Winter float rod

With a nod of the rod looks a little different winter float rod. Moreover, the last also pose a nod, which in this case serves as a shock absorber, and sometimes additional alarm bite. This rod — Tools anglers with experience, who know that in times of high activity and this kind of fish can be dobychliv tackle, and especially — in the period of falling activity of the animals, when the fixed or inactive bait becomes their "preferred". Float rod caught mostly bream, roach, bream, blue bream and other fish.

The device. Even among winter gear float rod holds the record for miniaturization and ease of rigging. It consists of a short (300-350 mm) udilnika reel and a comfortable grip. Last made mostly of plastic foam, wood or cork.

The most convenient way to tackle this — the traditional "mare." Made from solid, netonuschih materials, it is adapted for mounting on the ice directly over hole. Accordingly, if a lightweight foam foot rod is provided with a special metal spikes, allowing secure gear on the ice to prevent its demolition by the wind. In the manufacture of fishing rods one should not forget that it will be in close contact with the water, so it's best to use only stainless and netonuschie materials.

As is the case with kivkovoy rod, it is important to make a change snap is fast and easy. In general, relative to winter gear operates one general strict rule: they must be robust, reliable and interchangeable. This is understandable, because the ice adjust, repair, or adjust the tackle quite burdensome.

Rods can be equipped with a simple reel and spool type "micro-ro." What guided the choice? We must bear in mind the nature of the fishery. If you intend to change holes, frequent movement from one depth to another, it is better to set the inertia reel. When working in deep and active biting comfortable with the mo-toviltsem: This design allows the

WINTER float rod

quickly with one hand, without touching the wood ke, reeling and let the last one.

However, there is one, but a substantial drawback of this decision. The disadvantage of the design is that these rods have to take on some fishing, while in the case of a coil prepare spools with snap.

Line on the float rod used are the same as in kivkovoy. Their diameter is appropriate for the intended catch. But the thread of 0.25 mm thickness is almost never used. How incredible it may seem a novice angler, but even in the winter fishing line diameter of 0.10 mm with some experience it is possible to extract the 10-pound catch. Particularly impressive it looks like when the ice is so wild and strong fish, as carp or tolstolob!

When using a wood diameter of 0.15 mm is mandatory use of a leash. Its thickness in this case should be 0.02-0.05 mm thinner than the main line.

As the bite alarm uses miniature floats. Their capacity is such that, if the hook is on the bottom, it is possible to adjust the rope so that the float was 1-2 cm below the surface. It is immersed to avoid freezing of ice on it. Ice-covered float, among other things, immediately changes its "trapping" features, which is highly undesirable.

The float can be any shape, but the most suitable — spindly, reducing water resistance when moving. The top of the float is painted with bright colors, up to the fluorescent conventional for a night of fishing. Attaching the float is the simplest way — clip his keel in tubing, fishing line to move freely. Novice angler easier to choose from what is available at retail — it is quite suitable products, claims to which may appear only in very experienced anglers.

Fishing rod equipped with a hook or jig, and their layouts. All of these options have their own strengths and weaknesses, and are used in various conditions of fishing. If you are using a hook, then on the line above it simple crimp attached sinker — lead pellet. The distance between it and

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Crochet — one of the most important characteristics of the gear. The closer to the hook pellet, the more sensitive work gear. After all, the length of the part of the line, which the fish can move without noticeable shift the float is very low. But the approach of a sinker to the hook in some cases much worse bite. Optimum spacing, providing sensitive gear and its attractiveness to fish is 35-50 mm.

Jig helps to balance these differences, however, for certain fish angling is less fit than hook. So, bream more readily takes the hook with a crank than fishing tackle, which he immediately felt the presence of a solid non-edible parts.

Working with float rod good first step is to prepare a place of fishing. For details of the hole mentioned above. The depth, make the bait, and then hook or fishing tackle supply nozzle and sink to the bottom. A simple bait — bread crumbs, to be mixed with small bloodworm. Trough filled with gently lowered into place of fishing in such a

WINTER float rod

way that the bait "cut off" all tackle. As the float rod nozzles use bloodworms, maggots, their layout and modular attachments, consisting, for example, from 1-2 flakes "Hercules" and bloodworms. There are also numerous, as it were, the local packing. Somewhere people fish for fish meat pieces — cutting, use a bird guts somewhere, somewhere achieve success through the use of pieces of unsalted bacon. What to choose — will tell the process of fishing. The fish appetite can vary even within a single morning. Therefore, if the rod is equipped with two hooks, they put different attachments to determine a more "popular" at the moment.

If the bottom of a nature study in advance with large jig, very muddy, do not put the nozzle on it, and kept in suspension at a depth of 10-15 mm.

Lowering the cap and set the rod into position, select on the reel or coil the excess twine. If you do not, it could cling to the edge of the hole and freeze. In general, when the frost must constantly check the status of the thread, the freedom of movement in the water, so as not to lose the gear when biting. Undesirable and freezing of ice, which can occur with frequent vertical movements in the water line. Formed with crystals should immediately be removed.

Biting is determined by the slightest movement of the float in the vertical or horizontal directions. Sweeps make a soft, but quite a flourish — in proportion to the length of the slack line.

In the absence of biting use "animating" techniques: cap wiggle, slightly lifting it from the bottom and again omitting or gently dragging along the bottom.

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