Earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred in Primorsky Krai

Earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred in the Maritime Territory, on Thursday, injuries or damage, according to a Friday press center of the Far Eastern regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry."According to the Geophysical Service RAS, 17.7 kilometers north-east of the village of Hasan Khasan district of Primorye Territory recorded earthquake at a depth of 580 kilometers, "- said in a statement.It earthquake in communities edge was not felt.Primorsky Territory is located in a seismically hazardous area. Power recorded earthquakes reached seven points in the frequency of once in Read more [...]
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Heavy Smoky Mountains

Zion Internal Commons     Picture: PhotoDiscStats >EST. 1919 >ACREAGE 146,598 >VISITORS 2,567,350(2006)You'll incur a dissimilar definition of "Southerly Mediaeval" in the Smokies. A berth of mist-shrouded ridgelines and really primordial chunks of easterly old-growth woods, this green—which straddles the southerly Tennessee–Northwards Carolina submit demarcation—is less than a day's dispel for a thirdly of the U.S. universe. And its more 800 miles of tramp trails and 730 miles of fishable creeks hooking the nearly visitors of any ballpark.Adept Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred in Greece

Photo: EMSC Earthquake magnitude 4.3 occurred on Thursday morning in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece, told the Athens Institute of Geodynamics.The epicenter of the earthquake was 57 kilometers northwest of the Greek capital.According to RIA Novosti, in Athens earthquake felt about 07.00 local time in the form of weak vibration floor and furniture.Casualties and material damage, according to local TV channels, was not.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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How to get on forest plants?

The main law of the forest - lower tiers higher inhibited. Even within the ruling stand, there is competition for light, water and nutrients. In this fight, kill themselves in the shadow of light-loving species, but they can displace inhibit their trees, if environmental conditions change abruptly. Well known everlasting enmity birch spruce. Young birch trees wither in the shadow of the spruce stand, but once come loggers ... Small volatile birch seeds sows the vacant space, and on the spot spruce grows birch. Under cover of his young fir trees grow well, gradually replacing the birch. Shrubs Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in central Italy

Photo: EMSCEarthquake a magnitude of 4.0 occurred on Saturday morning in central Italy, said the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.Earthquakes have been recorded in the region of Umbria in 09.08 (11.08 MSK) in the mountainous region near the towns of Montefalco (Montefalco), Foligno (Foligno) and Spoleto (Spoleto). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of eight kilometers from the Earth's surface.Data on injuries or damage.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Fauna of the desert

With the decrease of plant communities in the transition zone of the steppes, semi-desert and savannah to change not only the flora and fauna. The most important for life in the desert - is to be able to adapt your body to combat overheating. The surface in the daytime desert heat to 70-85 ° C. Many wildlife species are in the desert nocturnal, hiding in caves from harmful sun rays. But more often the very behavior of animals and insects to help them tolerate high daytime temperatures. Many of them with the onset of the summer heat stop active and hide in burrows dug up the cool soil Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred 100 km from Los Angeles

Photo: usgs.govEarthquake magnitude 4.0 occurred on Tuesday about a hundred kilometers south-west of Los Angeles in California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.According to seismologists, underground shock was recorded in 05.42 to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 09.42 MSK). The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the 85 kilometers south-west of the city of Long Beach. The earthquake occurs at depths 15.8 kilometer.No casualties and extent of damage were reported.The last strong earthquake in this region occurred in mid-June. Then epicenter of tremors magnitude 5.7 located eight Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred in the mountains near Tuapse

Photo: EMSC Magnitude earthquake occurred about 4 on Monday night in the mountains near the port city of Tuapse, injuries or damage, the press service of the Southern Regional Center Emergency Ministry."At 00.02 MSK Monday in the mountains, 30 kilometers north-east of Tuapse, at a depth of 10 kilometers was magnitude earthquake 3.8. Slight tremors were felt on the hills of the city, "- said in a statement.No one was injured, the damage is not caused to the buildings, said the press service.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 3.5 occurred in the Tuapse District

Photo: EMSC In Tuapse district, an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale. No injuries or damage.The epicenter was located near Tuapse, in the sea, within the coastal strip.According to Helena Karpovich, head seismic "Sochi", on the Black Sea, near Tuapse and the Olympic capital, earthquakes happen all the time once or twice a week. But they usually do not exceed 2.1 points, so they are usually not visible.For comparison, the cracks in the walls of houses and destruction kirichnyh dilapidated buildings occur after shock force 4-4,5 score. According to Helena Karpovich, the Read more [...]
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The earthquake occurred in three magnetudoy Tuapse

Photo: EMSC 2 September 10 (16:46)According to local residents, the power of tremors was about 3 pointsIn Russia's EMERCOM in Krasnodar region have confirmed information about the earthquake that occurred in Tuapse about 40 minutes before. According to preliminary data, the epicenter of tremors was at sea a few kilometers from the coast.Tremors were felt very good on the ground. There was panic among residents. To help inundated with calls of citizens who wanted to know whether the aftershocks and whether to leave their homes.According to the regional emergency department, victims and Read more [...]
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Tuapse residents, afraid of earthquakes, spend the night on the street

Tuapse area Krasnodar Territory "shakes" for two weeks. Last night, some of the local residents, subtract somewhere on the Internet, after minor tremors coming terrible earthquake, emptied out. With a take only what you need - documents, money, warm clothes. Lifeguards on duty, which inundated with calls, tried to calm the people. But could not. Professionals still had to visit the area and talk to the frightened crowd to panic not covered all city.- How not to be afraid, if we regularly beds on the floor jumping, dishes off the tables and cabinets falling shaking? - Shows a mountain Read more [...]
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Tanita BC-1000 Descale

Tanita BC-1000     Photograph: Courtesy of Tanita

Alternatively of a blind, the BC-1000 sends your numbers to a Garmin FR60 heart-rate picket ($80) or a $130 outback exhibit and can synchronize to a PC via a USB cause or an iPhone. Piece the interface can be cunning to headmaster (old-school Windows package and no Mac compatibility), the Tanita offers ultra-serious athletes decent information to clangor a supercomputer. $280;

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Stetson Ternary Forks Gun Gild Hat

Stetson 3 Forks Gun Golf-club Hat     Pic: Icon provided by Stetson

You’re sportfishing the Tetons: Why not gambling the spare trust? Stetson‘s Deuce-ace Forks Gun Clubhouse hat is made of cony and rabbit fur and features a 2.5-inch rim and boldness studs in the leather headband. $130;

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In Nizhny Novgorod can cause landslides, hurricanes and even tsunami

may 31, 2013. Experts say that in Nizhny Novgorod can cause landslides, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. I recall a recent earthquake in the far East, the echoes of which felt even Nizhny Novgorod. Terrible if our city natural disasters, figured out the TV channel \"First city\".It turns out that the tsunami has happened in Nizhny Novgorod in the XVI century. His reason was the landslide under the Pechersk monastery. Until 1597, the monastery was in a different place, but from a landslide it was completely destroyed. From the collapse of the soil in the Volga river has formed a tsunami of up Read more [...]
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Two earthquakes with an interval of 14 minutes occurred off the coast of Chile

Two earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and 4.8 occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile, 470 km south-west of the capital Santiago, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.The first quake was recorded Tuesday at 03.23 to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 07.23 MSK). Its epicenter was located 45 kilometers from the city Concepcion at a depth of 35 kilometers. After 14 minutes in the same area and at the same depth seismologists recorded second push a lesser force.Information on casualties or damage were reported.In February of this year, Concepcion and the surrounding neighborhood hardest Read more [...]
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In Tanzania, there was an earthquake

As the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, December 8, 2009 in Tanzania (southeast Africa) was earthquake a magnitude of 5.9. The epicenter was located at a depth of 10 km to the north of Lake Malawi.

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In the area of Guam was a new earthquake of magnitude 6.2

Photo: EMSC In the area of Guam was a new earthquake - magnitude 6.2. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors were recorded at 19:28 Kyiv time at 378 km southwest of the city of Hagatna, RBC reports. The earthquake was located at a depth of 53 km.Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet, the tsunami warning also was not announced yet.Recall, August 14, in 373 km from the island Guam tremors were recorded magnitude 7.2. The earthquake no one died.On the same day in the o.Guam aftershocks were recorded magnitude 5.9, the next day - magnitude 6.6.Guam part of the Read more [...]
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In the Kuril Islands of Iturup been four earthquakes

In the Kuril Islands of Iturup this morning there were four earthquakes, the magnitude of which the most significant was 5.9. Design force of the earthquake 7.5-8 points. Three more shock had a magnitude of 4.8 to 5.4, according to Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.The first manifestation of the elements was recorded at 04:41 Sakhalin time / 21:41 MSK Sept. 8 /. The last underground hit recorded at 09:58 / 2:58 MSK /.Epicenters of earthquakes located in the Pacific Ocean, 150 km south-east of the city Kurilsk, located on Iturup, foci occur at depths of 10 to 33 km.Source:  Read more [...]
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The long rains have caused floods in Germany and Switzerland

June 1, 2013. In Germany, in Thuringia flooded some areas in the town of Stadtroda. In Germany may have been unusually cold and rainy. Now in a high state of readiness of rescue services in the South and South-East of the country. The water level in the area of the Bavarian town of Passau exceeded 7 and a half meters. Alarming situation in some regions of Switzerland. Preparing for the flood is, in particular, near Lucerne. Due to rising water levels in the Rhine stopped shipping in the area of Basel. Meteorologists can not yet say when the situation is normalized. Source: Euronews Read more [...]
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In New Zealand, there have been over twenty aftershocks

In the vicinity of the New Zealand city of Christchurch, where the September 4 earthquake measuring more than 7 points, last night there were about 20 aftershocks. According to scientists, this area in the coming days could happen another strong earthquake.According to the mayor of the city of New Zealand, which is home to around 350 thousands of people, Bob Parker, two of the night tremors reached power in 5.4 points, the others were weaker. As previously reported InterRight, first earthquake, incident 4 September, destroyed or damaged to 500 houses in the city. Fortunately, the death toll from Read more [...]
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