...]
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Subpektoralnaya phlegmon

Subpektoralnaya phlegmon - Purulent inflammation of the tissue under the small and large pectoral muscles. Subpektoralnaya phlegmon develops after an injury of the chest, with streaks of pus from the armpit; infection can penetrate the lymphatic pathways from infected wounds, boils or carbuncle chest wall, mastitis, due to the spread of pus from the pleural cavity with purulent pleurisy. Sometimes the place of introduction of infection is extremely difficult to determine. Symptoms: the asymmetry of the upper Chest, voltage pectoral muscles on the affected side, impaired function of the upper Read more [...]
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