Lessons in democracy

When the Soviet Union fell apart, its fragments formed from a number of independent states. But the biggest and strongest of them was still Russia. With the collapsed economy and a demoralized population, it still represents a fairly formidable force with which perforce had to be considered. So West continued to monitor the young state, preventing any attempt to increase its influence and pushing him closer to the brink.

Stood at the head of Russia Yeltsin. Not so important who he was — a traitor, as told to Filaret, the agent who had plastic surgery, to use Gerard, or simply unscrupulous vlastolyubtsem, as I think I am. The main thing is that in all his actions, he was guided primarily regards the United States.

Let us remember one of the first speeches of President Clinton, he pronounced in Congress. It is widely quoted in the European press — all the more surprising that it almost does not know in Russia. So, would-be lover in office said the following.

That's it — neither more nor less, and only following the orders of the U.S. — Russian can achieve freedom. And it must be say, that first This time, the Russian government should actively bidding.

Russia has refused almost all former sphere of their interests. The army quickly went into decline, as well as all sectors of the economy, education and health. However Russian constantly being told that freedom is more important sausage, and the first person to openly encourage the West "unprecedented progress of democracy" in Russia.

They had reason to celebrate. And even more, there were the representatives of multinational corporations. They arrived after the fall of the Soviet Union grew enormously. First, Russia is almost completely gone to foreign markets (especially weapons), which immediately occupied Western companies. Secondly, Russia itself has become a huge market where you can sell a lot of stale goods.

I want to draw attention to the fact that the "stale" in this case is not just a curse. About ten years ago I had to do a paid interview with a rapidly became rich businessman. When I asked him what his secret to such rapid success, he grinned widely at first, and then said

The text of the interview, I had to write this:

However, I digress. During the privatization of state property in 1993 for almost nothing sold to many owners, including foreign ones. Then Western capital gained control over a set of advanced and high-Russian companies, including over the defense enterprises. As a thank you to President Yeltsin, was allowed to shoot the elected parliament and install almost full presidential dictatorship, and in 1996 with the help of Western experts elected for a second term. However, the re-election does not take quite legitimate: the numerous fraud results I know through a friend who worked on the election observer for the OSCE. Then they were under strict orders not to pay attention to any falsification: "It is necessary for democracy," and that's it.

At this point, West was another means of pressure on Russia: the war in Chechnya. This Caucasian province revolted in the name of independence and for years resisted the whole of Russia. No matter how poor condition or was the Russian army, this is not possible, even in theory, of course, provided that the separatists are not offered massive military and economic aid.

But such assistance, and she came out of the same hand. In Chechnya, for three years was Jamal Ibn Almar — one of the closest allies of Osama bin Laden. Through it came to Chechnya money and weapons directed by the CIA. As a result, the "Chechen ulcer" poisoned Russia life for many years and by and large still bleeds.

At the beginning of the new millennium, President Putin is trying to carry out an independent, nationally oriented policies. To a certain extent he does. But then follows the terrible cry from the U.S.: "Do not you dare!" Russia immediately begin to blame the retreat from democracy, the great power ambitions and other deadly sins. So, when Russia tried to take an independent stance on the Iraq issue, one

of the most influential senators in an interview with CNN said: So, all the evidence suggests that the war continues. Why? After all, Russia, seems to have been no threat? One could assume that the purpose of the Third World is not a hazard preventing the Western world, and the establishment of total control of the West over the rest of the planet. Until this task is completed, the war's over.

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