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Picture 2 of 33Winter is not the best season. As one well-known character, "in this weather, their homes sit, watch TV." However, for a man possessed of snow and frost is not a hindrance. Just goes to nature, without clearly defined goals have to be worthwhile. First of all, in order to fulfill the basic field skills in more difficult conditions. 

For example, winter is the best time to workout at the campfire. Indeed, in the years of drought it will dissolve any child who knows how to strike sharply matches. But properly select and prepare the site, make kindling, light it and bring fire to a state of stable combustion when all the land around bare, and frozen air robs the glow sticks last crumbs of heat, it is only by virtue of an experienced and qualified person. But if you learn how to do it with confidence, you can be assured no summer weather will not interfere. If you are a manager, then you would be important that people have passed through the winter hiking, winter mastered overnight, never whined in the field season of "cold, wet, wet …". Yes, and you yourself will feel much more confident having behind the practice. In addition, to work with the team it is important that communication is the mainstay in the team are, of course, a joint campaign, was not interrupted for long term.

In short, the onset of winter should not be a reason to hang the bag on the wall. But by going a few times on day output, realizing his strength, you may want certain things more complicated and interesting. And you will inevitably come to the conclusion that winter night in principle, not as scary as it drew up to this point your imagination.

 Winter shelter closed type is designed to accommodate 8-12 people in winter. It provides good protection from the wind and cold from the stories of "experienced", even when the outside temperature to — 20 ° C inside the shelter held steady just below zero. At the same time, his statement is quite laborious, requires the efforts of several people and takes time (5-8 hours). So its advisable to put only on condition that it will be used for a long time, for example, in the base camp.

Asylum has a length of about 5 meters, the height and width of 1.8-2 meters 2.1-2.3 meters. The site chosen for the installation must be even, comply with the general safety requirements. Previously it evenly poured and compacted snow. Height "mound" should be about 30-40 inches.

This is done in order to sign in to be fitted by one of the ends, was below the floor level. In this case, the asylum, even when changing direction of the wind will not be purged, and the heated air will be trapped in it. Then placed on the mound layer of spruce fir twigs. This operation should take particular care thickness spruce branches in the compressed state (that is, when it is a person) should be at least 7-10 inches.

Ramps asylum is in a "tent". Structural basis of long poles are 2.3-2.5 meters and a diameter of 3.5 inches, set the pan every 70-80 inches. On top of their ends are joined together with a rope and a pole horizontal "ridge".

After installing the sloping poles produce crate horizontal slug diameter of 2-3 cm, which placed every 30-50 inches. Carcass dressing carry sling with node "Python". In this case, however, in our practice, used by almost all the available supply lines.

The ends are carried out in the form of the apse. Their installation and dressing are identical installation and dressing slopes. On one end is equipped entry. After installing the frame on a stack roof. It is made of spruce fir twigs or grass. Lapnikom stack layers from the bottom up, with overlapping layers. The thickness of the roof should be 2-3 cm. Then on top of the roof to mask the warming shelter and covered with snow. Login to the shelter for the night closes backpack or curtain coat tent.


Overnight stays at low temperatures illiterate built shelter or low-quality (not the right) equipment can result in serious consequences for your health, including irreversible. Therefore, we strongly advise you, until you have the required experience:

  • not experiment, if the street below — 10 ° C;
  • Her first statement shelters near whose conduct or heated cottage or at home, where you can always move to a critical situation;
  • always organize a night shift and sleep all the time.
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