The untouched wilds of the taiga. Horror Nights taiga


One summer, in the middle of July 1994, I decided to explore the upper reaches of the Deep key is hidden in the forest of Southern Primorye. Key originates near Bald hills north of Partisan pass. I was interested in areas where you can make a salt licks, make planting ginseng and build a little hut secret.

About seven in the morning, after a brief trip by car, I was on a bridge over the key of the deep. Difficulties traveling with me shared eighteen months setter Dick. With a driver, I arranged for a day, in the evening, he immediately and we will meet. Soon we were all alone Dick of Manchu taygi.A it different then its pristine. Giant Cedars closely approached the dirt road. Some bumps to fall directly on the cars. To feast on wild grape or lemon grass, enough to move away from the road a few tens of meters. We turned on logging roads, which starts right from the bridge and began to move quickly on the Seaside "jungle." Observant eye noted a large number of rare plants in the Far East. The abundance of mature cedar, elm, linden, Manchurian walnut, Amur cork, Aralia, cherry Maca, Siberian apples, currants, rowan, hazel, Actinidia vines, grape vine — this is not a complete list of this diversity. And the air, clean air taiga. He is full of sweet smells of drugs and gives energy. Dozens of tracks boar, roe deer, badgers crossing the road. A little further from the road trodden black bear edge pools with her bare feet. I was happy abundance of animals, birds and plants. Dick poking through the surrounding bushes, sniffing a badger threshold, studied traces of a bear, loudly barked at grouse broods. His barking is not only scare away game, and dangerous predators. So I quietly moved further and further in search of adventure. In the third kilometer, I could smell the fire and honey. A few minutes later, around the corner of the road, he heard a loud discordant barking and swearing hoarsely fine … — … Well, Rogue, stop — there was out of the bushes. -Come on, my only fear with bark. Because of the fields for the bush, which stood about a hundred beehives. On the other side of the field nestled trailer. Near homemade table stumps instead of chairs, containers for honey, fishing rods, several canisters, a chainsaw. I was met by the stocky old man with a long beard and a shotgun. Who are you going to f? — He asked. -I New Russia, pilot. Go to the upper Deep, scouting pass the pass. -Tobbacco not treat yourself? — Asked beekeeper, discharging the gun. I treated host "Accept." He in turn invited to tea. For about an hour we were having tea, infused with forest herbs, dine fresh honey, have a rest and only then continued talking. Since the law requires the taiga hospitality: invite, give, give me a break, and then and ask. -What's your name, then you? -Matthew Ivanovich they call. -Is there a key to pass on Bald? — I asked, taking the card. -Passage-that is, yes it is mackerel. And Deep is about two kilometers road, then the path will go, and then only on the ridge. The upper reaches of the key overwhelmed. Way to turn on the ridge near the excavator. I ask in detail about the location of a rusty shovel. I learned that on the ridge to the right is zverovaya trail that brings closer to the top of the old portage Forestry. He then lead me to Bald. From the conversation learned that Matvey former fishermen, many times beat the beast, used to go for a root and panty. Now retired, but can not live without the taiga and therefore settled beekeeper. Ivanovich strongly swore bears. -We have to keep the gun at the ready, the bear tortured. Last Week twice plundered. -How he manages unnoticed clues apart? — I asked in surprise. Beekeeper explained that shaggy thief does not break and evidence, but first takes the whole thing. -Why brainy one! Evidence and will take his key, that means the bees calm down — told grandfather Matthew. I could not believe in such a mind, rather accidentally found the remains in a key piece of evidence, that invented a story, but who knows. -Right now the dogs at night released to the Goblin a little hold. So a new attack. About three weeks ago came Amba, the dog took the Irtysh. I wondered at the expense of the tigers, listen different stories. Matvey I told that I was going to spend the night on the mountain pass, and come back tomorrow night. Low-fire pozhgi richer your dog to taste Ambe. There, on the Bald, Amba owner. -No, I have a gun and rocket launcher. And the fire of any animal is afraid — I said confidently. Beekeeper nodded and wished me luck, and lodged on the road a good piece of honeycomb. I said goodbye to an experienced taezhnikom and continued on his way. Not far from clearing the road crossed the key. I wandered around everywhere came across fresh tracks of a bear. So watches shaggy evidence. Clearly at night again will rob. Gradually the hills pressed stream and reduce the width of the floodplain. The road wound, often passed through the passages until suddenly split. One went right through the key. Second, very overgrown, went along the deep, to the north. I went for the second. Literally tunnel taiga surrounded me on all sides. The left and right wall shrubs, vines and vine Actinidia. Top, crown and vines were closing, forming a living roof. Every twenty meters grouse flew noisily. Several protein tsokaya loudly, looked puzzled at me from the trees. Very soon, right in the bush appeared old excavator. He served as a turning mark to enter the ridge that rises between the Left and the Right of the deep. The key itself is not greater than the depth of a foot. But during a typhoon, it turns into the terrible raging stream, the water level rises of up to three meters. Seen explorers found the key to the big water, so they called it that. As soon as I went up to the ridge, the vegetation changed to a mountain. Manchurian mixed forest type was replaced by pine-fir. I served as a guiding light a small ferocious path, which as it rises gradually deteriorating. In many places, the trail filled up windbreak. A couple of times the movement slowed due to climbing shoes. Soon the slope crest decreased reappeared maple, linden, Actinidia, lemongrass and I suddenly came to a barely noticeable fiber. Remained the top hundred meters in height. I turned to the left and after a few tens of meters out into the clearing. After the inspection area, this old abandoned logging me well. Then I decided to put a tent … A few hours cut down the pole of the young firs and constructed a frame tent. Themselves for the strength of the pole knocked together with nails and carefully pour in the ground. Roof served as cellophane, which at the edges I prikopat ground. Before dwelling ten meters and cut down bushes lined the rocky area. An hour has collected a large amount of brushwood, to a dozen major Kolodin dry overnight. Meanwhile Dick carefully examined the surrounding area, students will be, caught butterflies. He especially liked to chase the locusts. Towards evening I went through a die, hoping to shoot grouse for dinner. On the way back, about a hundred yards short of the camp, I distinctly heard the sound of water. -Probably going crazy — the first thing I thought. But as it turned out, the sound is coming from under the rocks above the trail. I turned a few blocks and saw a thin stream of water. Then I deepened excavation pit overlaid with stones and clay. The result was a small pond, which immediately began to gather water. An hour later I had a full supply of delicious, cold, spring water from my first life key. It managed to shoot grouse, himself came and sat on a branch near the fontanel. For lighting the fire quietly dropped dusk. Blurred outlines of the trees purchased form, flashing flames danced on the hut and shrubs. The forest comes alive. Dozens of residents swarmed him in leaf litter. I did not pay much attention to it. Animal afraid of fire and should not go to the fire. I liked this camp. Here, at a height of about a thousand meters, not pestering gnats and mosquitoes, there was no wind, and excessive moisture. Beautiful views of the valley and the mountain Shkotovki Bald. I felt comfortable among the countless stars that flashed in the sky. Dick betrayed me even more confidence, though, just in case the gun away and did not want to clean the lamp. Dick, too, like being in the forest. As the puppy accustomed to the wild meat, it works on animals and birds, could spend hours combing the bush hook and fallen trees, tirelessly kilometers drove the beast, was not afraid to go into the water and just go back to the call of the horn. Wood — native element for Dick. With great care, I was preparing dinner … grouse soup and tea with lemon. This is what I dreamed of since childhood. Romance. To stay in the forest with a night in the wilderness, cook dinner, sit by the fire, watch the stars, listen to the sounds of the forest …-rrrr …! Hau! Hau! — Echo raced through the forest. Dick, with tousled hair standing near the fire and looked into the darkness on the other side of the clearing. -Rrr …! — Dick growled again, moving back to me. Unpleasant feeling swept chill down my spine. I grabbed the gun and flashlight illuminated edge of the clearing, but did not. -Probably a bear came, — I thought. Still, the fire threw to gather. For a cigarette remembered horror stories that read earlier: about bears, rods, man-eating tigers, even about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. Memories brought forth fantasies and induced fear, forcing huddle by the fire and watch the behavior of the dog. Dick was lying right next to the fire, glancing nervously toward the clearing. I first observed this behavior. But gradually took its hunger and we started dinner. I enjoyed the taste of the soup of the grouse, cooked odor of taiga. When half of the pot moved to my stomach, Dick jumped, ran to the hut and barked to the summit hill … Light lamp not scattered puzzle — shrub approaching too close to the tent and on the first row of bushes lantern nothing highlighted. And Dick growled and moved back to me. I instinctively sensed danger and retreated to the fire. -What is it? That side of the clearing, now in the rear. Someone asked us explicitly. Here Dick shook his whole body, tail between his legs and suddenly appeared behind me. Hair on the shoulder stood on end, his legs were shaking. Dick felt the danger. We are one conceals and was near. But how close and who — I do not know. The pause lasted long. Now I heard a twig snapped just thirty meters behind my tent. Dick whined and shivered all over. -No, I was not so easy to take, fire-then you should be afraid. I grabbed a few pieces of wood erupted and threw them into the darkness … and the sound of rustling bushes receding jumping told me that the probability of an attack is exhausted. To celebrate, picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. Loud echo shot rolled through the forest, the tension was relieved. Only then I realized that his legs were shaking, not only Dick. -The danger passed, but for how long? We need to consolidate the camp. But what? Fire! The brain was working furiously, trying to remember the knowledge of survival in the presence of dangerous predators. In the darkness, a man — the most helpless creature, and his courage. You can rush through the taiga, away from the terrible place, not thinking that exposes himself to greater danger. Many people die from panic or hasty action. Need to calm down and realize that the danger and how to behave. Need to force yourself to think and act. -Fire! Need a fire around the camp. So, does the triangle! Three fire! Immediately. Just to make it. In pace moved logs and firewood to the hut, cut down the old pine, which stood near the camp, narwhal dry grass, birch bark to ignite fires, prepared three birch bark torch. Somewhere in my heart I felt that the "guest" will come. Dick was a danger detector. As he lay by the fire and looked around. In order to strengthen the camp, I prepared to ignition of a fire tent to cut bushes and second from the right on the trail, cutting a blockage of the camp. It is estimated that wood until the morning for three fire just short. Therefore ignite fires back to as late as possible. Calculated cartridges only twelve, of which only three bullets. Prepared by reactive missile and signal torch, a knife stuck in his boots. -Rrreeu — Dick growled again. He trembled and clung to me, but now his attention to the blockage. -Well, let's povoyuem. Whoever you are, I have nowhere to retreat from the fires, — I said burning bark torch. Already birch bark torch lit back fires. All together, they broke out into flames. Glade and nearby bushes lit meters for twenty or thirty. Dick still growled at Dam, which blot fallen firs silhouetted against the bushes. -RDF, RDF, Kwee, Kwee, Kwi. — Fluttered Pichuga frightened, flying out of the dam and immediately disappeared into the darkness. With a loud hiss went up rockets fired me. Cotton and bright red light shone taiga. For a bright spot, the color like a goat or a lynx, it seemed to me, flashed from the dam up the slope. Rustling bushes snapped twig, something fell and the sound stopped. Dick shook, but sat quietly by the fire. -So .. again survived! There is time for a smoke and think. "Guest" clearly came from the dam. It did not work from the field, then to the top, but he insists on going to the camp. What kind of animal ran away from the dam to determine if the red light flickering rocket is very difficult. I would have thought that a tiger, but the size did not seem to like that. More like a lynx or leopard. That he should be here, too, is not clear. And it is not afraid of fire. This time was a long pause. Several times I smoked, tossed the logs in the fire, drank tea, boil again set a new one. Taiga silent. The most interesting thing that had never heard a sound as if Taiga lurking. Dick spun around me, some chewing stick, ran off: and to the tent and a campfire, sometimes sniffing, but behaved more confidently. Looking at his behavior, I also relaxed. Taiga is still silent. "Guest" from the darkness itself is no longer exhibited. About two hours I spent waiting, still holding the gun. The fires were burning hot, and provided a good flame. Yawning and drowsiness finally overcame me and I fell into poludremu … Ay-vee-vee, WCI-y, Bu-u-a, .., — I heard a sleepy voice Dick. -Dick! Dick! Shu-chug, chug-shu .. Shu-choo — approaching jumps off. Nothing was wondering, I saw Dick that stooping and looking around, tail between his legs, came out of the darkness to the camp. From the buzz and noise the impression that he was being chased by a herd of predators. Dick then flew into the pot, turned it over, stepped feet to the fire and yelled more trenchant. I pulled the trigger …-Iayu … Wii … ba-ba-boom .. vvaauu — merged together and howling dogs, and shot and dull roar of the clearing. At the time of the flash shots in the opening of the trail, I saw a large shadow just outside the camp. But then burnt dog hit me in the leg and I lost my balance. -Naa … the … hell! Ba-ba-boom … — again swept through the taiga. I jumped up, reloaded his gun and fired twice over the bushes. In a panic, threw a few embers in the bushes and on the trail again, reload, set fire to the bark torch. My ears were ringing, steaming out of the fire, the pot, without the tea, lay nearby. Silence. Only the crackling fire and my heart was pounding, and I was shaking, as the charge of electricity. Culprit turmoil, Dick, lying on his side, blew streams of urine and unnatural jerky breathing. -What was it? I tried to remember the details. Dick walked seen yet from the fire and assaulted some predator, whom I saw in the opening of the trail. Shots and our cries stopped him. So went the attack on the dog. That dog will not let me rest. "Your dog to taste Ambe" — I remembered the words of the old taezhnika. Mean dog. Even the fires do not prevent attacks Amby. Amba! Only now I got it. Yes, of course, it's a tiger. This tiger is interested dog. Insulate Dick and more. I took the bandage from the first aid kit, he rewound the mouth, feet bound and covered jacket. Around the camp poured kerosene from a bottle to fight off the smell. Then a dozen more embers scattered around the camp. Rest of the night I dreamed shadow noises. Fears and fantasies mutili my mind. I darted between the fires, tossed wood embers threw in the bushes, shot … Gradually the shadows disappeared, again I saw the meadow, the trail and the surrounding hills. Dawn began. Singing birds and the red glow from the top proved it. The nightmare is over. Now I saw the bushes and debris and was able to see the enemy, there can be no promazhu neither will come close to the dangerous distance. Have to go. Only three rounds and heavy fatigue after night. Many do not navoyueshsya. And the dog will remain a hindrance. Hastily assembled camp, Dick loaded into a backpack and headed home. Just twenty meters from the camp on the trail found tiger tracks in the heel of six centimeters. So young. That's why he was not afraid of the fire and shooting. Nothing, I will come back here without a dog and know everything about you, the owner of the taiga …

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