MudflowMudflow may befall any country, but certainly a strong possibility of such a disaster in mountainous areas. The most dangerous mudslide in those regions, which are located in the valley, they are more prone to flooding. If the city is built in a hollow of the mountains, it will inevitably be subjected to at least one natural disaster, especially the probability of debris flow-prone.

Mudflow descends from the mountains during the heavy rains, which fall on the area. Usually preceded by this disaster hurricane or tsunami. Powerful streams of rain and heavy wind literally wash away the top layer of the earth, because of the strong wind storm water is mixed with the top layer of soil and the rapid flow down from the surface. In this case, the flow rate can be very high, and a layer of dirt mixed with water, thick enough, this flow can bury the whole city.

Mudslides descend, as statistics show, in spring and autumn. It precedes the descent of a severe drought, then sweep over the area and hurricanes

torrential rains that give rise to these mudflows.

To avoid becoming a victim of a natural disaster, it is necessary to learn these rules and tips that will give people who have passed through the test. The mudflow is dangerous because it is virtually impossible to predict, it could collapse so suddenly that even meteorological and geodetic services will not advance to notify local residents.

Such a flow, as well as other natural disasters, has a scale that determines the risk to the public. The lowest score is the thread that resulted from the demolition of a mountain top only land mass, this usually does not carry a serious risk. The real danger is the mudslide, which descends from the highest peaks, capturing on the way stones, boulders and massive trees, it's all mixed in one thread of the destructive power increases, and accordingly, the risk of accidental victims, too. To avoid becoming a victim of debris flow, it is necessary at the first sign of danger to find a place that you will be a good cover. A place that housing should be high enough off the ground, try to avoid to take shelter in the central areas of the city, as it will be there most of the flow. The place where you have to hide, must be reliable if you choose their shelter house, be sure to take cover on the upper floors, even if the stream wash the foundation of your cover, you can still survive, being at the top.

The room chosen for cover should be durable, made of material capital, plywood cover will not help you, it is best to choose a stone building, in the room should not be a top, if they are, they need to be barricaded, or the stream will knock the glass and ruin your shelter.

The mudflow is dangerous because if it covers human, the latter is in its strong grip, mud and rocks bombarded with such force that simply pressed man and he is not able to get out of this trap. Therefore, learning about the impending flow, necessarily, carry anything which will serve you a good digging tool. In no case can not stay in a mud flow on the street, to cope with such elements can not, so you need to find a safe shelter. Some witnesses elements provide shelter for the period close to the mountain from which to descend the stream and make the shelter of a large canopy is very durable, which will serve as a springboard for some of the flow and you will not be able to fill.

In any case, no matter where your shelter, you need to stock up on drinking water. This is because during such a stream clogged all communication and the city can be without water for several days and sometimes weeks. During debris flow increases the risk of infectious diseases, so you should carefully follow the hygiene, to the extent possible in the circumstances. You should stock up not only drinking water, but also food, the main thing — that they are tightly packed.

After convergence of debris flow is desirable to stay in his shelter for a few days until the streets have been cleared. Streets of roads washed away, forming pits and ditches, which, under the layer of dirt is not visible, a man sinking in the pit, rarely get outside.

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