Cervicitis — an inflammation of the cervix. If the inflammatory process is limited only by the mucous membrane of the cervical canal, to speak of Endocervicitis.
The causes of cervicitis: infection with abortion, childbirth, traumatic cervical gonorrhea irrational use of contraceptives, and very rarely observed in tuberculosis, especially primary, and syphilis.
Inflammatory process, Start with a mucous membrane of the cervical canal, usually goes to a deep tissues.
At gynecological examination in the acute phase of the disease is visible swollen neck, mucosa shell bright red color, from the canal flows muco-purulent discharge. When involved in the inflammatory process okolosheechnoy tissue, pain in the abdomen and in the sacral region. Body temperature can be subfebrile for a few days or remained normal.
If cervicitis in acute (within 2 weeks) did not heal, the process can become chronic: infection persists in the deeper layers of cervical tissue, mucous discharge from the pipe is reduced, the neck becomes less edematous, disappears, and the bright red color of the endometrium . In chronic cervicitis apparent recovery may be accompanied by frequent sharpening process, coming, for example, after menstruation.
Treatment depends on the etiology of cervicitis. Injection of drugs into the cervix produces a doctor. Midwife, nurse perform medically prescribed treatment: baths, tampons with antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory drugs. With failure of conservative treatment (6-8 weeks) or repeated relapse diathermocoagulation shown (see) or surgical treatment. Treatment of cervical gonorrhea, tuberculosis or syphilitic origin — specific.
Timely and appropriate treatment of inflammatory diseases of urogenital organs of the female, and traumatic injury prevents the development of postpartum cervicitis.

Cervicitis (cervicitis; from Lat. Cervix, cervicis — neck) — inflammation Cervical.
The cause of cervical infection is often gonorrhea, infection during and after childbirth, abortion is very rare tuberculosis, especially primary and syphilitic lesions of the cervix. Cervicitis can also occur as a result of damage to the cervix during childbirth and abortion. Sometimes cervicitis produce concentrated solutions of potassium, iodine and other substances introduced into the vagina and cervix for medical purposes or for abortion.
When cervicitis observed mainly morphological changes in the mucous membrane of the cervix, gradually involved in the process and tissue stroma of the cervix. Morphological changes are rather varied and depend on the phase of the inflammatory process. In the acute phase of the observed expansion of the vessels, the formation around them, and in the circle of glands numerous clusters of small white blood cells and other cells. In some places these clusters take on the character and perivascular periglandulyarnyh abscesses. In the chronic stage, you can find plasma cells. At this stage, has been substantially altered connective tissue stroma of the cervix its hypertrophy and scarring increases the size of the cervix, loss of elasticity inherent in the normal cervix.
The inflammatory process usually begins with the mucous membrane of the cervical canal [endocervicitis (endocervicitis)] and usually moves to a more deep tissues.
In the acute form of cervical edema and an overall increase in the cervix. Mucous shell of the vaginal part of the cervix is bright red. The discharge from the cervix grow and become muco-purulent. Acute cervicitis phenomenon limited to, as a rule, local changes, if the process is not involved in the body of the uterus and other parts of genitals. The temperature remains normal or subfebrile for several days. Pain in the sacrum, lower abdomen, extending to the hips and the anus, are unstable and depend less on the destruction of cervical tissue, as from involvement in okolosheechnoy fiber and the nearest portion of the peritoneum. Acute effects for 1-2 weeks gradually disappear, and cervicitis becomes chronic phase. The discharge from the cervical canal is gradually reduced, becoming thinner and lighter.
Number of septic elements also decreases and isolation take a slimy character.
Microbial flora, very abundant in the acute phase of the disease is also becoming progressively scarce. However, a significant reduction or even complete disappearance of the temporary discharge and the scarcity of the microbial flora are not a sign of infection disappeared. The latter can nest in the deep parts of the tissues of the cervix and to the aggravation of the process at the next menstruation, after vaginal examination and other manipulation of the vagina and cervix.
Cervicitis associated with fractures of the cervix during childbirth and abortion, usually takes place in the sub-acute and chronic forms. Mostly affects the circular fibers external cervical os and surrounding tissues. The result is broken round shape external os: anterior and posterior lips at the break apart, mucosa shell of the cervical canal and turned inside out forms eversion (ectropion). Non-physiological condition of the tissue in the area of inversion leads to increased secretion of the mucous membrane and the chronic inflammatory process in all tissues Cervical with the formation of dense scar tissue in the area of inversion. Often there are education gray-yellow color, scattered on the outer surface of the pharynx, in the form of a small hill size of a pinhead and more. This expansion glands closed excretory duct and gland secretions accumulation (ovula Nabothi). These pieces of iron can long persist infection (virulent microflora).
The diagnosis is made by cervicitis inspection of the cervix with a vaginal dose of mirrors, her tenderness, microscopy studies selections.
Treatment cervicitis is inseparable from the treatment of the underlying source of infection: the mucous membrane channel and its many glands and cervical erosion. Drugs administered by a metal probe Playfair.
After cleansing of the external os discharge into the cervical canal administered one probe wrapped around it hygroscopic cotton wool soaked in a solution of baking soda (to remove the mucus plug and secretions). The second probe, moistened with hydrogen peroxide, the same process cervical canal.
The third probe lining canal treated with 1% solution of brilliant green, 2-5 10% silver nitrate solution or 1-2% solution of gentian violet. This procedure should not apply more than 1 time in 5-7 days, the concentration of drug used depends on the duration of the process. The purpose of this procedure — exacerbate the process and give sufficient time to the involution process in the cervix. Frequent lubrication endocervix leads her into a state of constant overstimulation, hypersecretion and not only is the treatment effect, but, on the contrary, it may even be harmful. Therefore, the number of treatments should not be more than 6-8 for 5-7 weeks. Ovula Nabothi reveal needle and treated with tincture of iodine or burn (diathermocoagulation). The basic rule of the treatment of cervicitis: Do not tighten conservative treatment for many months or even years. With failure of conservative treatment (6-8 weeks) or repeated relapses shown diathermocoagulation, diathermy or surgical conization or amputation of the cervix.
Treatment of cervical lesions gonorrhea, tuberculosis or syphilitic origin specific.
See also Erosion (cervix).

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