TroutThis fish has a special place among other water inhabitants. The name itself sounds to those who have tasted the beauty and poetry of its catch, almost magically. The question will be, first and foremost, about the brook trout, called flycatchers. In addition there is a wild species and other artificially bred in fish farms — rainbow trout. According to ichthyologists, "Iris" is incapable of natural reproduction in our latitudes. In flycatchers, in turn, there is another form due to habitat. Trout caught in a big body of water rich food, be it sea or a large lake, goes mainly to predatory diet, fast growing and gets silver, like a salmon color of the body. Meat such fish always has a bright orange color, while the river settled form is observed, as a rule, only in large specimens. Sea or lake trout, brown trout called, rises in the autumn in the river to spawn. Podrastayuschaya fry it, probably partially replenish the herd flycatchers and partially rolled back kormny pond. At least, this is the most common version of the trout population.
Toumzha, unlike salmon, coastal fish. She does not travel in search of food for hundreds of kilometers into the sea, and "cool" off the coast, especially in the estuarine areas of the rivers. Trout tends to go into these rivers due to rise in water level in them, regardless of the season. Having found a deep pit zakoryazhennuyu some instances can linger a long time in the river, until the fall spawning season.
In Unlike trout, char is very sedentary. The annual migration of the river it is usually very small, from rolling to the spawning pit underneath or to the depth of the "corridor." Flycatcher rarely grows to more than 1 kg of weight, and instances of 1.5 — 2 kg are captured. At the same time, for example, in the Leningrad region are cases bite brown trout weighing 5-6 kg. Both forms of trout fishing exclusively athletic and charming fishing literally from the first acquaintance with it. An important advantage of trout fishing can be considered as an opportunity to deal with it all year round — many SPRING rapid rivers freeze only for a short time in extreme cold.
InThe burden, the certain effect on ways of fishing, bait used, and most importantly — the result, due to the activity of specific fish and habitat. In winter, for example, 2-3 bites for short daylight hours are not so bad. Geography trout habitat wide enough. Thus, in the North West is found in most trout streams pool Gulf, in many — Basin lakes Ladoga and Onega, the White Sea, and in some — the Lake Ilmen. At stake fall trout habitat Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod region, northwest of Tver, Karelia, Murmansk and Vologda. Even for a limited acquaintance and learning all trout rivers these areas will not be enough, and life. When catching other fish? For real forelistov, and there are not too small, it does not matter. For example, I know the dedicated anglers who do not ever take off the hook this "banal" fish like perch. How many times has himself had to make a choice, when on one scale was laid guaranteed pike fishing or Sudakov, and on the other — a few questionable trout bites and some of its satellites — grayling. In most cases, this bowl is outweighed. Here, a different set of experiences, and the other, if you like "flavor." Give food to the soul is more important, rather than engage myasozagotovkami. Everything is relative, but from what has been said does not mean that pike fishing is not interesting.
Inspominaetsya first "decent" trout (300 g.) caught me on ydochku 1975 on the river funnels. Fifteen minutes, I was admiring the beauty spotted whisper uttered the word "trout" as a prayer. But first, catch, caught spinning in 1983 (600 gr.) On Vruda just gone to his head in delight. Was once caught the first fly fishing.
Inof, perhaps, three main ways of catching trout. Using natural bait tips and modifications — suspension donk as less athletic, we exclude from consideration and discuss the options for spinning and fly fishing.
Sport fishing
InExit trout out of hiding, the manifestation of interest to the bait always, even for experienced anglers, causing heart palpitations. It is important to cope with nerves and not to spoil the second throw near miss. When fishing for trout is under no other, accuracy is crucial. Often bait must always hit the target the size of a handkerchief at a distance of 10-20 meters, or biting is not followed. And this must be done on the first try, without zeroing, so as not to scare the fish. One of my friend once aptly described as a demand made to the exact pelting at catching trout: "To get to be not on the landing and into the room where live trout, and always in the hallway." Rather not say. Indeed, the bait, even the most seductive, able to lure a very active predator of the shelter with a large (more than 1.2 m) distance, bait fish, which fell on his head, probably alerted her to hide and make even deeper into the grass, or in snags under the stone.
AboutDean of the Moscow authors call appearance active bait fish near the contactless bite. The point, of course, does not change the terminology used, but, in my opinion, the "bite" just offers just contact with the bait fish, and described the phenomenon commonly known as "output." (There are, of course, all sorts of "strikes", "push" and so on, but this is a "bite.") Often trout is "out", but does not take the bait. Excited by her playing, trout or trolling lure intended, then, feeling that too far away from the safe zone, abruptly turns back and, like, coming to his senses, he could lose something edible, again close "sticks" to the source of disturbance. So can be repeated several times. Sometimes trout suddenly hangs on hooks at the very moment of the lure of the water. This fact should be taken into account and try to change the nature of the posting to provoke a strike, the fish did not see the fisherman.
EIf you try one word to characterize the quality of gear for trout fishing, it must be said that it should be graceful. For example, the spinning rod is preferable to use a length of 1.8-2.1 m with a 2 to '10 Sometimes the larger rivers is advisable to use longer length rods with casting weights up to 20 g Story rod has not, in my view, basic value, depending on the taste and temperament of the angler. I happened to meet one day on the river two spinningists equipped with spinning very fast action. Their casts resembled a hammer blow when driving nails, though, and are reasonably accurate. Reel for trout preferred conditional size 1 — 2 and line no thicker than 0.25. Light line provides greater accuracy (and lightness) casting, the best game lures (mainly crankbaits), is less visible in the water and has less windage. However, the probability of losing a large amount of bait even easily catch aquatic vegetation makes compromise. For example, I often use a fishing line with a diameter of 0.22 mm.
In most cases (except with very small baits) by the end of fishing line attached to the swivel clasp number 12 — 14, which provides the ability to quickly change lures and virtually eliminates line twist when fishing on the spinner.
PWhen fishing on small baits (2-5 cm) to allow for greater mobility recommended knot with a loop, so called "Rapala knot", the description of which is attached to each product world-famous company. Here, perhaps, all the necessary and sufficient information about the gear for trout fishing.
Ha sample of trout baits can clearly see the entire evolution and dialectic of baits over the past 20 years. Just about right from the beginning of 80-s to our market gradually began to get the first samples of imported rotating spinners, especially, "Mepps". Catching these spinners assumed inertialess use coils and relatively thin woods and was at the time, of course, is revolutionary. Success often was stunning and so began the era eyforiynaya vraschalok. Their additional advantage was their versatility. Not to mention the trout or perch, the spinner could catch almost any fish from roach to pike. Lures with a rotating paddle went up the hill, they began punching and copying in the local environment, and then the major purchases of enterprising people abroad. But very soon it became clear that the spinner — not a panacea for all occasions. In the summer of active trout willingly "eat" these baits, the failure of the autumn-winter and spring caused most keen anglers creatively rethink their beliefs. In cold weather, as a more reliable and catchability lures come and thoroughly established lure. I have several times the experiment was over and spinner lure. For example, on May 1 in several promising areas on the River Course in the Pskov region was done on 10-15 casting spinner. The result, as a rule, was zero. But one or two postings wobbler "Rapala-original" (7cm) was enough to catch a trout to 1.5 pounds. This preference wobbler at a low temperature of water can be explained by the food supply of trout. In late April — early May stomachs big trout (larger than 300 g) are often filled with minnows and frogs, while in the summer diet of lemmings consists mostly of insects.
Withleduyuschim stage of development and there was a bait to now use bait elastic-Twisters and rippers. The emergence of new types of bait — a sort of man's struggle with the emerging gradually in fish group survival instinct. New bait temporarily removes the ban on eating of suspicious of a fish.
Tvisternaya topic, however, little touched "forelizma." Stage of development of lures to date back to the starting point — again we are seeing increased demand for spoons — those spoons that precede such a rapid development of the rotating spinner. Vibrating like lures, can be successfully used for catching trout and compete with them. On spoons, as well as on the lure, caught, as a rule, the larger trout. But there are two important benefits spoons: first, the ability to put it on the bottom step and ensure the wiring with "Mutko" that often, and can only provoke trout to bite. In addition, the casting distance spoons above, which is also sometimes required even when fishing for trout in a small forest stream.
HTo "no offense" wobblers, noting the important advantage of floating and partially neutral model — to float the bait under the overhanging bushes and trees, where it (we hope so!) are waiting for hungry mouths lemmings and trout.
Recommended dimensions of rotating spinners.
Ha sample spinner "Mepps-aglia": № 1 — 3 spoons: 3 to 7 cm, weight from 2 to '10
CCouncil spinners selected experimentally and depends on several factors: the color and clarity of water, light and so on. However, silver-plated spoons matte finish, in my opinion, the most preferred and universal. Size lures for trout ranging from 2 to 7 centimeters, rarely used crankbaits length 11.9 inches. Thus, large, not active, trout on a fast course and deep cold water, can seduce, for example, crank CD-9, that is sinking wobblers model "Countdown" a 9 centimeters. Should not be afraid of bright colors crankbaits and seek accurate similarity in color with this victim. Found that the bright orange, yellow and similar colors are excited trout and other salmonids. Bright colors and more convenient because it allows visual inspection of the wiring lures, hooks and avoid many see the moment of the attack and biting trout. Variety of conditions in a particular body of water does not allow to give universal prescriptions for fishing tactics. In this regard, it is appropriate to remind the English saying, defining the overall approach and strategy: "Bait fishing for as long as it is in the water." This phrase can be, for example, take this: if you sit by the river and smoke from time to time to complain about the lack of bite it certainly did not catch.
Pybalka — is, first of all, let the pleasant, even delightful, but labor. Still, a few recommendations on tactics. Wiring is usually sluggish, slow, if possible, across the stream, as close to the bottom. Sometimes it is useful to hold the bait as far as possible, at one point or area using the flow direction. It is advisable to periodically sinking bait, as the situation permits, to touch the bottom, and floating reach the most inaccessible reaches of the river and stayed there for a long time. When bites do not lose your head and pull the poor fish through. After a few minutes she gets tired and trout swim up obediently to your feet, and you can gently take her open palm. If you have the will power, release the fish back into the water, the pleasure of her capture you have already received. As a result of predation, poaching extermination very few trout left in our rivers. Let us make our very best to keep this wonderful population.

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