The untouched wilds of the taiga. Solonetz. Ginseng


During my service in the Primorye appeared necessary knowledge about the forest and its people, gain experience and composure and not once met with the dangers and bad weather. Gradually, there was a desire not to run for the hills for the beast, and most entice prey into an ambush. The simplest thing is to lay solonetz. With the right choice of location for the alkaline soil, a year hunting provided. Hoofed animals in the forest eating enough water is also available year-round, but little natural salt. Water for drinking pure mountain without the necessary salts. And from the soil Maritimes rain washes all salts powerful typhoon rains. And ungulates adapted to look natural or artificial salt. In Primorye often visit salt licks wapiti. Red deer — is the red deer, the Altai and Sayan its subspecies — is deer. In parts of the Trans-Baikal taiga, Amur and Primorye — red deer. Body length of 200-270 cm, height at the withers of 130-150 cm, weight goes up to 120-150 kg. Adult deer are gray, brown or reddish without bright spots on the sides, but is closer to gray-red color. Next 9-14 cm long stride length up to 1.5 m, jumps to 3-6 m Voice — low pipe bellow: first jerky and hoarse, and then a powerful, lingering and dreary (Encyclopedia of Nature of Russia, Moscow, 1996). Ghosn is early fall, especially actively in clear cold days, when the roar heard for males 5-10 km. Roaring start with three years in March-April, the males shed their antlers, antlers begin to grow almost immediately and are formed by mid-summer. I noticed an interesting place in June 1994. This flat saddle between the hills and the Bald Bear. Saddle represents a crossing of numerous trails. And in the saddle was very good field. That's her, I have many times noticed traces of red deer, roe deer, musk deer. Rarely found traces of Himalayan bear and tiger. But not without a tiger and Maritime taiga. It was decided there and pawn solonetz. Just close to the saddle I built a tent for overnight stays and tested more than once. The area most frequented by me and not very accessible to amateur hunters. At least for a memorable hill and lived tigress, but traces of red deer are not diminishing. Tiger prefers hog, especially in summer, when a lot of young and wild boar less cautious. In the winter preparations began. Purchased bag coarse salt, read books, questioned about the technique taezhniki bookmark alkaline soil. Familiar keeper even showed ready solonetz near a highway ambush and taught the tricks of the fire at night. Winter gave way to a cold spring, and then the hot summer, it was time for hikes and spending the night in the forest. By long-made plan, I'm a bag of salt and a standard set of nights, was in July 1995 in the forest. The route goes through the deep key to the fork and continue along the ridge to the structures already in the camp hut-camp. Though his feet and used to taiga space, but a backpack, with forty pounds of salt and provisions, pulled to the ground. Hiking with the first meters was not easy. Heat and weight are often forced to drink water. A drunk water from a sweat. Bottles in a half liter was enough for half kilometer, and I have not started climbing the ridge. Because in the fork of the keys where the ridge begins with a steep rise, I reduced the burden by half. Only three hours later he brought the two best-selling all things, and salt to the base camp. Short rest, setting cellophane roof tent, firewood, fire, pots of soup and tea. Only now, for food and tea, rest. Briefly focus on flying gear taezhnika. This knowledge is grasped and checked my experience hiking. From clothes, cotton is camouflaged soldier or officer costume, in a backpack or ballonievy weatherproof coat with dew and drizzle. For protection from the rain for at least a polyethylene tent or ballonievaya lightweight tent. From shoes to dry weather can be used amphibious shoes, ankle boots. But the weather is better rubber boots, cut to 30 cm in height. Feet into boots wool blend socks, but it's convenient and conventional thin socks puttees. Then the legs will not be rubbed. At night and rest with a take gumshoes like sneakers with laces. Cap on his head carefully, most officers' field cap or camouflage cap. Backpack whom what is more convenient, more comfortable experience for the narrow and high, to the bushes and branches do not touch you. Matches, paper, card and some of the things in plastic bags to protect from the rain. Fears the wet food also in polyethylene. No hike without a flashlight, saws, a small ax, a knife, a spoon and a plastic cup. Cooking pot is the most optimal soldier, he is flat and fits well in a backpack. Bowler also in plastic to keep the contents of the backpack smut. Water — a soldier's canteen, but I use the summer polutoralitrovuyu plastic bottle of mineral water under, that's all. Then, even in a difficult hike in the summer and provides cooking and comfort, and relaxation. And the rest is needed, otherwise the goods or extraction can overcome many kilometers the route. Tired traveler catch and destroy his plans. I'm after a decent holiday light moved toward the saddle. Way from the camp to the target field does not exceed one and a half kilometers. This greatly overgrown old Forestry fibers with thick young growth birch, maple, willow, elm, Aralia. Bush on both sides of the trail thickly entwined lemongrass and actinides. The closer to the saddle, the more izyubrinye trail crosses the tracks. At one of the open areas are well etched traces izyubrihi with calf. It's happy. Beast enough solonetz will incidentally. Clearing in the saddle greeted me good sunny weather. This gave the opportunity to closely examine the saddle and pick a convenient location to alkaline soil. Should be printed sufficient to determine that the fields frequented by deer and roe deer. There are traces of Manchurian hare, and on the eastern edge of the clearing was a tiger. But the trail master old nailed rains. Going round the clearing, I noticed a convenient tree. Since it offers an excellent overview of the center of the clearing. Compass, defining the path of the moon night, it was clear this is the best point for waiting in ambush. I climbed a tree, cut the excess interfering branches, put the branches of bushes under a tree and soul trembled. From the tree to view the large open area, the center of the clearing, the southern and eastern sides. Just to the south and east, came the most natoptannoy deer trails. Midfield cross paths ideal. Little time and razdolblena hole in the rocky base of the soil. Far solid monolith type basalt. Have something like the trough in the rock ledge. To celebrate, flew to the base and in forty minutes the salt has taken its place in the salt-marshes. Remainder daytime spent waiting in ambush. Filled bars on the tree to make it easier to climb and made the seat in the fork of thick branches. Sun sank behind the hills, still covered the taiga and clearing dusk. A light breeze and the birds hushed said it was time to go to the base camp. For hunting I was not ready, and meet with predators in the dark had a wish. Already in the camp faded sunset. The sky lit rare fainter stars. Fatigue, fire and hot food I finally starved … Several times a year I attended solonetz. Sometimes specially recorded the salt. Sometimes find in the hills hunting, gathering berries and ginseng. But every time I tried to go to my first solonetz and top up salt. For the year ungulates meadow visited more often. In winter, the well-nahozhennye trails. Closer to next summer, wapiti alkaline soil around the ground trampled so that there was not a green blade of grass. Solonet earned. Twice I found fresh tracks tiger, but red deer went active. I realized it was time to get a deer on I created salt and started specific training. The first step is selected bullets for the rifle. Soft point bullets cut into four pieces for maximum killing. Selected clothing, so as not to rustle, not shining buckles and buttons. Checked flashlight with spare bulb, sharpened knife and ax. Well prepared and reactive red rocket parachute. It is more for my reassurance, there Amba owner, especially at night, and a rocket afraid any animal. Cool, foggy morning in June 1996, I stood shivering chill, on a bridge over a deep key. Taiga slaps falling drops of dew, waiting for me, and I confidently waiting for new adventures. Without them, life is not interesting. Take me Taiga, I'm your … with thoughts of adventure, I turned off the bridge and entrust ourselves to other laws, the laws of the taiga. The three-hour normal way along deep, climbing the ridge and I, in the camp, completely wet with dew. Weather carefully analyzed, to the growth of pressure, which was confirmed by the clouds and discordant singing of birds. Singing birds — is to the sun. Do not have time to think, and the camp was lit rays of the warm summer sun. Fate itself, we dry off and eat breakfast, as walking in the dew wet. Later in the afternoon dressed in a dry, wash house in the decoction of wormwood, kamuflyazhku. Went to wait around, away from the portage trails and red deer. An hour later, sitting on a previously prepared wood. With a rifle with twenty rounds, flashlight, knife, an ax, a thermos, and a piece of jet rocket cellophane for cutting production. Cigarettes can not take the smell of tobacco uchuet any beast. Gradually died away the birds, there were the sounds of the night people, mice and chipmunks. Evening breeze was pulling out of the valley, that is not toward alkaline soil. Sunset faded and the sky lit up the stars. Because of the far hills looked darkened moon meadow received more coverage. The hunt began. Hours of waiting followed each other. Others were forced to start the night noises. Again someone crunched, clicked, food, dropped branches, but not that. To stay awake, drinking hot strong coffee from a thermos. Of it ringing in my ears and I listened to the strong night. The voltage steps imagined deer, causing shudder and applied to the carabiner. But again, many minutes of waiting and nothing. Flashed the night bird like an owl, not that. Rustled the grass and foliage, not that. On the far side of the clearing rode Manchurian, not that. Stop. Why is he so frantically jumped? Maybe he scared? But who? Again the heart beat in anticipation … Silence. Well, no one. Already the moon shifted and covered the floor of the clearing shadow. No luck. Responsive nap interrupted slap branches, then click a broken twig. Someone was coming, but it is very quiet on the eastern side. The long wait and just before clearing Pipi … pipi … and … frr frrr … flew fine Pichuga clearly startled by someone. I peered at the eastern edge of the clearing. Here stood a shadow to the right of a group of young birches. It is. I can see only shadows, a large shadow, but low. The shadow stood seven. No bias. Who is this? Why is it so hiding a beast? Suddenly a shadow came to life and pulled a strange leaning to the left, away from the center of the field, saline soils, but along the edge of the bushes. The shadow stopped suddenly loud Rrr … AA .. y … and silently animal darted away from the clearing. Next remember bad. Sitting in a tree, holding rifle at the ready and a rocket in his left hand. Woke up at dawn. Singing birds, mice squeaked, zastrekotali crickets. I shiver from the chill. It was not a red deer. This was the master of the hill Amba. Tigress that is so familiar to me horror taiga night. Once again, I am alive. And therefore, it is necessary to live. Shivering tears from the tree, measurement tape measure distance. One hundred and ten meters from me to the point where the shadow of the second time stopped. Then I smelled the tiger and went to mahah toward the top of a hill in size heel, it's the same familiar tigress. My smell and my bad temper shoot all night, she remembered. We went so peacefully. I was once again lucky. I was charmed. Tiger did not take. This time, even the fetters of fear was not easy in the morning inspected the tracks and made measurements. Taiga builds character. I kept a careful and understood measure of risk. But resentment crept deep down. While it is your solonetz. Use your reindeer, you needed to eat. But I'll be back. Then in another moonlit night, my carbine establish authority in the saddle, you forgive me …

Time does not stand still. Four weeks I had hurt, stand up for the tiger, resentment of the circumstances. Calling himself taezhnikom, I could not back down. Solonet should bring production period. Early morning in July 1996, I met Taiga cloudless warm weather. Tenacity and spirit to show who I am, and pushed me to the edge of the tiger. Bear hill with the base camp, home to Amba, not just pulling me, and sucked in his arms. I quickened pace, non-stop riding along Deep key without a smoke going up the ridge. I felt confident. Today is my hill! I went on the warpath! That's the base camp. By thought-out plan, reloading rifle and shot up, Ambe show that I came. Today, I am master here. Tiger does not like close shots where he lives. It can come to be sure how long people. After that I made a fire and tossed it two big rotten Kolodin. Shall burn and smoke for a long time. Solonet a mile, the wind is perpendicular to it, and the tiger to make sure that I stay. This is my plan. Equipment carefully. Powerful flashlight with halogen lamp, which rises to sixty meters, the white plate on the bar fly and sight carbine clip twenty expansive heavy ammunition and a large hunting knife. Well, from small things, it's two thermos of strong coffee and soft seat hanging on the tree. By dusk ambush waiting for the beast. First found taezhnika hill, ready to fight with fate itself, to achieve a goal. An ambush on principle, at any cost to fight the taiga. Retreat right there. Night noises, shadows, but the ear was extremely sensitive and distinguish all the sounds. By three o'clock the first over coffee thermos. There was even an attempt to close my eyes, no visions, no doubt, but the deer was not. Moon gave shade solonetz darkness closed, but we did not take. Prepared powerful torch, bound and sent to solonetz. Off button mounted on the rifle forearm. The peak of excellence. The eastern part of the sky is visibly zasvetlela and only sensitive ears caught the broken hoof crack bitch about a hundred meters away. For the first night of the heart beat faster. I peered into the voltage lightening dawn bush left of the field, near the old elm drifted silently shadow beast. Another minute and the silhouette of a deer was drew between young birch trees. Here he raised his head uneasily, and stopped, he can be heard with the noise inhaled the damp morning air, sniffing the smell taiga, fifty meters away. It is early. Deer head adorned the high visibility horns. Did not catch anything dangerous, he went to the salt feeders, stopped again, pricked up his ears. Forty meters. It's time. Careful aim at the blade, holding his breath, slowly pulled the trigger. Deafening echoes thundered a shot and walked through the forest. Through the haze of smoke I saw a deer jumped and took off across the meadow. After a quick shot and red deer disappeared behind the bushes Eleutherococcus. There was not even thinking that missed. Forty meters of standing, right vytselivanie, deliberate shot. Far gone. I slowly got off waiting in ambush. Going to a place where there was a red deer, examined the ground. Dozens of wool and fine droplets of blood on the rocks near the alkaline soil. And then the trail more and more dark spots of blood. About eighty steps and gray-reddish bull with antlers, is under the Christmas tree. Raise his rifle and shot up three scathing echoed by Hill. Me and my rifle found pleasure in this taezhnika saddle you forgive Amba! Antlers and the meat is mine, but the owner, who gave me the opportunity to noble hunting on its territory, I left about fifteen pounds of meat, offal and all bones deer. Remember and my goodness! I do not break the laws of the province of taiga tiger! You got here a long time … the owner …

You whispered to exorcise reproach and hopes melted in the way But ginseng — healing the root of life yet lucky enough to find. P.Komarov So it's time to talk about the foundation of my life in Primorye. I was drawn to the ginseng, I was eager to Primorye and got there in 1994. In a short time absorbed any and all information that I could get the Grand root. He began to search, wrong, correct, found and saved his experience. Any talk about ginseng, brain recorded word for word, went home mark on the map, where they found, when, how much. Can be summed up what he had learned about ginseng. Know — he was known as a tool that gives one strength, endurance, the ability to fight against disease and injury, and therefore the giver and longevity. The interest in it existed for centuries. The peoples of Asia, it is known for some five thousand years. In our time, it is proved that ginseng have tonic and stimulating effect. This medication increases the capacity of man, mostly mental. In addition, ginseng increases the body's resistance to the effects of harmful factors and resistance to disease. That is the most important thing, it increases the body's immunity, and it is stronger than any drug. Just ginseng lowers blood sugar, increases its content of hemoglobin in healthy people, contributes to the successful healing of wounds and trauma. Take ginseng as a tonic and a prophylactic against disease, it is useful to many healthy but overworked people. Ginseng is especially useful for people recovering from serious illnesses and had undergone surgery. But wild ginseng is very small. Every year it becomes less and less, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now any ginseng extract and sell for dollars to gain. Once upon a time it would be impossible to find at all. You want to leave this happiness to their children. Every year and every visit, finding uterine, shot berries and planted all the seeds. As a result, by 2000 planted 206 seeds of wild ginseng, transplanted more than 30 youngsters ginseng sprouts grown on household plots. Left in the wild about 30 youngsters, found around the fallopian taken roots. As a result, the total number of detected and planted more than 460. As a result, the idea was born to make a campaign by raiding the total scour some suitable habitat for wild ginseng. area of the taiga. And to find the roots of the uterine, kids, and planted the seeds has exceeded 500. Campaign called Expedition 2000. Its purpose — specifically planting roots for the future, may be for my old age, but rather to my son when he grows up. My family lived in Khabarovsk. For some years I still attended the August Southern Primorye. I pulled the favorite native taiga hill. Brain understood that government has forgotten this distant land. Late low salary, blackouts, water, no gas. rising prices, poor transport links. Wealth of unique region impoverished. In my mind the question often arises: "Why am I here. Is it time to close to Moscow? '. Kept rising to the need for pension and carbine pledged to addicts. And more and more began to realize that this region, in search of a better life in retirement, will have to leave. Matter of time before it happens. Meanwhile, lay the planting ginseng search of adventure and taiga air to breathe. Preparations for the trip began on June 28. Summer in Primorye in this year's unusually warm. July 3-4 degrees warmer than usual. Not a lot of rain in June is not as cold as usual. Raspberries gave a poor harvest, and pine nuts and raisins ripe in abundance. During the summer in the tropics there is now the Pacific typhoon activity. The first typhoon BOLIVEN captured Primorye July 31 and left the center of the city Partizansk. Rivers went on one — two meters, so flooding is not reached critical levels, the next typhoon, emerging in the tropics, to head for China. It looks like the Far East two weeks out of danger and I took a vacation from August 1 to September 7. To begin with his wife — habarovchankoy good rest on the sea and the Russian island. On 15 August, after a quick training, I met at the station partner of Khabarovsk. Immediately, we moved to the starting point of the planned route march. I will not dwell on the training, selection and promotion of the most ginseng gully. This is standard, usually. Especially since the weather was perfect, even with the removal of the sea was not observed. Nights are warm and dry. Base established in the upper fork of the Left Dark Key. On the road along the key observed traces of the tiger. But traces of human presence is much greater. Constant balance fire and tents on every clearing, chopped brushwood, discarded cans, paper, bottles. Six — eight years ago along the key, I could not pass on zverovoy barely discernible trail. Now the next machine Niva and bike almost to the site of my nights in this way. People from poverty rushed search for the roots. The first root was found on August 17 on the right side of the Left of the Dark, a weight of 11.5 grams, full chetyrehlistka. The height from the zero level of the sea was 750 meters next couple of young dvuhlistkov and five kids. Age finds made on the neck of the root of 23. Taken on 22 berries. Slope of the north-west, the general inclination 10.4 degrees, up to the crest of 100 meters. Cedars grew close and stone birch. Not far Eleutherococcus and fern — strausnik. Illumination is low, there is no direct sunlight. The second root, after a brief search in the same gully Left dark, but on the side of the inflow, earlier in one of the campaigns I've called it the thunderstorm. We made climbing slope flow, totally combing it. Just 150 meters from the left of the Dark, but the transition to the Thunder at the height of 540-550 meters pyatilistka. Finds 18 grams of weight, the age of 42 years. The find was located 200 meters from the ThunderClan key. Near cedars and birches, and put a label on podlub cedar. Literally combing the area nearby, climbing higher, at an altitude of 590-600 meters found trehlistka. The first day was very successful. Collected a lot of seeds and immediately landed near the findings and on labels. The next day, during the transition from the left Lantasova Dark, squad dumped in key Zhukov. At the top of the rounds of the lateral inflow, just 10-15 meters from the crest found chetyrehlistka weighing 8 grams, but the age of 26 years. Again removed and planted the seeds of berries. Closer to the dinner on August 19 odnolistka found in five-fingered leaves, the general solution is planted with a bad plot in a more suitable. Key named Rocky, altitude 623 meters transplant. There is planted with ten seeds. A few days went by carding familiar keys. There is sometimes planted where one where two or three seed. All the tagged and detect height skydiving altimeter. Only 25 August Odnotisovom vein, into which little use, found another chetyrehlistka. Her height was 710 meters, weight 11.2 grams, age 22 years. Large healthy root grown on the north side of Cedar 15 inches from the trunk to the whorl 3 and 5 of fallen berries. Berry is very poorly kept, overripe. Close to 30-40 cm from the root several odnolistok. Below made podlub and planted the seeds. Total found 75 seeds and eighteen kids. All seeds were planted while moving in the forest, in the perspective of good sites. Taken five roots age from 13 to 42 years. Like the idea of the expedition was planned, the total number of seeds planted exceeded 500, and the number of youngsters living in the forest has reached 50. That is, for the year 2000 in the forest can be used to 550 ginseng roots. Of course, all will not survive or will not germinate, but I gave the forest, where he was born, a great benefit. I have given a chance to recover root reserves are large. In just 15 years, you can come to the Primorsky Krai, to reach the hidden corners of the cards and records and take precious medicinal ginseng. I fulfilled one of the goals, learned the secret of the root, he sought and found. And most importantly, laid the landing. Now even if the leave away, there is something to remember what to tell and what to pass to his son …

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