Tourist office in the group. Relationships in the group and with the local population

The key to success of the tourist group — cohesion and competence of each. In any event, each team member must be at least a small thing, it allows everyone to feel their involvement in the cause.

An important factor in their children's education, the formation of a sense of responsibility to the team for the assigned work is to perform duties in the tourist group. They can be permanent — for the entire trip, and may be temporary — work as a receptionist or a stand-by position. Playing the role of understudy, a child in one campaign can work and commander, and repair wizard, and conductor.

Distribution of posts to make logical, considering the wishes of the children, their interests and inclinations. Authoritarian appointment does not do much good. The final decision should be taken at a meeting of the group. One should not think that a child do well with a single charge, and has to go to the next campaign in the same position. Only after all of the posts in the tourist group, the young tourist can learn good tourist wisdom, to learn how to consciously and responsibly perform any work in a group, and most importantly, to make decisions in all situations.

The main office of the young tourists in the group:

1) The leader of the group;

2) Deputy Commander for Nutrition (zavpit);

3) deputy group commander for the filling;

4) guide (navigator, the surveyor);

5) mender;

6) sanitation;

7) local historian;

8) photographer;

9) the Treasurer;

10) meteorologist.

Group commander. This is an important and responsible position. Commander is the first assistant to the team leader and his deputy. Undoubtedly, the team leader must command respect from their friends, be proactive reasonable, honest and principled. He should set an example in all things.

Before the hike leader with the leader of the group allocates responsibilities among the members of the group, taking into account their wishes. In preparation for the trip and during the meeting the group commander oversees the members of their duties, together with the head, the topography is involved in the development of the route, the design documentation camp, which then hands over the head with the ICC. The team leader is cleaning schedule in the campaign.

During the march to the commander of an obligation to comply with the regime of the day. He must check that all the parties were prepared to sleep on time and do not make noise after lights out, at the appointed time to raise the head of all and to ensure that the appointed time all were ready to enter the route. He also keeps track of discipline, observance of safety rules participants on the route and at the bivouac of work, rest.

In the evening, together with the chief commander sums up the day after returning home — the whole campaign. It is the same and work with responsible for posts in the preparation of the report on the campaign. Together with the head he is preparing specifications for each participant hike.

Head so important to build your relationship with the commander of the group, that it was not his shadow, relaying his commands, and worked independently and thoughtfully. The commander of another important task — maintaining a healthy climate in the group.

Deputy Commander for Nutrition (zavpit). Typically, children with great respect for zavpitu, because of his efforts depends on their well-being and mood. At the stage of the campaign is zavpit menu before agreeing with the head of the power cycle, taking into account the duration of the campaign, the degree of complexity, etc. After that, he makes a list of products required for the entire campaign.

After receiving information about the possibility of buying products on the route zavpit decides which products will be re-buy at the venue of the campaign. Other products he is using his fellow buys and packed. Before that, he collects the participants needed for packing bags and other containers (thermos, cans).

It is important to distribute the products among all group members. For this zavpit with deputy group commander for the filling of the table, which takes into account issued to transport products and items of public equipment (Table 4). As a rule, public equipment are boys. Weight of the products on a daily decrease.

During the hike zavpit guided menu determines which participants what foods gives cooking. In this meticulously zavpit amends the table, noting the weight reduction products from the participants. Periodically, consulting with the commander, it may make transfers portable products, unloading weak or sick members. Zavpita task easier if the products are packaged sets for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Sometimes, when some members of the organization of snack have to deal with almost all the backpack to get the right products. This can be avoided if zavpit morning to announce what products will be used for a snack. Better yet, if these products will be given away on duty.

Responsible for food periodically carefully checks the products that are participating. In case the tightness of packing it with the participant is taking steps to remedy the situation; recalls the need to ventilate the bivouac and lubricated with sunflower oil or other sausage, etc. Power problems usually occur before the start of the active part of the campaign — on the train. Parents are provided with a child on the road sandwiches. Necessary immediately after landing to collect them, test and have the children eat perishables first. The remaining products are distributed to parents of preservation.

When entering the settlements zavpit organizes the purchase of products, the acquisition of fruits and vegetables. Here he is working with the treasurer. At the completion of the active part of the route zavpit must arrange the purchase of products on the way back.

After completing the hike zavpit defines food remains, organize their storage until the next campaign. For purposes of the campaign, he presents a list of products used during the campaign, writes recommendations for adding or eliminating any foods from the diet, and their acquisition, storage.

Deputy group commander for the filling in preparation for the campaign is a list of personal, group and special equipment allowing for the upcoming campaign. List of personal equipment should be in every marcher.

The Deputy Commander Gear finds the existence and preservation of the existing group and special equipment. If necessary, it will arrange repair or purchase of the missing equipment. After that, with the participation of zavpita it makes the distribution of equipment among the group members to carry on a campaign.

Before leaving for the trip on the control test equipment deputy commander of checks issued by the participants in their equipment records, and the condition of the packaging, helps team leader to check personal gear participants and monitors patch comments.

During the campaign, he watches over the safety and proper operation of equipment. If necessary, in consultation with the commander and leader of the group, can produce the redistribution of equipment (in case of illness of any member of the group). If there was a failure, together with the repair master and originator of the event will repair equipment. After the completion of the active part of the campaign, if the weather and the time, the deputy commander for the filling organizes drying group equipment, as wet tent at long return on the train can come into disrepair. Upon returning home, under the guidance of the Deputy Commander for the filling of the children to make test drying, cleaning, repair of equipment, determine its deposit in the institution or any member of the group.

In preparing the report, the deputy commander of the campaign Gear delivers lists of personal, group and special equipment and operate it on the route.

Conductor (surveyor, navigator) in preparation for the campaign meets the report, regional literature and topographical maps with areas of the campaign. Then the commander of the group starts to develop Route and timetable on it. Developed materials provided to the chief of the group. After approval or changes recommended by the head, he introduces you to route all participants. Commander and conductor determine areas where trip participants will work as a duty conductors, the conductor arrange a more detailed study of these areas the participants.

To exit to the route handler is preparing 2 — 3 sets of cards, providing for their protection from the rain. It marks in his notebook the necessary recommendations, taken from the studied reports or interviews with participants in the campaign on this route.

Conductor prepares materials for the protection of the route in the IWC.

On the route it gives duty conductor, cartographic material, monitors the correct orientation, the timing of the movement from the Technical description of the route, as well as making the map changes and additions. Entries duty conductors produce short halts, during the lunch halt. In the evening, before or after dinner, they bring records in order and hand over their conductor.

Conductor in motion makes recommendations for the photographer shooting a necessary route elements.

After completing the campaign, he is reported to the general description of the area hike, corrected technical description of the route, supplemented with printed maps route recommendations for the passage of certain sections of the route.

Mender. Its main task — to carry always ready to use a repair kit, and be able to correct any problems which may arise in the campaign.

For this, he in preparation for the trip completes a repair kit in accordance with the type and complexity of the campaign. Along with the deputy commander for the filling of checks group and special equipment, and if necessary take part in its renovation. Remnabor before going to pack in a box or make a special cartridge belt, which is convenient and easy to pack and get out of the bag. In a backpack remnabor must be nearby, so you can quickly get.

In a campaign mender at the request of the participants shall issue the necessary tools to aid repair. Be sure to collect after repair tool. In general, the group should be mandatory rule — if you took something from a friend, bring this thing to him though.

After hiking mender rents set in storage, wrote in the report recommendations for its use.

Orderly — responsible for medical support in the campaign. In preparing the campaign, he gathers all the participants medical certificate of admission to the campaign or organize a general visit of a children's health center or sports clinic. Then, get the necessary consultation with the head nurse and the school, a pediatrician, nurse completes first aid kit, depending on the characteristics of the campaign. After that all medicines, bandages carefully packaged, better — in a hard box. Medic should have a duty and a set of essential medicines for first aid during the movement of the group. This set it keeps the top flap pocket or backpack, so that you quickly get it.

Medic should be able to provide first aid. Before the campaign in addition to group lessons he should get advice from a nurse or pediatrician school, children's clinic. In the process, the district nurse hike meets poisonous and edible plants, berries growing in the area. If necessary, it is preparing a request for sanitary and epidemiological situation in the campaign.

In a campaign nurse monitors the health of participants, compliance with hygiene standards for food preparation, the state dishes, clean drinking water. It is his control over the daily washing and washing the feet of the participants. The last is important. Washed his feet — is, first, an effective means to relieve fatigue, and secondly, the prevention of foot rubbing while driving.

All injuries, diseases, disorders of hygiene sanitary reports team leader. All of these cases and treatments, he brings in his journal. Drugs for the treatment of diseased members nurse is given only after consultation with the head or his deputy.

In compiling the report indicates medic all cases, personal injury, makes recommendations on the composition of the kit. Remains of drugs he takes a team leader.

Local historian picks before going regional literature in the district campaign, examines it, introduces the features of the area of all participants. If the group has any specific local history reference, the local historian working on the program execution. This may be determined by a few local history posts, historian, ethnographer, a meteorologist, an ecologist, hydrologist, etc.

During the campaign ethnographers make observations, research, recording data in a notebook of observations, add to their knowledge in public and school museums along the route, interviews with local residents.

After hiking edited surveillance studies are used in the preparation of the report. There also is a list of the literature on which local historians acquainted with the area of the campaign. Collected exhibits, herbarium cabinets shall be subject to the school and museum.

Photographer selected from among children with a camera and know how to take pictures. Currently, the ability to handle large camera is not necessary. Firmly entered our lives "Soap" can do it, even a child. Still, for good and quality, and to compose photographs for the report needed party with at least minimal experience with the camera.

Before leaving the photographer buys the required number of films, packs its (color film sold in a reliable package). Makes photography blog, where writes information about the captured waypoints, events.

In the campaign the photographer a lot of work, you ought to take pictures and do not keep up, and sometimes to go ahead of the group. Point shooting for the technical description of the route he agrees with the conductor. Photographers and shooting scenes from everyday life of the group. Novice photographers take pictures are static, when the whole group is sitting, eating or someone posing. The value of these images is small. Do better to shoot working moments when each member performs his duties.

In the campaign there are funny situations, short-term natural phenomena, etc. Photographer must always be ready to shoot, have on hand a spare film.

Upon returning home, he shows (or leases to the studio) film, photo prints, which are then used to formalize the technical description of the route and Photogazette on a hike, or for other purposes.

Meteorologist acquainted with climatic conditions of the area and is preparing a campaign to march meteopribory simple: thermometer, barometer, anemometer. They must be in a hard case. Then meteorologist familiar with the signs of the weather changes in the campaign, trying to get a long-term forecast meteorologist for the campaign. For records in the campaign he is preparing a table of meteorological observations, where three times a day at the same time puts the readings, visual observation. On the basis of these observations, and local signs meteorologist can fairly accurately predict the weather for the next day. This is very important from the point of view of security groups in a campaign. He reports his observations the team leader and commander before they will refine a plan of action for the next day.

In meetings with local residents, he clarifies the signs of a change of weather in the area, selects the most characteristic and faithful.

After the campaign, he rents a table of meteorological observations and a list of characteristic features weather changes for report design.

Treasurer in the preparation of the campaign involved in the cost estimate of the review, the participants are going to take money for a campaign, making the log entry. There he makes a record of grant money for various needs related to the preparation of the campaign (purchase tickets, food, group gear missing, etc.).

The same thing he does, and in a campaign, monitoring financial performance and the rest of the money. On returning home the treasurer shall prepare a report on the use of this sum, gives recommendations for more efficient use of funds. The remaining amount he takes the head or hands out to the participants.

In the group there are temporary positions that members perform, for example, in a single day. In particular this duty in the kitchen. The main duty of duty — cooking, washing dishes. This we have already spoken. May also be assigned duty commanders, conductors (substitutes). These appointments are made in order to diversify teaching children during the campaign, expanding the scope of their activities.

After analyzing the above, it can be concluded that the performance of any duty forces children to interact. Otherwise, it can not be. As the group in the campaign — a group of off-existence, where one can rely only on themselves and their friends. The success of the campaign depends on the unity and friendship and, of course, the knowledge and skills of everyone. That's why when recruiting groups in preparing the campaign, which is the initial period of the life of the group, the leader is important to create a smooth, friendly relations among its members.

Each child is an individual (with their abilities and disabilities, difficulties in the family and at school). It should be noted that most of the young tourists — children with not the best reputation obedient and honors in school. Some go into the tourist group to self, others — in search of the team, and others — for romance, the fourth running of excessive parental care. Not all children are inclined to submit his equal in age. The task team leader — to explain to children that learning can lead only one who knows how to obey.

The role of the leader of the group is large and is responsible in the upbringing of the team, it prohibitive increases in the output of this group in the campaign. Therefore, in the campaign to get the group to which (or the greater part of which) the manager can rely on.

Another important aspect — the relationship with the local population of the district campaign. Quite often children are honest and straightforward in his statements. Sometimes they are not even aware that their statements, exclamations of surprise might offend local.

The village decided to greet colliding, in the city there is no such custom. Children need to know that, or else — another conflict situation. We should not laugh, make loud cries after the locals, even if not related to them. After all, people can take it in his address. When you are in an unfamiliar area to behave modestly and pleasantly. This behavior has the second leg is welcome.

In different regions have their own national characteristics, which should meet in preparation for the trip and continue exploring directly in the campaign.

Currently, the crime situation in the youth environment significantly deteriorated. It should be borne in mind that the country houses, gardens that surround our city, in the summer of rest, exhausted from lack of, a lot of young people. The emergence of the tourist group gives them a natural desire to express themselves, as a rule, is not at its best. Therefore you should not advertise the appearance of such places, it is better to avoid them. To this end we should not call a halt, especially getting the night near housing estates and villages. Otherwise, it may have all night to protect the heads of his players from the encroachments of the local youth.

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