German law green

But it's still that! In Germany, seriously develop alternative energy such as wind and solar. It began in 1998, when the country has a "green" in a coalition with the Social Democrats. Among the "green" in power - Joschka Fischer, who became famous not only ideological "green" intransigence, but also many shocking "establishment" actions. Actually he was Joseph Martin Fischer {Joseph Martin Fischer). But in my youth it was a street boy, who escaped from the family home. Adventures of those about which people like to read, but which generally do Read more [...]
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Nuclear Energy

To nuclear power so used to, as it were, and do not consider it an alternative. And it's nuclear power based not on the burning of fossil fuels. This is a very young branch of power. Until 1969 industrial plant type did not exist. Experiments were carried out in the USSR in 1949, and June 26, 1954 at 17:30 opened the steam valve on the turbo ... Was started up the world's first nuclear power plant, which has worked 48 years and opened the way for the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. The experience helped her launch in 1964 Beloyarsk nuclear power capacity of 300 MW. April Read more [...]
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The Joy of Bedlam

Sri Aurobindo Ashram     Picture: courtesy, india.ruOutdo ASHRAM Sri Aurobindo/Auroville, Pondicherry Stroke a mango anyplace in India—the provenience of yoga—and you'll hit an ashram. Formally designated as a billet for spectral nisus, these withdraw centers scope from bare hatful speculation chambers to urban yoga Disneylands. Thither's no wagerer agency of ashram living, withal, than Auroville, a hum town approach the one-time French settlement of Pondicherry, in tropic Tamil Nadu. Dissipate on the affectionate Bay of Bengal, the eight-square-mile townsfolk is Read more [...]
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Plum splayed, plum

Shrub or tree 4-10 m tall, with broadly crown. Young shoots are thin, bare, green, later reddish-brown perennial branches are covered with dark brown bark. Numerous short shoots end spines. Leaves elliptic or ovate, 5-10 cm long and 2-6 cm wide, dark green, glabrous, pale beneath and pubescent on veins, lemon-yellow in autumn. In March - May, along with foliage or earlier appear white solitary (rarely 2) flowers like snow covering the entire plant. Fruits are up to 3 cm long, yellow, pink, cherry red or almost black, with a light wax coating, ripen from June to November. It grows in the Caucasus, Read more [...]
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Again about climate

Western world would not be himself if hydrogen program has not been evaluated in terms of climate change ... A team of U.S. scientists from California says that in the case of complete replacement of all other hydrogen fuels currently used by 10 to 20% of hydrogen (ie, at least 60 million tonnes) will be released to the atmosphere from the & #8209; For leaks from pipes, fuel terminals, factories and different engines. This is three times more than the hydrogen released into the atmosphere today. Due to its ease of hydrogen quickly rises to the upper atmosphere. In the stratosphere, it will Read more [...]
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Passion for hydrogen

The transition to hydrogen fuel - is the transition to a resource that very widely distributed in the Earth, in the atmosphere and water. Hydrogen very easy to access, store and transport. Of hydrogen can be produced three times more energy than the same amount of gasoline. There are, of course, and the spikes in this "Rose". Mine hydrogen of water very expensive, so in the U.S. 95% of hydrogen is produced from natural gas (methane). This, in turn, makes the hydrogen fuel is more expensive than the cheapest source of energy today - natural gas. Joseph Romm predicts that if the U.S. Read more [...]
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Hydrogen and liquid gas

On the transition to hydrogen fuel thinking and aviation. In Tupolev believe that the use of liquid hydrogen can significantly improve flight & #8209, Specifications and build aircraft flying at speeds of more than 7.2 thousand km / h Have all the necessary tests and worked out the necessary infrastructure for the transition of some Russian aircraft in the cryogenic hydrogen fuel. The first, most likely to be the Tu-334 and Tu-204. In addition, promising Tupolev consider the development of the private administration of a supersonic aircraft. This project has a name. Soon, the sky may appear Read more [...]
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Hydrogen program of the West

Such research is now actively pursuing many carmakers. Honda Mofor, General Motors, Ford Motor, Mazda, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler started making experimental vehicles that run on hydrogen engines (in the U.S. they are called "fuel cell vehicles» - fuel-cells cars). U.S. authorities have established a number of programs that encourage Americans to change to "environmental" cars: the federal government and some state authorities provide them with significant tax benefits. Similar efforts are being undertaken at the state level. California, which is traditionally the highest gasoline Read more [...]
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Mo’ Bettor

    Photograph: Grade Weins

Gas-guzzling mowers story for 5 pct of the area’s air befoulment, spell well-nigh galvanizing varieties bound you to an issue. Not the cordless Neuton 6.2. Thanks to the 36-volt bombardment, this emissions-free limiter allows capable Lx of uninhibited carving, runs lull as a hummingbird, and comes with a mulching fireplug, boxer, and incline release parachute. $499;

Hybrid Cars

In the late 90's of the last century in the world there are many so-called hybrid cars, where the links are used to create both types of engines: internal combustion engine and electric. The impetus for their appearance in the adoption of the U.S. Clean Air Act. Senators then ordered automakers to America in 1998 is to increase the production of environmentally friendly vehicles to 2% of total production. Such cars already released a lot, and have them in our country. For example, Toyota Prius sold officially in Russia since 2004 and already has a lot of fans. Hybrid Cars really Read more [...]
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Electric vehicle and hydrogen

Chemical current sources are known for a long time. The best known sources of supply - this fuel cell, invented more than half a century ago. Fuel cells - is an electrochemical device that receive electricity through reactions between hydrogen and oxygen. The only emissions generated as a result of the work of these engines is water. According to the Center for Technology and Policy of U.S. national security, the first study on the use of hydrogen was started in 1944 They supervised the U.S. Defense Department, which has been interested in creating a hydrogen fuel for rockets. In the 1950s, Read more [...]
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Vigour Wizard

ISAAC BERZINOption Vim HotshotWhen bioengineering organize Isaac Berzin devised a summons for turn alga into alternate fire in the former mid-nineties, many of his bloke scientists fired the approximation as freaky; afterward all, the Section of Get-up-and-go had jilted the project as economically impracticable. But the Israeli artificer knew the skill was fathom: The single-cell microorganisms are the man's fastest-growing plants?photosynthetic dynamos that assimilate co2 and nitric oxide and utter o, producing oil, dough, and protein as by-products. He good had to down the treat. Well-nigh octet Read more [...]
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Sad story OPEC

The Organization of & #8209, Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC) was established in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to coordinate their relations with western oil refining companies. As an international economic organization of OPEC registered at the UN September 6, 1962 brought together 13 countries in OPEC, which controlled about 80% of proved reserves, 60% of production and 90% of oil exports to non-socialist countries. What OPEC and make effective use 1973 , during the next Arab & #8209, Israeli war. West Read more [...]
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Passion electric car

Eletromobil first ran in England in 1863 - just two years after the discovery of Michael Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. By 1900, America was released in 1585 on electric cars. A car with a combustion engine (internal combustion engine) for the whole of America was 936. Electric car lost the car because it was cumbersome clumsy wagon with huge container filled with hydrochloric acid, and the electrodes immersed in it[40]. To run the 50 km-ton was needed elektroekipazhu 1000 & #8209, Pound battery! Besides from the & #8209, Due to corrosion of the plates every two years, Read more [...]
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Energy oils and alcohols

Both theoretically and practically proved that the engines of cars is quite possible to fill in vegetable oils - sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, linseed, palm, peanut, rapeseed, etc. They can be used as is or after chemical treatment, as well as in mixtures with petroleum fuel you or alcohols. Creating diesel engine 100 years ago, Rudolf Diesel used peanut oil. Only later it was replaced by oil, which today rose so sharply. Mixed with oil rapeseed oil makes biodiesel: almost the best fuel for engines with ignition. In Germany, operates about 1,000 gas stations, offering biodiesel, which is about Read more [...]
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Coral Sea

Dive in Fiji     Photograph: courtesy, Fiji TouristryA Reef to Forfend Cover 16 demesne of seafloor, the Neptune Remembrance Reef, ternary miles off the Miami glide, is boldly leadership the ever-growing pursue new entombment frontiers. An hokey reef that was sculptured later a developer's imagination of the baffled metropolis of Atlantis, Neptune houses an submersed necropolis entirely for the cremated. The owners at the Neptune Reef Gild promise that the reef, which open for byplay in November, leave presently turn a sought dive address. We're not belongings our intimation. $1,495 Read more [...]
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Gas instead of gasoline

Of all the fossil fuels, natural gas is the least polluting. The main difficulty switching to gas - is the creation of appropriate infrastructure: gas stations, fuel storage, gas supply system for refueling, etc. When all the "locked up" by gasoline, something difficult change in parts. If change - That the system, but this is a decent cost. German gas industry is investing in the development of gas filling stations for a total of 250 million euros. In Germany are in operation around 1000 gazorazdatochnyh speakers. In Germany registered 45,000 vehicles with a gas engine. According Read more [...]
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Plans for the transition to alternative sources

U.S. is the largest consumer of oil in the world. Currently the United States imports nearly 60% of the daily consume 21 million barrels of oil. The American Petroleum Institute estimates that 95% of the available sources of oil in the world will be exhausted in the next 56 years, the remaining 5% will run out in 88 years. Thus, humanity is given a maximum of 50-60 years to find a replacement for conventional oil. Here it should be noted that the oil "ends" is not the first century. The first prediction is that it will soon be over, received in 1875 According to the American Petroleum Read more [...]
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Pikulnik ladannikovy

Annual height 8-40 cm stem highly branched, sometimes reddish, fluffy from adjacent hairs, often mixed with glandular hairs. The leaves are ovate-lanceolate, long 1-4 (7) cm and a width of 3-20 mm, serrated at the edges (on each side of 3.7 teeth), slightly pubescent on both sides, with short petioles. Flowers are placed on 6-10 in whorls. Calyx tubular-campanulate, densely myagkoopushennaya, sometimes glandular, with few veins and five unequal shipovidno-sharp teeth. Corolla 15-20 mm long, purple, outside prizhatovolosisty, with a tube longer than the calyx, the upper lip is slightly elongated Read more [...]
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Movement alternativistov

Immediately after the work of the Club of Rome, some people have decided that "we have to live differently," and began to build "alternative" villages and "alternative" society. They honestly tried create society, confessing alternative systems of moral values and live by the tidal, solar and other "green" forms of energy. What really happened? There are no alternative sources of energy in those early 1960s create failed. 'Alternativisty"Fled, and none of their villages has not survived. As in many other cases, "alternativisty"Premature. Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).