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Knife for a long road to be comfortable at home, strong, gryazeustoychivym and, of course, beautiful.

When people ask me what knife among the sea on the market is to buy a long journey, I advise you to think about a serious knife not to "cut the sausage."

And for what? And the letter "f" for "fsego 'else! There does not even need to dream: a look at the first available site lovers knives and understand that you may need a knife at any moment as in life generally, and particularly in the life on the road. And by the way, sometimes to save this life … In my eyes, two years ago thanks to two knives on his belt brave — jeepers with Patrol in labels have in seconds to cut seat belts and pull hanging upside down from the elderly couple, in blood and without movement of the overturned dozen times and lying in a ditch on the roof mutilated Renault Logan. And speed was necessary because of the crumpled tank directly into the cabin a good stream of tech gasoline (but then later found out that the blow threw the battery away from the machine and spark theoretically should not be).

From this nonfictional case should at least one truth "knife 4×4» on the road should always be available in the second. But the features of the blade can be many. In my educated opinion, the most important are: comfortable to wear and remove, the possibility of long-term use in harsh conditions (ie in water, mud, and possibly in the fuel oil from the sun deck), the strength and functionality of the design, well, still an acceptable cut — sausage with some bread on the run from the hands of one of the navigator has not been canceled!

Try to look at selected samples is important as the knives for the driver utility. Let us pay attention to the following, rather traditional knife test points:

1. Appearance and design features.

2. Comfortable to wear.

3. Ease of use (sliced bread, tomatoes, sausage, rubber and rope, whittling wood, strip the wire).

Molle slots on the sheath and dark green "mikarta" to handle talking about military roots

Blade satin (matte) focusing the thumb of the domestic steel H12mf (strong and solid, well kept chipping and zaminanie cutting surface, but less corrosion resistant, maintenance free after work). The knife is small, but it looks powerful. Has clearly highlighted and civil and non-corrosive. Handle of dark green "mikarty" (similar to "PCB"), a traditional material for knife handles tactical combat, able to withstand very high loads. The epoxy resins used in this "mikarte" have a health certificate for working with food. For strength to break the knife used the patented "M — layer" where the handle as it covers the entire thickness of the butt on the sides, and then a thinner liner goes back for another 2/3 of its length.

Comfortable anatomical handle is well kept in hand at different grip. "Mikarta" not slippery when wet, and eventually becomes more uhvatisty profile. Strong sheath of thermoplastic "Kaydeks" with a reliable "automatic" lock provides convenient and secure carrying a knife on your belt at all times. However, the pistol clip can be attached to a pocket knife, or just to wear lapel. Can be worn in the city without attracting too much attention.

The deflection at the cutting edge helps Planing operations, providing "picks up" effect. Falshlezvie butt to facilitate penetration into solid materials — such as frozen fish or meat. Cutting to prevent slippage of the handle and the blade did not hurt his hand. It is quite easy to work with both the product and the technical materials such as rubber or synthetic rope. Among the additional features of great interest, of course, the "broken glass" in the back plate handles, which can save a life — modern auto glass not vybesh fist.

Summary: designed specifically for off-road adventure and executed on the excellent technical level, hand made in the best sense of the word.

Small knife for a long journey with a powerful, versatile and sharp blade

Knife the same Moscow R.V.S. firm, but not showing "UAZ», a Toyota 4Runner. Apparently, hence the name. Compact, versatile "road" knife concealed carry. Because of the short length, very thick and beautiful blade impression of calm and security. German steel used for cutting qualities better than AUS-8, and is comparable to hggmf, but virtually non-corrosive, does not require wiping — in other words, better able to work with edible. The handle also from "mikarty" but the black (the color of the polymer depends on the original color of fabric.) Mounting the handle — the same "M — layer."

Plastic sheath with a pistol clip, as in the previous model, but without any other army lotions like grooves Moile. Small knife with no protruding parts and elements clinging comfortably under clothing and totally invisible.

If you want, you can unscrew the clip and prishnurovat knife as convenient. You can even hang on a cord around his neck upside down. Sheath provide a secure grip and blade come off well when you click on them with your thumb.

Powerful blade and wide enough descents combine reliability and excellent cutting performance. Drop-shaped handle with grooves podpaltsevymi fits both male and female in his hand, and thrust and cut ensure a secure grip. Non-aggressive appearance combined with absolutely your household size can be "The Fugitive" with a virtually all situations.

Summary: A beautiful and quality made universal working knife for everyday use, which is convenient to use in the car — for example, waiting for a blizzard swept winter road.

Knife entry level — comfortable and sharp, but some relief-teen

Satin Japanese steel blade of AUS-8. Stainless steel is almost, but not inclined to keep the long grind. Handle molded from soft, rubber-like plastic. Leather sheath with tight loop and push-button clasp. The shape is more like knife throwing, but a travel knife work, without much aggression in appearance.

And although the "appearance" it is not very challenging, wear it anywhere at a gas station or a roadside shop is somehow improper.

Remove — hang leather sheath can only be unfastened belt. Other options besides wearing the belt is not provided. Generally of such a sheath knife easily lost if accidentally undoing the retaining strap, and when wet, for example, a long rain, close to samotravmirovaniya — the skin is soft and easy to cut through.

Despite the wide slopes, very good knife cuts. Cutting on the butt is too sharp and can damage the thumb when the emphasis on it. Flattened oval handle well controlled at work, but has a distinct "bins": wash it after a serious mud, but just meat or fish, it is difficult — need a brush!

Additional features not.

Summary: It is convenient for those who like to work with a different grip, very versatile due to a decent length. But the sheath …

African wenge wood on the hilt of the blade adjusts to the kind of adventure.

Large representative tourist and hunting style. The steel from Germany — too classic for universal blades have 40 years … Wenge wood handle. Sheath of black leather. And the length of the blade enough to replace a kitchen knife at the time … But, as it is clear that for dzhiperskogo knife is not important. "Huntsman" looks like a gun hunter, but a business-household products, as evidenced by a certificate of conformity that came with the knife with the purchase.

Of course, this is a typical "Polevik," and in the belt it will be totally out of place. And getting to the nature, you can not hide the real man wearing attribute. Free loops hanging convenient tough because landing safely with a knife sheath podgibayutsya and not rest against the hilt in the ribs.

Handle with podpaltsevoy notch, made of beautiful wood, very comfortable, and the hand does not slide off when working in the rain, but not sure that the tree — the best material for fuel oil dzhiperskih often smeared hands. For sufficiently thick blade and wide slopes with a good sharp knife even the dismantling of tender tomatoes.

Additional features not.

Summary: The quality and beautiful tourist knife lovers to spend most of the journey out of the car.

Huge tactical knife with sawed guard — he will be in the SUV, closely.

Blade with black anti-reflection coating of camouflage by the same Japanese steel AUS — 8. Abbreviation in the title means SRK Survival Rescue Knife, ie knife for rescue and survival. Handle rezinoplastika cast of "Kraton". On the Russian market knives come with a slightly reduced guard — allowed us to 5 mm. The shape of the blade is similar to the AKM bayonet, but also with cutting functions. According to some, it is used in the divisions of the American army.

Sheath cast of plastic, with 'Army' grooves Molle mount handling system and additional holes, including clips Tek-Lok, which allows to mount the knife on any element of modern equipment at any angle and even the handle down (but out of the box is only variable suspension with push-button clasp). Sheath excellent snapped the knife, and straps in general can not use, it even prevents. Velcro on the suspension can take — sheath worn without undoing his trouser belt. However, the knife is very large and heavy, in the car on the belt will stop. In addition, together with a sheath produces quite aggressive impression on others, and do not revile him quietly.

With powerful blade has narrow slopes and thick cutting edge. Such an imprisoned mount with the mediocre cut. Food cut, but squeezes tomato and soft bread. Besides black coating does not cause the desire to use it for cooking … Not the best because of the geometry of rubber stuck in the tree does not hit. But well balanced for chopping work. Barbed handle rectangular honeycomb despite cuts, with "wet" work a little slide in the hand, but with a substantial and sustained efforts naminaet palm.

Summary: It is a good, honest, inexpensive and simple knife, but if you're a peaceful traveler, then this is clearly a militaristic tool, first, would not be very comfortable in the car, and secondly, will only cause confusion inhabitants and, worse, police (although with sawed guard knives is not).

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