Squirrel family. Chipmunk

Chipmunk — Small animal, the body length of 13-18 cm, the tail is about 10 cm The coat has a special color — on the back of a reddish-yellow or reddish-gray, with five black longitudinal stripes on the casings — light gray.

Chipmunks are found in the forest areas of the Far East (except Kamchatka), Siberia, the Urals and north-east of the European part of the USSR. Outside the USSR, chipmunks are found in China and Mongolia.

Chipmunks live in forests, shrubs on forest edges and in river valleys. Settle in holes dug in the grass, under fallen trees, their roots and stumps. They feed during the day, but in the rainy days of the holes do not go.

Winter chipmunks hibernate, which lasts from November to April.

Females give birth in the spring in a hole at 4-6, and occasionally to 10 cubs by early August start to live completely independently.

Chipmunks feed grass seeds, pine trees, berries, mushrooms, insects, lizards n grain from nearby fields. Using his cheek pouches holes drilled in the large stocks of food, in these collections accumulated up to 5 kg of nuts.

Molting fur males in southern Siberia from mid-May to mid-June, females — in July.

Mined chipmunks gun (poluzaryadom), blunt arrow from a bow, hair loops attached to a long stick, and sometimes knock the animals from the trees with sticks.

Skins pick up the phone with a cut on the rump or plastic casings with a slit in the middle. At grade skins are not divided. Defective pelts valued at 10-50% below the price of normal skins.

Burundukovye fur pelts in the blanks while not significant. Procure this fur started only when the Soviet government. Thus, in 1921, the market has received a total of 31 thousand skins chipmunks, including from Siberia — 28 thousand. At 192,324, already been harvested 105.4 thousand skins to 192,526 g — 297.3 thousand units, to 192,728, the -1,612.0 thousand units in 1931 — 1452 thousand. Currently, less than one million harvested burundukovyh skins a year. In 1957, the procurement organizations pay for skin chipmunk I grade 40 kopecks.

Skins chipmunks, mostly sewn in fur (fur every 350 to 500 skins, depending on size), until 1950, were exported to the United States, England, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Italy and Belgium and has now completely consumed the internal market USSR.

Burundukovy fur is used in its natural form for sewing ladies' and children's coats, jackets, collars and hats.

Marmots and tarbagany — Large Animals of the family Sciuridae, body length up to 57 cm, tail — 20 cm body clumsy, fat, the legs are short, strong, short neck.

In USSR found several species of marmots and marmots. The coat of marmots, which live in the lowland plains, — low (guard hairs no more than 3 cm), fur marmots living in the high meadows, relatively higher and more magnificent than the marmots.

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