Unusual use of ordinary things

"My happy mood at once fell, I realized that even though I was saved, but not without further horrors and misfortunes. For me no more dry skin, to change what was not, I had nothing to eat, I was not even water to back up its forces, and in the future, or I was going to die of starvation or be torn of beasts of prey. But the most awful — I did not have anything other than a knife, but the tube boxes of tobacco. This was all my property. And changed my mind, I was in such despair that ran like crazy for a long time on the beach. " Approximately the same as the well-known Robinson Crusoe — a sailor from York, most people feel in distress.

"I can not save my life. I can not do it, because I can not do it ever, I am doomed!" — think they are desperate break ruki.No because our favorite children's character was killed, in fact, it pretty well (at least, no worse than the average Black savage tourists) took a lost in the expanse of ocean island. But only because his compassionate author Daniel Defoe took pity on favorite characters and threw him "on poverty" three burly chest with all good poluzatonuvshego ship.

"No wonder survive being available to half a dozen muskets, three barrels of gunpowder, a complete set of carpenter's tools, products, rum, and even without number naipolezneyshih items — I would argue the potential victim. And I, unlike Robinson, poor, as a church mouse . and even more poor, because the rat has sharp claws, teeth, and warm furs, In general, I do not save! question of my death — it's just a matter of hours! And Get away from me with his homilies ".

Well, then I'll give you another example. And it is not literary, but took place in real life.

"For 40 years until this happened vremyani Grumant with industrialists from Mezen next adventure: one lode industrialists were ready to return to the Archangel, and yet, intending to go to the closest place to catch zabraniya poslednyago … Four of the industrialists, who were at one of the notifications mentioned vessels vytti ventured ashore in order to stock up with fresh deer meat.

Failure to achieve its goal, and the sudden onset of night invasion fierce storm caused them to stay in one hut found here, but were amazed Colico cruel despair blow when one of them, taming forecast released and back vozvrativshagosya friend, heard in the lip or edinago was not in the ship. So, if left on the bank without any help and hope for their salvation and not having the much bread, were forced to eat one deer meat.

They have only a knife and rifle with a small quantity of powder, but when and signified it destroyed and there was nothing to shoot deer, and the food was imminent need, then to preserve their life a new invented the following means: find on the banks of small, water prinesennyya, lesinki made from the add bows, using strings instead of wire deer and arrows crap out of wood with sharp bone kopeytsami.

Thus killing the deer, feeding themselves their meat, and sushiv zhariv signified, and instead of eating the skin dresses. Eating small meals, necessary need for sustenance and the habit bezprestannym works and finally made their move so light that they are all running without the aid of skis could overtake and knives to chop the deer.

In this and the state they stayed for seven years, until there came promyshlenniche vessel took them, including one deceased, with the obtaining of a great fox and deer hunted … ".

("Atlas of the Arkhangelsk region with topographical, historical, economic, and off-site descriptions. 1797")

In this case, the reality is far ahead of the "fairy tale." This has not even been able to come up with irrepressible imagination Defoe. Four Pomors virtually no equipment and food stocks have undergone a seven-year (!) Robinson Crusoe and the abundance of fruit and game southern atoll, and the glacier-clad, almost devoid of vegetation arctic island of Spitsbergen! Where to have the world-famous Robinson Crusoe! What convinces an example?

"But they are, then at least let guns knives had. And I also is gone. I do not have any-thing!" — could argue modern weak Robinson. And here let me tell you not to believe. No such cases, when a man who had an accident, would not have any-thing! It just can not be. Always, even in the most desperate situations, the victim has at least a dozen things that can save him if not, then at least ease his position. Even when he was in the middle of the desert alone, pants and jacket. Doubt? Then let us consider together. Let our imaginary victim 'll wear shoes, socks, pants with a belt or suspenders, underwear, shirt.

At first put to use shoes. The laces can be used as a rope, as well as for the manufacture of fishing tackle, hunting bows and snares. The same application can be found thick strand, stretching from the shoe joint. Of horseshoes, nails and other metal parts are not bad fishing hooks. From the top you can cut the leather "leather jacket" for the slingshot. In the boot, with no openings to store, carry and even heating water. Old shoes can catch crabs, which put inside the bait sink it near rachih holes and periodically lifted out of the water. In this way children catch crabs still serfs. With socks can be stretched in the desert tents, store them in a variety of economic change, stuffed with sand or small pebbles and tied a rope to use as a heaving line. And if instead of gravel to fill a sock with dry branches, it can be used to help a drowning man as a floating safety-line. Sock can dissolve into individual filaments, which were used as fishing line.

Similarly, you can use pants. And in an emergency, pants can replace a backpack. For this fit inside a portable cargo pants, a belt tightened and firmly tied. Leg thrown over his shoulders and sewn or attached to the lower end of the pants, replacing the strap. Such makeshift backpack quite capacious and comfortable. Colourful pants hanging on a pole, and swollen in the wind, could attract the attention of pilots flying aircraft or helicopter and to point them in the direction of the wind landing airfield as good "stocking". Of several twisted together gums stretched out elastic waist pants, you can do a little hunting slingshot, and "bullets" for her cut out of thin bifurcated at the end of the half or bent twigs. For the same purpose, you can use rubber bands, plucked from the laundry. Lined pants and jacket can be carefully tear or cut off and let the foot bindings, clothing repair and shoe manufacture shoe covers, hats, signal flags, mosquito nets, bandages, fishing nets for catching bait, face masks, etc. From hooks and pearl and metal buttons overlook the beautiful fishing hooks and lures. Solid line was obtained from cord yarn, spun from the dissolved inseam. Cut into thin strips belt can provide the raw material for the production of a thick line, sling, bow-string, hunting traps and snares. Buckle it is easy to turn into some big fish hooks in an awl or arrowheads. Well, if a person prefers strap suspenders, then they can do a service as a material for slings, lines, hooks, etc., pants and jacket can help to cross a water hazard if their tight stuff dry straw, reeds, branches and tie a rope or belt.

Cuff links, tie clips, bows on glasses replace fishing hooks, lures and sinkers, as well as the icon was removed from the lapel of his jacket, or the strap of a wrist watch. With resin bonded glass from two hours you can try on a sunny day, like a magnifying glass, make fire. Now let's see what "lying around" in the pockets of our victim. Ordinary gentleman's set.
A bunch of home keys — the keys themselves, cut and polished, will replace spinners, of untwisted rings get some great hooks.

Wallet with silver and copper coins will trifle. A lot of money — is the most useless thing in an emergency, but is it for kindling a fire on the insole so amiss. Trifle more useful out of it get a decent spinner, and if one edge sharpened coins — will be a good cutter.

A box of matches or a lighter — their usefulness is not necessary to speak.
Pen — Again, fish hook, or rather, a dozen hooks large — from the metal clip and a few small — from a developed spring from the rod. Self rod can be used for its intended purpose and for the application of labels on the trunks of trees. Even the cigarette thing amiss. Eyewitnesses claim that pulverized tobacco thrown into eyes and nose attacking predator, can stop it, and even put to flight.

Clasp-knife — a priceless thing in the accident. It is a versatile carpentry, sewing, small tools, which, in addition, can be turned into a large fish hook, entrenching tools, spear, spear, etc. No knife or canning jar opened or cut bait, or procure wood or shoe repair or to cut the fish. In general, no knife in nature as no hands! And calmly with him — after all weapons! Of course, in the pockets of our imaginary victim may be other things, but we agreed that we would start with the worst. In turn, woman in extraordinary circumstances — it's just a mine of useful things. A wide variety of fasteners, elastic, hooks will be found in it a lot more than a man. Plus indispensable invisible, hair clips, brooches, earrings, safety pins — for fifty rods material enough! And if the woman in the accident saved her makeup (and most often the case, since saving the most valuable), then we can assume that distressed luck as much as Robinson Crusoe. Ask any woman's makeup and look at her. Then there just is not! Scissors, nail files, the same pins, invisible, hair clips. Perhaps the needle and thread. Mascara, lipstick, pencil — the material for labeling, it is better not to think of a small mirror and still no A useful items. So what? Not so little things to find our no-thing has no victim. And I have not listed all the items and not all options for their use. And therefore, finding themselves in a difficult situation, do not rush to despair, but rather think of how to use the means at your disposal property. And another tip: do not rush to the emergency rid of unnecessary, at first glance, things. Any empty bottle, a can, a piece of rope or wire, you may need a few minutes after you throw them away. For example, with usual empty plastic bag You can prepare a meal, and get solonchak desalinate water in the desert, cross the river, to protect his feet from frostbite. Replace a broken glass bottle glass, knife, scraper for tanning hides. "Zolotinka" of chocolate is useful for cooking, to signal distress, fishing and more.

Plastic bottle from some "Coke" or other soft drinks can be used to store and transfer water, matches and other items vodoboyaschihsya. From it we can make glasses or even a mask for protection from wind and bloodsuckers, hat or visor protivodozhdevoy for him, primitive shoes, knee pads, waterproof piece of clothing (such as shoulder pads), samolovnuyu tackle for catching small fish, a scoop, a protective cover for the clock or compass. You can use it to cross the water barrier, boil water, to signal distress, sleep on the cold ground, and who knows what else to find the application, if you wish to dispose, a little thought. With the success can be used in an emergency of machinery (trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, airplanes, etc.). For example, automobile, aviation or motorcycle camera — it's a slingshot, and the capacity to store and carry water, and a life jacket, and a heat insulating pad, and protective clothing, and hiking shoes, and even an impromptu cross-country truck! Similarly, in a hundred useful items can be turned into a backpack, ski, boat, sled, parachute, camera, radio. We only need to show imagination. And how about the useful natural material, literally scattered underfoot! Wood, stone, bark, durable shell shells, animal bones and fish — just pick them up, do not be lazy! Of them can produce almost everything mounted backpacks, shoes, skis, snowshoes, fishing tackle, hunting traps and snares, bows and arrows, spears, shovels, dishes, house with a chimney and stove, boat, sled, sledge, etc.

To give just two illustrative examples confirming my words.

Once modern archeologists have decided to test the performance of primitive tools. Manufactured in the image of archaeological exhibits stone ax weighing just over one and a half pounds and have them cut down a tree. It turned out that not all that our ancestors were helpless. Oak trunk diameter of 135 mm is not our mighty contemporaries hem in ten minutes, which takes about three hundred blows. For comparison, a steel ax of the same diameter experimenter dumped oak seventy strikes in three minutes. Tests primitive bows made even more impressive results. Arrow with obsidian, released from the bow, flew 75 meters and killed a large deer on the spot, breaking through his chest! There are cases when the boom of the North American Indians who stayed in XVIII century, at about the Neolithic, from a distance of three hundred paces penetrate the man! Arrows with stone and bone tips passed right through the body through the buffalo! As you can see, our ancient ancestors were equipped for hunting just as good modern hunter. Where to shop for ammunition they did not go, and produced his weapon and a working tool of the materials at hand, that is of the same wood, bark, fragments of stones, bones and veins of animals, birds' feathers. Another example clearly shows that the prudent thing to master every case will fit! Think about how you would use the killed while hunting walrus? Well, bolder! Would eat a piece of meat, and then, provided that they were able to overcome their own sense of disgust. More? May have taken to one of the tusks to dig the ground or from the beast to beat. That's about all. But as used walrus carcass Eskimos. Liver, heart, tongue eaten fresh. Fins and lips — too. They were considered the Inuit delicacy. Fat used in food and other products for canning, and even for heating and lighting built out of snow, stone and wood houses. Dried blood in globs kept for the winter. And do large amounts of sour meat in the form of rolls, sewn hide out, the meat inside. Canines served as material for the manufacture of various household items and jewelry. Skins were on the belt cover housing, fitting boats. The film of the stomach, throat, bladder and other internal organs used for window boxes, replacing glass, burdyukoobraznyh vessels for storage of fat, tambourines, etc. From the peeled and washed gut raincoat and sewed aprons for hunting kayak. Ultimate disposal! Now evaluate how we have, in comparison with the primitive Eskimos, lean thinking. No, not at all, we have surpassed our ancestors. By no means all!

Conclude this chapter I want not the most original advice.

How would you either wore belts, cuff links, bracelets, earrings and so on jewelry, no matter how many keyrings and penknives or thundering in your pockets — a prebuilt set of emergency they will not replace!

In fact, whether through a grueling exercise to bend from a random nail fish hook, if you can buy a ready and take it with you, pinned lapel.

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