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What should be considered when choosing spinning rod?

To choose the right spinning, fisher should know what kind of fish and what bait he was going to catch. In this case it is much easier to determine the class, type, test, length, capacity and systems desired rod. Then before the angler next question: how to choose your favorite model from a large spinning mass, it would seem, the same rod?

As to the quality assembly sometimes there is a noticeable variation of parameters of the same model of the batch rod, then demanding fisher should be able to own several options to pick up a product most suitable.

Selecting the plug rods I start first of all with the quality assessment of manufacturing knee whip, or as they are called, knees forms — the most important part of all rods. One of the main indicators of poor rod is different thickness whip. This can be determined, slightly bent whip and slowly rotating around its axis. If rotation is felt, "Breakthrough", which means that in this area the wall whip have a different thickness. Naturally, the smaller the variation in wall thickness, so it is better.

The wall thickness of spinning in the joint knee can be determined by looking at the ends of the joints whip. With thin rods must be handled very carefully — they are very sensitive to impact and compressive strength.

If whip covered with clear varnish, consider the surface of carbon. Transverse fibers of graphite should be arranged strictly linear. Screw displacement nodes, bumps are not allowed — they weaken the rods in these places. Upscale spinning with a matte opaque surface does not require such a check is the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.

In qualitative rods knee should dock tightly. This means that the top knee should not be too easily removed for the tip is to fly when casting lures. At stirring rod tapping joint indicative of poor fit it — a "stick" better not to take.

Wobble and shake the rod "idle" also allows a rough estimate of its rigidity and structure. The most accurate it can be done, if spinning install the spool of fishing line and bait used. Ideally, it is best to try spinning, came out of the store and make a throw in the open.

The simplest way to estimate the above parameters — gently bend the tip of the rod hand holding a tulip — so that it could be seen bending curve, but it is for experienced anglers.

Next, inspect the varnish whip — it should be no scratches, dents, cracks, abrasions and other mechanical damage.

Check the size of the tribes rod. Butt should be longer than the top 5-10 mm (this is important for transportation: a thick and strong butt knee keep by-blow).

A slight curvature of the whip, a slight shift crossing rings, subtle beading varnish on the windings, uneven winding decorative, etc. will not impact significantly on the tackle when playing a fish, but of course, impair the appearance of spinning.

Hold your fingers on the weight of butt grip knee and looking down from the top along with the whip slow rotation around its axis, you can catch the offset landing handle and reel seat.

When viewed from crossing rings and tulip pay special attention to the quality of the working surfaces of very hard inserts (do not miss the cracks or missing), and on the surface of the paint-winding rings and the space under the curved legs, which should be filled with varnish.

If you can install on the acquired fishing rod coil through which you catch, it is possible to estimate various parameters of spinning:

-balance gear assembly and weight;

-spool alignment and input ring;

-securely fastened to the reel spool;

-convenience of keeping the collected gear in hand.

I advise you to come to the store with his tube. There were cases where the acquired fishing rod inadvertently broke right in the door of the shop or on the way home, after which the fisherman had to immediately go to repair.

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