These torrents of mud flooded the Italian resort near Naples

These torrents of mud flooded the Italian resort near Naples. After heavy rains the river burst its banks. Water, collecting all municipal waste, poured through the narrow streets of the village of Atrani, smashing everything in its path.Istochik: NewsRelated news:Landslides in Italy cover one of the resort towns. Video Read more [...]
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Aurora Borealis observed in the subtropics

Colorado, USA, 18 may 2013 © Robert Arn | may 20, 2013. The group sunspot 1748, razredivshis a series of outbreaks of the highest points, have lost their energy and quickly extinguished. However, it's not completely gone to Earth. on March 18 on the planet erupted magnetic storm G1 class. In the United States of polar cap absorption was accompanied by intense airglow. Northern lights was observed even in the southern United States ? in the state of Colorado. But this is almost the subtropics, the 40th degree of North latitude, where Italy and Turkey. \"Aurora was not visible Read more [...]
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The Nutrient Champion

I was embossed on a pocket-size grow in Bethesda, Maryland. We were hapless, but we ever divided what we grew.I leftover habitation at 18 and subsequently college terminated up playacting pro hoops in Belgium. During my unfreeze clip, I'd dispel to the area. They were land alike we did, winning aid of the country. Beholding them reignited a warmth. When I got backbone to the States, I started maturation and merchandising my own nutrient in Milwaukee, hauling clobber in, departure from storage to memory, departure to the greenmarket. My kids ran a wayside stall. At the metre, I was workings for Read more [...]
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In eastern Georgia landslide destroyed the house

In eastern Georgia landslide completely covered the house. During a state of emergency in the building were 5 people, including children. Fortunately, none of the family members was hurt. As reported in the Department of Emergency Management, the landslide came down because of heavy rains, which did not stop for three days. Now there is a special scene commission, that calculates the damage element."Around 8 am, a loud roar. My family and I ran outside. As soon as we got there, the house was destroyed before our eyes, as if he had never existed. Landslide demolish. Now I do not know Read more [...]
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Rains in China have triggered new mudslides. Video

In China, heavy rains may disrupt rescue efforts in the province of Gansu. There, the death toll from landslides over a thousand people, hundreds disappeared lead. According to weather forecast, rainfall will go at least another two days.Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Mosquito — Ag. (O.) punctor Kirby.

View with the area covering the boreal zone of the Palearctic and Nearctic. In Kazakhstan, due to the confinement of forested mountain areas in the steppe zone wedges (Bayan-Aul Karkaralinsk). Places breeding are heavily shaded, shallow water with a temperature of 8-17 °. Most of these reservoirs signed account the groundwater or streams flowing down from the mountains. Larvae Ae. punctor never met en masse. Their number does not exceed 20 individuals per 1 m2 the water surface. Development proceeded with Ae. sticticus. Ae. pullatus, Ae. communis n Ae. hexodontus. This small number Read more [...]
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In Vietnam, a landslide missing 7 people

In northern Vietnam in a landslide missing 7 people, the Associated Press reports referring to local emergency services.Emergency Services Officer Pam Quoc Hung said that more than 100 soldiers were mobilized to search for missing people, including 2 children, buried under 10 meters of mud and stones.The incident occurred on August 22 in the province of Yen Bai. The weather was sunny enough, though in recent days in the province have been light rain. People are engaged in assembling the grain when there was landslide. Authorities are determining the cause of the accident.Source: RBC Read more [...]
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River floods in the Northern U.S.

may 18, 2013. Heavy rains returned in the Northern plains and become a flood threat for the red river of the North and its tributaries. Growing storm in the Northern plains this weekend will also be accompanied by heavy rains in the territory from Dakota to Minnesota. Meteorologists predict that seats up to 10 inches of precipitation for Monday in Fargo, Feast and other cities in North Dakota. The heaviest rain will be along the red river and its tributaries, so that floods the local residents cannot be avoided.Data about the time when the water will begin to rise to the critical value, Read more [...]
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    Exposure: Mud EllisCogwheel: The Kestrel 4000 Sack Upwind Tracker from Nielsen-Kellerman keeps you dialed in to ten meteorologic must-knows, including temperature, farting fastness and windchill, barometrical pressing, humidness, and estrus exponent. It's comparable having Willard Scott in your pocket--minus all the talk. $329; Telecasting: From the boys who brought you the horrid Kranked serial comes the modish fat-tire chef-d'oeuvre, Hunting for the Porous Train. Picket as ballsy flock rockers huckaback their way off buildings and cliffs in Morocco, Switzerland, Read more [...]

In Thailand, a landslide demolished a large section of the gulf highway

In Thailand, after prolonged heavy rains right in front of numerous witnesses failed a large section of the highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Meanwhile, floods caused by flooding of rivers, threatening some towns.

Authorities declared the evacuation. It is possible that will open the floodgates of one of the reservoirs — experts fear that the dam will not withstand the pressure of water coming.

Source: The first channel

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In India, the primary school building landslide

On Wednesday, August 18, at the primary school building in a village in northern India fell landslide, caused by heavy rains. As a result, killing at least 18 children, the search for several more underway.The tragedy occurred in the settlement Bageshvar that in the state of Uttarakhand. It is reported that at the time of the landslide in the school there were 30 people. The bodies of 18 children have already been found by rescuers working at the site. The search for 10 pupils and two teachers continue, however, as noted by local authorities, the chances of finding them alive almost none.All Read more [...]
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Ryan Russell

    Pic: Pic by Joshua Paul and Styled by"The locals employ the piss," says Nassau indigen and tenth-generation Bahamian Russell, "but just the beaches that are selfsame approachable by farming." Armed with this cognition, Russell and his aged pal, Brooks, distinct to found their own clientele, Mellow Seas Bahamas, a sumptuousness rent help that specializes privately excursions. "We started with one diminished sauceboat and no viewgraph," says Russell. "Now, we've purchased a bigger sauceboat and can issue 20 of your nighest friends to cloistered Read more [...]
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The number of victims of floods and landslides in eastern Indonesia has risen to 26 people, rains continue

Prolonged rains caused mudslides landslides and floods in eastern Indonesia, which killed at least 26 people and destroyed hundreds of homes.Villagers province of West Papua hands tried to dig out of the mud flows of their missing relatives. "I heard a roar and suddenly the river near my home broke its banks. In the water were rocks, mud, pieces of trees. Many simply do not have time to escape, "- told about the incident one of the victims newspaper China Daily.According to the Area Agency on disaster management in the region Vondama killing at least 26 man, more than 60 taken to hospitals Read more [...]
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Landslides threaten one of the villages in Chechnya

In northern Chechnya Cases of landslide near one of the locations in the Nadterechny district. The cause of the landslide was the flooding waters of the coast of the Terek River, according to Republican MOE.The official said the ministry, Terek coastline near the village of Brotherly recent years came very close to the village and facing emergencies."Last week marked Landslide on the outskirts of the village of Brotherly Nadterechny district. It happened around 19 pm on October 20. Terek water eroded the shoreline, resulting in a break of approximately 60 and a width of 20 meters. The population Read more [...]
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The landslide came down on the north-western Colombia. Plot

All passengers caught in a mudslide in Colombia bus killingColombian Regional Head Office of Emergency Management, John Freddy Rendon said that about 30 passengers, two coaches caught on Monday because of a landslide in the area of the mountain road in Antioquia Department under the rubble, declared dead."Until now, despite the work of about 100 rescue workers and sniffer dogs, under the ground could not find a single body - he said. - Clearing massive landslide of mud and stones further complicated the ongoing heavy rains, causing the displacement of the soil. " According to Rendon, Read more [...]
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In Kharkiv houses and a church creep into the abyss

Residents Kupyansk, Chugueva Kochetkov and suffer from landslides. Scientists propose to build terraces.Kochetok, Photo O. KozlovaAs it turned out, far from the mountains and the great water Kharkov region prone to landslides. At the epicenter of the natural processes of "getting away" soil - Chuguev, and Kupyansk Kochetok. Officials promise to do in 2011, disaster areas, and on the ground report that they will not pull the financial struggle with the elements.Now in 1104 identified landslides, extreme situation - the 29-year, and almost all of them are concentrated in three areas. Read more [...]
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\»Climate refugees\» Alaska: entire villages being submerged

may 14, 2013. The number of refugees forced to leave their place of permanent residence due to climate change, inevitably grows. In Alaska, whole towns are under threat of extinction — settlements are going under water, and their inhabitants fled from their villages, becoming the first American \"climate refugees\". Formally, refugees are people who left their homes due to extraordinary circumstances, such as war, persecution or persecution. But not because of climate change. Meanwhile, more and more people become \"climate refugees\": Alaska, entire villages were forced to flee their Read more [...]
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Alex Korch

    Photograph: Exposure by Joshua Paul and Styled byCareer Vancouver aborigine Korch challenging is an understatement. At 18, he was the outdo next-to-last tennis musician in Canada and stratified 157th in the reality. But aft playacting on the pro circumference for nigh four-spot age—an unbelievable but not needs financially rewarding feel—he distinct to birdsong it quits and commencement commandment. Death twelvemonth, he became the manager of tennis at the Four-spot Seasons Haunt Heavy Exuma at Emerald Bay, which leaves flock of dislodge clock for his over-the-counter Read more [...]
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Costa Rica. Landslide in Santa Ana. Photo

4.10.10.Kosta Rika.Intensivnye rainfall caused landslides in the western part of the San Jose suburb of Santa Ana, damaged infrastructure, destruction of homes, nearly 60 people are forced to seek shelter.Among the most affected by the torrential rains areas were Cerro Chitaria there Saturday landslide bridge collapsed on Calle Montoya. Municipal authorities in an interview with the newspaper "La Nación" admitted that they fear like water and mud deposits are not jeopardized homes located in low-lying areas of the city Paso machete.Heavy rains have caused significant damage and in other Read more [...]
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Miracle Network

Night. I was lying by the fire. And me illuminated from below his flashlight stretches in the fork of a large branch network spider. She is not ready - extended frame-triangle of thick strong thread of him come running to the center of numerous direct-boom radius. Spider - Cross tee pretty big - works. Her feet are the radii of the thread, it slowly creeps over them in circles, and a spider stretches thin adhesive thread. Short "nod" paunch, and spider stuck to the radius. One more step, a nod - taped to the next. Spider circles began laying out - they mean the network has not Read more [...]
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