Sudakov search sites in rivers without sounder

There are certain methods may not be very accurate and fast, but the time-tested and more than one generation sudachatnikov. They do not require material costs, and the costs are included in physical organic sporting sense zander.

The first of them — the visual. If you are on the river in calm weather, look closely at the water surface. You will see that for far differently for speed and direction. The possible availability brovok the bottom, the depth drops, rapids and so you will point the surf generated flow. On availability holes and pits in coastal edge — the reverse flow. Border regions with different flow velocities are also quite attractive to walleye, and, of course, for us.

Deep podmoina a steep bluff on the turn of the river, too, though not left without your attention, especially when the very edge of the shore you will see spikes hunting predator.

If visually such places you can not find, do not worry. Can be used, as it were, the method reconnaissance. It lies in the implementation of pilot casting lure will not catch bait in the estimated place parking fish.

This method is time-consuming, but allows you to quickly find a suitable place for fishing, as well as simultaneously detect the presence of fish in it. Some spinning conduct exploration of new areas, replacing the bait load, apparently in order to save on the purchase "fish." Perhaps this is justified. Unknown place always can be a trap for the bait. I do not, because I think it more appropriate to conduct exploration simultaneously topography and the presence of fish in a given location. A loss can be minimized by tying "nazatseplyayku."

Intelligence technique is simple. Make a throw, and after the fall of the bait into the water, I think until the slack line (the time it touches the bottom of the bait). If we take the rate of fall of the bait, about 50 cm per second, it is a snap to calculate the depth of the mind. But not depth in meters is important to us (although it does not hurt), and its difference all over the bottom area along the wire, ie, difference of depths. Made step classical wiring necessary to notice how much time (or at what expense) drops your bait When you pause reeling. For example, after a period of three podmotok fall between them on account of "two" bait suddenly "failed" in the fourth and touched bottom at the expense of "four" — so at this point a sharp drop of about 1 m depth is likely to curb. And even in this case it is not so important quantification (in centimeters, meters, or "Account") deep drop on the curb as the fact of his presence. If the opposite happened and the fall of the bait after another reeling decreased, so the lure to climb. Where there is a difference in depth — there is need to look for walleye. Undoubtedly, the presence of the boat features such exploration is increasing.

If exploration done from a boat, good results as a method that I call fishing in drift and is used to find new places for many years. It can be used both on the river and in the stagnant water in the presence of wind. Incidentally, he is very effective not only in the study of the bottom, but to find parking fish already in familiar places.

The boat was at the mercy of the current or the wind so that she swam in the target location you. Making a throw for throw, to notice and "pelengovat" (ie, taking a cross reference points on the bank), the most interesting places. And where there was a bite, you must immediately drop the anchor and proceed to a more detailed examination for the presence of fish.

The quickest and surest way of intelligence — this will take, where the local fishermen catch bream. Where bream — there perch. It is not a mystery — just the habitat of these fish are often the same. Spinning leschatniku no competitor (unless, of course, do not try one pelting Consolidate his Donkey), but rather, mate. It is possible that, lured to catch one or two places scare peaceful fish predators, you agree to serve as a catalyst for biting Donkey.

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