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Because of the dam flooded village in Georgia. Video

As a result of dam at three places on the Rioni River in Khobi district in western Georgia flooded village of Patara Poti. On Sunday morning there were urgently evacuated more than 50 families. No casualties.According to the Department of Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs Georgia, victims among the population there, but flood waters severely damaged - killed dozens of cattle, pigs, toppled power transmission towers and trees.There is an ongoing work to restore damaged areas of the dam. Local authorities have set up a special commission to provide necessary financial assistance Read more [...]
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Floods in South Korea for more than 11,000 people homeless

SEOUL, Sept. 22. On the South Korean hit heavy rain, the correspondent of "Rosbalt".On the eve of a three-day celebration of the Mid-Autumn streets of Seoul, subway and buildings flooded by heavy rains. According to the local administration for disaster management, the floods are considered two fishermen missing and 11,800 people were left homeless.At the same time, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong received more than 548.5 mm of rainfall, resulting in a typhoon "Fanapi" and heavy rains have killed more than 20 people, and about 34-are considered lost. The economic Read more [...]
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Gearing Brusk, Go Yearn

One-half and one-half: bear a sprightliness, but quieten sustain a plot when contender calls.     Photograph: Lav ClarkYOUR Low 14ER Need an soft project to educate you to raise a mount—say, 14,494-foot Mountain Whitney? Chink Hither for a five-week syllabus that'll scald you into summit-worthy contour.IF A Distinctive Hebdomad of exercising for you involves Lx of sweat every former day, pat yourself on the cover. Why? Because that grade of allegiance puts you comfortably on the way to operative a marathon, biking a c miles, evening winning portion in a triathlon. You hardly Read more [...]
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Space launches will enable to admire the silvery clouds

July 3, 2013. According to experts, this year shouldn't expect frequent occurrence of night-shining clouds. However, this \"ripple\" on the border of the atmosphere and space, also known as noctilucent clouds and polar mesospheric clouds observed more often and harder than expected. Says the study's lead author, physicist David Siskind: \"the Number of observed brilliant clouds, the opposite of our expectations.\" see also: In the Northern hemisphere began the season of noctilucent clouds The fact that the experts were not able to take into account when predicting the brilliant clouds of Read more [...]
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Floods in Greece of emergency

Greek authorities have declared a state of emergency due to flooding on the island of Chios, reports Associated Press. Element has already killed at least one person, the region has suffered significant damage.The victim was an elderly man was locked in his car and could not get out of the car itself. Greek rescuers managed to save 10 man, who find themselves in a similar situation. In total, from October 17, rescue services Greece received 140 calls from those in trouble locals.In the last few days over the territory Greece were heavy rains that led to flooding. On the island of Chios comes Read more [...]
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Due to flooding in several U.S. states of emergency was declared

In the U.S. states of Wisconsin and Minnesota in connection with large-scale flood emergency is declared. As reported on Friday, broadcaster CNN, in both states from the flooded areas were evacuated several thousand people.Flooding in the region are caused by the incessant for several days by heavy rain. According to meteorologists, in Wisconsin and Minnesota has dropped more than 30 inches of rain. In some rivers, the water level rose by more than 1.5 meters. As a result, large areas were flooded.Were flooded large parts of two federal highways. In the disaster area schools are closed, which Read more [...]
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Zagreb was the epicenter of the flood. Video

In Zagreb, the flow of water hit on a small boat aground, and it began to sink. The captain tried to the last save boat, but, alas, did not. Same man rescued at the last second.Croatia and Slovenia are rescued from floodsPowerful floods threaten to several Balkan countries. In Croatia, over the banks of the river flooded coastal fields and vineyards. Strongest element of hosts in the countryside. There rescuers and local residents together to build dams and embankments. Threats cities there is little, around the capital, the army and civil defense managed to erect barriers. And in neighboring Read more [...]
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Bag Power

    Picture: Chris BartlettWith a water-repellent case and shockproof playback, the NIKE PSA[128 MAX MP3 thespian ($200; 800-806-6453, www.nike-town.com) is quick for hardship. Whip the 128 MB whole to your arm and batten the corduroy anyplace on your vesture by placing diminutive magnets within and international the cloth. So imperativeness gambol and delight in adequate remembering to grasp the new Beck, the new Sigur RA?te's, and an oldieA—say, Pinkish Floyd's Tamper.Don't ask why carmaker VOLVO is marketing a portable FM Wireless ($56; www.volvocars.us); barely love. The fashionable Read more [...]
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Noctilucent clouds in the sky over Chelyabinsk

June 16, 2013. Last night in the sky over Chelyabinsk residents observed an unusual phenomenon. Clarity is, was it natural or man-made, yet, but, according to witnesses, nothing like they had never seen before. see also: In the Northern hemisphere began the season of noctilucent clouds A bright glow was reminiscent of the Northern lights, although in Chelyabinsk latitudes, it usually does not happen. Spoken version of that thus from clouds reflected light, but given the late time of the day, its source had to be incredibly bright. Frames previous unusual phenomena in the sky in Chelyabinsk Read more [...]
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Residents of Peru are buried in the mud. Video

Mudslides, flooding southeast Peru's heavy rains the night of October 17, destroyed at least 50 buildings. Residents were forced to hastily leave their homes.Tullumayo river burst its banks. City Urubamba, not far from the popular tourist city of Cuzco, was brought mud and rocks. As reported by the Associated Press, water mixed with mud, the level of which in some places is one meter, flows through the city.As of October 19, the information on casualties were reported.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Flood victims in Haiti are at least 12 people. Video

Floods caused by heavy rains in Haiti killed at least 12 people, said on Tuesday the Associated Press reported, citing the head of the civil defense of Caribbean States Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste (Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste). Disaster victims in the capital Port-au-Prince, where the houses are located in the hollows on Sunday night flooded streams surrounding the city of mountains, are at least ten man.Two children were killed west Port-au-Prince at the gathering mudslides in a camp for people Haiti, victims of the devastating earthquake earlier this year.As a result, two strong aftershocks of magnitude Read more [...]
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Two people died as a result of severe flooding in southern Japan

Island Amamiosima 20.10.10 @ KyodoSouth Japan flooded. In the region of the severe floods.According to Russian news service, according to local media, island Amamiosima hit showers. Only on Wednesday at the largest settlement of the island has dropped nearly 62 inches of rain. This is an absolute record for the conduct of such statistics.The island is practically not working relationship. Many people have to wait for rescue on the roofs of their houses.Already there are the first victims. According to Euronews, two people were killed today in southern Japan, one more person has been missing.Weather Read more [...]
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Rhode BATRACHIUM (DC.) SF Gray Shelkovnikov or the water buttercup.

Aquatic herbaceous perennials and 50 cm high. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. In B. trichophyllum (Chaix) Bosch found saponins. Medicinal. Indications - pain: for headache - V. aquatile (L) Dumort, V. trichophyllum, gastralgia - V. trichophyllum; diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, infections / infestations: for scabies - B. aquatile. Stern. For deer, elk: V. trichophyllum. Environmental significance. Decorative: V. aquatile. And social significance. Abortifacient: V. aquatile. Read more [...]
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Vietnam suffers from severe flooding

Asia again under threat of water. Vietnam is suffering from the most severe flooding over the past thirty years. Rains do not stop there for weeks. Mixed with mud and stones, river flows reach the incredible force. On a road water literally picked a passenger bus and washed it in a flooded ravine. As a result, fourteen people were killed and many injured drifted hundreds of meters.Source: TV Channel "Zvezda" Read more [...]
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24 Hours of Moab

It's the well-nigh noted 24-hour mountain-bike subspecies, held in the mecca of the athletics, which is why 4,000 racers and spectators drove this 15-mile coil every October. "The class alternates betwixt bumpy and genuinely arenaceous," says Chris Eatough, six-time 24 Hr Unaccompanied Earth Hotshot. "So accompany a full fatigue—2.2 or 2.3 inches—since pace doesn't do practically in cryptical grit or on sway anyhow." And don't bury almost consolation: Flaccid saddles, easygoing dangling settings, and affectionate apparel for the freeze nights bequeath shuffling Read more [...]

Vietnam. Flood. Video

Source: Lead Center Vietnam sinkingCentral Vietnam is dominated by heavy rains, while the death toll from the floods has risen to 15 man, ten man unaccounted lead. , Said an official from the Ministry of disasters.Authorities evacuated more than 34,000 people from their homes, submerged in the provinces of Ha Tinh and Quang Binh.Hundreds of soldiers and employees of internal troops deployed in the affected region to help people cope with the rising water.From Friday to Monday in the region has dropped 130 inches of rain.Source: MIGnews Read more [...]
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In the southern Pakistani province of Sindh from dam flooded eight villages

Eight villages were flooded today as a result of breaking the barrier in the southern Lake Manchhar Pakistani province of Sindh. Recently, due to the large amount of precipitation falling water level in this large body of water has reached a critical point.

The floods that hit Pakistan in late July, killing more than 1.6 thousand man, 20 million man suffered from the effects of natural disaster.


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In Croatia, the deluge. Video

In Croatia, the big water gets to the capital. Flooded neighborhood in Zagreb - Sava burst its banks.Many towns were left without electricity and communication. Several villages in the area of Velika Gorica almost completely disappeared under the water.Source: Lead Read more [...]
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New York Metropolis Marathon

Offset, you moldiness commend this is the largest marathon in the mankind; you'll suffer 38,000 runners to argue with level earlier the run begins. If you're truehearted, you can assure a spot by logging a pass half- or full-marathon sentence (the 2008 bar was set at 1:23 and 2:55, severally, for men below 40) and applying by May 1. Differently, the touchstone drawing odds are a drab one in ogdoad. As shortly as you're confirmed, ledger a hotel close Cardinal Commons. The nighttime ahead the wash, backlog your taxicab to the ferries (or the prescribed buses), so you won't omit your sauceboat to Read more [...]
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In the U.S. state of Wisconsin burst dam (VIDEO)

Due to heavy rain showers in Portage (USA) partially collapsed sand dam 1890's building, according to CNN. Accident proischoshla the night of Sunday to Monday, in the flood zone were about a hundred houses.Residents evacuated from the area of potential flooding in the Blackhawk Park began before the collapse of the dam, but around 4 pm was interrupted by local authorities because of the accident.At the moment, it remains unknown number of people had no time to evacuate. The number of people locked inside them can be up to three hundred people. Information, but no casualties were reported."People Read more [...]
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