What to do if bitten by a snake?

Snake biteAll beings on this planet can be divided into snakes poisonous and venomous. Naturally, the most dangerous of them are poisonous, which not only bite, but let the wound of the victim a number of toxic substances.

All danger of this extreme situation is that the snake bite, not monitored by the emergency medical care, can within minutes cause death.

Snake can bite into the most unexpected moment, and where people can not immediately draw attention to the fact that he was bitten by a snake is. And if the snake bite is not always able to recognize the adult, what about the baby?

Snakes do not usually attack first on the person. But the fact is that people do not always consciously become their abusers. For example, walking in the wilderness, you might accidentally step on a hiding in the grass snake, or in the woods there is a risk stepping on a fallen tree, under which the snake may be hiding.

So, be aware that different snake venoms differently act on the human body. There are snakes, the poison which acts by paralyzing the respiratory organs, as well as on the motor muscles. With this bite people die from suffocation because almost instantly comes respiratory arrest. Also, there is a snake venom which when released into the blood of a man destroys the cells, including the cells responsible for blood clotting. The third type consists of snakes, poison which combines all the amazing action.

Snake bite looks like two small wounds. The bite itself may be barely noticeable, but the area around the usually very swollen. If a tumor, it could be a signal that the poison has penetrated deeply enough. So if you are bitten by a snake, first of all, you must immediately remove the poison from the wound. You can remove it by simply squeezing. But the wound is usually so small that it can not be squeezed out of the blood, and accordingly, and got into her poison. In that case, doctors advise to do on the cross-sectional view of the wound, and then start to put pressure on the bitten place. Now you can be sure that much of the poison, which has not yet had time to be absorbed, will be released from the wound with blood.

Many after squeezing the poison begin to cauterize the bite of various alcohol-containing agents. But not to do so, it is better if the wound will simply treated blood as alcohol and various alcoholic solutions is still not able to neutralize the poison.

Once the wound is cleared of poison necessary to ensure complete peace man, who suffered bite.

Moreover, you must fix the stationary part of the body on which the site of the bite. Typically, the most affordable place to snake bites are the upper and lower limbs. If the snake bitten in the leg, it is possible to provide immobility follows. You should get the bandage or something that can replace it, if the bandage is not at hand, exactly put the affected leg and bandage loosely to her good leg.

If bitten by a snake in his hand, then we must act as follows. Slowly and carefully bend the affected limb at the elbow and with a bandage or money replacing it, lock it in that position.

After securing the victim of complete rest and giving the affected limb motionless state must give the victim drink plenty of liquids. Thanks to him, the body will be less affected suffer from intoxication, which usually occurs due to contact with the poison of a snake in the blood. But in any case, do not offer a man bitten by a snake, alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can only enhance the action taken into the body of toxin.

Having completed all of the above procedures, you at some time protect the life of the victim. But we should not forget that at the earliest opportunity, to be delivered to the facility, it is desirable to do so not later than one-half hour after first aid.

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