The experience of survival in the wild. Part 1

And so I threw kamrados challenge nature, offered her Sigrun with me to the best of its rules. Unfolded a map and gasped what Mother Russia is a great country, but because in my possession was not more than 24 hours (a week working) pointed to a map of Surgut region, found a place on the satellite, opened myself to ask the square and began to collect belongings.

Taking with me: — kamuflo (vest pants socks, top kamuflo on foot-and-sneakers, a skull-bandana) Backpack

in general, that I do not need, but you never know … so we have taken into the forest to wear an empty backpack … black sports bag in it: — lighter (just in case), two phones (work-PDA with access to internet and personal mobile ). Right (do not take your passport as wet can, and right in the laminate so bury, will identify (… tfu tfu tfu … … over my shoulder …). Money, house keys, a map (A4 sheet in a file, a copy and a sidekick his wife has left.) camera. Now, about the NAE to survive in the wild, I put in a backpack: — a jar of salt, a knife and a flint and all! (Sheath for the knife (like a knife) did it himself shot in the dark, out of the skin in the form of overlays on phosphoric film, glow in the dark, so as not to lose, or to find if lost)))

I throw in a sports bag pull an empty backpack and brought forward at 50 km from the city (did not go further because the relationship has to work, the wife is worried and work to resolve any questions that I can just me).

The plan was roughly this: XYZ After landing I had to point X from point X to point Y is about 4.5 kilometers into the marsh, through woods, point Y is the pond (map-stream 8-10 meters), I was not there on that and moved there. At the river I had to camp to spend the night and in the morning to advance to the point Z, Z to the point of 2 km. Where I will pick somebody … point Z is a federal road and I had planned to get there hitchhiked into town (home). I brought a buddy to a landing zone X and I went through the swamp in a given direction (compass not take to the woods because not on the grounds of ill-guided nature of the day and night) …

On the way, look around carefully to find items that are not made by nature, but man

and that I could come in handy.

Tone to his knees in the mire

And my crew (put camera down on this machine bitches)

but that I had on hand, because his feet were in the shade, and go easier.

Zharkoooo …

The marshes find berries,

blueberries and cranberries, I eat them because you can not miss this opportunity with an empty backpack.

And my joy knew no bounds

but after examining it revealed a leak in the stern …

But still it is at least something, and the bank went into my backpack, then find a package of almost, and that really pleased me because it (directly in the pile and found)

gathered all in a backpack, then find duct tape B V

— In a backpack

And here's a device, boots!

Taking with me (hi-comrade Shishkarev like this bro go to the swamps Bog!)

Items found on the way I was pleased overall, but there was properly applied. Approaching the creek

sweating can see in a human footprints on the tread can be seen that the shoe size of about 41-43 tracks not to say that fresh, probably not more than a day, because after the morning dew print blunt sharp corners, but not gone, the man went on easily, but for some reason with a stick, apparently berry. I went on the trail and at the base of the creek trail disappeared (turned into a forest)

but I was interested in another subject by the stream,

pulling on the end of the rope, I realized that it is longer than the fact it would be easier in the near future, could pull about 4 meters,

the other end was on the ground as it is fixed and I had to cut off the fact that I was able to pull it out. I have outplayed mother nature, in return, she could only deprive me comfort with such rain. But the sky was clear, so she has something else for me … Finally, paragraph Y

and I start looking for a place that I will house the next day.

And this place is …

That's all I was able to collect on the way

Now it is necessary to prioritize the items and so:

1: — Water

2: — fire

3: — the bunk / rookery

4: — protection from wind and rain

5: — food

6: — Safety

Oochen thirsty! Perhaps the lack of a flask with water inspires a little panic and want to drink even more than if you would have access to drinking water. But knowing the human mind, and remembering this fact, I always keep myself and not throw obscure slurp water. In order to have a drink I should make a fire to boil water from the river.

And so this is the first fire!

Along the river is a windbreak and brushwood enough and the weather was warm, the fire I lit for 2 minutes.

1p.i 2n. (The list of priorities)

Wasting no time to get down the bunk device.

The first layer of twigs without branches (desirable).

The second layer of moss (it is wet on this I put it below the upper layers).

Moss wear found in a plastic bag.

A third layer of young pines.

Fourth layer dry leaves. Pillow (leaves in the package)

Then I duct tape handy

Done. 3p. (The list of priorities)

Next, the roof and walls, young pine boughs.

4n. (The list of priorities)

Further justifying his nickname and correlating it to the cinema

Here you have the Rambo first blood

The day was warm and the blood rushed enjoying autumn days I've had enough of the abundant stream, there was no time and I had as we become blood (not because I Gorozia loss of blood, but because you can not waste any time as there is daylight). There is one tried and the old way to disinfect the wound. I peed on his hand.(Photo did not do for privacy) wound rinse and I pulled the finger piece of tape over the rest of the cut.

While I was preparing myself couch I collected leaves and the leaves I found something tasty and nutritious (yes Nord?)

The issue was resolved with a meal. 5p. (Priority list), but in my situation a lot of food there is no …

And so the water … fire by that time given corner, I began to improvise, in the beginning of change all that I found! After earning a 1.5 water I began to boil in the pot so …

And poured into a bottle of hand trimmed soda throwing into it a piece of pine needles (good taste and river beats)

So I nakipyatil yourself plenty of water. Had to drink warm tea fir … but what?.!.?

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