In Samara, the ground left a parked car. Photo

25 Victory Street avgusta.Na Samara underground left a parked car.Source: Triniksi Read more [...]
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Beijing formed sinkhole

China. Regular failure formed on the road in Beijing's Chaoyang District on June 19. Fortunately, no one was hurt.As reported by the Chinese media, the length of the failure of about three meters, the depth of about two meters.Soon after the incident came to inspect the pit staff from various departments: heating, water utility, sewer and road maintenance, to determine who to hold repair.However, after examining all of them stated that cause failure is not related to their agencies and refused to repair this section of road.In the end, repair agreed to make the Beijing company Electronic Read more [...]
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Defect Escapes

    The 1.6 gazillion estate of southerly California's Mojave Interior Continue squeeze jaggy granite peaks of 8,000 feet, thin creosote lowlands of 1,000 feet, and, outdo of all, desolate purdah so unfathomed that the skittering of a fat chuckwalla lizard can jump you from cryptical revel. Got in the berm temper—tardy September done December—and you'll let arrant brave for hike, mount biking on landrover roadstead, and car bivouacking below immense starry skies. See a map at the conserves's Baker Data Plaza (760.733.4040) on I-15, roughly 70 miles e of Barstow, Read more [...]
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Sorrel sour

Perennial with a rod, but very short and highly branched root, so that a clustered root system. The stem is grooved, height 30-60 (100) Leaves of up to 13 cm, the sour taste. The plant is dioecious - male and female flowers are formed by different individuals. The flowers are small, pink, red, or pink, collected in a fairly narrow and dense pyramidal-paniculate, cylindrical or oval inflorescence. Fruits are 1.8-2.5 mm long and 1.2-1.3 mm wide, black-brown, shiny. Blooms in June and July, the seeds ripen in July-September. Mostly Eurasian species occurring in North America. In Russia, common Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk, the car fell through the asphalt

Land went under the wheels! In Novosibirsk, the car fell through the asphalt.Julia Drokova, owner of the car: "I'm going, not bothering anyone at a very low speed. And suddenly, bang - and fail. As can be seen at the place where it happened, it place, where recently conducted patching. Next we see the same patch. From a few days to a few weeks ago on this site were conducted some repairs. "Hostess machine repairmen and caused traffic police. After 40 minutes, the scene came repair team. Repairers and examined the left, saying that it is not their land. Later, officers drove Read more [...]
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In Mexico, formed a failure diameter of 13 meters. Photo

August 2 in Mexico, near the town Chenki formed a dip in the ground circular diameter of about 13 meters and a depth of 40 meters.Curious about the failure of the formed have the curiosity to moderate, because the director of the local Emergencies Ministry said that the area is cordoned off and under further investigation.Source:  Eye of the Planet Read more [...]
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In Krivoy Rog the market fell to the ground. Picture story

Today, about 6 in the morning there was a collapse in the yard of soil shopping complex, located in the Central City Market at the address. Uritskogo 5. By the time of arrival of photographers working machinery, sleeps formed aperture, depth of approximately 20 m area surrounded the Interior Ministry special forces officers "Berkut".According to witnesses, the failure was formed in storage containers with the goods, which were underground. Many of them have been learned, but how many of the more than 20, is not currently known.Do not want to think about the consequences that could have Read more [...]
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Ibis Mojo HD

Ibis Mojo HD     Pic: Pic by Inga HendricksonTHE Betray: A beefed-up edition of their award-winning Mojo SL.THE Tryout: The Mojo HD uses the like tried-and-true DWLink rear-suspension organisation as the SL, but Ibis encircled it with heavier-duty components: the buirdly 6.5-inch Fox Talas 36 movement forking was lauded by various quizzer as the trump in our reappraisal, and the behind Maxle through-axle hub combined for blade-straight trailing on the gnarliest terrain we could breakthrough. The Ice Brothers I wheels (not shown) are as bully as they are aphrodisiac, though we mat Read more [...]
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In the Chinese village funnel destroys homes. Video

Giant funnel appeared in a village in the Chinese province of Hunan. Funnel already destroyed 20 homes and growing.First villagers Ninsyan (Ningxiang) noticed a slight depression in the ground in January. But does not give it much importance, as the size of deepening was negligible. Now crater is 150 meters wide and 50 meters deep.The funnel has already destroyed 20 houses. But residents fear the new damage, as the failure continues to grow.Source: InterRightPrevious news:· Another failure soil China. Photo· Another round hole China· Colossal failures of soil in China. Video· Failure land Read more [...]
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In China, the failure swallowed sleeping spouses

In the bedroom, where the elderly couple were asleep, there was a great failure. Photo from epochtimes.comFailure formed directly in the bedroom elderly couple and swallowed them up together with the bed and other furniture. Today time them yet detect failed.It happened on September 4 at 4:00 am in the village of Chilin Wuhua County, Guangdong Province, according to the publication, "Guangdong's Daily."Hole diameter about spirit meters and a depth of about five meters swallowed spouses and Y Chung Zhunfa Fenchzhao that 78 and 72 years, respectively, and a wardrobe with clothes. Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk van went under ground

In Dnipropetrovsk under freight wagon, transports grain, failed asphalt. According to the press service of the city traffic police.Crater in the road - 1.5 meters wide and 4 meters in length. While experts called the cause of PE "overweight trailer truck grain" because the road surface is in good condition - no holes and obstacles. Asphalt just could not stand the weight of 14 tonsSource: DELFI Read more [...]
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Desolate Escapes

    Horsepacking in Navajoland Drib complete the S Rim and cod on the arenaceous deck of Arizona's Canon de Chelly Subject Repository, where the thin gage is studded with cactus and 800-plus-year-old Anasazi ruins clutch the wind-scoured red cliffs. Brand cantonment among the cottonwoods at the nous of adjoining Canon del Muerto, 800 flavour beneath the rim, and sentry the finis spark spring off red rocks, picture whiteness horses pinko. You'll enlistment these antediluvian canyons on the offset share of a three-stage ahorseback trek done the Navajo nation of Arizona and Utah. Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk, the road collapsed asphalt

In Dnepropetrovsk, a new pit on the road - this time at the intersection of Chernyshevsky and Gagarin. Small with a mean failure goes down almost 3 meters.Repair work on this stretch of road has already begun. Communal thought that that another failure on the road to increase the level of groundwater.- 50 meters from the intersection - all fenced. I think that soon an hour or more vegetable gardens, to avoid another failure trucks. Trams do not go, stand on the other side of the intersection, - wrote in "Live Journal" one of the city's residents.Previously, "In the city", Read more [...]
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Archive. Land subsidence. Video

Source: LiveInternet Read more [...]

7 active failures in Sedona, Arizona

Video quite heavy, about 50 megabytes.August 10, 2010. Red rocks near Sedona - a popular tourist destination. "All the neighborhood is just amazing," - said one of the tourists during the Pink Jeep Tour. We are faced with a trip to a certain place called the Devil's Dining Room. Guide told us that this is one of his favorite stops on the route."These rocks can be quite unreliable, so you can easily slip and fall" - explains the tour guide.It is both a landmark and a potential threat. Dining Devil is actually a karst failure. It is one of seven developing failures mentioned Read more [...]
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General statistics of accidents in the mountains

In Fig. 1 shows the general statistics of accidents in the mountains over the past 50 years. Index NA denotes an accident in which one person died. The graph shows that as improving education and training in mountaineering injuries on massive training routes I-II R / T has reduced. However, the increasing complexity and difficulty of climbing itself increase the number of annual passable routes higher categories has meant that in the period from 1945 to 1960, accidents on the routes to the IV-V / t increased. The above picture shows the formation of mountain climbing as a sport from the Read more [...]
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Sinkhole in Moscow

On 1st Tverskaya in Belarus station there was a failure of the soil. This official said the metropolitan police."In the area of the house № 29 on the first Tver-Yamskaya the ground took at least ten cubic meters of earth ", - told reporters the police officer.Note that the dynamic impact was so powerful that the nearby restaurant cracked glass. However, evacuation of people from the institution was undertaken. Depth of the dip is from three to four meters. Over the failure of pedestrian crossing.Source: Morning Read more [...]
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Moscow stands on the verge of major failures of soil

Photo: Newsland.ruMoscow authorities allocate 8 million rubles for geoenvironmental monitoring trials in Moscow. Specialists will examine several areas of education deep landslides, namely, the Sparrow Hills, Kolomenskoye, Lower Mnevniki Khoroshevo-1, Khoroshevo-2 Moskvorechie Silver Forest. Monitoring will be conducted for the most dangerous in terms of karst processes Khodynka field. Event kicks off in July and will last for three months. The term is confusing: that with the onset of October landslides sliding stop, and karst processes to stop ...City center, Guns Lane, near Tver, Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya Read more [...]
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Desolate Escapes

    Thither are places on every map that are scoop visited on a caprice, unchained by deliberate provision. Southeasterly Utah's snarl of twist canyons and straggling mesatops is one of them. A protagonist and I had no detail address in nous, hardly a directional mantra—"anyplace but Moab"—when we stumbled into a sack of the posit inexplicably unmarked by near everyone. Our incoming pointedness was the suspicious settlement of Sheer on the San Juan River. It's abode to a twosome of trading posts-cum-cafes and serves as the put-in for Tempestuous Rivers Read more [...]
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The flood that killed 21 people in Central Europe, had reached the Balkans

June 16, 2013. A devastating flood that killed 21 people and caused heavy damage in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, reached the countries of the Balkan region. Flooding, partly lost its destructive force, yet broke the record in 2006 in the region. Currently, the level of the Danube in Croatia began to decrease. Peak floods came here on the night of 15 to 16 June, when the water from the city of Vukovar reached at 724 cm, rate /volume of flowing water/ river exceeded 9 thousand cubic meters per second. The level of the river Drava in the city of Osijek is 500 cm, a decrease of Read more [...]
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