Drought in Bashkiria

Altai and Yakutia continues unprecedented floods. Flooding in Yakutia began on May 19. For a few days in several areas of the country and the city of Yakutsk, was introduced a state of emergency. Flooded in 2963 were living at home, suffered road damage 173 social facilities. A state of emergency was introduced in the spring and in Khakassia.In Bashkortostan, this year the opposite situation. Region threatens drought. Towns and villages languishing in the heat. In addition to heavy rains in the country was for a long time. River water is not enough. The main waterway, the White noticeably Read more [...]
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Southwest China is suffering from a drought, which may last until the end of May. In the photo: A boy stands in the center of the dry reservoir in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, Feb. 2. (STR / AFP / Getty http://survincity.ru/wp-content/uploads/images)Water - the source of life. It is now particularly acute problem of the gap. Droughts, floods, pollution and other factors are the main causes of water scarcity in the world.Pictures are clickable. Every day more than 4,000 children in the world die from diseases caused by poor sanitation are associated with poor quality water. On photo: A girl Read more [...]
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Highlander amphibious

Amphibian perennial with long creeping rhizome, which has two forms - the water, floating on the water, and land. Aqueous form has long stem, long-stemmed leaves floating, shiny, oblong, acute or obtuse, base rounded or cordate, naked blades 5-17 cm long and 1-5 cm wide, sometimes the ends of shoots and leaves rise above the water. In terrestrial forms of stem up to 70 cm, simple, ascending or erect, leaves with petioles up to 1 cm, plate lanceolate, 5-15 cm long and 1-4 cm wide, hairy on both sides, sharp. Inflorescence - spike-end dense brush length of 3-4 cm Perianth pink. Stamens 5, rarely Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, the flood left homeless more than 30 thousand people

may 12, 2013. More than 30 thousand inhabitants of the Western province of Indonesia Aceh lost the roof over his head because of severe flooding, said local authorities. In some areas of the province after five days of heavy rains, the water rose to 2.5 meters. In the village of Ujung-Manik water has destroyed 14 homes. Demolished several bridges, according to the Internet media, with reference to the Jakarta Globe. On the island of Simeulue five-year-old child was killed by a coconut palm. In addition, coast province sank the boat regional management of liquidation of consequences of natural Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan emergency — severe drought

No rain for a month, but the earth is warming up to 60 degrees. Local farmers can only pray. That they do.

Source: Channel Five

Nosedive Smack Bay

Glide in Roar Bay     Photograph: courtesy of Sailsuperior.comLake Superscript's notoriously quicksilver upwind, asset a few centuries' deserving of cheapjack piloting, sustain sour Skag Bay into a cemetery for schooners, yachts, and tied a Allied encirclement stolon. As a resolution, it's a frogman's heaven. Wally Peterson, proprietor of Wally's Boom Nation Dive (thundercountrydiving.com), has been dive hither since 1976 and can serve coordinates for everything from shoal solicit wrecks for liaise diverse to recondite, proficient dives alike the Gunilda, a yacht that sank ternary Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan, the drought killed crops

In Tatarstan, the drought killed most of the harvest winter. Last year, after an abnormally hot summer republic was not counted 16 billion rubles. This year, the losses may be greater.Source: News Previous news:· Greater crop Tatarstan This year will not be· Famine in Niger: millions at risk· Drought destroys the coffee plantations in China· 50 000,000 migrate because of desertification in Africa and the East· Scientists predict extreme drought in Australia Read more [...]
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In China, there is drought mitigation

Thanks to abundant long rains in the South-West China markedly improved moisture conditions. This is mainly for the main barn China - The provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan. But in the whole country since the beginning of the ongoing drought, the partially softened. In particular, in the central, northern and eastern China number dropped during the spring precipitation is much lower than normal. According to the Xinhua-China, with reference to the headquarters of flood control and drought, 8.2 million hectares of arable land is covered by drought, 17.91 million people and 12.43 million livestock Read more [...]
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Great harvest in Tatarstan in this year will be

Blame this spring drought and heat waves. Due to lack of moisture in the soil crops continue to be killed, and rain in the near future is expected.According to specialists, farmers, the situation could save weekly rainfall. That's how much water it takes to the crops in the fields of the republic were able to fully grow. While as they are being formed and the main stem of the ear, and the other shoots die. JAFI perennial grasses and clover. Thus, even the necessary supply of feed in agriculture provide Tatarstan unlikely.On the big crop of winter count is not necessary. With summer the Read more [...]
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Five people died as a result of toe of the landslide in southern China

Read more [...]
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Amazon dried

Each year, at the start of the Brazilian summer, which starts in the southern hemisphere in December, the great Amazon River strongly shallower. But what happens in this year should touch up all the world to think - in the Amazon began the most severe drought in a century. After near-record rainfall during the rainy season at the beginning of this year, due to drought, which continues today in the Amazon river level dropped to a record low.In the Amazon basin the water is gone from the people, leaving tons of rotting fish and dead crocodiles.Brazilian fisherman named Elson of dead fish floating Read more [...]
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The Believers

Nosedive Maestro: Cousteau aboard at New York Metropolis's Dyckman Marina.     Exposure: Robert MxDelegacy // Write THE SEASFABIEN COUSTEAU IS Sunburnt. It's a sulphurous Revered even in Key Largo, Florida, and the 38-year-old grandson of chronicle's leading submarine adventurer arrives later for dinner, having equitable intent up a 13-hour day cinematography coral spawning. He walks crosswise the park of the Italian bistro and extends his deal to waggle mine. His shadowy brownness fuzz is specked with greyness, a hit counterpoint to his ruby boldness. "I'm Fabien," he Read more [...]
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50,000,000 migrate because of desertification in Africa and the East

Desert returns to the Middle East, destroying fertile land and further destabilizing the situation in the region.Vadid Erian, head of the land of the Arab League in its report to the World Conference on Water, which currently takes place in Alexandria, Egypt writes that "the process of transformation of agricultural land in the barren wasteland hit Syria, where, because he had resettle hundreds of thousands of people. "However, the scientist said that the situation in western Sudan's Darfur is also very heavy. Erian believes that Desertification is an additional factor in the destabilization Read more [...]
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In the American state of new Mexico exacerbated by drought

may 12, 2013. In new Mexico drought has almost reached the highest category. In late spring of last year in a state of drought was less than 1/10 of the state. Now extremely arid conditions are formed in 40% of the land, but there is still summer. Many of the southern tributaries of the Rio Grande have critically low water levels or are on the verge of drying, since the beginning of the year, it fell no more than 50-60 mm of rainfall. Seeing all this, without access to underground water sources, farmers leave their land because of the lack of opportunities to conduct effective irrigation, and Read more [...]
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Russia will be left without buckwheat

Heat waves and drought threatens Russia not only deficient crops, but almost total absence of buckwheat, which is rapidly running out of stock. As one of the representatives of the big supermarkets in Moscow, recently they received a letter from "Angstroms" - a major supplier of croup the Russian market.It warned the leadership of partners that very soon they will not be able to deliver the buckwheat in the previous levels. In this case, the authors changed the style of writing with official-business. Their lines are read as more disturbing reports of news agencies. According to the Read more [...]
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Emergency mode is entered due to drought in the Kursk region

Order of the Governor Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov in agriculture region introduced a state of emergency, the press service of the regional EMERCOM.

The adoption of this measure due to the drought in the region, said.

To date, the total amount of agricultural damage Kursk the region is estimated at 1 billion rubles, the area lost grains was 90 thousand ha. In addition, 20 hectares of sugar beet is under threat of death in connection with the established weather.

Source: Interfax

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The Barbaric Register: Nutrient Product

Eat the Mankind     Picture: CallQ. What are we exit to eat when the land can't acquire sufficiency nutrient?A. You imply, wish, when are we exit to commencement corking afford tins of Soylent K? That 1973 sci-fi movie was prescient in various shipway, soothsaying everything from globular calefacient to globe-altering famines. Thither are already famines, course, and we'll likely be exploring freaky sustenance sources this hundred as the reality adds another 2.5 1000000000000 citizenry by 2050. " Thither good aren't decent resources to accompaniment this rather requirement," Read more [...]
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The effects of severe drought in Chelyabinsk region. Picture story

Droughts like this one, Russia has not been seen for almost 40 years, told RIA Novosti presidential advisor on climate Alexander Bedritsky. In the photo: the beginning of June Chelyabinsk of the weather is hot - plus 30 ... 35 degrees, mostly without rain. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the region declared a state of emergency in nine agricultural areas of the region due to drought.According to preliminary data, in the Chelyabinsk of ruined 518,000 hectares of crops, including 430,000 hectares of crops. Pictured: crows on dry field. In Uvelsky area due drought, manuf emergency.Currently, Read more [...]
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Desert comes to Ukraine

Fires in Russia and neighboring regions of Ukraine drew attention to the problem, which has long spoken in Europe, but which is a little worried about the Ukrainians. For Kharkov change climate could mean offensive steppes.At the conclusion of a biologist by profession, chairman of the Kharkov environmental group "Pecheneg" Sergei Shaparenko, climate change has accelerated. According to him, today, Ukrainians clearly see what the environmental groups said in the early 1990s. In the Kharkiv region, said Sharaperenko already installed extremely continental climate - very very hot in the Read more [...]
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The drought in Russia destroyed 9,000,000 hectares of grain

Abnormally high temperatures in some regions of Russia has led to a large-scale drought has killed already, according to preliminary data 9 million hectares of grain, said Viktor Zubkov. He promises that the problems with the domestic demand for grain not arise: the power amassed by a solid reserve last crop - about 24 million tons of grain.The situation in the Russian agriculture due to drought has seriously complicated: according to preliminary estimates, affected about 9 million hectares of crops, but the problems with providing demand for grain will not be, said First Deputy Prime Minister Read more [...]
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