When collapsed the Russian Federation? (Memories of the Future)

There are different opinions as to exactly when the Soviet Union collapsed - August 19, December 8, December 25, 1991 For me, it was always obvious that as a multinational state that can perform basic duties to their citizens, it collapsed in the summer of 1989. Crowds of rioters in one of the republics of the Soviet Union brutally tortured and killed people just for the fact that they were an ethnic Meskhetian Turks, and demanded immediate eviction from their territory. Meskhetian Turks, as you know, were there against their will, as a result of deportation to their historical homeland Read more [...]
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Russian elite to rendez-vous

The change of the millennium has given rise to numerous discussions on the topic "Russia at the crossroads of history." However, this topic in Russia, as in any other country, is relevant in almost any time the country's history, at least the last three centuries. In essence, we are dealing with prolonged continuous "crossroads" where the eternal teenager Russia painfully decides its geographical, historical and metaphysical identity - whether Russia is part of Europe or not? This teenage complex attraction and resentment, is the archetype of the Russian political Read more [...]
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Russia lost the war in Chechnya

She lost her once again. In the nineteenth century, as in 1994-1996. If this is a war for territorial integrity Russia, you probably did not for the integrity of piece of scorched earth, and for the integrity of the multinational Russian people, for the Chechens feel themselves to be citizens of Russia and enjoy all the rights of citizens Russia. Such a war can only be won in the hearts and minds of people. And it may be the first time in half a century, Russia had a chance to win a victory in September and October 1999. Refugees from Chechnya, then cursed Basayev, Khattab, kidnappers. Many Read more [...]
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Higher Bred

THE Smogginess BREAKS: Aptera drops in October.    

Ultimately, one of those Jetsons-looking conception cars we were promised in the mid-eighties is headed for product. The three-wheel loan-blend Aptera gets 300 miles per gal and too comes in an all-electric example that gets 120 miles to a care. Both hit 85 mph and box with the constancy of a four-wheel car. Galvanising, $26,500; intercrossed, $29,500; aptera.com

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The last Russian myth

Two popular politicians rise was recorded in Russia in recent years - Primakov and Vladimir Putin. This is a very different shape, different sources of their popularity. But combines both cases one thing - no real achievements of the politicians or the extent of their personality is clearly not consistent with those related to expectations that reflect the public opinion polls. This means that they had their own ways to address some deep layers of the Russian political irrational subconscious. Lucky property Primakov remind Brezhnev both appearance and substance of their policies have brought Read more [...]
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Orientation in a tropical forest

Navigate the rain forest is very difficult because of the intertwining trees, shrubs, lianas, epiphytes, mosses, and any other representatives of tropical flora. Happy forest looks uninhabited, but at night all life expresses its existence. Symphony of different sounds. In the ears of all time is incessant crackling noise, a rustle, clatter, clicking, chirping, prisvistyvanie etc. To stay on the route, even with a compass, every 50-100 m should identify notable landmark.Wading in tropical forests - a great art. Shoes need to rub soap, wear special stockings of white calico, which are also Read more [...]
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Waiting hoo

We begin with two foreign rants that appeared independently in the same day in two solid Moscow newspapers. "Recent events in the world indicate that the Russian Federation continues to strengthen its position in the international arena. Boastful American concept of a unipolar world is bursting at the seams. Russia's foreign policy successes and growth of its international prestige overt cause irritation of the ocean. Violating all international norms, Washington wants Russia to refuse to cooperate with Iran. Overseas strategists try to make it appear that the growing friendship of Read more [...]
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The extent of melting of the Arctic ice strike

on September 21. In mid-September, when the ice is approaching his new historical minimum, is in the Arctic, Greenpeace ship \"Arctic sunrise\". The expedition included scientists from the UK and the US, which told the Greenpeace about the reasons for the anomalous reduction of ice. Julien Strow, researcher at the U.S. National center for the study of snow and ice, said that this year the ice edge has significantly receded to the North pole. In some places hundreds of miles. In early June, the border of the ice was there, where it usually happens at the end of September (just after the \"Arctic Read more [...]
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See it all

The outwardly serene backdrop of complete apathy of the population, the absolute lack of articulate political opposition, servility and self-censorship in the media "elites" are serious conflicts. In our "counter-revolutionary situation" Nizam has long been all to the bulb, and the top is still itching to do and a lot of what you want. Three sources, three parts Putinism - family, Lubyanka and Chubais - entered zhestskuyu fight, pulling each other's big chunks vlastesobstvennosti. More shoes to wear out no time in which to Putin's inauguration came together, and as Read more [...]
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A Sharpie Picture

    Commemorate the outset meter you watched SportsCenter on a hi-def TV? That's how the survey improves done the lenses of Nikon's new EDG binoculars. Liveliness's erst muzzy details, be they beads of effort on the pitcherful's brow or case-by-case hairs on a lion's mane, grab sharply into direction. Eventide at dawning or crepuscle, the EDG's distortion-free, extra-low-dispersion crank?pregnant brilliant lucidness from bound to abut?dishes up strikingly brilliant images. And with its waterproofed magnesium-alloy consistence, the EDG can grip any kinda campaign, whether that way Read more [...]
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French general and the Russian Colonel

By the summer of 1958 the French Fourth Republic was covered in deep crisis. Proud and conceited French elites extremely painful grieving the loss of the empire and the status of a global power, the military defeat in Vietnam, the growing dependence on the U.S.. Paris rocked the political and financial scandals. Communists get to choose from more than 30% of the vote and had the largest faction in the National Assembly. To top it off, not somewhere in Indochina, and the native French departments - in Algeria - intensified separatist bandit formations. The latter, however, was just what we Read more [...]
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King and the president

Craft, who is engaged in Larry King, like art and active recruitment activities. So we can say that it was a meeting two professionals. Meeting, in which foreign intelligence KGB colonel Vladimir Putin demonstrated a much higher professional level. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who in the service staff is not the chef, not the waiter served the grandfather of Vladimir Putin, was fond of saying, "Comrades, we need useful bourgeois idiots." Now, the great and terrible L. King in our eyes was tamed, pereverbovan and turned into useful bourgeois idiots. The peak of the operational art B. Fishing Read more [...]
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Bench, Mr. President

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the relatives of the crew of the submarine "Kursk" was August 22 overvoltage and dramatic. Which is understandable. But the real tantrum allowed himself to just one person. "Now, as for foreign aid - patiently and somewhat bored trying to explain the president. - Immediately, as soon as the foreign aid has been offered - it was the 15th - so once it Kuroyedov agreed. Count. " Here in the minutes of the meeting should note - "The noise in the hall, screaming." That is not surprising. We all remember the shameful scene in Sochi Read more [...]
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The climate in Russia for a century warming almost twice as fast as all over the world

March 15, 2013. The rate of warming in Russia for 100 years due to global climate change in half to two times faster than worldwide, warns of EMERCOM of Russia. «Over the last 100 years, the temperature increase on the average across Russia and a half to two times as much global warming as a whole in the Ground»- said in a forecast center «Artistiche» 2013. The paper noted that in the twenty-first century, the main part of the territory of Russia «will be in the field more significant warming vs. global». «This warming will essentially depend on the time Read more [...]
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Want to howl

Boris Berezovsky, once said that if you wish it could elect a monkey to the President. Money and PR technologies had enough of this. I do not know. He knows better. Let's see who still chose their money and technology Berezovsky, Abramovich, Voloshin, and Dyachenko Yumasheva March 26, 2000. The tragic death of the "Kursk" opened the eyes of many of those who have been fooled Kremlin propaganda machine, lepivshey retired lieutenant colonel of the Father of the Nation and the Savior of the Fatherland. It is these qualities - the Father and the Savior - the president showed himself Read more [...]
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The colonel, who was mistaken century

The political consciousness of the second President of the Russian Federation is broken and contradictory, and at the same time has a peculiar logic of the absurd and integrity. Good material for analysis views Putin presents his address to the Federal Assembly. It is interesting to note that for the first time before the dutiful heir attacked with withering criticism to its predecessor, without naming him, though, by name. Passages about the demographic catastrophe, the extinction of the Russian people looked like excerpts from the traditional communist opposition accusations of the occupation Read more [...]
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Centipedes and caterpillars

Centipedes are very common in the tropics and some large species can inflict severe pain on his bite. They often bite people, especially in cases when they can not avoid him. Like scorpions, they are dangerous only once in the "trap" - in things, the clothes we wear. Centipedes and caterpillars are sometimes the cause of a large painful swelling (when they were swept away from the skin "against the grain"). The caterpillars can also cause the formation of painful blisters. Can lead to the death of numerous contacts with some varieties of the so-called "electric Read more [...]
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Putrid smell became stronger

Received from his public flogging of the Supreme Commander for the lack of effectiveness of its actions, the Russian generals, it seems, in the shower did not agree with such a sharp and hard-hitting assessment of Putin's FSB colonel. In any case, public comments on TV the next day, Commander of the Joint Group of Russian Forces general-Colonel G. Troshev looked kind of a hidden controversy with Chief. He reported about the constant artillery and air bombardments of mountain regions of Chechnya, where, presumably, hiding the remains scattered bands of rebels. As evidence of the effectiveness Read more [...]
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Russian patient

Attitude of the Russian political class, to Europe, to the West in the last three centuries has always been controversial, painful and extremely emotionally intense. The best Russian political text and today remains Blok poem "Scythians", written in 1918, with its famous line about Russia: "She looks, gazes at you with hatred and with love." As three hundred years ago, and two hundred and twenty, we understand that we can not do without Western technology, investment, self-sufficiency, the Iron Curtain would mean economic and geopolitical catastrophe of Russia. We understand Read more [...]
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2014 Locomote Awards: Jaunt Strategies

Regard a digital detoxify in Northerly California's signal-free Shasta Trio ­National Afforest.     Picture: Getty Images/iStockphotoGet Thither OffsetPrimal Asia is mostly off the tourer map due to protection issues. But one state is safety and fit to recrudesce: Kazakhstan. “Thither are comeupance, forests, and mountains, and practically of it is abandon,” says Kazakh crampon Denis Urubko. Whether it’s mountain-biking 10,000-foot Tien Shan passes, inquisitory for c leopards in the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature ­Second-stringer, or drifting the Ili River, thither’s Read more [...]
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