Snow … snow everywhere

Odessa, Paris, Volgograd, Kamchatka, Ukraine, Moscow — all in the snow.
And the Far East and the United States to Canada. This was not very long ago.


The consequences of snowfall in Odessa.

Due to bad weather in Odessa and the region have irregular supply of bread, reports "Interfax". Snowfall and cold paralyzed traffic and thus violated the delivery schedule of bread in shops and kiosks.

Corresponding to "Interfax" reports from the scene that the residential areas of the village and Kotovsky Tairov no bread to December 16. In Iljichovsk Ovidiopol and Belgorod-Dniester region Odessa bread is also no.

Many shops in the city were only selling drying. The shops, which bread still there, long lines. Interruptions in delivery of bread in retail outlets due to heavy snowfall also occurred in Kherson and Donetsk.

The bad weather in the cities of Ukraine a few days ago. Due to bad weather 37 localities were without electricity. Roads in the city were blocked, the airport operates intermittently.


France began heavy snowfalls. This provoked a serious problem on the roads. Jams stretched for more than 300 kilometers. However, a serious effect on the operation of airports snow did not have. Takeoffs and landings are fully met.

All, according to the French national weather service Meteofrance, snow fell across much of the country in half the departments announced a high level of anxiety, travel and emergency services are on high alert.

Particularly severe snowfall affected the north. In Normandy, documented numerous jams, the police had to stop the movement of heavy vehicles. In several cities on the line did not come buses not running for school transport.


In Volgograd, due to heavy snowfall continuing sharp rise in the number of road accidents. In the city there were more than 200 accidents — the average for the day. The situation remains tense in regional roads Volgograd region, visibility of less than a few tens of meters. STSI police in Volgograd region asks drivers not to travel or spend the night in roadside hotels. In the traffic police have also reported that in some areas runs movement may stop temporarily.


Heavy snowfall caused the closure of the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. According to forecasters, has already received more than a third of monthly rainfall. It is noted that according to preliminary information, airport will not work until Thursday evening. Already delayed several flights. Is clearing the runway of snow. Airport workers until mogut say exactly whether they will cope with the effects of natural disaster in the course of the day.


Snowfalls deenergized 160 settlements in the south of Ukraine

Heavy snowfall that hit the south of Ukraine on December 16, caused 160 dead settlements in Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, and created problems on the roads, said on Thursday the press service of the Emergencies Ministry. Snowfall, which continued into the night on Thursday, have also led to aggravation of the situation on the roads in the south.


Heavy snowfall is expected in the night from Saturday to Sunday, when the Moscow region will approach the cyclone from the Balkans. Snowfall dramatically increase, the wind rises, and the thermometer bounce up to -7 ° C. The beginning of the week is expected to be approximately the same but in the environment may thaw.

Novosibirsk area

December 17-18, in the Novosibirsk region is expected cold snap also predicted sleet, heavy in places, storms, glaze effects, wet snow.

Possible emergencies at most inter-municipal level, associated with damage (breakage) transmission and power lines, falling insecure structures, breakdown of the roof of buildings, disruption of transport, traffic and public services, increasing the number of road accidents.

Source: RSN,, RBC,, RIA Novosti,, Regnum

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