What to do if bitten by a bee?

Bee stingBees and similar insects often zhalyatsya in July or August. Bee stings dangerous because not only can bee leave its stinger in the wound, but also necessarily wasted in the bite venom. There are both domestic bees, which are specifically bred for apiaries and wild forest bees. The latter are more dangerous because their venom is more toxic than poison home, and they are said to be many times the "meaner" domestic bees.

Bee venom is able to provide the most diverse effects on the human body. One bite can cause short-term pain, redness and swelling, which subsides after a few hours. If stung by a bee in the place where the skin is very sensitive, such as the face, the neck, the swelling may persist for more than two days.

When a person is stung while a dozen or more bees, there might be a general toxic reaction of the body is a risk of increased body temperature, worsen. Especially need to be careful people are sensitive to bee venom. They may appear very severe allergic reaction after only one bite, that is swelling can occur even in areas that are located far away from the bite, shortness of breath, dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness.

So, what did you need to take if you are stung by a bee? First we need to carefully examine the wound. During the inspection, you should make sure that the bee has left the tip. If you find a stinger in the wound, it should be removed. Many are advised to do so by finger pressure to the bite site. But not to do so because at the time pressing contained in a sting venom can penetrate the skin tissue.

If there is nothing at hand, then you can try to remove the stinger with your fingers, and it will be much easier if the person who takes the sting will be long fingernails. You can also try to remove the stinger with an ordinary sewing needle. If the sting is not very deep, it can try to pick up a needle and carefully remove.

After you have removed the stinger, do not place any wet Stung alcohol solutions. It is best, if possible, to moisten the wound with a light pink solution of potassium permanganate or salt water. Thus you defang bee venom, and quickly get rid of the pain and itching in the site of the bite. If potassium permanganate or salt is not at hand, then simply wash the wound with water, and can be put on Stung place a towel or a replacement item, soaked in cold water. This pack will prevent swelling at the bite site. This pack is a must in case manually remove the sting and failed, and seek medical attention in the near future is not possible.

In order to prevent intoxication of the body, especially if no one bee sting, but several, ensure the victim drink plenty of liquids, preferably give drinks that are high in vitamin C. It can be stewed fruit, herbal teas or other available in this extreme situation drinks. If possible, the victim Popo honey dissolved in water (1 tbsp. L. Honey in a glass of water).

If it is done all of the above, the pain and swelling at the site of the bite bee soon to disappear. For a person with normal sensitivity to bee venom bite of this insect can pass almost unnoticed and painless. But, as mentioned above, these bites are not so harmless, if they are many. So try to avoid attacking a swarm. If you are close to a lot of bees, try not to make any sudden movements and do not wave your hands.

It must be remembered that during walks in the woods or near the apiary should not use different kinds of perfumes because they smell attracts bees. Better to use aerosols, repel insects. Especially for people with high sensitivity to bee venom, which is necessary in the case of a bite after the first aid always consult a doctor.

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