The untouched wilds of the taiga. Blizzard. Quick fire


All week I was preparing to leave the taiga. The balcony was littered with wild boar meat and I was not interested in hunting, and the study hill overgrown. Most of all I wanted to find a bear den and look for musk deer habitat. Frost up to ten degrees, but snow stubbornly refused to fall. Postpone trip because the service could not be better. Seventh day of November in the dark, I throw the passenger car to the upper reaches of the river Shkotovki. Because of the cloud cover long advancing dawn. The night before the weather started to frown. By morning, the pressure dropped to twelve millimeters. The plan was a sharp deterioration in the weather. But that did not stop me. Once it was different trees and I left the highway and plunged into the forest. In nature, calm reigned. In the air, there was a thick haze. The hills are dark blue and looked gloomy. The sky was a cotton-gray color of the water and hung over the tops of the hills. These are signs of imminent bad weather. I climbed higher and higher. Go in the frost is fairly easy. This summer on the rise will come seven pots and none will be drunk a liter of water. The only thing that was not happy, it is strongly frostbitten leaves crunched underfoot. With this noise and calm, it is impossible to come to the beast. And you always want to see the forest creatures. But my wishes were fulfilled. Going down once raspadok, I managed to see two deer. They have long heard the sound of my footsteps, and were only waiting to see the one who broke the peace of the taiga. As soon as they saw the man, he immediately broke down and in a few bounds disappeared behind the crest. The distance does not exceed one hundred meters. It is safe to shoot. But when caught fly side roe brain remembered the stocks of meat at home and I let a couple. Sam raspadok hills and slopes were covered with pine cones. This year has been extremely fruitful. Many bumps did not remember even the locals. Therefore, animals, lovers cones, cedar and migrated to eat off as they could. Everywhere and met nabrody generated boars, trails and maturation bears. Almost every cedar I found fresh scratches bear claws. Often under the cedars lay gnawed-off thick hairy climber pine branches and cones crushed. He climbed to the crest, I offered to climb up a narrow horse trail. Here on the crest of a slight breath of wind was felt that with the rise of becoming stronger. After another hundred yards to lift crowns rustled, and long hills were vague outlines. The air felt damp. Less than ten minutes — went fine snow. In order not to get lost, I used a compass and a map, directions and thoroughly spotted geocoded. As always, it was time. Increased snow, hiding veil surrounding hills and valley Shkotovki. The path immediately showed behind. Now she's a good view of the undergrowth and down wind. Before the summit on the trail there are traces of the musk deer is not covered with snow. Since the snow was dense enough, it was clear that the musk deer was on the trail just that. I stopped and looked around the firs area in optical sight.

A total of seventy meters away from me on the ridge slowly rose musk. Against the snow it looked black, rather like a dog with thin legs and a big butt high. Due to the wind she did not notice. Aiming to optics, I fired. The shot immediately lost in the snow, and not creating an echo. Musk deer started and folded in half, fell motionless. I ran to the trophy. The animal was like a small hornless deer, a length of about 80 cm body color is really dark, but not black, but rather dark — brown — gray with two white stripes along the front of the neck. On the back and sides are scattered faint light gray spots. Small muzzle, and from under the upper lip protruded down a pair of thin saber-like fangs for about seven centimeters long. Hind legs much longer than the front musk. Croup also looked more the rest of the body. Weight extraction does not exceed fifteen pounds. Recently purchased carbine "Saiga" beat for sure. Was shot in the spine and at the exit hole made in the size of a fist. Therefore, from the side and you could see how the body folded in half. Canines on the face meant that it male. And they have to have valuable belly glands secreting musk. The people still call it "jet musk." It is used in perfumes and oriental medicine. Therefore, I first cut the valuable iron and folded it into a plastic bag. Even the musk deer tasty tender meat. However, it gives a little moss. To eliminate this odor, it is soaked in a solution of vinegar and cook with spices. In fifteen minutes I butchered carcass and meat folded into a backpack. Only then noticed that in the forest cleared a real snowstorm. Snow lay on the ground about five centimeters. The terrain looked through two hundred and fifty meters. The compass I got to the top of the overgrown, took the course and went on a watershed in the north-east, to complete the circle and walk down to the highway. Wind gradually became stronger, became sharp and gusty. Went Dry. Taiga humming noise, squeaking, crackling trees and small branches fell first and then started to fall into the hand of thick branches. Was scared. I as I could resist lateral wind and wrapped himself from the snow. But I clung to a few minutes. I turned into a snowman. Suddenly, in front, just twenty meters from me, there was a crack and a broken half cedar slammed collapsed. Somewhere to the left there was a crash and still hit the ground. -So, it's a blizzard! Have to go down from the pass, and then fill up — I clearly understood. But the slope that descended to the track just took the brunt of the disaster. By him through the wind can not make it, fill up the tree. The idea worked quickly. I'm going to the lee side of the lower of the pass, wait out there, make a fire, eat. At this time a new gust of wind made moan taiga. I was knocked to the ground and very close to a thick branch fell. Next is to make me think it was not necessary. Legs carried me down to the opposite side of the road and at home, but away from the hurricane. A storm gathered force. Wind reached 28-30 meters per second. Gust taiga humming and crackling rumble. Air moisture heavier, hill covered shade and visibility dropped to seventy meters. Unpleasant feelings assailed me. There was no way. I seem to have missed. Buran was not joking, breaking the cedars and turns lime. Shade in the afternoon pressed on the mind. I do not know what will happen next, but rather to prepare for the worst. So do not get worse and it gets dark, I remembered how hiding from the storm taezhnik Dersu Uzala. On the leeward side of the hill I found a fallen tree, cleared the land for vyvorochennymi roots. On top of the roots of the roof made of pine fir twigs and bark, strengthened it with ropes. Inside the roots dragged dry leaves. Not to wind blew on the sides to tuck pieces of bark, piled their leaves, and then snow. The result was a nice den. Before entering, I made a fire and had time to warm up before dark, fry meat musk and boil tea … Twilight came two hours earlier. Taiga on the pass humming harder. Almost immediately saw thick wet snow and the sky lit up with a bright flash. Immediately slashed thunder. Instantly I was in the construction of the den. -Oh no! Oh, oh no! Snow, wind, trees, and now the storm to pass. Well, all the dangers gathered in a heap. There was not enough in the winter lightning die — I pleaded and the new flash crimson arrow stuck in the pass. The earth shook and rezanulo the ears as if I blasted the board. I pressed himself to vyvorochennym roots. Banged around and rattling. Went large hail. But he did not last long and then a wave of wet snow covered the camp. Several flares lit the sky, but somewhere in the back on a nearby ridge. Through the rumble of thunder and the taiga not gotten to me. I decided to use a breather, threw a thick stump into the fire, dinner and thoroughly warmed tea. Now longing to sleep. To the sound of the hurricane, I fell into a deep slumber … I woke up because his legs were numb. Hum of the wind was not heard. Entrance to the den almost fully covered with snow. I climbed out. Around the camp nature changed beyond recognition. My tracks completely buried. During the night fell no less than half a meter of snow. Trees and bushes dressed in furry decoration. At firs and cedars under the weight of snow fell to the ground branches. The sky was still overcast. Individual gray clouds rushed right over hills at great speed. Temperature in the morning rose to minus three degrees. At the pass the noise of individual wind. By all indications, the storm could happen again and I quickly got into my camp up to the ridge. What's going on huge snow raid stretched along the entire watershed. Its depth reaches the chest. I barely got across him on all fours. At the watershed of the dozens of broken trees, vyvorochennyh roots, a thick fallen branches. I wanted to look at the larger implications of the storm, but from the northwest sky darkened, the opposite hills disappeared in the gray veil. Came another charge. I was hastily dumped from the ridge towards the track. In some places the snow was up to seventy centimeters. Go hard. Legs are confused, breathing gets off, and the snow close up eyes. Twenty minutes later, I went to the tree and found polupovalennomu large fresh tracks. At first glance they looked like on the trail of a young tiger with the fifth of about six inches. But much too much foot strike sharply in the snow. Half a meter of snow even touched the belly of the beast. And when turning left devil tail. And this is as rare Maritime taiga — leopard! Doubt remained. Beast constantly climbed polupovalennye trees, jump, go to the next and then climbed. Dopek seen blizzard leopard and the wind was trying to find shelter from the weather in the crowns polupovalennyh cedars and tree holes. Taiga humming again. Twilight and went down in large flakes of snow. Remain on the side of the minute it became more dangerous. Showered with twigs crackling trees and visibility dropped to seventy meters. I came away from the elements. Down there in the valley Shkotovki I would be safe. I survived. A storm was just gaining momentum and getting ready for another attack pass!

Quick fire
Weather in Southern Primorye changeable. In the morning can go snow, and in the evening from him not a trace remains. Frosts can change thaw and snow — rain. It is impossible to predict the weather. You build some plans, and obtained very different. Chilly early November snowfall supplemented and snowstorms. But once again, the wind shifted to the south, having wrapped up the hill fog — thaw began. Dripped from rooftops and trees, and a few days rain. A week in the valley almost no trace of snow. In the hills most of it melted, the land on the sunny areas generally exposed. However, where the snow kept, he sealed and a donkey. I really wanted to go through the snow, to look for traces of a bear that goes to hibernation. The old man says that the bear falls after the first heavy snowfall, especially in the productive years for the pine nuts. Frost is not afraid, and therefore should not eat off until the snow will cover the fallen cones. I began to gather in the taiga, but the thaw was ahead of me. However, I believe in luck, so continued to prepare to storm a hill overgrown. In the storm the knoll, I saw several large hollows and stumps with holes. On some trees and stumps were fresh scratches from the claws of the bear. Somewhere in there he had to make a den. Its just what I had found. On the way, I went to the rangers, said the plans. They are interested in my idea. -Let's look. Find — good. Come to us, we will arrange a hunt. We have a couple of fishing licenses Himalayan bear. At the same time learn from the den to pick it up, — said the chief huntsman. I volunteered to go with the young keeper Andrew. We quickly gathered backpacks, rifles and took off in search of the den. The rise on the overgrown was not easy. In the morning frost. Melting snow was slippery. Every now and then his legs fell to the ice and driving around in different directions. Until we reached the top, I bruised knee and was limping badly on his left foot. On the opposite side of the hill we came across traces of the old bear with a blur. Protropit trail was quite difficult. Time and again he lost, going to thaw holes. We circled the hill, found it again, shoot down, then again conducted a search. A bear was turning on a slope, trampled under the cedar trees, eating the cone, turning over stumps in search of larvae. Several times he came close to the hollow stumps, but did not pay attention to them. We tested all along the hollows and hollow trunks. Were on them and fresh scratches. But each time, looking into the hollow or crack in the trunk, inside is empty. Gradually the trail went east. Bear led us to a thick cedar, which were deep scratches. Under a cedar peels strewn lot of bumps and some gnawed-off branches. Seen here long beast devoured nuts. Next trail suddenly turned back and almost up, and two hundred yards brought us to lezhke. On this part of the bear stayed a few days, as there were signs of very old and almost fresh. He wandered in different directions, climbed the cedars, went several times to maturation, left two large piles of droppings. We unravels each track, while not completely confused. -So we're wasting time. Let's make a circle, leaving his footprints on the left, can we find the output, — I said. Andrew agreed. We got up parallel to each other and moved a short distance down the hill. Then take the east. If ingested prolysina land, its avoided the snow so as not to miss the mark. Gradually took up the ridge and continue along it to the west. At some point, I came across a vague trail that goes to the ridge. I called Andrew. Next was the old, to distinguish who it belonged to no good. We protropili it to the ridge and then I found out gallop, where crawling climb over it in a snowstorm. So somewhere below a fallen tree, where I slept. Just in that area, I found a few stumps with holes inside and fresh scratches. Now we stopped. Couple tried to draw on the snow course bear tracks, we have that the last few kilometers he spun in the same area around some center, which trace never came. Guess nice fueled excitement. We decided to complete the circle to be sure. Just fifteen minutes later, we stopped at their tracks. Circle over. Diameter was six hundred meters. -All! Bear inside the circle. Probably lay down, as there was no fresh tracks, — said Andrei. We left the backpacks, rifles checked thoroughly, and put on top of jackets knives. Now, in half a meter of each other, we went in a circle. By the time the snow crunching under my feet stopped as the temperature reached above zero. We moved slowly down the slope, looking vyvorotni and hollow. Where the hollow was high, I was on the lookout with the rifle, and Andrew climbs on top and looked into the void. Everything was settled much easier. After going to the vertically standing balance shaft with the emptiness inside, I felt a sharp odor. Characters we gathered at the stump on the leeward side. It was a couple of meters tall stump on one side and half on the other. Inside the stump gaping hole diameter of about seventy-five centimeters. Bottom stump expanded in the half. Beside him the ground was strewn with rotten Stipa and pieces of wood. And the crust is clearly there were numerous scratches. Part of the edge of the stump was clearly rounded teeth of the beast. Even the smell of any hunter would be able to determine that the bear there. Andrew took the insurance. Strange shiver and frost almost pinned my body. But the incredible force pulling me to the den. I overcame the fear and went to the hole and peered inside. I do not know how to describe my feelings. Imagine that you have inserted his head into the mouth of a live crocodile. I felt the same way. Heart sank, and his hair stood on end. In meters below lay curled on his side, bear. His head was on top of the ear and neck up. I even heard him breathing. We cautiously retreated a hundred meters. After consulting the compass and observing landmarks, we took backpacks and turned back. Leaving the ridge, I did nick the bark from the four sides to see if the snow falls, find the den. In the evening, a detailed account of our rangers search. After a small meeting of senior ranger approved to take the bear next Thursday. For four days I was preparing for a serious and dangerous hunting. Sharpened blade razor, smeared rifle, checked each round. Shoot dangerous animal must close range heavy soft point bullet with a blunt nose. And if the shotgun, the heavy bullet type Brenekke, Bear, Bear-3 shooting. Bear the wound sturdy. Very rarely, when it falls after the first shot. The den he goes briskly, and immediately tries to escape. Get the place jumping into the carcass difficult. Being wounded black bear is aggressive. If he sees a hunter, then attacks him half the time. Claws on the front feet of tree bears long and very sharp. Therefore, it can cause injury deaths. So you can not make a mistake in the reliability of weapons, choice of cartridges in the correct distance for shooting and location shooters. And of course one can not do unsighted rapid fire. There is a great opportunity wounded animal. All this I learned from books and stories taezhnikov. But as long as my knowledge only existed in theory. The long-awaited big morning hunt. Weather is good. Roared all night gusty wind and it was snowing. By morning the wind had died down a little, but the sky was overcast, the hills were hidden in mist and snow broke. By eight in the morning I got to Cardona. I was met by an old guard. He explained that because of the weather hunters hunt postponed for a week, while they themselves went to catch poachers in the reserve. They also asked me to go to the den and see the fresh snow has raised a storm bear. In principle, that also suits me. For hunting weather is not adequate. In this wind will not go hunting with joy. And here you can walk to the den. See next task easy and not dangerous. For half a day, you can manage. Therefore, dropping unnecessary, I went to the den light … The way was familiar and without much burden easily. On half recovery intensified snow rustled crown. I once again was laying storm. Pleased though, that within a hundred meters. I had to pinpoint a couple of deer that leaves me up the hill. The top of the overgrown again met me snowstorm and thick haze. Sometimes with cedar on the ground is snow brings down the visibility dropped to twenty meters. I should go back to the cabin rangers, but the hunting instinct to turn back legs. Huddled against the wind, I moved along the ridge to the cedar notched intuitively put me earlier. In this snow, only this cedar notched on four sides, could point the way to the den. And the disappearance of familiar landmarks I buried on their labels. Now a hundred and fifty meters down the hill is the bear den. By experience decided not to go down directly, and seventy meters above the slope. There, not far from the den and cedar thickets of small steam polupovalennyh limes. They just do not slip through. And from limes and go a little lower, look, then another pass, go up to the crest and the cedar complete the run. If the trace output not, bear sleeping and nothing to bother him once again. Like skiing, I rolled down. Feet are not held and sometimes even grabbing prickly Eleutherococcus, buried in the snow. Optics and barrel carbine scored snow, snow in the sleeves, snow even in pockets. Okay, lime shake off, catch your breath and tidy weapons. Here the crest dopekal wind, the snow was dense and showered the rustle of falling snowflakes. After an emergency stop, the limes moved horizontally toward the den. Fresh tracks I discovered, only the old, worn, and the thaw is already heavily dusted snowstorm. Was startled by the noise taking off from under grouse. No do not flinch, and throw up on the voltage carbine, because this bear den nearby. Once again, I stopped about twenty meters from the den. Gently removed his half-empty bag, checked rifle, knife, ammo. Somewhere in the crowns of noisy wind rustled the falling snowflakes and ringing in the ears of the voltage. Therefore listen to the forest was useless and I moved directly to the den. By taking the time went to the trunk of hollowness in the fresh snow tracks were not. Some traces of the old pit is, but whose it is, and their prescription is not defined. Fresh snow sprinkled all good prints. I put my ear to the cortex, the silence, pulled himself up and looked inside. The smell of animal hit in the nose, but underneath the bright white patch of snow, again carefully examined the floor, but just the bottom of the hollow trunk visible. Bear no. With amazement and surprise I was standing near the den. Bear was not. Snow was falling disgusted by the collar. I looked around. Taiga fell asleep in the snow, on forty meters can not see anything. Some chill ran inside. I made almost a circle, going to the den, no trace output saw a bear somewhere …-Rrraauu … — rolled up the slope. The crunch of twigs and the sound jumps approaching me from the young cedars. I raised his rifle. Huge black body, wrapped in snow emissions, carried right on top of me. No time to think. Shot. Runs. Another shot. Crunch and roar. Shot. Shot. Another quick shot. Three jumps and zahrustyat my bones. Shot. Shot. Flash flesh break and splatter blood, but not stop the bear. He polubokom flying at me. A quick shot, step aside and swept past the legs black body. Shot after the body has stopped twitching five meters below. I shot a lot, I do not remember how many. In another pocket clip. If you still need to rise up more ammo. Frantically removed the clip, empty, pulled the plug, the cartridge is. Spurred heavy yoke with five bullets, and pulled out a knife in his left hand under the handguard. The bear was still. He lay on his side, burying his face in the snow. Dead. I was shaking, I can not even podkurit cigarette. The hands do not work, do not keep your feet. What was that? Plow up the ground trench, the body of a bear, with the steam rising above it. About fifteen minutes later came to. Only now carefully thought out and inspected the area. It is seen that when I came, the bear was up the hill and eating pine cones, whipped by the wind and snow. But the wind turns and at one point, he felt my scent. The best that he invented, quickly hide in the den. Beside her, and I just stood there. Then I saw him rushing to the den, but from my point of view — to me. Nine shots in five seconds, the last round was in the barrel, clip is empty. On the trail of the first bullet struck his side, came second in the stomach, and the third and fourth vzryli snow to the ground. Fifth shot foreleg, sixth floor blew the skull. Then hit in the side, a broken heart and lung. Back to the land and the extreme in the neck from behind. Six of the nine hits. The first hit from nine meters. The minimum distance from the foot to plow up the trench a little more than a meter. I'm just a fool's luck. Suddenly, briefly, in the snow, in the awkward position without vytselivaniya briefly — but very accurate. Sixth with a distance of four meters — instant death. Over the history of hunting, it was the fastest shots. Shots that can not be allowed — unsighted rapid fire, which gave me the opportunity to live. It was a masterstroke rapid fire!

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