Orientation winter

Orientation in the ski trip is different. For example, in the tundra are often not familiar landmarks, which are so much in the middle lane. The flat tundra with many rolling hills, similar to one another, a rich network of small streams, hidden under the snow, a large magnetic variation, anomalies — all this is difficult to choose the right direction. It should be good to be able to read a map, to understand the uneven terrain. Useful, and the ability to walk in azimuth for tens of kilometers. As a rule, the tundra has to go on an azimuth of 30-40 kilometers, with a flat front invisible landmark in the form of lakes, meanders or merger of large rivers.

Useful skills and timekeeping of the motion, determining the distance traveled by time.

When driving in azimuth on flat tundra without guidance uses the following way: take the right direction on the compass, and it will be sent to one of the participants. After a 20-3-0 meters on her second trail, and another 20-30 yards — the third (group leader). The guide, with a compass, trying to sustain a given direction. Head of the Group monitors the correct direction. The last voice command to go right or left. After passing the 1 — 2 km guide sometimes looks back and controls the direction of movement by going behind the alignment of straightness retained, and trails.

Direction Wind in the Arctic for a long time is a constant. It is also used as a guideline. Taken azimuth for movement and seen, in what part of the face is blowing wind. During the movement to keep the wind &andlaquoAnd in the face "," right cheek ", &andlaquo, Left cheek, "etc. This can be achieved quite satisfactory accuracy in the 10-12 °.

As a control, the direction of movement in some areas may serve as the direction of the figure sastrugi (snow surface roughness formed by constantly blowing winds).

During the early dusk and at night you can use to guide the stars in the sky.

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