Winter toothy pike

Pike ordinary (Esox lucius) is common, as they say ichthyologists, circumpolar, that is, has "one of the most extensive ranges of freshwater fish." In other words, it is, first, is found in almost all the rivers belonging to the Arctic Ocean basin (except for their most northern areas), and secondly, far to the south does not penetrate, and in Southern Europe, and below the line of the "Caucasus — the Amur River basin, "it replaces other family schukovyh.

Ordinary pike enjoys nationwide popularity: it is glorified in tales and legends. Is there anything "pike", as known to the fishing community? An amateur angler, as opposed to a scientist knows about pike everything from its fantastic greed, which is that sometimes the fish die, choking grasped by excessive extraction, and ending with fantastic size and legendary age. Consider these facts in detail. So they really are undeniable?

Indeed, this green beauty is very greedy! Frequent catch pike with spoons, fish caught earlier. Lessons learned in this case, for some reason does not happen. At the same time, the behavior of the pike a lot more mysterious and yet who can not find a rational explanation. For example, observations I. Andrianov, who, along with his friend caught pike spinning while watching it literally one hour shift behavior of fish throughout the reservoir, "Dude tempt fate thirty yards from me. To our surprise, about schemu he observed at this time is identical picture at his feet. It turns out that the last time all schukam around someone gave a command to "grab" and then — "ignore", now — "Vat prosecution, but t bite." It's funny! "

Funny thing is, when did you catch anything. It is not fun to see, when most of your feet facing away from pike lures and goes back … But this phenomenon is known to all the spinning. Sometimes for hours watching the fish just ignore the most exquisite and catchability bait, and then suddenly at the same time around the pond starts to grab any piece of iron, up to the door handle with a hook. And after a short time that output at once replaced by a passive pursuit bait almost to the feet of the fisher, but … without grip. Predator turns away from the spinner and slowly goes back) did not even make an attempt to catch prey. Who gives a fish command to do so? Because, for example, atmospheric processes can take place in such a fast pace and have a significant impact on the preferences and tastes of fish. So, something else directs the pike, but what? This does not even know the anglers who, as mentioned above, be aware of all the pike.

Most people, even non-involvement in angling, well aware that these fish live for hundreds of years. But, despite the faith of the public in the stories of old schukah which lavlivali "another priest-kings", is, according to science, no more than a legend. In any case, ichthyologists struggling to bet that no one can catch the 30-year-old, and the more than 300 years pike. Scientists gives it only 20 years of life. For the determination of the maxi-

mum values toothy predator ichthyologists are more cautious. There are many written records of the capture of own who were monsters, and some of these sources is quite credible. Apparently, there were still two pike-m long, weighing up to 5 pounds, and maybe more than that.

Coloration of fish can be very diverse, but most often it is "frog" spot with bright horizontal stripes that have fuzzy edges. Pectoral and pelvic fins are brownish-red, and the dorsal and anal — brown with dark spots. Although pike fish is tihovodnoy, avoid rapid movements, but her own assault on the victim is almost imperceptible to the human eye. Before this predator bent, removing tail to the side, and in the time of the throw is almost invisible due to the extremely high speed. Where here greasy carp evade her mouth!

Pike spawn early, putting eggs in the shallow vegetation last year (usually depth there is less than 0.5 m). This habit sometimes plays with predator bad joke. First, poachers do more damage for numbers of mature individuals, beating them with pitchforks and other "fishing" tools. Second, in the reservoirs, which are man-made, the latter the owner and feels entitled to execute, pardon or ignore all life, considers Reservoir home. As a result of adjusting the level of the water in the seas of the artificial caviar pike often dries up, leading to enormous losses of the fish stock. Only one in a thousand (!) Will fry eggs, and then the adult pike.

Angler, of course, first of all I would like to know how to feed this predator in the winter? what and when she bring to the table? when there is a Jordan Pike, which dreams of every angler?

In winter, the pike is a very active lifestyle, which is not studied in detail. However, we know that in the fall and winter, even the old bottom individuals exhibit increased appetite and playfulness. This is because the fish for the spring break-up to come in good shape to be able to quality procreation. Dining pike depends on successful hunting, and hunting — is primarily

. all teeth. Among anglers are of the opinion that it is from "efficiency" of the latter depends on the frequency of biting predator. It is not. Indeed, pike, like a shark, constantly changing teeth. Some are unsuitable for hunting and fall, and in their place are new. However, observations show that such "dental problems" on pike bite is not affected. Contrary to popular belief, the predator is not satisfied because of this "fasting days." The frequency of its power depends on the food capacity of the reservoir, as well as a number of external factors such as weather, hydrology, etc.

In general, the life of pike in the winter and its power in this period even ichthyologists studied not enough. Therefore, any valuable observations on the behavior of fish in the cold season. They can add significantly to our understanding of the pike, highlighting interesting new aspects of its winter hunting. The examples are sufficient. Thus, only in recent years it has become clear that the predator preys on river and lake frogs, not only in the autumn, but in some cases and under the ice. Perhaps, individuals, and perhaps even the majority of pike make special surveys coastal shelf at depths of 1-2 m, which are for the winter, these amphibians. When diving into the river in winter you can watch dozens of frogs, nestled bottom cover for winter sleep. Most of these animals can easily become a victim of pike appetite.

There are pike and such secrets, know which angler must. Story about one of them, we will complete this brief portrait.

"Coming into an abandoned village in the evening, we settled into the best preserved room where the door was intact and stove. When the owners lived there, it was, apparently, a summer kitchen. With all the fuss hungry men set about cooking dinner. In the hut was immediately frozen as if the heat from the sound of our voices. When the stove flame flared up, it was completely fine. It was decided to build a dinner of fish fry, and all laid by the house specialties such as canned food and fat until you touch it. Smaller Razdelyvaya polutorakilogrammovuyu pickerel, my neighbor asked if we would not mind if he eats eggs. Learning that we have on this delicacy not claim he pulled the eggs and gladly ate prisypaya salt. We have observed with interest the eating of raw eggs, and some even began to joke about it. In response to a fan of crude jokes caviar explained that used to such a treat in Siberia, where such delicacy eat, he said, many. This subsequently gave him gourmandise lot of trouble. Physicians say this is the caviar and caused some infection exotic giant worms, from which he soon got rid of. "

Old fisherman Doctors in this case must have been right. That raw eggs pike often becomes the cause of human infection very dangerous disease called bothriocephaliasis (commonly — worms). Unfortunately, these worms are not the most exotic and pike are found in fish are not uncommon. Disease is caused by one of the largest tapeworms, reaching a length of 20 meters — the broad tapeworm. Most worryingly, this abomination infection can occur not only after eating raw eggs pike and other fish species, but not when used properly processed meat. Fortunately, the processing technology is simple: boiled and fried fish. The heat and long (more than two weeks) cold kill tapeworm larvae, and the fish is completely edible (tapeworm larvae that live in the tissues of the fish are very small and can not be seen with the naked eye). Kills the parasite and salting, when for a few days the fish is in a steep brine. Search

Pike, even bottom, likes to hide in grass or nearby bushes. Travyanku summer all must pull together with grass, if get one spoon. In winter, the hunter does not change his preferences, and often it can be found in coastal algae and larger specimens — drop-off at the border, where the starting depth. And here again the pike find some shelter, for which he is hiding. This can be a rock bottom, any bump or submerged snags.

"And then he called me this ensign pas" protect "the pond to catch pike. Track. I looked at his gear and even shrugged his shoulders. Nonsense. By brass badge taken from the soldiers belt, two homemade hook soldered number commercials from 30-35th at the national classification. Extremely severe invention.

Well, we left on the boat and even went along the rocky shore to drag this passion. We walked along the edge of seaweed swaying near the shore at low wave. When the boat pulled, I did not immediately understand that this bite. I thought what a snag caught. He began to pull that out there to catch. And it is in any. Forty minutes later, we picked up a couple from the depth of the monster to the surface, but that's confusing. Crocodiles live I saw. Before. Therefore, even timid. But there was nothing to fear. Whipped this pike queen tail so that the white flakes fly, and was as follows. His lieutenant badge then another long considered. Wondering, perhaps, how to hook the next time to solder it, so they do not fly off with pieces of brass, like the pieces of cake. "

Old fisherman While the pikefish typical river, she prefers to settle in the river flood plain areas are calm, with no significant water movement. Lake, reaches, reservoirs, bays and whirlpools — this is where to look for it at any time of the year, including winter. Usual depth its location is different in different bodies of water, but almost never is less than 2 m depth limit can not be determined, as the largest specimens caught in any body of water from the bottom. The "real" pike, whose mass is 30 kg, can now be found only in places remote from major cities — in the North, Siberia and perhaps even in Karelia. In the rest of the European part of the country and the five-pound production was infrequent trophy.

The winter season begins to fall for pike Jora. Late autumn in the crystal clear water under bright, but not basking sun predator literally tossed around the pond and missing all that turned up. With the installation of ice covers her reverie and she climbed into the upper, long considering ice. Here, right under it, it seemed for a while asleep, and this was used in ancient times by poachers — pelted pike birch mallet. For the uninitiated: it is about to be too lazy to handle or a large wooden mallet. In the last years of the XX century design mallets held in the strictest confidence — even the description tools were seized from the book censors LP Sabaneyeva "Life and catch fresh fish." But fears of "guardians" of fish were in vain. Modern poacher, no shame, lowered into the water in the tank and filled bags with selected specimens of fish.

During the week, the pike is getting used to the ice and then goes back to the pits, where she will be abundant food. For there, in the warm bottom keys, begin to accumulate almost all of the fish pond. This picture VERP for most of the rivers and lakes. But in the Siberian rivers, where often farms trout, pike, even in winter huddle to shore. "A snake Salmon" greedy and ruthless, and his fear most seasoned predator. Here you can find on the shoals such instances, which in other rivers are kept only in the deepest places.

Often the discovery of pike is "automatically" when all of a sudden, instead of another angler perch gets a piece of fishing line. In this case the gear quickly rebuild and try to catch the toothy.

While angling

Pike Fishing in the summer is pretty accurate timing to a bright event in the plant world: fishing begins at flowering cherry. Is there such a sign of biting off the ice? Yes, winter thaws are considered the "schuchim" time. It is connected with all the same features power predator. Scientists believe that when the temperature rises it is easier to digest its prey. So the sun barely played in pools of water standing on top of the ice — you can safely go for pike. The catch is guaranteed.

During the season, traditionally successful pike caught on pervoledyu and on the last ice. At night there is no such precise gradations. Pike bite and in the morning, and during the day and evening. Furthermore, the fish can be caught at night — where permitted by the rules. Her ability to use their senses shakes even ichthyologists. Pike is able to live and thrive, being totally blind. As she catches with his own kind — the absolute mystery. Talk about what it produces food with the lateral line, not convince everyone. But the fact remains: the blind pike catches his slippery and yurkuyu sacrifice properly and put on weight very solid weight. Night toothy catch, usually zherlitsy, placing them in a prospective location close to each other to be able to visual inspection.

Like any predator, pike can eat one's fill is not always. She is able to digest the prey summer weeks. And in winter, stuffed stomach podolgustoit, not moving and not responding to any bait — saves energy. At this time, trying to entice her to grip virtually useless.

Fishing practices

Zherlitsy and zhivtsovaya rod

This is the most common gear for catching pike in the winter. Despite the almost universal condemnation of it as inactive gear, running from one "a burning" check box to another can be quite entertaining. And without the ability to do nothing here. Properly equip gear and catch a pike is very difficult. So while that zherlitsy — is probably the most popular way to winter angling pike.

This gear is based on strong, with a diameter of at least 0.30 mm line. The best option is braided vein diameter of 0.20 mm. Its strength is very high, and the game on a more subtle bait leash much better. Zherlitsy has capacious lesohranilischa, shestika with the switch and the brake, solid line and hook (hooks) with a sinker.

Each of these elements must be verified to use. Coil (lesohrani-ing School) should be large diameter, in the case of monofilament — the diameter of the spool of 50 mm to fishing line for it is not very deformed and not "remember" it, especially in cold weather. Gathering line with her should be guaranteed a free, no hooks, "beard", and similar difficulties. Color is very important veins. Observed that work best colorless thread. It was only in the waters, highly colored by any suspensions, stands to pick monofilament to match the water. The load is attached to the fishing line muffled. Sliding sinker option used by some anglers, can be a hindrance when removing the catch. Its shape and size as dictated by the terms of fishing, in particular the value of live bait: how it quickly, the depth at which it will operate. Usually used as a load of up to 10 olives, and only when fishing on deep cargo can be large and reach '20 Availability flow makes pick ogruzku empirically, ensuring that Zywiec could move freely in the stream without instantaneous drift down.

Fixing gear on the ice should be appropriate for the intended catch. Shestik or frozen into the ice, or made-based zherlitsy larger than the diameter of the hole. Zywiec need vigorous, stable game. The height from the bottom of its location depends on local conditions, but usually does not exceed 1-1.5 m deep and 0.5 m places — places small.

The most controversial element in the design of gear for pike is always a steel leash. Most experienced anglers it does not apply at all. Made of metal ropes influence the frequency and quality of catch. Poor quality product degrades game bait, and as a result, the fish can easily detect and hack cap does not take. Unfortunately, even the highest quality metal products deter predator. How can that be? At an average size of 1-1.5 kg schuchek well you can do without the "excess iron in the design." The lead in this case is made of double line of the same diameter or of a thicker line (diameter 0.50-0.60 mm). These substitutes are quite securely hold the catch. Cuts of two strands or twine diameter of 0.50 mm, virtually no. Pike cuts in the first case, no more than one thread, and in the second it can be extracted from the wells. However, the metal lead is essential, where to be a fight with a toothy prey mass exceeding 5.6 kg. What to do in this case? After a fish and a fishing line can cut millimeter easily. Most anglers put to tackle

WINTER toothy pike

"Guitar string", which shows poor awareness about modern anglers the choice of materials and products. Now on sale you can find excellent leashes of fiber materials, softness is not inferior to the fishing line and the strength does not leave any chance pike. So, deciding to fish with or without a leash, beginner angler is to turn out their own experience, taking into account all the latest "fishing industry", and not that of "experienced" anglers.

An important element is the quality zherlitsy latch tension fishing line. It should be a simple design, easily gives the line and sends a signal to switch-box. Empirically should identify the force required to hold the bait, but immediately give the fishing line with a strike. Very often it happens that when working fishing permits moisture to this detail, resulting in primerzshy lock at the right time does not work. Generally, cold and moisture — big hindrance zherlichniku because there is always the danger that the individual elements can tackle smerznutsya, depriving fisherman chance catch. Therefore, the health of fishing rods have to watch all the time, running from hole to hole. Angler removes a crust of ice on the surface of water, controls the freedom of movement of the fishing line, to revive twitch bait bite, test the alarm bite.

Placing bait on a tee — it also requires some skill. Catch bait fish, and plant them in the canoe, without removing it from the water and minimally damaging, can not at first. And the right to lower the water, so he walked and would not cling too easy.

"In this oxbow lake in the summer on a spinning across a fairly decent pike, weighing up to two kilograms. This fact has prompted the off here with me zherlitsy the eve of New Year. Ice this winter was quite late, and I was hoping for success. Although usually the presence of other fishermen on the pond does not bring me great joy, but seeing the boy, putting as I knew, the same gear as me, along the edge of the reeds, I was very happy. This is, firstly, confirm my assumptions, and secondly, second, in such a remote place like this to get lost in the wilderness river arm, still pleasant to be with fellow hobby than do one. Half an hour later, I was absolutely convinced that the pike are caught well … but for some reason I do. The guy has caught four schuchek decent, but I did not see any bite, though I had bait quality, fresh and "funny." What is it, I could not understand and was sideways to look closely to the actions are successful. I immediately caught my eye that he almost does not release live bait. It was strange, because even near the edge of the reeds depth here was very decent — went stall to 6-8 meters. My bait walked half a meter above the stepping stone to fall down, but the sense was not. Then I picked up the line and let the bait a couple of feet above the result was the same … It's almost in desperation, I picked up bait virtually edge of the ice, and hurled it at a depth of about 1 m and, admiring his way, well sprinkled with snow. Here and "fired up" my flag! Pickerel caught small, only 600 g, but it was a start. And, as it turned out, half-hearted, because all subsequent large fish were larger. Only managed to take a dozen pike fishing. Why did they take almost immediately under the ice at a depth of the reservoir almost ten meters, I learned later. It turned out the whole thing was the fact that in the upper layers was more oxygen. The oxygen regime in the former riverbed deteriorated rapidly, and predator

WINTER toothy pike

boundary preferred to walk taller, with reed thawed, not standing, as was his custom, to the depths. Than oxygen, and here was their usual prey — fish fines and other animals. "

Old fisher Zywiec usually starts at a fairly short distance from the bottom (no more than 1-1.5 m) so as to prevent the fish hook for seaweed, driftwood, and similar irregularities bottom. But this state of the nozzle is not a dogma. In some places, celebrated grip of large pike on bottom baits, walking almost beneath the ice. From their pits predator turns out fine control everything that happens on the surface, and can rise quickly after prey. Therefore, you should try catches all the layers of water, especially if the bite is missing or very rare.

Fishing rod for sheer blesneniya tackle this, of course, is not dobychliva as ten zherlitsy, and apply it only anglers who value in fishing fishing. Constructed on the basis of half-meter rod with a powerful arm udilnika (best cork), capacity washer and a coil of wire. It is important to have even an inexpensive but well-regulated coil. Its brakes as "dead" and the friction should work reliably, and fishing line — and wound down easily and without delay. Vein — a quality monofilament 0.20-0.30 mm diameter. The presence of a nod required: only with him, you get a feeling for the nuances of movement bait in the water and be able to better understand the game and pike biting moments. During pauses nod points to touch such fish to the bait, which would otherwise go unnoticed. And they are the most suitable for the jewelery sweeps, when fish cling only hooks and lures body remains outside the mouth. Hooking this need to a predator had no chance to get to the fishing line.

The use of a metal leash not dogma. Some people fish without it, considering that it affects the lure. However, the quality of a lead or tungsten polymer materials with softness, not inferior to the fishing line, and with the strength of steel will be very welcome. Therefore, if you have to fish in areas where large pike, better to have it on hand. Some modern alloys provide a unique opportunity to correct over the fire lighters deformed leash, previously just thrown out.

Lures can be successful only with impeccable quality spinner game. This means that fisher must consider the ability to recognize pike hunted. Some fans, promahav rod all day and can not seduce toothy grip on. The fact that the predator in winter is often inactive and sedentary. Especially for pike bottom, mother: she tries to get close to the production and take it safely and without wasting power. And the slow pace often makes it possible to recognize a fake. So, baubles to be "lazy", smoothly and beautifully moving past the pike's mouth, stop at the fully accessible to the short-throw distance, but with attractive to predators, stable lateral vibrations. This is where the trouble lies. The fact that the pause — the main enemy of the inept angler. This should not be a full stop bait for a long period of time. Pike well versed in inanimate objects, often immediately recognize deception. Lure to vibrate slightly as if in place, and it lasts about 2-3 seconds, then starts again bait run and smooth glide in the water.

Pike angling experience in the depths of time suggests that this predator-time. prefer me not just "lazy" prey, but is clearly tempted to capture smaller objects. Time and again at the time toothy bites jig from unsuspecting angler perch. However, the use spinners with linear dimensions less than 30 mm at once increases the threat of losing tackle. Only spinner length of 30-40 mm allows predator strike, avoiding contact with her mouth line. Of course, the lead would not allow her to leave. But only if it is very high quality, a little different to the softness and flexibility of the fishing line.

Fishing lure pike angler requires a great activity, as do more than 10-15 entries in each well makes no sense. At the same time completely away from them is not necessary. All wells should be checked periodically, carrying 5.3 postings. If angling is at a depth of less than 4.3 m, one must be extremely cautious


nym and making noise. From the noisy and hectic place large prey out immediately. That's why every obrubyvanie in places leads to the cessation of cool.

Like all living things, these fish have some "individual" traits. Experienced anglers know that pike pike strife. There is a curious and active individuals. Last winter can even crawl on the bottom and look for frogs. Wintering wah defenseless: although sees approaching death — a place not move. And the fact that she can see, no doubt.

"One day, walking along the bank of forest lake in late fall, I was at a depth of one meter from the lake he saw a frog. She sat on the floor and looked at me. This was no doubt because the minute after the beginning of our duel eye frog legs bounced off the bottom and perekuvyrknuvshis over his head stolidly slipped into the dark depths. Its obviously alerted my gazing, and stupor have not gone so far that it obezdvi-zhilas. "

Old fisherman fishing pike last the ice is already in the midst of spring, when the ice breaks up and there are a large lawn clean water. Sabaneyev wrote that at such a time suck zakraykov pike. Although at this stage can catch the ice, but the hunt for pike is with spinning, which is a typical summer tackle for fishing in open water. Thus ends the winter season schukolova. Bait

Excellent bait for pike are the usual bread crumbs. This feed collects in one place a lot of little things whites, and here necessarily fit predatory fish.


Pike addiction rather well studied by observing the fish in artificial ponds, where they are given a live feed. First, the predator eats roach and small carp, perch and then eats. Only a long time (!) No other feed it starts absorbing ruffs. Experience shows that the pike also willingly enough gudgeon, loach, Leucaspius, rudd and bleak. Nozzle bait should be in the water. This is the most gentle way, especially useful when using sensitive to injury baits, such as upper-ka, gudgeon, bleak.

Quite unique in catchability-STI nozzle can be a frog. True, it is difficult to get such a bait fish in the winter, but if you managed to find under the rocks of small frogs, catch on zherlitsy almost guaranteed.


Baits used in angling pike multiplying every year. Vertical Lures, balance beams, large jig, jig-head with vibrohvostami and Twister-mi — here is a short list of them.

What is important to know the angler to some orientation in this diversity?

First of all we must understand that the most important is to lure her game, not a color. Blind pike accurately catch only the "right" targets, simulating movement of something alive.

Value as bait to fit the intended catch. Installation on a pike tackle spinners with linear dimensions of 20 mm will inevitably lead to numerous attacks on her sailor — perch size of a finger. But the lure length of 30-40 mm will almost certainly be left without their attention.

Biting and vyvazhivanii

Biting and vyvazhivanii pike even in winter can be a difficult thing, given that, as with all the other fish, toothy activity significantly reduced. Grip on predator udilnik passed as a sharp blow or jerk. Sometimes feels like a bite quickly growing resistance movement of the bait, and in this case we speak of "pulls". Experienced angler already biting can determine the size of the catch. It has long been known that small pike-travyanki after capture bait dragging it along the coast or in the land. Large bottom pike bait takes one movement gills and immediately goes into the depths. Subsector, to regulate the power and time sweeps with the magnitude and nature of his bait on the hook attachment. Cutting is to be strong, but relaxed in the brush and avoid excessive pressure on the line. Small pike behave smartly, but if the rope is strong, it does not stand on ceremony with prey — quickly removed from the water.

Bottom giants that often weigh 10-12 kg, feeling after hooking hooks in its mouth, sometimes behave illogically, from the point of view of the angler. But such behavior is understandable, given that these fish feel themselves masters of the reservoir. They follow the bait to the very hole, as if wondering who is there dared to challenge them. Having seen the light, as a rule, make a strong push captive to the depth, and they often can not get out, because crush SALE may even inactive pike. Rescue fishermen in these circumstances, only the reaction, the ability to mitigate the jerk rod, hand, holiday fishing line.

During approach to the hole a large predator is very useful handful of snow, ready-made for the occasion. Pitting snow a foot in the water, you can significantly reduce the activity of pike as you type it in the hole: production is not so afraid to go to the dark spots of ice. But in almost all cases, in order to make the big fish in the hole, you need endurance and perseverance. After hooking a fishing line to keep under tension, preventing the extraction turn upside down. If the force which drags pike tackle, is increasing rapidly, you should not throw the rod, as is usually done by fishermen, and keep it by paying jerks not only hands but also whip. Whenever possible, in our pride bagorik. This tool is absolutely essential for pike angling. It must be strong enough to withstand a solid jerk fish. Podbagrivayut pike, like other large fish under the front fins.

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