Meteonovosti. Want — not bad

... And even useful. Here Ural wanted - and waited for the real "Indian summer", and with ambitions for the summer heat! Yekaterinburg to 25 ° in the second half of September - a record high temperature. Compare it with 5 °, which took place ten days ago, to be patient and give it to the locals and the capriciousness of the Urals in September, which on average get about normal. In recent abnormally warm days daily maximum temperature records were registered in Perm, Kurgan, Tyumen and other cities in the region.Source: Read more [...]
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Slovenian village residents discovered the disappearance of the river. Video. Picture story

Photo: siol.netWhere, in the evening of their favorite river flowed Iska - leaving only puddles and fish. And soon found the cause - a big break, after which, it seems, has left the water.Answer to the question why he appeared to geologists. True, the old-timers remember that during the Second World War, this river has happened something like this. And in a few years, the water miraculously returned.Source: Channel, Read more [...]
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Giant mushroom found in the woods Istra

Istra district resident Nicholas Timokhin found in a forest giant mushroom weighing 13 kg.Posle dry summer - 2010 no one really did not expect that mushrooms go. However, with the advent of the rainy season mushroom yet begun. It is easy to find in the fall in our woods stump with mushrooms and white little family. But not everyone is lucky enough to meet at the edge of the giant mushroom.Nicholas Timokhin lucky. That day he went into the woods near his cottage. First Gribnikov across aspen, boletus, white svinushki medium size.Suddenly, from afar Nicholas spotted a huge hat. Came closer and Read more [...]
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Incur Your Catamenia

    Exposure: Stiff EllisTHE Rectify CANOE Rig the Flambeau's various rapids and drops in the MAD RIVER FREEDON 16 RX. Thanks to its torpedo Royalex hull—a sandwich of superheated vinyl, ABS moldable, and effervesce—this canoe can hold bumps, eve when brimful with train. ($1,099; 336-434-7470, —J. C. THE Rightfulness Tongue River knives want to be as effective at keen yield for salad as they are at cut r-2 during an exigency swiftwater delivery. In a arrest, the serrations on the BENCHMADE 100SH2O plug veracious done rowdy stuff, Read more [...]
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Sharpening on Lansky: Rough Stone (Part 3)

Description:Attention to all the "experts"! - This is not a guide to what is official and not the correct way to work with sharpener. THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SHARPENING I checked and choose for themselves. The third video of the series. In this video series I share their experience on the sharpener for sharpening known firm Lansky. I spent many hours in working with her and I am sure that my advice will be useful for those who choose to undertake this sharpener.In this video, I'll introduce you to how Read more [...]
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I retired in November and raised flowered strawberry banana

Heat wave in the summer and warm autumn misled plants. Twice a year in bloom, and even fruit apples, cherries, chestnuts.November 22 in the garden of Nicholas and Hope Osipenko of Brusilov of Chernigov region in full bloom strawberry. Nicholas Osipenko - agronomist with 40 years of experience, a former collective farm chairman, former chief agronomist of the Chernihiv region, now retired.- Here I have a honeysuckle, there yoshta, cherries planted here - shows Nikolay Nikiforovich on his way to bed. There's a lot of strawberries, flowers only third, 4-5 meters. - This is a special, remontant Read more [...]
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Poplar fluff. Heat. November. News review

In the late fall - to plus 29! Such in Ukraine was 80 let.Uzhe week across the country kept warm. People got light jackets and shoes and enjoy the sun.And here at home people tend to visit less often - because of the heat to be there, to say the least, uncomfortable. But most of all the spring mood on the eve of winter imbued insects, animals and plants ...Crimea: the bathing season opened+29The sea was still warm, and the people actively swim. Very warm water (16) - on the South Coast. And resorts, year round, filled visitors. In Crimea, even apricots bloom!- Air temperature by 5-7 degrees Read more [...]
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Warm November: Poltava squills blossom and awaken badgers

In Poltava, like all over Ukraine, at the weekend weatherman a record warm November. The temperature even surpassed in 1969, when the average rate reached 17 degreesUnexpected warmth and feel of plants. In Poltava botanical garden, for example, actively squills germinate. "This has happened before, when the fall was not long frost - say workers garden. - But now the plants grow rapidly. Nothing wrong with that, if not sharply hit frost. These spring flowers enough frost, and if the snow falls, can easily live up to the spring. "According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine", Read more [...]
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Temperature record set in Prague — 18 degrees

Temperature record was set on Friday in the Czech Republic - in Prague the temperature rose to 18 degrees Celsius, and in the south of the country was more than 20 degrees Celsius, according to the Czech weather service.During the last week in the country established unusually warm weather. In Prague was broken record 1948 was checked temperature 16.9 degrees Celsius. Temperature measurements are carried out in the capital of the Czech Republic from 1752.In Brno the temperature climbed to 19.2 degrees in Ostrava - 17.5, and in Brod nad Dyyi established a historical record - 20.4 degrees Celsius.As Read more [...]
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How to break camp

For the location and arrangement of the bivouac should be treated carefully, with skill. Bivouac areas tentatively scheduled on the map when the route is developed, over the same exact place of bivouac is determined directly in the campaign. It should be a safe, dry and protected from the wind, even, to be close to sources of fuel and drinking water. Preferably stay on a high (but not too high) bank, not by the water, in a forest clearing and forest edges, and not in the forest, in the coniferous, not deciduous forest. You should not stay in the lowlands, canyons, dry river beds of streams Read more [...]
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Get Your Flowing

    Pic: Remains EllisVendee’s Usher 2004 You’re just acquiring started—for Remote’s over must-have pitch items, from kayaks to sunglasses, Penetrate Hither.THE Redress HELMET Say adieu to diskette framework bills jabbing out from nether your lid. Confection's STRUTTER helmet borrows the sun-shading easiness of the hellenic American ballock cap and beefs things up with a carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic carapace. ($179; —JOSEPH CARBERRY THE Rightfulness Shades The Idaho Section of Angle and Back estimates Read more [...]
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Temperature anomalies in Russia

According to meteorologists, in most regions of Russia in late November and early December, there was a noticeable temperature deviation in the direction of cooling.So, already, even in the first day calendar winter Russia was marked by harsh weather contrasts between regions of the country - if the south temperature rose to 19 degrees Celsius, in central Siberia frosts reached 49 degrees, said meteorologist deputy director Dmitry Kiktev."The minimum temperature observed in Yakutia, the central regions of the Krasnoyarsk region, where night frosts reached 49 degrees. At the same time, in Read more [...]
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Tagil gardeners faced with unusual natural phenomena. Video

Anomalous yield. Tagil gardeners faced with unusual natural phenomena reported Tagil-TV

Source: YouTube

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Peak Gifford

Peak Gifford     A indigene of Washington, D.C., Remote Newswriter Visor Gifford knowing to dearest the out-of-doors piece an undergrad at Dartmouth College. He has been penning for Extraneous since 1990, and his exercise has appeared in Trilled Gemstone, Bicycling, Men's Wellness, The Washington Situation, Men's Daybook, and Slating. In 1991 he was nominative for a Personal Serve Internal Mag Accolade, on with the editors of International for "Within the Environmental Groups" featured in the September 1990 issuing. He lives in Wax Gretna, Pennsylvania. Racing for the Blaze Read more [...]
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Record cold registered in Murmansk

Forecasters recorded Thursday in Murmansk record cold temperatures for November 25, former minimum overlapped almost degree, according to a report published Friday on the website "Meteonovosti"."Last night was a new all-Murmansk minimum temperature for 25 November. He was minus 25.1 degrees, the previous low - minus 24.3, was established in 1983, "- according to the website.According to "Meteonovosti" negative temperature anomaly in the Murmansk region of 10-12 degrees.Forecasters attributed the cold on the Kola Peninsula, "the icy breath of the Arctic" Read more [...]
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Nature does not want to prepare for the winter — in Moscow blossom rowan. Video

Autumn instability. Throughout the day weather very changeable - in the morning heavy rain, rolling in the wet snow, and now watches in many parts of the sun is shining.Clouds over the capital region have started to move aside noon, the temperature rose slightly. However, the temperature on Friday is unlikely to rise above the level of plus four. In the second half of the day again rain is expected with wet snow and strong wind. Because of wind gusts up to 17 meters per second are possible falling trees, damaged power lines and billboards."On Saturday the chance of precipitation drops to Read more [...]
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Under the newly bloomed flowers Kemerovo

Imagine, in my garden flowers blossomed in the spring! - Shared with the editors of "Komsomolskaya" Alex Dobronravov regular reader, a resident of Nutcrackers. - Similarly, in May! And primrose, lupine and ... Yes, so beautiful! And recently went into the forest - and there is my favorite flowers - lights. I do not even think until next summer to see.So many have noticed that the second round began to blossom willow. Here and there around Kemerovo blossomed Briar: right on the same branch, and you can see the flowers, and ripe red berries ...- Blame the unusually warm autumn! - Read more [...]
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Under the apple tree blossom Balakovo

On the eve of Apple Savior sat Valery S. on the stump with your favorite apple tree in the country - a smoke and think. Looked up at the branches of the mighty 22-year-old tree, its thick foliage on large apples ... what's this? Butterflies, or what? ..- Galya, come quickly, we apple blossom for a second time!Take a look at natural disturbances suddenly ran neighbors Shabalin. The news of a blossoming apple tree in late August, spread throughout the Balakovo dacha cooperative "Primorye". Began to look at the gardens - no, not in bloom, but Shabalin lucky. Even the local Michurin Read more [...]
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Weather: Sunday we will see new temperature records

Warm November continues, and almost the entire European part of Russia tomorrow expect new temperature records. It will all fall into place until the middle of next week. This was in the air "Morning of Russia" said a leading specialist of the weather PHOBOS Elena Volosyuk.Source: BBC NewsWeather: Friday pleased new recordIn the metropolitan area day after day, not in Noyabrsk heat. Today at the VVC weather station recorded again record - plus 9.1 to 8.9 degrees, told Vestyam.Ru in the weather. This is the fourth November temperature record. In the morning, Muscovites have witnessed Read more [...]
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Scar Jenkins/The Gruelling Way

Grade Jenkins     Books by Score Jenkins The Arduous Way : Stories of Peril, Endurance, and the Psyche of Hazard To Timbuktu Off the Map: Bicycling Crosswise SiberiaExtraneous Reconnaissance Factor Grade Jenkins is a critically acclaimed writer, internationally recognised explorer and editorialist for External. For the preceding six age, Jenkins' tower, "The Backbreaking Way," has explored the significant and joy of the strong-arm out-of-door sprightliness. From hugger-mugger journeys crossways Tibet to mountaineering in Bolivia to sea kayaking approximately Dud's Gallipoli Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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