Transport, storage and use of game

At a one-day hunting problems with transportation, storage and use of small game, as a rule, does not arise. Only in exceptional cases, the trophies are so abundant that it is necessary to resort to special methods of storage. It should, perhaps, only to remember that in the late summer and fall on the carcass quickly flies lay eggs. If grouse for 30-40 minutes to hang on the tree, taking up the fire, drinking tea, etc., then they are likely to prove of flies infected eggs (when the hunter is fowl, eggs it did not lay a fly). Back at camp, you can not throw the game anywhere, before processing the birds need to pay attention to the areas of carcasses in the eyes, beak, the wounds, because it is there to lay eggs. If you find them just scrape, they die if singe birds, dead eggs are easily washed away with water.

When traveling, even for two days, for example, on the summer hunt, already need to take care of the safety of trophies. Good results are obtained using dry mustard, a sprinkle wounds, abdominal carcasses, poured it into the bill. In any case, they got the bird to gut and abdomen filled with nettles, bracken, and pushed them into the beak. Salt storage is not recommended to use the birds if they do not involve smoking. Birds caught in the first day, keep depending on the hunt or in a cool, isolated from flies indoors or in a gauze bag, hanging on a tree. In short, the place should be ventilated and possibly cooler. Totally unsuitable for how-ever long-term storage of game polyethylene (except when fully processed meat is placed in cold water.)

In any case caught birds should be cooled as quickly as possible. To this end, earlier used bag — game-bag for carrying game. Now, it is carried in a backpack, ie almost in an unventilated container. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to equip a backpack net that hung from the top (on the site of the largest pocket). That game does not fall out of the net, top it delayed cord.

Under existing rules of hunting strict rules shooting most of the birds are removed from the September 15, ie in the autumn, when the weather gets cooler. During this period may be many days hunting trip when is realistic enough to get heavy trophies. These trophies are mostly grouse.

In kooptorgovskih stores in many cities you can often see these birds — pathetic, unappetizing clumps of feathers. Very reluctant to buy them, and it is clear — peremorozhenny unskinned grouse — not a delicacy, also with him to more work.

Does it follow that the grouse generally of little value product? Of course not. So how does this game save, brought from distant taiga?

You need to have the proper utensils, fat, salt and desire. Having come from hunting, grouse need to process, ie pluck, singe. In the morning, before going into the forest, they are washed, put out, put in a leak-proof container, press down with stones so that the birds covered juice, oil (to be afraid to put a heavy yoke of up to 10 kg is not necessary, the birds did not happen). Cooked game — only varnish lure flies. Therefore, the dishes should be covered with hazel absolutely "muhonepronitsaemoy" cover (tie wrap) and put the key in the cold. This operation can be carried out after two days of hunting, keeping scorched, but not of washed grouse, arrangements of nettles or bracken, in the same key in a cool waterproof container.

To extinguish the best use wide aluminum pot. To it is necessary to have two covers — one internal, which is pressed down grouse, and the second covering the pan itself. Pinned to the bottom of the birds do not bristle, par fried better. Fry until lightly browned until grouse on both sides. At the same time we can not allow to boil away all the available juice in a saucepan. Boiling birds spread in packaging items for their transportation, and cover with clean film. In this way, provided the elements of conservation — in the product is the minimum number of microorganisms, as soon as it cools, the development of these organisms has been slow and the total duration of storage increases. Unless absolutely necessary to shift the birds from one container to another should not be, after such shifting they spoil faster.

It is desirable for the transport and storage make a rectangular box made of stainless steel. They are easy to put in the refrigerator, where they can be stored for up to a month, especially if you remove the pan from the freezer.

In addition to this method of harvesting can be recommended another, which is especially good when there is production of capercaillie. It is very similar to the previous one, differing from it in that transported only roast meat, giblets. Of bone soup is cooked for use at hunting. With one cut grouse about 200 grams of pulp, with grouse — up to 2 kg. Grilled meat is transported in the same way as the grouse carcass. His home-packed in plastic and store in the freezer. This cold slices of meat — a delicacy, they give a unique taste of meat salads. Have a dozen or two of these bags for special occasions is very convenient.

Somewhat differently treated meat ungulates. At their summer production on "meat" license problems with the storage of meat. Take care of this need from the first minutes after the extraction of the animal, ie it must immediately skinned, meat cool, expanding its individual pieces. We should strive to move as little as possible meat hands, in every way to alienate him from the viscera, perhaps more accurately implement self skinning. Remember, always lie microorganisms in food, there are lots of dirty hands on the ground. Much less — ohvoennyh branches, bracken. A lot of bacteria in the river water. Usually plenty of them in our camping backpacks. With this in mind, it should be appropriate and the transportation of meat, using a clean plastic bags.

Further processing of the product depends on the number of consumers, storage, processing capabilities. The classic way to store — Jerky in a barrel or other container. In this case the safety within a half to two months at 7-8 ° C in the "ice" key can be achieved by salting the rate of 70 g of salt per 1 kg of pulp (the bones should be used at once.) Then cook a corned beef after preliminary soaking, which further reduces the taste of the product.

We have had good results, conserving pulp in three-liter jar and storing them in a very cold manner. Canning was a stewing in their own juices of meat, which is then folded into the hot boiled jars. This stew before serving again boiled and fried.

In the field, a reliable method of storing is smoking. To this end, cut the flesh, cut into strips, salted and smoked. Smokehouse is used is the same as for cold-smoked fish. Salt in this case take the much smaller (13-15 g per 1 kg). Very pickling can be carried in a hole, lined with a piece of polyethylene, they also covered the meat from flies. Duration salting — four hours in cool weather — a few more. The meat is then taken out and hung on the "rack", drained juice and begin to smoke. For hot-smoked version (temperature about 60 ° C), duration 6-8 hours during cold (temperature 25-40 ° C) deadline is extended to two or three days.

Smokehouse harbor itself is usually a piece of old canvas, old cloak — in short, do not let anyone smoke and more or less resistant materials with little odor. Temperature when smoking should not exceed 50-60 ° C. Wood used for smoking hardwood, raw or even wet, do not give the flame. You should not take the birch logs and branches with bark, from which the pitch is released.

Smoking can be combined with dried, reducing the concentration of smoke. You can even jerk meat in the sun or in the open fire, but use of the latter requires constant attention and greatly complicates the whole technology. The less smoked meat, lower the salt, more moisture, so it generally tastes better, but at the same time faster moldy. This product should be stored in a well-ventilated place in a clean cloth bags. At home, not had time to dry the meat, you can save without finish drying in the freezer, tightly wrap it in polythene.

Smoked meat is usually eaten without further heat treatment, it is very convenient to take with you into the forest, is on the move.

Autumn-winter prey animals are after the cold weather, and storage of trophies in this case is much simpler.

Nevertheless, even in winter when the elk or deer production quality of the product can also be aggravated by inefficient storage — stall pieces of meat in a box or bag, which is on the balcony. Quently frozen to variable not reduced flavor and quality of the product, the pulp must be separated from the bones, make portions, ie used for one or two times, and freeze several times obmoknuv the water. With this ice cap is formed, which prevents the freezing out of juice, chapping. The water can be replaced with polyethylene plastic bags, packaging them such portions. Keep in mind that the meat was extremely undesirable defrost and freeze again, as this necessarily follows from it some amount of juice.

Caught in the cold hare, capercaillie, grouse and other small game, in any case, you must immediately after hunting process, you can not freeze with the innards, which are often to the same beat. In general, it should be borne in mind that the freeze had not improve the quality of the meat and the need to resort to it only when necessary.

Siberian particular product is the steak — promorozhennaya meat of ungulates, which is eaten raw, cutting into thin slices and dipping in salt, mixed with black pepper. Like the steak from fish, this product can be used only under certain precautions to bear ice month and a half or two.


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