Basic fishing tackle

20090421-153251-245Summer float rod. Consists of rods, reels, crossing rings, fishing line, floats, sinkers and hooks. All of its components can be made from readily available materials, but it would be good to have a fishing line in the campaign and fishing hooks. Especially because they do not take up much space. A good rod should combine properties such as lightness, elasticity, flexibility, strength. Masters such rods of juniper, mountain ash, birch sprouts. If the rod is warped, then you can make the desired shape. It's enough to steam the whip cut down on fire and hung out to dry in the shade for the thin tip and butt to hang heavy. If required, additional distortion eliminate hands. There is a second way of straightening whip: straighten it on the board with the help of long, thin nails (bent rod, and then dried in the shade.) If you can not find the right whip, you can make a composite. For this abutting ends of the tribes should be cut diagonally, glue, thread and well established kleem.Katushka waterproof cover is installed on the handle of the rod. The presence of the coil helps make the throw farther, lengthen and shorten the line, helps vyvazhivanii big fish. The most simple coil consists of a body with the axle and to set foot on the handle of the coil rod. On the axis of a rotating drum fitted with handles for rotation. Choke rings are (as the name implies) to skip the line that runs from the coil to the end of the rod. Rings must pass the fishing line with the lowest friction, be light and resistant. These requirements are best suited to steel rings. Their number depends on the length of the rod: the length of the rod is placed 2-3 meters 4.5 rings over 4 meters — 6-8 rings. Fishing line — the most important part of the fishing gear. It should be strong, thin, flexible and unobtrusive in the water. Keep fishing line should be in a dark, cool place. And shall not be wound too tight. Fish bite shows a float. He also holds the hook attachment to a certain depth. Floats are different in material, shape, size, method of attachment to the line. They are made of cork, goose feather, foam, Kuga (kind of reed), plastics, etc. In form — in the form of an elongated spindle, with the antenna, drop-shaped, etc. In size from 7.5 cm to 50 cm or more. Attached through a metal or rubber band through the hole in the float, etc. The basic requirements to be met by the float — the highest capacity at the lowest rate, the maximum sensitivity to the bites, the least resistance immersion and cutting. In addition, it should not get wet in the water, the fish scare appearance, must be different strength, conveniently placed on a fishing line. The float must be clearly visible at all times and in all weathers. At the same time, if the depth is less than 2 meters, it is best to avoid bright colors and try to use floats, painted the color of the water plants. Sinker — a necessary part of the tackle to catch fish with your rod. It accelerates dive hook and line, lets throw the hook in the right place. Georgia must hold the line in a vertical position, while adding or subtracting weight sinkers, works to ensure that the float is securely held in the water, sensitive response to tension underwater fishing line. Usually shipped from the hook placed at a distance of 4-5 cm in general, goods have to be the size and weight made of lead plate or lead pellets. Pellets, Georgia may have a through hole or notch. First fix the following: fishing line is passed through the hole in the right place and clamped. In the second case, the fishing line is inserted into the cut hole and also gagging. If a pellet would be enough, you can put in the same way the second. May float when casting in general will drag in the water — in this case, a knife carefully cut away part of pellets. Fishing at the bottom often use a sliding sinker. This allows using a coil to throw a hook with a nozzle much further from the coast and in the right place. With a biting fish fishing line will slide freely through a sinker or a sinker ring available — fish do not feel resistance, and the fisherman moving line or a nod rod tip makes cutting. Hook — the final link equipment of any fishing rod. The basic requirements for it — it should be firm, elastic, sharp zatsepistym. Strength, elasticity hook determines its springiness. Sharpness can be explained as follows: the sting should not slide over the nail. Zatsepistost increases with the severity of the sting, forearm length, deviation hooking up and away. In addition, zatsepistost hook increases if the tip and ring a little bend inward. Soft hook easy temper, brittle — to let go. So in order to temper the hook, it is heated to a red glow and cooled in the engine oil, and if we need to let go — heated to dark cherry and cooled in air. The hook is not lost elasticity of heating, it is recommended to wrap the soldering time prying wet thread. The hook can be fitted with a clamp. To do this, take the two hooks, one cut off the ring and Sting with a beard, and the rest of the forearm below carry a small limb. At the top of the solder parts. Clamp tightly presses the nozzle. The use of such devices increases catchability. Summer float rod catch fish in clear water from the shore, pier, dams, bridges, boats, etc. Selecting a place for fishing, deploying a fishing rod, determine the depth, set the float to the proper level of the hook, fasten the hook assembly (plant or animal), and throw it. If fishing is from the bottom, then the float a little bites out of the water and falls on its surface. At this point, should follow the sweeps. If fishing is not the bottom, during a strike float is immersed in water or starts to move. Sweeps should be done at this point. While waiting for a bite, keep the rod in his hands, he should put on the Flyers (when fishing from a boat rod is placed on the board.) Winter float rod consists of udilnika, fishing line, floats, sinkers, hooks. Udilnik usually consists of a handle length of 130-140 mm and a thickness of 25-30 mm, made of foam, cork or wood. In the spring whip handle fixed length of 30-35 cm (usually from a juniper). At the base of the coil or whip strengthen motoviltse on that coil 10-15 meters fishing line. At the end of the whip would be good to reinforce the spiral or any record length of about 45-50 mm — is signaling a strike. Float rod in the winter usually has a length of 25-30 mm and a thickness of 4-6 mm. Make it a conical or cylindrical shape of various materials — foam, bark, cork — and painted in bright colors for better visibility. Weight and size of the load is determined by the terms of fishing. Pick it should be so that he kept the cap at the bottom of the float and sank to the desired depth with little effort. Strengthen the sinker at 15-20 cm above the hook. Use two methods of fishing — from the bottom or near the bottom, as well as plummet. Adjustment of a way of fishing is carried out by a weight and float. Bottom fishing rod. Most demersal fish species is a way of life. Bottom fishing tackle — tackle to catch fish from the bottom or near the bottom in the animal or vegetable packing. Bottom gear consists of rod (rod with motoviltse, rod and reel, rod and reel with rings), lines, sinkers, hooks. Attaching sinkers and hooks in several ways. Sinker is attached to the end of the fishing line, a hook on the lead sinkers above about 20-30 c
m or at this distance is the stopper, and the lead is moving up to the stop, the hook is attached to the end of the line, gruzlo is moving (the stopper is placed at a distance of 20-25 cm off the hook.) Or sinker attached to a leash, which is secured to a place in the 25-30 cm from the hook. To better define a bite at the end udilnika wear rubber tube through which a fishing line. Alarm device can be a strike the bell: it is tied to a piece of fishing line, the other end is fixed, for example, the leg of a wooden laundry pegs (previously it is a hole or slot), which clings to the tip of the rod, and the bell is hung on the main line. When hooking bell flies with fishing line and prevents vyvazhivanii. Casting distance nozzle defines a simple method: depending on which of donok more bites and set the casting distance on the rest. Before making casting fishing rod, put on the hook attachment or live bait, fishing line put the rings to a clean place, or on a piece of plastic film, then take it with three fingers (thumb, index, middle) right hand just above the lead, udilnik in his left hand. Lead sinker and a packed and rocking abruptly sent forward in such a way that the movement of goods and the line was a little up. Udilnik after release hand shift to the right and try to repay the jerk (that line was not stretched to the limit). After Georgia will be on the bottom, line follows several pull towards you to remove it sagging. Then mounted bell. When the fish pulled the fishing line, make sweeps and if made well, the vyvazhivayut prey. Zherlitsy — simple suspension gear for catching predatory fish on live bait. Tackle includes flyers, fishing line, iron leash hook. Flyers on eights namtyvaetsya monofilament diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm and a length of 15-25 m at the end of the fishing line is attached a metal leash with double or triple hook set up cargo. Live bait on a hook attached, then unwound part of the fishing line and bait fish released into the water. Line on the Flyers recorded so that before taking the heads of predatory fish it is unwound from the Flyers. Last fixed to stakes driven into the ground, to a bush or a tree branch. In the attack of predatory fish on live bait fishing line starts to unwind with the Flyers. At this time, and make cutting. Zherlitsy winter is not much different from the summer. Fishing line is wound on a reel or motoviltse, which are mounted on a stick. By the end of the fishing line is attached a hook or double-tee, up to 20-25 cm have a sinker. Fishing technique is also similar. Secured with live bait. He descends into the water so that the bottom of it was at a distance of about 40-60 cm fishing line secured by lodge. If the fishing line is wound on motoviltse, then reserve it 4-5 meters placed on ice (if the fishing line is wound on, then release it too should not be). Grabbing the bait, the fish pulls the fishing line with a lodge and moving, it winds up with ice, or coil. Zherlitsy winter can be made by taking the thick flat tires, which were cut out in the form of thread reel length of 12-15 cm, a width in a narrow space of about 8-10 cm at one end of the coil is at the edge of a circular hole, into which the swivel . The latter is attached to a loop of uderzhatelyu strong fishing line. At the narrowest part of fishing line is wound (15-25 m in length, 0.5 mm in diameter). Fixed line in the bottom of the coil in the slot.

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