In the fourth dimension

Among the many versions of the end of the world is one, according to which the Earth is a quantum leap in the fourth dimension. We offer you more look into the matter and see what awaits us.

Transition but a new round of evolution is a phenomenon when a planet (or other celestial body) moves from one dimension to another. In our case, the transition from the third to the fourth dimension. Our planet with all the people inhabiting it will make an interdimensional transition.

Transformation transition occurs relatively quickly, but we can imagine how the changes we need to go. The veil over the events of the world lifts up, and we understand why these events occur.

Moving to a new level. Description

In the fourth dimension begins with the fall of the magnetic field. This is followed by the destruction of civilization, and, finally, comes the last stage. It usually lasts for three months, but the process can take up to two years. During the last stage of decay social and political systems. Because the Earth's geomagnetic field weakens, people start to go crazy, lose memory, and as a result of reaching for weapons (which we'll talk a little more detail below.)

Followed by five or six hours before the actual transition. This is a very strange period of time when the world of the fourth dimension begins to pass into the world of the third. When the transition to a new stage of development begins, in which no one no doubt. All around is beginning to change color and shape, the space is filled with a red mist, which changes its color and becomes yellow, purple, blue. Gradually the fog dissipates, and it seems that all the objects and even people are made of transparent gold glass. After some time, all transparent objects begin to dissipate, dark, and then the darkness consumes a completely all! At this time, the displacement of the axis of the planet.

Then we fall into the void, in the "corridor" between the third and fourth dimension. Usually it lasts for three days, but in the dark of the moon may seem that for thousands of years have passed. Man thinks that he is flying. In this emptiness people better sleep, and then the time will pass quickly.

Passing a void, we go into the fourth dimension. New era. Our life will change dramatically. Up to this point we have to experience the rapture, the resurrection, the final death and rebirth.

Yes, we are born anew! We will come to the new world kids!

The new measuring body will look dense, like the previous one, but it is not. If you go back, you have no one in the world will not see. In another dimension, though the body will have an atomic structure, but the atoms will be in the form of energy. The human body will look like a bundle of energy with a bit of substance. On Earth, in this state, you can penetrate the thick wall!

A new era of living in other temporary laws. The earth is a few minute clock in the fourth dimension, so that the segment that seems equal to two years, we will become adults. But the growth — not the point in a new dimension, it is important the knowledge of new laws.

This is how things happen in the transition to a new dimension (the fourth).

In the fourth dimension. The first signs.

As you know, the first sign of the beginning of the transition of the world to the next level is the sharp drop in the Earth's geomagnetic field. It is known that for the last five hundred years, significantly reducing the tension increased. By the beginning of the time of transition field general "go crazy." Already today we see the anomalies associated with the weakening of the magnetic field: beaching fish, birds change their place of migration. And the thing is that the animals are used to orient to geomagnetic land line, but now the lines-road biased. Many airlines have to be corrected geomagnetic map to aircraft and other equipment can operate on devices.

In the future, the field can roll over, and then the poles swap places.

And can occur so that the field, reaching the zero point, restore the same configuration of the poles, but it will have a completely different axis.

The singular values of the magnetic field due to its impact on the human brain. When the voltage drops to zero and remains at this point, more than two weeks, people literally lose their minds. Most likely, the earth's magnetism support our memory of the whole, and it is connected with our emotional body.

You may find that the magnetic field affects the way the person. But let us remember that the world is going on a full moon. The full moon slightly alters the geomagnetic indices, but the effect is obvious: in the days of the full moon occurs three times more murders, rapes, robberies and other crimes. Imagine what will happen when the field strength drops to zero.

A new era will begin in 2012. What is the tragedy of the transition

To be precise, the transition to a new stage of evolution will occur in late 2012 — early 2013.

It should be noted that the transition to another dimension — the transition of matter and the physical world that have certain properties of a range of energy into another. This new range of stuff goes in a completely different state, acquire new properties.

In the transition to a new dimension matter has different properties. Matter of any of the measurements have certain properties, and it is able to act within a certain specific way.

Therefore, man is able to go to another world after the acquisition of the new features that are inherent in the new world. This condition — the most important thing.

Untrained person, getting into a new era, just die. If the energy of man and the new world radically different, he will be killed instantly, and if the soul has had time to develop to a certain point, bringing it closer to the range of energies of the next world — that people will die after a while.

That's why the end of 2012, when the start in the fourth dimension, painted tragic overtones.

Time is running out, but if you want, we can increase our energy potential. To do this, first of all it is necessary to abandon the excesses and draw a line under temptation. This does not mean that we should become vegetarians sharply and reject all the sweets of life. But life is so that the maximum to save its internal energy. And the energy we need to make a quantum leap.

A new era will no longer require us to power, we will acquire new properties and new opportunities, we will no longer worry about affection and wealth.

Fourth Dimension. Nibiru is not terrible!

Some scholars argue that the mysterious planet Nibiru (Marduk, Planet X, the red planet, Nelda) still exists, and this planet is the fourth dimension! In the transition to the next level it becomes available to us. The meeting will be held with the mysterious planet, but it will not be disastrous.

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