The road to the hole

Ways to pond are different. Someone enough to leave the house and go down to the ice on the marble steps, it worked almost "slaves of Rome" — this fish some residents Peter. And someone will have a long road, with "chaise" with shaking in railway cars and sleeping on the floor} 7 in abandoned and poorly protoplennyh huts, with long passages on foot far from any human habitation. In any of these cases, you need to indulge in way only in shape, being healthy and good night's sleep. The last remark is very important, as most anglers beginning to "anticipate" the night before, they later fall, sleep poorly, then rise * and go on a road in a state in which the fit to stay in bed. If you are so easily excitable, in the evening, take motherwort, mixed with valerian to get a good night's sleep and get up no earlier than after 8 hours of full sleep.

On the road, you need to be autonomous. If the path to be not a short, it is not superfluous, in addition to food, medicines, and some will. For older people this talk empty: they know what they need to carry. But novice angler must consider the possible obstacles and difficulties. So, going on a fishing trip in the Azov and Caspian steppes, you should know that in some places is very "unique" qualities have drinking water. Instead of fishing inexperienced amateur can get to a hospital bed with severe stomach upset. To avoid this, you should have your cup, boil water, in case of sickness tablets have chloramphenicol.

Road to pond no separate chapter dedicated. Angler "horseless" have to travel long distances, often with completely random companions tucked on transport. In large reservoirs with large spaces kilometers of local anglers traditionally move on mopeds, motorcycles, "Buran" and cars. Follow the example of this is not necessary. Even if your travel partner — Local fisher, Think carefully whether you can trust his experience and judgment.

"One day I happened to go on a fishing trip in a company, driving with a boring not name. Barely We are located in "The Cossacks", as the host said loudly: "Now, listen to chamber music" — and turned on his portable tape recorder. Of the powerful speakers struck a male choir, telling the story of the insidious Murka. It was unexpected and funny. It turns out that Nick — was the name of the host car — called "chamber music" something different from what we usually mean by that. Actually, he was a cheerful little. Loudly singing the chorus, he drove smartly, sometimes slipping sideways thumb winter road. At the outskirts of the city lights suddenly flashed fence, located directly across the road. Sharply krutanuv wheel, a driver with a strong drift toured this is not the place arose a fence, and we saw that he was a deep hole is the size of the order of 4 x 4 x 4 m Shel repair communications, "prudently" located under the asphalt. The next few minutes, we discussed how many inches from death we so famously raced …

Our conversation, which involved rapidly and dramatically commend the repairmen driver, was terminated following an extraordinary event. Vynyrnuvshaya hlebovozka of darkness has blinded our 'cheerful driver ", and at this time straight ahead a few meters in front of his nose," ZAZ "we saw a post! Sharp turn to the left, has been impacted by an invisible barrier — and our car in bumper, wheel becomes pale, and we go for a while in this position. Then with a sharp blow "Zaporozhets" falls on all four wheels, and we stop. It turns out that blinded the driver did not notice that at this point road bifurcates and becomes four lanes, the road becomes two-way traffic. On two of its shares to the curb lawn half-meter height. On this, then the curb and hit our car at the rear right wheel skid. After this attack, and we were driving on the left wheel almost one hundred meters. We all fell silent, but Nicholas was not discouraged, and trimmed with a sledgehammer, which he called "baldichkoy" rim, again started the engine. All future path I did not take part in the fun, thinking about that for a fishing trip here, perhaps, too much risk …

But, as it turned out, it was not all tests for my nervous system. The river, which we drove up the steep banks had built of sandstone, sometimes reminiscent of real mountains. Cliffs are at the height of 10-15 m here

Our dashing driver drove at speed barely Do not close to the shore and, slipping, parked near the cliff. At that moment, I saw that I was holding the chair ossified fingers and rests on the floor kicking hard. I did not express an opinion about the whole incident, but decided to get back on their own. And in the evening safely arrived home by bus. "

Old fisher

Tragically, the situation described by old fisherman, is not unique. "Finding myself in nature", some fall into unbridled euphoria and almost losing control. Quite often you will find people of the reservoir behind the wheel who commit reckless actions when near the car is not only adults but also children. Cars like these "fun Nikolaev" race on ice in rivers, lakes and even seas, despising danger, and forgetting the fact that there are hundreds (!) Machines are covered with water in the area from the Baltic to the snow-covered ice of Baikal clean. Novice angler would be nice to realize that it is better to walk for miles, than to go to a car with such reckless drivers.

No less important part of the way — this is what many people forget — back, way back. We must try to foresee everything and clearly imagine, it's not uncommon for a fisherman on a large body of water can catch the bad weather. A blizzard on such a level, often not having any local landmarks instantly puts the person in a deadlock. In heavy snow, when visibility is limited, a person loses the ability to navigate, there is a real threat to walk around until exhaustion. On such occasions, useful have compass. This simple device will help at a critical moment to find a way home. But the best solution is timely access to the beach at the slightest weather changes for the worse.

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