Two years later

Two years later

It has been almost two years since I said goodbye to its forests, with their bears, and in all that time I have not been able to visit the village or in the forest or in a hunting lodge on the shore of Lake taiga … How is he without me, my forest? How are my bears? Only occasionally came to me a short letter from hunters and fishermen, with whom I had become acquainted during the two years of life in the forest. But there were hunters and fishermen are now rare in the forest and almost nothing to tell me. The owner lives there yet? Whether wandering on the throne at the Upper Lake Forester moody? Do not kill any of my old friends? Maybe some of them have already become an old, left his forest trails and permanently parted with the taiga? ..

I knew that the bears — killed by a shot, killed by hit moose hooves, but animals can also simply die. Etched in my memory the story of Victor Gerasimov forester how bears are dying on the forest path, pulling in front of him last time already weakening legs and slumped to the ground between the paws of a large, foreheaded head. From this memory I felt another time sad, sad, and it was because I could not, as before, from spring to winter, wander through the familiar forest trails.

I was at this time other work. I had to tell people about the forest, the bears say the main thing that I learned and what to believe.

I have already finished their work on a book about Zaonezhskoe taiga. Quite close it was winter, I sensed it coming and wanted very much before the winter at least for a day to get there, where they lived my bears. And finally the train.

Small North Railway Station, the bus on a long and cold pozdneosenney road and in the northern end of the road a large village, where only recently started my forest trails.

In a way I was late, lost one day on the way to the train, one day on the bus, and the time I have left now only on the way back home, but there is still rains and swollen once under heavy rain swamps. Reach their taiga lake I could not. For afternoon tea in a warm oven we sat with Peter and Basil into the night, recalling the forest trails, telushek and, of course, our bears.

Since then, much has changed in the forest. Bears really wandered out of the woods, went closer to the forest villages, where more people live, and only on straight roads but on the trail at Lake Superior met Basil in it and in the summer bears traces.

Of course, the straight road from the creek Pashev still haunting owner, and at the Lake Superior remained Forester. The nature of the owner, according to Basil, has not changed. He also "meets" every person — or appears in front on the road, or cracks in the side of the bushes. A forester's seemingly wild and now does not go away, but when you go to the trail …

Just recently went to Lake Superior fishermen. However, among these fishermen were no real forest miners. Fishermen were noisy, calling each other and hoping that the beast, hearing them, will go away. To the Upper Lake was not much. And then the trail grew a hefty bear

Bags and leaves the gun, adults screaming fled and long then did not dare to go back and pick up confused property …

I listened to this story, which I recounted in the people again and again to Basil, laughed with Basil and Peter, and just knew that there, on the trail to the upper lake, met fishermen nervous my Forester. Lesnik stayed true to himself and earnestly coast forest path in which end on the shore of Lake Superior occurred three years ago, our first meeting …

Howled among the stories that are told to me by my friends, and a story that made me think … Most recently, the magazine "Science and Life" published my story about bears. Though I tried to conceal the real names of the rivers and lakes, but the banks of which roamed my bears, though I did not give the address Bear State, but one of the hunters somehow doznatsya exactly where the live host, Mother, Skull and others familiar to me animals. And at the end of this summer, almost right up to the fall, came to our place, "Motorized Brigade" shooters with guns and with a desire to get the bear skins.

Earnings "shrewdness" hunters in our seats on bikes and motorcycles is hoping to get into the woods. But the motorcycles brave arrows thrown, still not arriving before the forest road. Perhaps, these people would find my bears, but, fortunately, none of them was able to carry heavy bags of food and equipment for forest roads Carr — swamps. Yes, local hunters, laughing and chaffed over urban arrows they uttered such horrors as bad painted our bears that guests immediately forgetting all their desires and completely abandoning the bear skins, immediately turned back and a shrill barking little dogs raced off to the local their bikes out of our forests.

Though we laughed that night on the mountain-hunters, but mortification did not leave me … Really for skins, which will then be collecting dust on the wall or on the floor, you can pick up weapons on the beast, which only yesterday openly staring into the eyes of the man? No, it was a betrayal. Any help on the betrayal I could not. That's why I so long refused to start a great story about their bears, which is why so late there was this book. And only now, when in my woods long that all changed when on-site wetlands yesterday laid logging roads, and hunting for bears in our area almost forbidden, I allowed myself to remember his old friends.

But now, in the Arkhangelsk taiga brown bears roam, these animals live in the neighboring Karelian woods. And I ask all those who met in the forest throne footprints of these large, leisurely beasts: remember that these animals are often trusting and curious, he never for no particular reason not to bear on the rise of man, and try to move away, give way to man the road. This much our Russian Bear, the owner of northern forests, so much his character, frank and sincere. And something of the nature of the beast taiga cute Russian man, not zabyvshemu forest roads. Believe me, our bear, long lived side by side with people who do not like empty arguments, while at the same time, but can not forgive their own bitter resentment. And there will never be a real Russian forests without our bear will become so. — The forest was more like a suburban park than to the northern taiga, and will not be in a park or trail taiga, or forest of fairy tales, which from childhood we are taught kindness and revelation. ..

These traces of bears, fresh left in the sand recently. It seems that the salt Chiyah. deep dent-prints still keep warm bear paws … He was looking for here in the Bay, the master of the taiga, what came out of the woods here and walked along the water for a long time on the sandbar? Maybe he came to drink or sought wreck of shore fish? Often such a bear traveling on the lake, the river at first glance seem pointless — the animal can walk along the water's edge for a long time without taking in water and do not picking up on the way. And then, when these bear tracks on the sandbar will meet you more than once, you begin to understand: "None. not in vain beast came from a remote thicket to the water — but because the way the sand, run-in, the seal water is much easier than the road but deaf windbreak. " It turns out, the bear is able to choose a good way.

Sometimes in the forest on the trunks of pines and firs can find traces of bear claws — sometimes it's deep and long furrows left on the tree bark and heavily swollen resin. These "bear labels" are made usually high above the ground — here beast rose on its hind legs, stood up to his full height and tore the bark. Why the bear pulls the bark? Some believe that the bear scratching trees at a time when he is old replacement clutches (moult claws). Others argue that the bear leaves its marks on trees to warn neighbors in the forest — they say. Do not look into other people's possession is possible that such conspicuous markings are really a kind of border signs, warning that this territory is occupied.

But not specifically a bear bypasses the boundaries of his farm and leave it there, there are warning labels — most likely, the animal pulls the bark to help get off the old claws, and only left traces of the bear "work" are a warning to the neighbors, how they become such a warning animal footprints on the forest trail.

On the trunk of the pine bear claw marks, "bear labels", appeared before the shift start claws — passing under the tree, the owner noticed the taiga on the top slot of the White-tailed Eagle, and apparently decided to get to this jack. So what purpose pursued persistent beast in perilous journey up the pine tree: whether he was going to eat eggs, poultry, or jack led his bearish natural curiosity? But the top of the bear never reached and, apparently, tearing away once refused a new attempt to get to the nest.

These "bear labels" on the trunk of an aspen — also bear traces of traveling up but the trunk. This time the trip is successful — the animal got to the top, broken young branches promptly inserted them on the ground, safely climbed down, enjoy the young, succulent leaves and trudged on. Usually traces of such trips are very rare — the bears climb to the tops of trees in search of

food only when the forest undergrowth rich score, when the forest is poor food. And only in the Siberian taiga in the hole when mature pine nuts, animals willingly climb on cedars.

It does not scare the bear no height — for the pine nuts bear ready to climb even the highest cedar.

This has long been obsolete, and lost his life top aspen seemed nothing could attract the attention of the owner of the taiga. But the bear stopped near the tree, and even climbed up the trunk … Beast interested hollow. Perhaps, in the hollow of bees settled and there is honey? The truth about the hollow was heard buzzing bees probably, in the hollow, no one lived. But the bear is a bear — he needs to see firsthand what is really a hollow empty.

Encounter with a bear in the forest difficult. Only there. which bears a lot, where they almost do not mind people, they behave less cautiously, and then meeting with them in the raspberry bushes or on the forest trail is more likely. But if the animal is common to hear gun shots, rumbling machines, you often find traces of man, he becomes cautious and, before entering the forest path, each time for a long time and listens and sniffs and at first suspicious sound or smell right there quietly disappears at most, leaving a trail near the only traces of his mighty paws. It usually coexist in the forest people and the bear: bear tries not to fall into his eyes, and the person, if s has the art of the tracker, if not know how to behave in the forest just quietly, like wild animals, learns. next to his dear wandering bear, but only footprints on the wet ground, on the rare "bear labels" on the trunks of trees so they dug by ant heaps.

This time the man was lucky. He learned the art ranger-naturalist — and that long-awaited meeting … Here it is, a bear. No, this is not familiar, but only the very first meeting. The bear does not know of the presence of man. But the first victory has been won — people saw it, a large, slow-moving outward. True, the meeting was brief — a beast though and soon left immediately disappeared in the thicket.

Another encounter with a bear. Can you guess what animal that people notice it? Why, like last time, he hastily leaves? And if you realize that the man nearby, why not turn his head towards him, why not check once again, who is bothering him? Apparently, the bear was not yet used to the smell of a man, he picks up the scent from a distance and in a hurry to get away away from possible danger. And if that's so, day after day, at one and the same time to come to bear on a date, do not be, do not force a meeting, whether there will be such that the animal will respond calmly to your appearance, and then stop too soon away from you?

If you know where to roam, where they feed a bear, but if the tracks left near a forest clearing, to determine exactly what time of the day it comes out here, it is not too difficult to watch him closely. But we must note that the bear excellent sense of smell and hearing. If we can come to a place before feeding it and hide in the bushes so that the wind, creeping over the grass, came not from you to him, and from him to you, the bear can not soon figure out that he was watching people. And if the wind suddenly changes its direction, if not let random rustling, the beast, because nothing and no guessing pobredet slowly into the woods. finish the meal.

The bear not very good eyesight. Now he turned his face to the man hiding in the bushes. The man did not move, and hearing but can give the beast, who is nearby. No wind, and not help out smelling. And like so many times, unaware of imminent danger, approached the bear almost right up to the people sitting in wait. And it seems now need only a short glance is enough to close a man with a camera in his hands.

This meeting was short. Like yesterday, bear left at the familiar clearing, but then he caught the scent of alarm and then saw the man. The beast stopped — because it's the first real encounter, before the bear did not see the person. How to lead himself now? Retreat or moves towards? The bear remained in place only a few seconds, then turned abruptly and two short jump-shot into the woods.

This time the bear is in no hurry to get away … He went out to the forest clearing in the same place where the output always. And here he was again waiting for a meeting with the man. He already knew the smell of this substance, has already seen it here in the meadow, but previous experience meeting with the man s left in the memory of anything wrong, and now bear no hurry to hide in the forest. He is open and expectant, but something still does not allow it at this time to maintain the provisions reliability, and off the field, in the end, it is removed in the same haste as the last time.

The man, who had settled in the forest, soon comes into contact with his feathered and four neighbors. Some animals may be taken to the man with the special confidence, and very soon a good neighborhood will almost into a real friendship. Other birds and animals can behave independently emphasized, but will not fear man. That's because no matter calmly and began to behave the same bear that recently hurriedly hid in the woods, catching the scent of a man hearing his footsteps. Now is not that it was rare to see this beast and come close enough to it — the bear returned former tranquility of the forest inhabitants rarely seen here in the forest, danger.

How to meet people now bear, if a person wishes to get closer to him? Will show whether the bear that same aggressiveness, which is so often referred to in different forest stories? Or aggressiveness is not a rule of conduct for the bear? Knowing that no animal can not impose its own terms, a naturalist with a camera in his hand slowly coming to bear, which had already accustom to her. Suited to the wind, that is the way the wind is blowing toward the bear and he can find out in advance of the approach of man, and to decide what to do: retire or chase intruders. And the bear caught the first one, is still not very clear smell. No, he almost did not change his position — he just looked up and, moving forward, trying to find out exactly who is granted to him. Finally he found a familiar scent and stood still. Person approaches. The distance between him and the animal is reduced. Beast already clearly see approaching. A man takes it all the time, camera shutter clicks … What will happen next? And there was the same thing that happens in the forest, when the forest trail meets a man who is able with a decent respect for the animals, and the bear, do not hurt more people: bear, and this time gave way to man. He slowly turned and slowly walked away.

Many animals have a rule — extracted food belongs only to the one who has extracted. This rule is called the "right to a busy table." Not always hungry beast will calmly watch his brother with an appetite absorb food: Hungry can come close to the table, and another's voice or posture to express their desire to take away someone else's prey. It is here that comes into force no one to write the rules for assistance prey drive insolent. Owner of "dining table" may be less a stranger, but enough for him to issue a warning or signal pose threats as the stranger stepped aside and peacefully waiting for if he did not get anything after the owner completes the meal. In animals, a warning signal or pose threats, uttered near the "dining table" as a rule, are respected by all siblings. Just ominously meets host of production and the emergence of animals around him another species. And how to behave in bear if people interfere with his meal?

Bear ate a green spring meadow, on the green, and was not about to leave his "dining table" when the man approached him. The man is too close. He ignored the fact that the owner of "dining table" is interrupted meal and stared and evil looks at him. A person does not pay attention to the tense posture of animal, for some reason did not want to notice and alert ears. The first warning gesture not made any impression on the stranger. Right now, it seems, the very moment when the bear is rightfully host "dinner table" should teach the insolent: Now the beast will be thrown to a person and stop his paw … But it does not. A big, strong animal, like a desire to avoid direct confrontation, once again, and more impressively, prevents intruders. Now he picked up the legs, ready to attack, and a high, angry, raised hump on the back of his neck wool …

This position does not prevent an alien may not notice. And he did not try the patience of more bear — he retreated. Placed second, fifth, tenth step back, and the hair on the nape of a bear was dropped. The retreat of the stranger continued, the animal calms down and takes only a few minutes since, when an animal attack seemed imminent, and the owner of "dining table" again taken for a meal, confirming once again the truth that bear a rather docile, tractable animal, not loving quarrels over trifles.

No, the bear is not going to climb the tree. And he is not going to tear the bark — to leave their "bear labels." Big, strong and independent beast, this time a little scared and hid behind a tree, from the people. So what happened? But more recently this same bear met a man menacing gesture warning and retreated not an animal, but man … And that's what happened. On a visit to the bear come for just two people, and one of them came first. The bear did not know the second guest, but did not run away, for time to get used to, that man is not okay. Won bearish natural curiosity — he ran away, and hid behind a tree, looking over the barrel, watched what was going to happen?

The bear may respond to a meeting with an unknown in this way. He just walked along the edge of the forest, lower the nose to the ground, looking out for something in front of you, and especially not sniffed and listened to foreign odors and sounds. And the smell of man, the rustle of grass under his feet, the camera clicks is not concerned bears as much as before — he was used to it. But then the part conveyed to a sharp sound strange beast — a man for the first time in his presence, his voice. Unfamiliar sound made cautious, and the bear turned his head in the direction from which the sound came. A man shouted again, and much louder. And bear instantly rose on its hind legs … Now, rising to his full height, he was well make out who it scares him. But this attitude, this famous "bearish candle" not only helps to better see the beast unknown subject or unknown creature. And so, standing on his hind legs, towering over the surrounding, the animal is feeling much more confident at the unexpected meeting.

Oh, how it distinguishes between good and scarlet bear, is still a mystery to bear. But that's such a good, careful look, and it meets or good friends, or those who come into his possession without bad intentions. That is when a person falls to see the bear is almost near, to see the big, good-natured animals, which, like a good host came out to meet, to know who paid him a visit.

Bear good-natured and trusting, but at the same time pamyatliv the insults and angry when his force to defend themselves. And how many times here and so, head down, and if blocking yourself to a wide forehead and a heavy-shield, he used to go on a mountain-shooters, out of stupidity or out of fear raised the gun toward the not-so-harmless beast! And even seriously wounded, the animal did not turn from this road and its formidable overtook the enemy … This time the bear was not an enemy, but familiar to him a man with a camera in hand. But the man came too close, and the animal had to be prepared for an attack. Another second, and followed by a lightning shot in the direction of the intruder …

Not bear attacked — for there is no reason, besides the man himself has stopped, and then made a step back. And bear almost immediately responded to the proposed reconciliation — he raised his head, opening the chest and vulnerability. He has done the same, as did the dog that does not wish to quarrel a dog substitutes enemy most vulnerable point — the neck. In response to the trust bears man took another few steps. Then the beast turned to the man side, already demonstrates a complete trust: for one thing, the bear side of the most vulnerable. But the stress of the meeting has not yet passed, and the bear, bypassing the arc man, still wary, sidelong glances in his direction.

That's behind the first meetings on forest trails, which are often held and stiffly, and hard. Finally bear quite accustomed to humans and are now at a meeting in no hurry to leave. In his view, there is no anxiety, no worries. And when you meet this here, leisurely, trusting animal, when you see his good eye, it seems not help that the bear looks at you for a reason, and as if waiting attentively, what would you say to him. as a response to his trust.

These are photos of the same bear. Hunters VN Mikhailov, spotted this beast in Vologda forests and making friends with him, called him a "white-sided." The name was given by the white band, which bear the side wore around his neck. Normally, such a white collar the bears do not. True, the cubs are born with white on gloss-nagrudnichkami, but the bars disappear with age, and adult animals such nagrudnichkov not worn. And here at the white-sided white stain is noticeable even from a distance. Perhaps the only thing that distinguishes the bear, make friends with a man from the rest of his brethren. White-sided was moderately cautious and mistrustful when meeting with the unknown, rather strict and even angry when his overly worried, and rightly so, and wore his middle name — the owner of the taiga.

But it was necessary to understand the bear, who before him, and suspicion and distrust were, disappeared suspicion in his eyes, a curiosity appeared, and then the very good-indulgent expression that helped Brown Bear fame as the cutest animals of our forests. Exactly this bear and stacked Russian folk tales.

Just host Taiga looked suspicious, sullen, but his gaze was stern, even angry, but that's just a little bear's nose dropped slightly lowered little bear ears. quite noticeable eyes widened — and before you rather angry taiga natured beast "animal.

The cubs are born in the middle of winter in the most bitter cold. True, the kids will see the real light in the spring — they will have to rest up with his mother in a warm den for as long as the first spring brooks no will make their way through the snow to the ground and not podmochat bearskin coat. Here and see the Bears for the first time the sun … This small, yet bumbling furry animal, funny pace the newly awakened forest clearing by the end of summer, grows up, and by the end of next year will be almost independent forest animals. And while above it shines gentle spring sun, the sun of his first spring, while still very small, and funny clumsy, desperate hurry after her mother, who took him to the first trip through the taiga.

Hiking in the woods is not always safe. And is the mother to stop, listen, and then apply a soft alarm, like little bears will rush immediately to the nearest tree and quickly taken away upstairs. Here, hid among the spreading branches, or just leaning against the trunk, animals wait out the danger, and not immediately be detected in the trees scared kids. But here's the danger had passed. Bear came out again on the road on which to alarm went peacefully the whole family. Bears immediately noticed that their mother calmed down, and they one by one, turning legs, rushed down to the ground. If Bear happens to meet the enemy and we have to chase him. if it is at the same time at least once will issue its menacing growl signal. even after the danger has passed, bears will long be hidden in the trees and not once dare to come down to earth.

Here it is, the mother bear, moody, stubborn in their purpose, ready at any moment to defend cubs. Externally bear may seem heavy, clumsy, slow to move. But is there is a danger, both from external clumsiness and slowness no trace remains, and there are few willing to test your nerves disturbed mother. Perhaps the bear, which revolve around bears — the most dangerous animal in the forest, with the exception of the bear-rod. That's why many, hearing or seeing a bear from a distance or to meet family on a forest trail fresh tracks of bear and cubs in a hurry to leave the dangerous place.

Not everyone is like that happen, up close, watch the bear and her cubs, peacefully grazing in a forest glade. Bear, as it should be all the bears, very sensitive. Strange smell, sound suspicious immediately nastorozhat it. But still swirling around the curious bear cubs-restless. Sometimes they used to observe human mother and raise the alarm. But it happens sometimes: Bears, seeing a strange two-legged creature, do not run away. The mother did not trigger an alarm — she still did not see the person. So what is there to fear? And the kids, led by curiosity, rushing to the man to get to know, and even to impose their game. This is where the people and into the most difficult situation … Before it bears small, being entertaining, trusting, and wants to pet them, play with them. But be careful — any second she can miss the kids and walk in front of you …

Hardly bear, found her cubs near the man, kindly treat intruders. And so it is best not to wait until you notice the Bears. It is best not to wait, and the time when you find a bear on the way that you were. But in this case, a person wished to animals drew attention to it. This was necessary to once again prove that even a bear-mother, jealously protect its children, at a meeting with a man not to throw at him, if he does not make the first act of aggression. Of course, the naturalist who made this picture, risk — the nature of bears was not known to him. And suddenly this bear will be unbalanced, unstable, and immediately rushed to the attack? That will keep it at the time? Weapons man did not have.

But then came the one critical moment … Another moment ago, the mother bear was grazing peacefully together with their kids in a forest glade, pinching the young grass. The man was in the neighborhood, but the animals did not know anything about him. And a sharp click the shutter forced bear immediately stop. There was a roar of its short — alarm, and bears immediately rushed to saving the forest. A polar bear mother pulled back slightly, blocking a retreating kids and ready to rise on its hind legs with a dull roar, and move to the enemy. Then the man saw that his mother took a defensive posture, and prepared to protect their children, took a step back, then another, a third, and so departed from an angry bear, leaving her right to quietly go into the woods behind their cubs.

So once again proved that even a mother-bear, always concerned about the care of the cubs, rarely goes to the person who has got her way.

This is also a bear, and in the lower right corner of the photo on the slope to the ground dry pine apex faintly dark spot — it bears. Bearish disturbed family man. The forest was far away, and bears just hiding in the grass close to the mother, and the mother medvedntsa reared. But pay attention to her feet: they do not spread out to the sides, not raised, as in the attack — legs are lowered and almost reduced to the abdomen. No, the bear is going to attack until the intruder — it only took the very last position, took the latest warnings and so pose, standing on his hind legs, snorting, porykivaya and tapping his foot, trying to get rid of the person. Again, the man the right to withdraw peacefully.

Bear has met several times with the man. She apparently had gotten used to his smell and sight, and used to click the shutter. The fact that until recently seemed suspicious to her, is a danger, no longer afraid of it, and not alarming. Hearing or seeing a man with a camera in hand, bear-mother. which are supposed to be overly suspicious and strict, but raises his head in his direction. The alarm does not sound now, so bears are not going to run headlong to saving the forest. Noticing that the mother looks at someone, they sit on their hind legs and stare in the direction of the strange creatures that have often come to visit them, their beady little eyes.

Guest, like last time, behaving peacefully. Now he knows the acceptable distance to which he may be close to the bear family, without triggering an alarm. He tries not to break this conventional boundaries. And if the boundaries are not broken, why the neighbors did not live in peace? And bear all his behavior demonstrates a desire to preserve a person, respecting its laws, and on good terms. Bear — a big animal, and. to get enough fresh grass, he must long to graze in the meadow; enough, looked, saw that it was the same peaceful neighbor, and now again for the case again for the food. And now bears cheerful trot scatter in different directions to continue the interrupted breakfast.

Bear has met many times man, and all of these meetings should take place quietly, peacefully, and only after a rigorous and cautious beast to man imbued with such confidence that it will be available to graze with the Cubs before the camera lens, not paying their peaceful neighbor is almost no attention. Only kids-cubs, always curious, no, no and strung up their noses toward the man, and then again following the example of the mother would wander across the meadow.

This bear family is well known to us. The far right — the same bear, which a year ago in a forest glade exasperated her three small cubs. Have passed since the summer, autumn and winter. Bears and this winter wintered with his mother in a den in the spring and got together toward the spring sun. But now it is no longer the clumsy and hasty flight to kids — cubs went to the second year, and this fall they will have themselves to look for a personal winter quarters. But still bear the same family and a friend of a bear still cautious meets any uninvited guests. From early in the morning bear family went on the bay. Here at the coast to spawn fish. During spawning, the fish is not too hard to pull out of the ambush and water retentive bear paw. Perhaps, the family came here to fish more than once — it was already spawning a week. Maybe today would be a good fishing

But this bear and cubs hearing the roar of the engine. Rumble fast approaching. Bear left fishing and began to listen and sniff. A Bears up on its hind legs (the previous picture) and anxiously peering who is granted to visit them, who prevented them busy … By approaching the shore boat — she was right here in the bay. Bears, guessing what is coming danger recoiled from the water, ready to immediately begin a retreat. But the signal of retreat is not served. First bear to know everything, everything, and then by trying to drive the intruders. Now she stood on its hind legs and began tapping his foot, as if explaining to newcomers that they should get out in good time.

The boat turned off the engine — it is first calmed bear. But the boat was not stopped — it was close to the shore. Bear did not intimidate newcomers. And the signal to retreat yet filed — the family quickly moved away from the water. Seemed to stop now bears only when almost disappear from sight. But the fugitives stopped very soon. Bear was not going to take away the cubs away. Grown, strong and agile, bears no longer require such care as in the past year. The family moved away from the coast by only 20-25 meters, and the mother again rose on its hind legs (lower picture) and then began to look out for, what will the strangers. This time. step back a little and noticed that the boat stopped, bear began to behave more strongly: it often porykivala stronger stamped her foot.

So did not want to leave Ursa popular among Bay — because there was a fish, was food. But the people, which were the here on the boat, did not reckon with the bear family, did not understand or did not want to understand the sign warning that no end sent them bear-mother, and anxious mamma nothing to do but leave blank the "negotiations" and lead her cubs to -some other place. Bears went from the water slowly through the swamp, they took the time, as if hoping that the boat, to prevent them. is about to go away from the Gulf, and then they come back. Two hundred meters of a bear family stopped, and bears, who can not be sad for a long time to indulge, he immediately started a fun romp.

It was another one summer and one winter. Adult bears left their mother, who is almost two years taking care of them, and taught them the wise precaution of forest science, taught to look for food — grown cubs went to an independent way, and at the bear, new babies. They, like their older brothers and sisters were born in the very middle of winter frosts in the warm bear den and just this spring for the first time saw the sun. Now they have built up, and a little grown briskly paced next to her mother on the sandbar. They have never met the people. And their mother is familiar with people for a long time. Until two years ago, exactly the same as the kids were her older children, a bear for the first time met a man with a camera in his hands. I forgot whether it these meetings? How to lead it himself now, if the person has passed a meeting to meet her on the way?

Bear on the way was a man, the man with whom she had met more than once in the past and the year before. Perhaps she would lead now a few different had with her was not here most of these tiny cubs that a compact group huddled at her feet and carefully look out who it appeared before them. And the bear stood on its hind legs. Apparently, she figured out who is in front of her. But here, in the open, away from the forest, bears were quite vulnerable — they do not climb trees, do not hide in the grass. Therefore it is better to be safe than to make a mistake and expose kids danger. Please note, as a bear

keeps paws. Now they are not kept in the abdomen, not lowered along the trunk — the animal is ready to protect their children. And maybe, if there had been such a strong mother to another man, he would have to hear a warning growl. This time beast growled and even stamped his foot, and soon bear down on all fours and slowly took the kids away from the unfamiliar creatures — after all, but bears should know that a person can be dangerous. And if you do not teach them the science, if they, trusting and fearless, will meet a violent person? No, better to be safe than to be mistaken …

e is one of the new owners of the Bear State — the recent bear who went to an independent way. Bear population increase in the number of States, and the State has expanded its borders. But while the final selection of personal territories in yesterday's cubs is not over, and they no-no and drop to where recently walked with his mother … This bear-boy has not yet acquired the necessary adult bear forest caution, especially while it is not afraid of the traces of people flock to vote, and he boldly approaches the fence that separates people from the farm lands of the forest. This fence, he saw in the last year, but has seen only from a distance — the mother is not bringing them to the border management of people. And now the two-year bear once peremahivaet through poles, forgetting about a possible meeting with danger.

For this sandbar bears often wander behind her mother. Familiar places. Here on the sand, they often find food — wave brought the dead fish. Maybe, and this time you are lucky and can find food near the water. About that. what is there. ahead, bear a rich table, always tell the crows. If they appear near the water, and not one, but several, so there the waves cast ashore prey that a crow can not afford to carry. And bear in a hurry to a rich table and, in the most brazen porykivaya birds take their solid bream and perch. Soon, when the bear will withdraw their kids here, it will have to get out, and while the grown cubs who went recently in an independent way, often chosen to the water in the hope of finding food.

This bear-boy, apparently, already knew the science of forest care, according to which all the unknown can be dangerous. He said people from a distance, and not waiting when they come closer, hurried to get out of the open space in the forest thickets. When the bear comes and other forest experience, when he feels a real bear's strength, he will not immediately run away from possible danger. Then, hearing or smelling a stranger, it will first be alert and wait what is to come in his forest intruders. Only then, when there will be no doubt that the risk of a number, the owner of the taiga quietly hidden in a thicket. But until that time, when he will become a true master of the taiga, the forest will have to be laid in one's own is not a bear trail …

Here is the end of a story about the Bear of the State in which it was possible to enter two naturalists V. Mikhailov and MV Berezovsky. This is a complex and secret for as long as people taiga state lives under the same laws by which lived Bear State, found me in the forest of Arkhangelsk in 1965. The same bearish path, the same individual farms, the same natural caution owners, the same distrust of anything that might be dangerous, and the same reluctance to quarrel over trifles and the ability to avoid open war with the people. Unfortunately, these Bear States is becoming less and less in our forests. Taiga miners — hunters and fishermen — has long lived side by side with the bear, explains: "There are few of them now with us — they go by the noise, and the gun almost every …"

Now the hunt for brown bear is strictly limited. But the number of the previous parts of the deaf bear constantly shrinking back down, reduced in number and the once extensive Bear State. So what is waiting for this big docile beast tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? .. What is his destiny? Will he be able to live close to people? Will people with a decent respect to his neighbor, the brown bear?

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