Making a fire in the rain

The group must be matches in a waterproof container. Each participant must have his campaign completely sealed box of matches (in addition to the group in addition to the stock and commonplaces of matches). And keep these matches is not anywhere in the backpack, and always with you. If a tourist comes to jackets, they are in a breast pocket shooting jackets, he immediately shifts the matches in the pants or shirt pocket.

For sealing of matches using different methods. You can put a few matches with the side wall of the empty matchbox hunting pocket, which then pour paraffin. You can remove a box of matches, wrapped in paper in a metal box, and then cover with the housing joint pour wax. Instead of wax, you can use electrical tape and band-aid. It is easier, but less reliable. Good results are given a combination of several methods. For example, placing matches in a metal box, and then put it in a plastic bag.

Simple and effective way to save matches is: match should be dipped in melted wax (paraffin). After this treatment, they are moisture and light up even in the rain.

In order to successfully start a fire in the rain, you have to bring your home artificial kindling, not boyaschuyusya moisture — dry spirit tablets, pieces of celluloid or plexiglass candle-end. It is hard to say which is better: every traveler's preferences. Perhaps, it is more convenient to have a candle. Dry alcohol is not always available, and celluloid and plexiglass ignite easily and burn very rapidly, but burn out quickly. Candle is useful if you want to it is preserved and can be used in the future. Therefore, when the fire is diluted with candles, then cut off from the end piece and a half inches tall (sometimes from home does not take all of the candle, but only a small piece of it), put the candle on the ground, lit it, and then start to put on top cobweb or small splinter, so that it touches the top half of the tongue of fire, but not a match (in other candle can easily go out.) For this cobweb usually put "shalashikom" or put it on a bigger branch, forest fire in the manner of the second type, but only in a few layers. A candle is lit for a long time, the flame is kept at all times in one place, or splinter spider gradually dry up and start to flare up. Candle in this case plays the same role as the pile of coal to the Paulin at a dilution of a large fire. Naturally, this can not be expected at any time remove the candle-end in order to use it again. It will burn in the flames of the fire.

 It must be borne in mind that even if gossamer thin branches may be wet with the surface, the more will be thicker wet party fuel. Them to quickly catch fire, you can use the old way of taiga. To do this, take a sharp knife and nastrogat these sticks chips without separating it, but finally the stick. Let one end of her curly halo formed (Fig. 9). Illuminate such razzhigatelnye sticks very quickly. If the chip is already too small and dense, it can burn even directly from kindling, with cobweb and torches. It is necessary to prepare some of these sticks, the remaining twigs and branches of the second and third installment of the fuel also make cuts. Let them not be as deep, but they should be located throughout the length and better from every angle. By the way, it is sometimes useful to smooth out so that even a splinter. When a fire breaks out enough to begin to enclose the larger wood — hand thick or more, and they need to make the length of such a resection, but, of course, now the ax. And even better — to split each log lengthwise. The inner layers of wood are not affected by moisture, however strong rain was not enough light and easy.

The design of the fire, too, to some extent determine the success of the case. From the above construction, this corresponds to the best taiga fire of the second type, the "three logs", "shalashik" taiga fire the third type. Taiga fire of the second type would be especially nice if it folded out of logs, chop length, and place them very close or very close to each other. The logs are turned to rain korem and have a slope, like roof. Water slides down him, and only a very small part of it reaches the fire.

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