Russia and the West: the fundamental ideological differences

The main source of civilizational differences is, as they say, the central ideological dissimilarity matrix ("true image"). This dissimilarity is indicated or described in different ways. First of all, a number of leading thinkers of the West agree that the combination of the Reformation and the scientific revolution led to enormous cultural mutation, which led to the emergence of a new, "modern" civilization modern. The essence of this mutation - "disenchantment of the world", it profane. New time, generated a succession of religious, scientific, and social revolutions, Read more [...]
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Denmark. Snow storm

March 19, 2013. Without comments.

Source: Lead

Aster daisy

Korotkokornevischnoe perennial herbaceous plant 25-70 cm stem, leaves, bracts densely covered with short stiff hairs. Stems are erect, the length of leafy, branched, with 5-10 baskets. Green leaves are alternate, elliptic or spatulate, with three veins, entire, lower petiolate, upper sessile. Baskets form a common loose corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in a basket lozhnoyazychkovye, purple or blue, female, median - tubular, yellow, bisexual. The fruits are ovoid achene pubescence long crest. It flowers from June to September, achenes ripen in July and October. European-West Asian Read more [...]
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Russia and the West: a structural comparison

Comparison between Russia and the West as a civilization encounters significant methodological and psychological difficulties inherent in the consciousness of the intelligentsia generated Eurocentrism. Eurocentrism emerged as the ideology of the Enlightenment, in the epoch of modern Western civilization. He suggests a view of history, in which the path traveled West, recognized only correct ("high road of civilization"), and any other type of development there are deviations, leading to delays and "underdevelopment." But sooner or later, all countries will be all the way, Read more [...]
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David Byrne: Talk Nous on Two Wheels

David Byrne     Picture: courtesy of TodomundoOut-of-door: Do you get that casual equitation is healthy physically and mentally?BYRNE: Perfectly. Thither's a notion of excitement and a niggling bit of an epinephrin high-pitched. That, I shady, is what got me into it, not the jet or do-good scene.How is it acquiring roughly in New York?I mean errands and meetings in price of how yearn it power proceeds me to get thither by cycle, which is frequently far shorter than on bus or underpass, cheaper than a cab, and millionfold easier than acquiring roughly this metropolis in a car.Volition Read more [...]
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The Cold War and Russia

Civilizational differences Russia and the West have been evident in the Cold War. It says a lot about whether these differences disappeared with the collapse of the Soviet system. Remember, what is meant by the Cold War. In 1946, Churchill made in Fulton (Missouri, USA) historic speech and said: "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain fell through all Continent ". USSR and Eastern Europe have been separated from the West line of a special front. West declared the Cold War Soviet Union. Almost half a century, this war was the main background of social Read more [...]
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Russian revolution: the first attempt of convergence with the West

First revolutionary movement in Russia, which had a coherent project of reconstructing society and the state, were the Decembrists. Their ideals were formed under the influence of the French Enlightenment and his Russian followers. The image of the good life they have emerged as a result of familiarity with Western Europe and dialogue with the Western intellectual elite (in particular through political Freemasonry, active in Russia since the end of XVIII century). Not having a broad social base and tradition of political opposition, and the Decembrists took the path of a military conspiracy Read more [...]
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Russia: Reform Under Western Eyes

An important consequence of the perception of Russia as a country barbaric or, at best, as a deformed ("specific") version of the West was the conclusion that attempts to reform or revolutionary transformation of Russia is doomed to failure. Russia have not grown up self upgrade, all it goes topsy-turvy. Besancon wrote, referring to the name of Russia, "When" lagging "a country has been catching up those on whom it falls, it often causes it to deviate from the right path and does not achieve the desired result. Rousseau had reason to say that Russia is "rotten, failing Read more [...]
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China: Guangxi Province and Hunan suffered from large hail

March 20, 2013. March 18, a resident of the village of Fenghuang County Xincheng town Leibing (Guangxi province) shows castle, raised from the ground. In the night of 17 to 18 March in such areas of Guangxi province as Hachi, Libing etc. rare large hail, damaging many houses and rural culture.Source: Partners   Large hail in Hunan province About 10 PM on March 19 Huaihua, Jingzhou hit the castle. The largest hailstones were the size of an egg. In varying degrees, damaged cars, riddled shingles on the roofs, broken glass.Source: Read more [...]
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Perceptions of Russian elite Eastern nations

As they say, West "Invented Eastern Europe" as a cordon sanitaire that separated him from Russia. Eastern boundary of Europe became the border between Prussia and Poland. Count de Segur, who was driving the ambassador to St. Petersburg in 1784, described how he was "completely left Europe" and "transported for ten centuries back" at the border of Prussia and Poland. American traveler John Led-yard, riding in the opposite direction, welcomed Europe, crossing the "great line between Asian and European manners" on the same Prussian-Polish border. They were Read more [...]
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Atlantic flounder and plaice river

Atlantic flounder (Pleuwnectes pla-tessa) - one of the largest flatfish that can rise to the bait anglers in the coastal waters of the White and Barents Seas. Its value can be up to 1 m with a mass of 7 kg. "Seeing" side usually brown in color, with conspicuous reddish, lighter than the basic background spots. The "blind" side is almost always white, gray tones, sometimes with brown spots. It belongs to the smallmouth flounder, having on the upper side near the eyes bony growths in conical tubercles. It is considered one of the most enviable trophy fisherman. Her meat Read more [...]
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The Survival

Franklin Delano Roosevelt in The Home Parks: America's Outflank Approximation, "Large Nature" (1933-1945)     Photograph: courtesy of Interior Archives and Records GoverningBother Games Two heroic survival events happen this month. Ken Burns's The Subject Parks spreading September 27-October 2 on PBS, and the 24 Hours of Moab mountain-bike raceway, October 10-11. Hither's how they batch up.MOABLength: 24 hoursExpanse COVERED: A 15-mile iteration perennial capable 17 multiplicationEQUIPMENT: Cycle, helmet, gels PARTICIPANTS: 5,000 riders and spectatorsSOUNDTRACKS: Read more [...]
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Russophobia Russian Westernizers

In the XIX century part of the educated Russian elite, gravitating toward the West, became impatient with Russian culture. The separation, which arose among the people in his social division into estates, acquired the character of ethnicity. In the period after Peter was not only strengthen the system of serfdom, and the Westernization of the nobility. AS Griboyedov wrote: "If some event listed here was a foreigner who does not know Russian history for a century, he surely would have concluded from the sharp contrast of manners that we are gentlemen and peasants from two different tribes Read more [...]
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Russophobia West

People see themselves as a people only compare themselves with other people ("other"). Especially with those people who have the greatest influence on their fate. Starting from the XVI century. for other major Russian steel peoples of the West in general - Western civilization. In the West today have invaders, is a major threat to Russia's existence. To the west are Russian treated with rapt attention, taking over there for some ideas, technologies and social institutions. About the attitude of the West in the environment of Russian was a continuous dialogue and there is a long Read more [...]
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Russia and the West — the two civilizations

And national identity, and strategic decisions are based on the government civilizational understanding of their country. In the Middle Ages, these views were expressed in the language of religion, in modern times they have been developed for secular concepts - culture and civilization, nation, and the idea of a national, state, and geopolitics. By the beginning of XVIII century, the concept of "Christendom" was infrequent and disappeared from the international agreements. Replaced him almost everywhere came the concept of "Europe". There was a civilizational approach to Read more [...]
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Russia is not the West, or what to expect. Introduction

Russia and the topic West gave us a very topical in the last twenty years. It was always important to our ancestors from the time of formation of Russia and the adoption of Christianity in the X century, but now it has become necessary for us to acute awareness of what is happening to us, before the historic election and what challenges we were and what are our options for a possible future as a country and the people. This topic is directly entered into the fate of every person in Russia and throughout the "post-Soviet" space. The reason for this was two catastrophic events. First, Read more [...]
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Effective Man Polish

Where Men Win Aureole     Pic: courtesy of DoubledayOil Habits Run Ball-shaped heating, eyeshade oil, the get-up-and-go crisis: This month 3 writers canvas how we got into this fix?and how to leave of it. In Superpower Actuate: From Oil Wells to Solar Cells?Our Rally to the Renewable Next (HarperCollins, $26), External's old Codification Greens editorialist Amanda Fiddling maps America's get-up-and-go landscape, travel to deep-sea oil rigs, NASCAR speedways, Google's 21st-century campus, and the Pentagon's DefCon-haunted warrens. Her findings: American cleverness created cheesy fogey Read more [...]
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What do the president. Afterword

The man went into some kind of relationship with Russia, can not avoid the feeling of tragedy. That was my first thought when I read the manuscript through. Tragic were not only the last part of the path traveled by my friend Valery Lednev which is erected a monument worthy and honored, and its end, but also a correspondent Heinz Lata. Great names acquire traits that make them human, only if they include the story of their errors, mistakes, and things, sometimes unpleasant. The most powerful figures of the powerful state, as the Soviet Union, and could not break free from the grip of their Read more [...]
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30 years later

Marines guarding the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, with a smoothly shaved nape and with three convolutions, though, the early obese neck, severe in nature and the post. His impassive face, and the same view. He sees everything through. And not only me, but also a folder that is in my hands. In this case, to look inside objects is assisted device, the screen of which he finds in my folder is a small bottle of liquid. I know that the water in the bottle, his opinion is different. Me feeling painfully familiar - we lived it for years. Sergeant requires that I took the bottle and drank Read more [...]
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Abnormal accumulation of sharks off the coast of Australia

March 20, 2013. To the shores of Australia sailed record a large shoal of sharks. Just — about 100 lionesses. Obviously, they pursued a shoal of fish and swam 600 meters to the shore near the city of Perth, where there are beaches. Within one kilometer of all tourists were asked to leave the water.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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