Contents of hunting dogs

Hunting dogs can easily adapt to a variety of climate conditions, feeding and maintenance. In the big cities, they are usually found in the apartment of the owner, content with a mattress or, more convenient frame for lying in the corner. In rural areas, the dogs usually contain a wooden booth, which in the presence of litter sufficient protection from adverse climatic conditions. Under conditions of prolonged hunting and moving, typical of the Far North, huskies are satisfied with even a den in the snow.

In all cases, the dog the opportunity to provide a relaxing stay at a designated place, somehow sheltered from the cold and heat. Necessary that it be removed from lavatories, kitchens, garbage dumps. Dog should not interfere with people or run freely, where it sees fit, in order to avoid disapproval of others, loss, and the possibility of disease from contact with stray dogs. Despite the fact that almost all hunting dog breeds are not afraid of the cold and well tolerated in the outer content In the booth, to transfer the dog out of the house in the booth in the winter is dangerous: that transition can destroy even long-haired dogs. Around the booth to maintain cleanliness. The lying dog around the booth is decking planks, raised on the bars at 8-10 cm from the ground. In order for a dog to feel free, it's best to keep it in the cage, and only in exceptional cases on the circuit.

Contained indoors dog needs a walk at least three times a day for the administration of natural and needs to warm up. Chained dogs are also in need of a free walk at least 1 hour day to keep the body in good shape and normal digestion (usually dogs soderzhaschiesya1 on a chain without a walk with constipation).

Puppies are not recommended contain tied to prevent stunted growth and abnormal development.

Coat, hunting dogs should be regularly (two — three times a week) to comb comb and brush, removing dead skin and woolly hair. Such grooming is useful for all dogs, especially during molting, and it needs at room content, where molting is very stretched.

Washing the dog, kept out of the room, is made only in the warmer months. Indoor dogs have to wash in the winter, usually once a month, warm but not hot water (35-40 ° C), and soap. After washing in cold weather to produce the dog out of the room can be no earlier than 8:00.

Dog needs good nutrition with adequate protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

In terms of the individual content, the presence of a dog, it can be satisfied with food remnants of the family with the addition of Hunter oatmeal or other cereal.

Usually adult dogs are fed twice a day, morning and night, feeding at a time of 1.5-2.5 liters of feed. Feed fed into a clean container and should be at room temperature. Uneaten uneaten food should not be left in a dog, and must be removed after refusing to eat up the dog food.

-Feed must be full and varied and include not only cereals, but the meat or fish products, vegetables and salt. Quantity of feed determined empirically, in accordance with the size, appetite, use and maintenance of the dog. In winter, when the outdoor maintenance and during the hunting dogs need more food than in the summer and during the period of rest. Schennyh bitches in the second half of pregnancy are fed three times a day, and the amount of feed for them increases by about 30%. Weaning puppies fed six times a day, As the number of feedings gradually decreasing.

The diet schennyh bitches and puppies entered the milk, in the absence of meat milk is its temporary replacement.

Salted meat or fish before cooking it is necessary to chop up into small pieces across the muscle fibers and soaked in several waters. Initially cooked meat (or fish), then it is taken out of the boiler, and the broth poured grains and vegetables. Meat food in the form of finely chopped put in a bowl before feeding.

Vegetables, and in the summer it is recommended zaparivat young nettles and lay in cooked food, skipping previously through a meat grinder or finely chopped form.

Dacha dogs, especially puppies, fresh raw meat as often as possible is desirable, because it is the most complete protein and vitamin products. Frozen meat must first thaw.

Immediately before the hunt, transportation by car, as well as to feed the dogs before breeding should not be, after feeding should be a gap of 1.5-2 hours. During halts hunting dogs should be fed a small amount maloobemistyh, high-calorie food.

Fresh, clean water in the summer time should be in the dog around the clock in winter for outdoor maintenance in poylushkah should always be clean snow, and the water is given twice a day, half an hour after feeding. Water should be at room temperature.

In summer semi-prepared foods, creamy, in the winter they need to be more dense.


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