A considerable number of incursions into the room of strangers due to the loss landlords keys. Who has not seen in such a sin? Who, cursing his own gullibility, do not replace the locks, once again found their lost cherished ligament?

In one large family known to me where the keys are lost nearly every month, exhausted incessant tinkering doors father bought a dozen of the same type of locks immediately and is now with the disappearance of another key replaces the disc mechanism only, without touching himself castle. After a few months, if not disturbed thieves apartment, he lost the next time the key returns to the place of the old cylinder. And so on to infinity, or rather, to the moment when the key is less than the family.

In order not to lose the key part, it may be advisable, as is done in many hotels, fasten it to a massive charm, whose disappearance from his pocket, as well as pulling out a loud intruder or fall on the pavement you will surely noticed. If the key can be attached pounds of a weight, its loss would be excluded altogether.

When you select a key fob try not to show their individuality, to have his mind was impossible to calculate the owner.

Children going to play out, the keys is better not to give or to hang clothes on a neck on a cord. With age, when worn next to the skin to get the key is not very convenient, you can sew a special pocket inside the large buttoned pockets. It will be cheaper than buying and installing new locks.

Once upon a time, knowing for a bad habit to scatter the keys, I attached to a bunch of small hollow charm, which invested a short note asking the finder Keys person call … The phone has been given, of course, not mine, but one of my friends. A couple of times I returned the keys. I can not call to replicate his invention, as it is safe to admit you can not. But if you decide on this, be sure to indicate the phone is not very often visited his friend, it was impossible to count you, a few days after watching his apartment. And in any case, do not come into direct contact with the person who found your bond. Take it, with no telling your friend has somewhere in neutral territory. Similarly, with the maximum respect of conspiracy to take away the keys you.

Top sloppiness — leave the keys to the apartment or villas in hidden places. This is for you, they hiding, and for a man hunted by stealing the most that neither is clear. We are not so imaginative to manage to come up with new places to bury the keys. Maximum of what we are missing — is lying on the threshold of rugs, mailboxes, the gap on the doorposts, box switch boxes, rocks near the porch, etc. Also, once is enough to see the man that lays a bunch of cache, so that after thirty minutes or month (as it may seem convenient) after he left to repeat the same procedure in reverse with no small loss for the amateur conspirator.

If you really need someone to pass so key or have a duty, in case slamming doors, a bunch of close to home, hand her a reliable neighbor. Only desirable living in next door, or even a house. Any number of cases, when a thief climbed into one apartment and found hanging on every case studs on neighboring bundles together with some success for myself and visited their apartment.

We should not, leaving the keys to write notes, "Sasha, I'm gone. Keys in the 12th house. Attending the evening." First, you stated publicly that there is no people in your apartment. Second, to some extent, are at risk for people living in the 12 th house.

Quite well, disconnecting a bunch, give spare keys from three residential locks with not one but three different neighbors.

! Never leave your keys unattended, do not check with things in the wardrobe, do not throw in the glove compartment of desktops and machines. Remember, in order to remove from them the impression, quite an experienced criminal seconds. A home from a cast it is easy to make duplicates.

! With the loss of key always start from the worst, considering that this is not an accident, not your gullibility, and someone's bad faith with all the attendant (or rather, carried out of the apartment) consequences.

Immediately change the locks! If you have difficulty with the money, try to exchange locks (well, that they are of the same type) with distant friends and relatives.

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