Expansion into space: another way to do some problems to other

Space exploration is difficult startup problems spacecraft from Earth, so there is a desire to make as much as possible the necessary components to them in space (for example, to produce ice on the moon and make out of it, hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel). As the increasing number of robots necessary units can be operated by the Moon and asteroids. In the "ideal" we could send a fully automated station on a remote asteroid or a satellite of the planet, so that she is in place to produce the necessary scientific equipment or copies for distribution to the next planet. This opens Read more [...]
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Bombs and lasers in space: the solution to the problem or create a new

Anyway, little by little, the problem is perceived as real, and the separate systems to detect and deflect an asteroid tested. Deep Impact probe struck the comet Tempel copper disc, an ABM technique worked through shooting fast-moving targets. In this connection, however, there is a natural fear that such system can be used for harm. For example, in the near future can be secretly reject an asteroid, sending him to the ground, so that he fell down in a certain place. Of course, the probability of such an action by any party to be slight, but chance naturally fall to Earth asteroid is also very Read more [...]
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Detour, an Jeopardize Pathfinder Market

Reckon if items on Craigslist included an Presentation to Ice Mounting family and a Half-Day Fly-Fishing Activate alternatively of exploited mattresses and stolen wheel parts. That's essentially the theme butt Detour, a new on-line mart for guided outside adventures from Net retailer Backcountry.com.Soft-launched close summertime, the modish embark from Backcountry presently offers more 100 guided outside trips that require skiing, mounting, mount biking, hike, fly-fishing, and eventide snowkiting. Prices ambit from $205 for a good day of mounting in Garden of the Gods to three-day overwinter tenting Read more [...]
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Risk of contact with animals

Few animals attack humans unless it is caused by self-defense, most will be more concerned about how to escape. Chances of finding large animals such as elephants, rhinos, hippos and big cats are generally small outside reserves. However, avoid the device camp on the trail or around watering, where you may find yourself face to face with a herd of elephants or the overly inquisitive mountain lion. Do not provoke COLLISION. Bears northern forests often beg in areas of human settlement, checking the cans, and so can pay a visit to your site for search of easy prey. Try noise to drive them away Read more [...]
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Asteroids and comets: unknown paths and patterns

Often as a possible cause of extinction of mankind indicate falling asteroid, equal to that which is believed to have cut off the dinosaurs and left the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. This celestial body has a diameter of about 10 km. However it is important to note that as a result of this event then living our ancestors mammals were consumed. Consequently, even asteroid this size is likely not to destroy all the people, and the more of life on earth: calculations show that it takes a celestial body the size of 30-60 km. Actually asteroids of this size in orbits that can cross the Earth's Read more [...]
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Asteroids and space weapons

As one of the major threats to human survival extends threat death from a fall of a large asteroid. Here, however, there is some substitution of the thesis: not any asteroid can destroy human civilization, and the more life on Earth. What's more - the smaller asteroids, the more often they occur, and the overwhelming number in the event of a no threat to human extinction, although it can cause considerable damage. For example, asteroid Apophis, flying past the Earth is expected to be Friday 13 April, 2029, could produce explosion 800 megatons, but the damage from such an explosion is distributed Read more [...]
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Greenhouse catastrophe and modest role of mankind

Global warming due to both the nearby natural processes, and the amount of technology created by man, so to purely natural risks can be attributed only conditionally. Global warming may also be called a classic example of a dangerous process, subject to a number of factors that make it "incomprehensible." Not generally recognized, but received several researchers the opportunity of global catastrophe is a greenhouse disaster, called in English "infinitely growing greenhouse effect» (runaway greenhouse effect). About him write: A. Karnaukhov in the articles "On the stability Read more [...]
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Nebula wording and the cost of inaction

The main problem is that the Earth's climate system is so complex that no one other than qualified geophysicists military complex mathematical models, can not understand it. Any superficial explanations may contain inaccuracies that turn inside the situation inside out. Of the person, including the decision-makers can not distinguish between the "right" of geophysicists from the "wrong". It is easily seen that opponents often accuse each other of being unscientific, ignore, etc. Of course, you can choose one act of faith of the parties to the conflict (and the act of Read more [...]
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2. In-Place Lunges

In-Place Lunges     Photograph: Representative by Chris Philpot

From standing, thrust forward-moving with your veracious leg, poignant your remaining genu to the earth. Swimmingly reversion to standing and echo on the former leg. Fivesome reps apiece face.

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Global warming — believe it or not?

In global warming have merged all aspects of unpredictability that affect the assessment of the risks of global catastrophe. Of course, many readers now exclaim: I know this on purpose come up with multinational corporations to achieve this and that! But how can you be sure that the way it really is? Of course, much easier to be 100 percent, than 75 - such is human nature. All the more so confidence, someone doing something on purpose and in spite of, includes emotional complex "combat with the enemy", which greatly increases confidence confidence and reduces the critical perception. Read more [...]
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As far as we are ready to confront the threat today

There is a protocol of action in case of intelligent extraterrestrial signals. [38 - Declaration of principles concerning activities following the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. http:// www. davidbrin. com / firstsetiprotocol. html] However, it suggests more thorough review of information and then publicize the event. It says nothing about the dangers that can create very loaded message. There are no rules that would never, under any circumstances create mechanisms drawings are received from space, and do not run on a computer and downloaded via SETI. This is due to the fact Read more [...]
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Objections do not believe in aliens hackers

The discussion of the risks associated with SETI, made a number of common objections that are worth discussing. I stress that this is not a normal infection by computer virus, but only the launch of AI programs in the world, which is a virus-like on a global scale of its activities, namely, seeking to use the planet to send copies of itself on. In this case, it can be used, and can not use the attack on computer networks, such attacks of computer viruses. Basic objection: artificial intelligence is impossible. Comment: AD Panov, considering the density of extraterrestrial civilizations in Read more [...]
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Analysis of the possible targets of attack

We now turn to an analysis of the purposes of super-civilization that could carry out such an attack. First of all, we must not confuse the concept of the "overdeveloped" and "sverhdobroy" civilization. Moreover, from the "sverhdobroty" nothing good can be expected - it is well written in the Strugatsky's novel "The waves extinguish the wind." Whatever the goal, we may impose super civilization, for us they are strangers, because we have our own view of the good. Historical example: the activities of Christian missionaries, eradicate traditional religion. Read more [...]
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The New Compensate Binge

    Photograph: Scrape Wiens(A) The lengthened stern on REI's new NORDIC Train Befuddled perspirer helps support your buns toastier. $89; 800-426-4840, www.rei.com (B) Flush your digits merit merino: Sheathe them with Ibidem Mitt LINERS ahead striking the slopes. $25; 800-773-9647, www.ibexwear.com (C) It wicks! It warms! PATAGONIA's AXUWOOL Bunch heats the pare with merino and faces pile the elements with Capilene. $80; 800-638-6464, www.patagonia.com (D) New Zealand's alpine ungulates add their rattling outdo bull for the urban-cool Iceboat Stone ZIP. $119; 866-363-7466, www.iceboat.com Read more [...]
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SETI vulnerability and a possible attack scenario

In this section, we discuss the mechanism of potential attacks via SETI, while not considering the question of the purpose of such an attack. In the next section we will consider how feasible that another civilization and wanted to dispatch a message, and what are the chances of him stumble. In the beginning, we note that the evidence is sufficient to find vulnerabilities at least one security hole. However, to prove safety, it is necessary to eliminate all possible holes. The complexity of these problems varies considerably, which is well known to specialists in computer security. This distinction Read more [...]
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Rhode ULMUS L. — Elm.

Trees up to 35 m high. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic. Contain sesqui-and triterpenoids, steroids (including phytosterols), flavonoids (including catechins leykoantoiiaiidiny), coumarins, carbohydrates, and phenolic acids, higher fatty acids, fatty alcohols and esters established structure. Marked tannins and 10% from the bark of trunks U. campestris L., zhnrioe oil to 41% IE fruit U. laevis Pall. Detected alkaloids, polysaccharides, pectin, vitamins C and E. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - knitting - bark trunks U. campestris (syn. U. caprinifolia Rupp. ex Suckow), U. glabra Read more [...]
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SETI, the search for the mind and a hole in the global security

In 1959, the journal Nature published the first article on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe. [27 - Cocconi G., Morrison P. Searching for Interstellar communications. Nature. Vol. 184. № 4690. R. 844-846. 19 September 1959.] C then develop two directions of research: this is SETI, which is mainly carried out by listening to the sky with radio telescopes (but also a search for signals in the optical domain and more exotic options), and in the form of METI (Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence ) - that is to send our signals to the stars with the help of Read more [...]
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Get Caramel

    Exposure: Colin Faulkner4. BIOTHERM Hydra-Detox Detoxifying Cleaner for Men is a effervescing facial cleaner that flushes out fret and oils embedded in pores, removes stagnant cutis, and softens the expression for skimming. The vitamin E interior helps cater boost embossment from both UVA and UVB rays. ($16; 888-246-8437, www.biotherm.com) 5. Sun restitution your whisker, too. REDKEN Sun Configuration Shampoo uses vitamin A and rude oils to break up the brickle strands that cum from sun picture, exertion, and cl. So it coats your hair's-breadth with a sunblock. ($9; 800-733-5368, Read more [...]
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Risks associated with the program SETI

In 2008 he published a new issue of the authoritative journal Forecasting Futures, dedicated to the risk of human extinction. Compiled in this issue, Bruce Tonn announced that takes to the articles of any subject related to the risk of human extinction, except for the theme of "alien invasion." But, in fact, why? In fact, I see. Since Futures - a respected magazine, and interest in aliens associated with pseudoscience and fringe, publishing material on the subject could undermine the credibility of the magazine itself, the scientific integrity ton, subject to the risk of human extinction. Read more [...]
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For reasons of a higher order

Should be mentioned separately various groups, which, in contrast to the above, total destruction is not the goal (at least consciously), but the global disaster are most likely to be the result of their work. First of all, people, communities, political groups and organizations, which tend to collapse (or change) the world order. And for this, or they are willing to risk total destruction, or can create it, not really thinking about it. These groups have obviously include world powers fighting for dominance in the world. This can be either power, losing global influence and forced "to Read more [...]
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