The transition in the mountains

Steep climbs, steep descents, narrow winding trails, dips, barely covered fragile snow bridges, treacherous ledges, going from under shingle scree, wrinkled cracked glaciers pose many difficulties. Overcoming them is not only a great physical stress, but sometimes with a significant risk to life and limb. Therefore, the transition in the mountains requires careful preparation, evaluation forces of each member of the group, quality camping equipment, etc. The planned route should be evaluated in terms of potential natural obstacles and the need to adjust for possible reduce them even by extending Read more [...]
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Meteonovosti: Winter does not stand on ceremony

In this year's winter works hard and is ahead of schedule. Almost every day, marked by new frontiers of frosts. In night on October 11, in the north-west of Yakutia temperature dropped to -28 °. Snow cover also waiting for an invitation. In the Far East, it covers the entire northern half of the region. Maximum height accounts for the central regions Yakutia and is 31 cm in the Siberian base coat observed in Taimyr and Evenk, and in the southern mountain ranges. Maximum thickness - 42 cm snow on the ETP cover carries while temporary and tends to the northeast and to the mountainous regions Read more [...]
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Meteonovosti. In Russia, the cold 20 °

Occurring in the weather Russia seasonal changes are reflected in the figures. In Central Russia first time this season the temperature dropped below -5 ° (Yaroslavl area), And in Moscow marked the first frost (-0,8 °). On the territory of Kostroma, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Sverdlovsk regions, and Udmurtia and Perm region marked snowy phase precipitation, and sometimes formed temporary snow cover. In addition, night frosts passed another psychological barrier - in the mountains of Buryatia temperature dropped below -20 °.Source: Read more [...]
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Floods in the East of France

may 6, 2013. The strongest rains that occurred in the Eastern regions of France, caused extensive flooding. A large portion of precipitation that is comparable to the monthly norm, provoked a sharp rise in water level in the river Ush, which eventually overflowed and flooded nearby villages.In a hopeless situation turned out to be more than 100 people had to be rescued with the help of firefighters and police, pulling with roofs of houses and outbuildings. Mass evacuation organized among the people living on the shores of lake Pont-et-Massin. They are all distributed to hospitals or temporary Read more [...]
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Cold and snow tie up France. Video

France introduces the "orange" - the penultimate level of anxiety. The country has not stopped a heavy snowfall. Record rainfall - 60 inches - fell in Brittany, making all local roads impassable.Slightly better position in the national and international routes, and even then only because all the equipment is thrown in their clearance. Many cars idling in traffic than a day. Strong cold forged and east. In mountain areas, there was a threat of avalanches, reports NTV.Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Mountain-Bike Wisconsin

Scenic Ridgeline Encampment on Whitewater Lake     Photograph: courtesy of Scenic Rooftree CampsiteODE: Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wrack of the Edmund Fitzgerald" Does it fuss me that roughly of my friends recall it's mawkish? Or that the sterling birdsong astir an American wreck was really scripted by a Canadian? Or that I can't epithet one over-the-counter birdcall by Gordon Lightfoot? No, uh-uh, and nope. Nix bothers me astir the strain omit its duration. It's six and a one-half proceedings farseeing. I bid it were 12. When I heed thereto (which is ofttimes, in the car, Read more [...]
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Frost in Russia: How to hit and gets stronger

Russia started the winter. In the central part of the country the temperature falls below normal all. In Moscow, for the night was colder in a dozen degrees. To Siberia, where severe frosts seem to be nothing new, the last days of November also began testing.Ice fog enveloped the city. Freezing and dry air seems to crunch the cold. Even for accustomed to harsh winters Yakutsk residents were surprised minus 40 degrees in the Evenki and does minus 50.In Novosibirsk to such cold case has not yet reached. But the snow is coming down almost incessantly fourth day. During this time, fell nearly Read more [...]
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Survival kit — Victorinox Survival-Kit

Survival-Kit set includes 1.6795.XLT knife and a leather case with the bare nebhodimosti in the campaign. Cyber tool 91mm. Consists of 50 items: bolshoya blade, small blade, needle file, nail file with a tool for nail care, saw for metal, pharmaceutical spatula, scissors, wood saw, a knife for cleaning fish with a tip for the release of a fishing hook and line, bent blade ploskorez, wire scraper, case, key, bit holder 5 mm, 4 mm holder screwdriver tips, tools, pliers, wire cutters, provolkorez, Magnifying Glass, Phillips-head screwdriver, bottle opener, screwdriver 6 mm, pliers, can opener, small Read more [...]
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In Europe, the snow and cold. Photo

Berlin covered with snow Small Photocross Europe. That picture is, you need to look holistically.Berlin covered with snowBerlinSnowfall in MadridSnowfall in AmsterdamGermany, children are skating on the frozen lake.Snowfall in KievFrosts in BucharestSnowfall in IstanbulMan feeding seagulls in Istanbul ParkSnow in EnglandFrosts in Poland Source: InoSMI Read more [...]
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In Europe, the snow and cold. Photo

Berlin covered with snowSmall Photocross Europe.That picture is, you need to look holistically.Berlin covered with snowBerlinSnowfall in MadridSnowfall in AmsterdamGermany, children are skating on the frozen lake.Snowfall in KievFrosts in BucharestSnowfall in IstanbulMan feeding seagulls in Istanbul ParkSnow in EnglandFrosts in PolandSource: InoSMI Read more [...]
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In Europe, all the forces thrown to clear snow. Video

In Europe, all the forces thrown to clear snow. Heavy rainfall and frost, which brought with it a "Jenna", have caused many kilometers of traffic jams. Dramatically increased the number of accidents. Intermittent running rail and air links. Europeans have already experienced all the delights of early and unusually harsh winter. In the UK, frosts and snowfalls severely disrupted rail and took a lot of problems for drivers. For example, in Scotland hundreds of hapless drivers whose cars were stuck in the snow, had to seek shelter for the night on campus. Cold and snowy in Germany. Read more [...]
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Ten With-it Cameras: Sony DSC-HX1 $500

    Pic: Picture by Shana Novak

The bar: Ten frames per secondment, with a 28?560mm optic whizz and HD telecasting. The frost? A swing fashion?for mechanically spliced, 224-degree panoramas from the top. Our solitary beef: no raw arrange.

In the UK, the record cold for November

The UK has the lowest temperature for November in 25 years - minus 17 degreesLONDON, November 28. In the UK today, was recorded the lowest temperature for November in 25 years - minus 17 degrees. Up to the mark down the temperature in the mountains of Wales. Such cold in November were not observed in the United Kingdom since 1985.In the highlands of Scotland temperature last night dropped to minus 12 degrees, in the county of Shropshire in the central England - To minus 12.5 degrees, Northern Ireland - to minus 9.2, in the region of York in northern England - to minus 11.9, while in Northolte, Read more [...]
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Black Sea coast of -20 °

Black coast Russia on Monday night is attacked cold anticyclone temperature in this resort subtropical zone dropped to 17-19 degrees Celsius, lucky only Sochi, temperature was not much, but above freezing."In the Krasnodar Territory in the morning on January 26th places frost firmed to minus -20 ... -22 °, on the Black Sea coast up to -17 ... -19 °, but in the Greater Sochi temperature remained weakly positiveForecasters promise "heavy weather" in the last week of January in the Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts - "with ice, complex deposits, heavy precipitation, Read more [...]
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Snow do not want to leave the Kuzbass

Snow do not want to leave the Kuzbass. Photo by Maxim ShipenkoFor those who tuned in for the spring and put it in the closet shovels and brooms, it's time to get them again. Spring in this time obviously was late, and continued to pour from the sky is the April snow.For those who tuned in for the spring and put it in the closet shovels and brooms, it's time to get them again. Spring in this time obviously was late, and continued to pour from the sky is the April snow. Cnachala heavy snowfall will run amok over the northern part of the region, and by Friday will shift to the south.Terrible Read more [...]
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The Believers

    Charge // Acclivity THE BARA Onetime CHIPS-AND-SODA Lover, Merriken institute the track to educated feeding when her University of Southerly California volleyball jitney set pile a no-sugar authorisation. "I abruptly had logical vigor and more genial lucidness," recalls the 37-year-old Denver aboriginal. "No of those weirdo highs and lows." In 2000, a ten astern self-effacing her kneepads, Merriken, an esurient moon-curser and tramper, had her "Aha!" consequence: Give the like sugar-free scheme to vigour bars by concocting an all-natural, raw-food Read more [...]
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Siberian temperature drops

Cyclone passed through the Siberian region, in addition to snow and wind storms, brought a significant increase in temperature. On Thursday afternoon in the southern areas of Western and Eastern Siberia air temperature reached -1 ... -6 °, and in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk region the thermometer climbed right up to 2 degrees, and it is in the middle of February. Altai and do a breath in the spring, Gorno-Altaisk, Kyzyl-Ozeki temperature rose to +7 °. As a result, the average temperature for February 18 were up by 8-12 ° typical for this time of the values.But warming was short-lived. Read more [...]
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Record warm weather in the Czech Republic

In Czech Republic established in the last days of unusually warm weather, on Thursday in 20 cities in the country was a record high temperature - More than 20 ° C, according to the Czech Weather Service.In particular, in Prague, the temperature rose to 21 ° (maximum temperature here was recorded in 1974 - +19,3 ° C), which has pleased many tourists in the Czech capital.In the south of the Czech Republic in Husince Thursday afternoon was 20,6 ° heat (in 1955 19,5 °). Very the heat was on in Central Moravia and Bohemia, in Brandys nad Labem meteorologists recorded a temperature of 21,5 ° Celsius.According Read more [...]
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Record high temperature in Japan

Record high temperature for February was recorded in 73 cities in Japan on Wednesday, reported the country's meteorological office. Almost half of the country was recorded temperature above 15 °, on the southern island of Kyushu in the south the main Japanese island of Honshu the temperature rose above 20 °. It is in this area and focus city pobivshie record temperature.So, in Nagasaki day temperature amounted to 22,6 ° and the temperature record was broken the 120-year-old for this time of year.In Osaka, the temperature rose to 21,2 °, in Tokyo temperature was 16,6 °, which corresponds Read more [...]
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The Arctic becomes acidic

may 7, 2013. The program of the Arctic monitoring and assessment published report, which refers to the rapid and widespread acidification of the Arctic ocean mainly due to the absorption of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activity. What changes are waiting for the Arctic marine ecosystem, it is impossible to predict. Some organisms will be fine (especially sea grass), others will become extinct (e.g., pteropod molluscs). For some species acidification will ruin the positive effect of warming: plankton is moving northward, and salmon with cod get additional source Read more [...]
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