Heat and could cause abnormal behavior of insects

Anomalous for the season weather conditions are typical behavior of insects, whose consequences for the following years it is impossible to predict, said senior research fellow of the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University entomologist Andrei Sviridov."Systematic observations on the impact of abnormally hot weather on the behavior of insects, we have not yet been conducted, but the available data show that many species have hard," - said the source.For example, common in Moscow moths, called sashes, there are atypical in the daytime, and exhibit uncharacteristic behavior for Read more [...]
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The heat melts the equipment in St. Petersburg and asphalt

Temperature Air in St. Petersburg, July 6, rose to 30 degrees Celsius. On alert came watering machine. Streams of water they cool the red-hot road surface, not allowing it to deform. As the correspondent of "BaltInfo" the press service of the committee on landscaping and road infrastructure of the city administration, the machine will pour asphalt from early morning to late evening."Under the current regulations, the asphalt has to pour water every 6 hours if the temperature rises above 25 degrees. Now the city of about 30 degrees, "- explained in KBDH.As for the high-tech Read more [...]
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The heat melts the asphalt in China. Picture story

China. For several days in different regions of China thermometer exceeds the point 40 ° C. In Beijing, the heat burned bus, and on the hot pavement can make an omelet. In the city of Zhengzhou in molten asphalt sinking wheels. In Henan Province died from heat janitor.As reported by the publication "Zhengzhou Vanbao", July 6 sites on the route length of 200 meters in the city of Zhengzhou six cars and three buses were forced to stop because their tires were completely blocked by tangled on them from the heat of the molten layer of asphalt. Total affected over 10 cars. Because of Read more [...]
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White mulberry, mulberry

Homeland white mulberry - China, Japan. Imported to Europe in the VII century. along with silkworms. Bred in Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Crimea, in the south of the European part (up to the line Volgograd - Belgorod - Chernigov).'' There are fruit trees in Moscow and Leningrad. 12-20 m tall tree trunk bark brown and fissured. In young trees, rounded crown with age it becomes spreading. Young branches are light green or reddish-brown with light lenticels, bark, branches covered with fine hairs. The leaves are quite large, 1-3-lobed, serrated on the edge, cordate at base, acute Read more [...]
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Heat in Karelia first time in 20 years to reach 35 degrees

Karelian Republic Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring forecasts for this week of abnormally hot weather in Karelia - the temperature on some days will rise to 35 degrees Celsius, said the report released on Monday forecasters."In the period from July 12 to 17 in the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk and wait to be abnormally hot weather with average temperature deviation from the norm in Petrozavodsk 7 degrees. Maximum heating air in the republic during the day - plus 35 degrees, "- said in a statement.According to the Karelian Research Center, such a significant Read more [...]
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In another area of the Sverdlovsk region declared emergency mode

In another area of the Sverdlovsk region declared emergency drought conditions. Losses from the shortage of grain in the Sverdlovsk region can reach about 113 million rubles.YEKATERINBURG. August 9. In another area of the Sverdlovsk region declared emergency mode drought. In the zone of danger was Krasnoufimsky area.As the head of the department of agriculture Krasnoufimsky District Sergei Ladygin, complete destruction of plants here took on an area of 12 thousand hectares. Damage to a greater or lesser extent caused all farms in the area.Recall, August 5 mode emergency was declared in the Read more [...]
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Weewee Heroes

Charles Wilkinson: The Law Man & Donna Frye: The Browse Warrior     Exposure: Illustrations by Anthony RussoThe Law ManColorado Sovereign Tribunal jurist Gregory Hobbs calls CHARLES WILKINSON "the poet of westerly irrigate laws." Spell the 63-year-old University of Colorado law prof does get a way with lyric?he wrote the lyric preservation classics Flack on the Tableland and Crossover the Succeeding Height: Demesne, Irrigate, and the Next of the Westward?Wilkinson too carries a big insurance amaze. "He is a rattling brawny and grievous vox on every subject he gets Read more [...]
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Yekaterinburg face water crisis

Question of where to get drinking water, officials baffled: Yekaterinburg face water crisis, reservoir, came from the city drinking water became shallow, now deficit exceeds 100 million cubic meters.Shallow eyes, complains Phillip I.. He lives on the banks of the river Chusovaya every day comes here with his wife and cat. Timothy only eat river fish, it is like a river, too, "grinds".Winter was no snow, and summer was zasushivoe. On the beaches that have been here a few years ago, just like garbage, covered with dried seaweed. This Upper MAKAROVSKAYA reservoir, this place used to be Read more [...]
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Europe dried away from heat

In Milan, Turin and Venice, the thermometer close getting to around 40 degrees. Weather pretty spoiled holiday travelers - instead of sightseeing, they are hiding in the shadows. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the cooling in the next two days is not expected.A similar picture is in Spain. Hot weather established in practically all regions of the country - to 41-th degree. Doctors urge people not to spend much time in the sun, especially in the daytime. True, it does not bother tourists - all they spend a day at the beach. Celebrate this weather ice cream vendors and cold drinks. Read more [...]
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Donetsk attacking locusts

Photo: ua.rian.ruIn five districts of Donetsk region marked invasion Locust. The Deputy Head of the Regional Inspectorate for Plant Anatoly Manko.In particular, the invasion Locust registered Maryinskiy, Volnovakha, Pershotravneve, Starobeshevo Telmanovsky areas and a total area of 70 hectares, according to "Mariupol-Express".According to Manko, single specimens of locusts also found in Mariupol. "In every area we are signaling points and forecast where our inspectors follow the development of pests and diseases, which include locust"- Said Manko.He also noted that the sources Read more [...]
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Bruce Barcott

Bruce Barcott     Books by Bruce Barcott The Bill of a Mount: Looker and Threat on Climb Rainier Northwestern Passages: A Literary Anthology of the Peaceable Nw from Coyote Tales to Wayside AttractionsSeattle-based Conducive Editor Bruce Barcott isn't afraid to get unclean in club to get a funny. In his October 2004 bit for Exterior some amateurish archaeologist, Jak Harelson, entitled "The Cleanup Clappers," he was strained to explored a undermine and base himself elbows rich in bat guano. Barcott is the writer of The Bill of a Hatful: Dish and Brat on Ride Rainier. His Read more [...]
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Trees can not stand the heat

Monday - day heavy, not only for people, but also - as the practice - for the trees. July 26 at the intersection of Antonov-Ovseenko and XXII Partsezda a traffic jam: a huge branch fell directly on the roadway. Fortunately, there were no injuries - no one was hurt. However, the owner of a car parked right a hapless tree, soon will have to part with a certain amount: broken windshield, stand - and this is only apparent damage. According to the owner of the car, no mechanical damage to the tree was rendered. Branch fell car right in front of its owner. Apparently, the reason for what happened Read more [...]
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Georgia suffers from extreme heat

The heat is not only in the central regions of Russia. Weather surprises even our southern neighbors, for which the heat of summer - quite a usual thing.In Georgia temperature Air breaks all records: in a week in the afternoon the thermometer rises above the level where 40 degrees Celsius.One of the residents of Tbilisi said the day before: "Abnormal heat is more than a week. Just today was a record outside temperature - 40 degrees.Breathe, people do not know where to take refuge from the heat. For more than two weeks is not precipitation. Even at night temperature does not fall below Read more [...]
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What to do if bitten by a snake?

All beings on this planet can be divided into snakes poisonous and venomous. Naturally, the most dangerous of them are poisonous, which not only bite, but let the wound of the victim a number of toxic substances. All danger of this extreme situation is that the snake bite, not monitored by the emergency medical care, can within minutes cause death. Snake can bite into the most unexpected moment, and where people can not immediately draw attention to the fact that he was bitten by a snake is. And if the snake bite is not always able to recognize the adult, what about the baby? Snakes do not usually Read more [...]
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Algae in the Baltic Sea, threatening the lives of marine plants and animals

carpet of blue-green algaeRecord summer temperatures, fertilizers for agricultural farms and the lack of wind contributed to the formation of a giant carpet of stinking seaweed, cover large areas of the Baltic Sea and threatens marine life and coastal tourism, the scientists warn.377 thousands of square kilometers of blue-green algae in the sprawling area the size of Germany, were detected by satellite cameras. Weed infestation area extends from the southern coast of Finland and Sweden to the Danish island of Bornholm.Scientists from the German sector of the World Wildlife Fund in Hamburg (WWFN) Read more [...]
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Waterworld Northwards

    Exposure: Map by Jane ShaskyW Sea-coast Sea Kayaking 1: Gwaii Hannas Internal Commons Second-stringer and Haida Inheritance Locate Canoeing the Far Northwards 2: Wollaston Lake 3: Lovesome du lac River 4: Athabasca Dans Dunes Provinvial Wild Green More Prime Canoe Trips 5: Nahanni Subject Common Second-stringer 6: Wabakimi Wild Common 7: Primary River Packing Out Eastward 8: Gros Morne Home Ballpark Fly-Fishing Manitoba 9: Nueltin Lake Canada's Newest Parks: British Columbia 10: Disconnection Islands 11: Stikine River Bucolic Ballpark 12: Backing Edziza Bucolic Green 13: Spatsizi Read more [...]
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Buryatia authorities because of the drought emergency mode input

A state of emergency due to drought introduced Monday in Buryatia, where from the intense heat affected more than half of the territory of the Republic, told "Interfax-Siberia "presidential press secretary Buryatia Alexander Druzhinin.According to him, from 30-degree heat most affected 12 of 20 areas, significant losses are 58 agriculture."At some reseeding forage crops, which have suffered most severely, will require at least 200 million rubles," - said the official.Source: Interfax-Siberia Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the heat melts the asphalt

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the intense heat melted asphalt roads. For this reason, the decision to close the area to traffic devyatikilometrovy speed international motorway near the West Bohemian town of Bor.Repair work will last until the end of August there, told Itar-Tass in the regional management of public utilities.In Slovakia is also considered opportunity suspension movement in the most affected areas of the heat-speed highway between the cities of Trencin and Zilina, in the center of the country.In these hot days when the air temperature in both countries has been stable Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan, the drought affected 2.8 million hectares of crops

The drought affected almost in Tatarstan 2.8 million hectares of crops, of which killed more than 1.1 million, said president Rustam Minnikhanov."Tatarstan second time experiencing severe drought. And if the 2009 drought has undergone 23 municipal area, in the current - all 43 ", - said R.Minnikhanov In an interview to "Interfax" on Thursday."The country has done everything possible to obtain good results, but drought brought about changes. However, the price of bread, despite the poor grain harvest will be retained until the end of the year, as a regional fund has the Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan, burning forests and rivers dry up

In Tatarstan, from the beginning of the summer there are extreme temperatures. The air is heated to 50 degrees. And this despite the fact that there was no precipitation for months. Dry ponds, burning forests and peat bogs.Source: News Read more [...]
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