After tectonic cataclysm caused by the displacement of the inner core of the Earth, in Russia, when troubles arise. In contact with the mantle of the Earth's core, which rotates more slowly than the surface of the planet, the inner core like a giant brake "will pass" for its hard rock. This contact will lead to the fact that the speed of the surface of the Earth will slow sharply. Water in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, according to the law of conservation of moment of inertia, descend on the eastern shores of water, sweeping away everything in its path. The seas and oceans any huge tsunami waves of several hundred meters, which are desolate and destroyed many coastal towns and cities. Flood comes next!

During this disaster would destroy the main sources of power, water, communications, transportation and food. There would be hunger, epidemics, anarchy, looting, rebellion against authority, etc. All this will continue for several years. In the predictions of some seers have mentioned about this period of time.

The book Durasova GP (1999) "Statements outstanding ascetic Macarius Artemieva shimonahini Orthodoxy" (1926-1993), there are little-known predictions about the future of Russia. Some of the prophecies have already been fulfilled. Orthodoxy of the ascetic went hard fate. In the year and a half she lost the use of his legs, and it has not gone, just crawling. In eight years, lethargy and sleep, probably has acquired the gift of foresight and the ability to heal people. During the war, has been left without care and almost two years spent on the street, where she lived for about seven hundred days. She picked up an old nun from which future ascetic live twenty years, and then take a monk and schema.

Macarius Artemieva prophecies are very vague and allusive, but some predictions have much in common with the prophecies of other prophets:

"Up to 99 years (1999), nothing is there should be no disaster … According to the Bible we are now — survives. It's called "commits". And when the end of the 99th, then we will live in the "History". Meanwhile the Bible "commits" is not over, nothing will happen, but it is up to the 99th year! You before this time you die, I die, I priberet God "(12/27/1987).

Mother Artemyev said Macarius of disasters and calamities that occur in the future.


1. And now there is no young, all the old row, soon there will not be any people.

2. This time occurs, the power is taken away sorcerers. It would be even worse, God forbid live up to.

3. Now their time is coming, the good times end.

4. Now the people are generally not good. The authorities will not lean to the people, and will be complete devastation.

5. Terrible for us Chinese. The Chinese are very wicked will be cut without mercy. They take half the land, they do not need anything more. They do not have enough land.

6. Warlocks parietal cover the whole earth, and without the sun does not rise. And this one does not give values.


7. And the light will not light up, will say: we need to save energy.

8. Summer will be bad, and winter — more. Snow will not lie and it ebbs. And then what frosts Neznamov


9. Poor harvest begins when the monks would banish.

10. Great famine of bread will not — the crust in half to share.

11. All the good people died, all of them in the garden, they were not aware of this emptiness: praying to God, they will be fine there.

12. Bad that we have reached the end of the world. It will soon be the end of the world. Now little remains.

13. Now say (Mother of God): "A little bit left." Now people are bad, hardly anyone goes to heaven.

14. And you die. Lord's will be done, who is not recorded to die, he will suffer and die do not die.


1. Come on now, and the next summer — is worse. Even when I said, this is not good so dark, some will proruha.

2. Nothing good promises the Lord, we do not get anything, and we shall get by ditches.

3. The money will be better not only about twice as cheap, and then a fall in price.

4. Soon people will go bad, go wheel. All right end of the world, and here — demolition of buildings and people, all mixed with dirt, will be knee-deep in blood to go.

5. How to put the dead, and we will have to head over heels. Will be no one to bury, so dumped in a pit and buried.

Somersault (buried) — perhaps shimonahinya Macarius mean shifting of the poles of the planet to 180 degrees, in which the Russian people will antipodes.

6. Soon you will be left without bread.

7. Does no longer be on the floor (live in apartment buildings). Now overcrowding, poor people everywhere, now their intention they are unclean believing people closer.



The war will all be in the war, go to war with sticks to beat each other, a lot of people would be slaughtered. Sticks, when they hit, will laugh, and a gun when hit — weep.

About Moscow, she said: "Moscow — the holy city, it is impossible to leave the Orthodox … Russia will never die! Lord enlighten her, and she will again be Russia as Russia. "

Predictions Blessed Matrona of Moscow (1881-1952). Matron Sebeno born in the village of Tula region. Disabled since childhood, blind from birth (she had no pupils).

From the memories of the Pasha, the hostess in the Tsarina, which lived for some time Blessed Matrona, "Her neighbors often visited Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and other holy places, and took it with him. They visited John's Monastery in St. Petersburg. The temple priest Fr. John of Kronstadt in the end life suddenly said to the believers: "Make way! Give the move! Matronushka, come come to me. Here comes my shift — the eighth pillar of Russia. "

With seven years Matronushka early to predict, it has become the family breadwinner, and other many.

…Shortly before her death, she told me: "Do not be afraid, now there will be war. So we go to bed and get up in a different way. " — "What's different?" — "We, — said — go on a branch." I said, "Mother, I do not know what this bitch?" — "Socha, go to plow." I said, "And where are the tractor go?" — "Oh, the tractor!" She simply said: "It will plow work, and life will be good." Yet we did not wait for these times. Matron said, "Do not die, it's all you'll see more." I will wait here. "

Memories of the Blessed Pelagia of Ryazan (1890 — 1966) (locally venerated saints Ryazan diocese), "Pelagia said that all the evil that will be concentrated in Russia, swept away the Chinese. She wept bitterly about Russia: "What will happen to her, what misfortune befall her?" "What will happen to Moscow?" — "In an instant the ground" — "What's with St. Petersburg?" — "It will be called the Sea "-" And Kazan? "-" The Sea "- Pelagia said that she was shown.

"What will happen on Russian soil? What sorrow bearing down on us ahead? Witchcraft will cover the whole of Russia! "

"Now Petersburg became — lair of Satan! So many have got it sorcery that fail and produced in this place the sea! As it will be called? .. '

"Kazan and other cities will be in the ground" — spoke righteous Pelagia discerning. "

In 1906, in Yakutia were recorded predictions Hatygi old who uttered them in a state of trance, accompanied by chants and recitations. Philologist JI. Gringmut and poet JI. Kotyukov gave this mysterious entries literary form. I will give some of the prophecies of the old line of Yakutia:

Destruction threatens the country an island, in the box echoing thought dead, living Word became number Stones flee underground gardens, bamboo does not hear the rustle of the soul, the Soul can hear prophetic bamboo. Island country threatened destruction.

The leaves fall off into the desert sky. At the heart of the Lord of hail killed Mirotvoritelem become soldiers. The Dead Sea in bitter tears, the Dead Sea swallow ever all transgressors of God's law …

Airship called a star. Black people — the death of dreams. White people in the cells of lights. Wounds underground in the heart of the Earth, bloodless holes in the sky, the earth, the ocean covered the shaft Babylon. Star turned airship.

Heavenly King himself will not save. Shaman tambourine rings on the moon. Birds numb, fish scream. In the boat on the bottom rail of ice glowing invisible, terrible fire, Moon dust cover their tracks …

Lonely does not need power wise. Chain borders on the peoples hang dead Rusty chain elements. Green banner of snow threatens. Eagle on canvas gold charred unite North, the Sage does not need a lonely power.

Century before the time he died in the shower, the Shadow Moon astral stagnation. The drawers black snake troubles in the house of smoke demons virgins. The healing power of love the world, the world of the coming glory raise. He died prematurely in the shower age.

Voice live — blinding light. Save a woman's heart forever. My throat silver — gold disc. Unutterable love cave to the pressure of the fire force. Blinding light — the voice of the living.

Interpret these prophecies is hard enough, but we can assume that they refer to the death of people living in the islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans by shifting the core of our planet ("the heart of the Earth"), and the flood — "Val ocean covered Babylon," Ozone holes in the atmosphere, space shuttle disasters "Challenger" and "Columbia" (with the line, predicting these disasters, repeated twice, ie, the number of the burnt space ships), nuclear submarines lying on the bottom of the seas and oceans, where the reactors "smoldering unseen, terrible fire," Islamic aggression aimed at Russia, and the beginning of World War III. Moreover, it is possible that Russia, after all these troubles again unite the former Soviet Union and become a monarchy. This is indicated by the symbol of the eagle "on canvas with gold" — the dominant color of the imperial standard.

Famous Rasputin warned mankind of the dangers of radioactive contamination as a result of destruction of the reactor nuclear power plants during the tectonic upheavals. He wrote about the great danger: "Around the world, the tower will be built … they will lock death. Some of these castles crumble, and these wounds rotten blood spilled (radioactive emissions from the reactors. — Comm. Aut.), Which has infected the Earth and sky. Since contaminated blood clots, as predators will fall on our heads. And many clots fall to the ground, and the land where they fall, will be deserted for seven generations. "

The air that enters our lungs to bring life, one day will bring death. And the day will come when there will be no mountains, no hills, no seas or lakes, which would not be shrouded in an ominous breath of death. And all the people will inhale death and all the people will die of poison, with which will be filled with air.

Poisons embrace Earth as a passionate lover. And in a deadly embrace of heaven will find the breath of death, and in the sources of water will be bitter, and many of these waters are poisonous rotten snake blood. People will die from water and air, but will say, if they had died of heart and kidney.

And the bitter waters infect time… For the bitter waters spawn bitter times. People leave the city. Salt water will be on the planet, the seer predicted. Sea will advance on the city. In place of any cropland salt marshes and hot deserts …

Mentioned visionary about a "black plague": "More and more you will see the madness of your members. Where nature has created order, man sow confusion. Many suffer from this disorder. And many will die from the black plague. And when the plague will not be over kill, vultures will tear the flesh. Everyone has a great drug, but man-animal prefers to be treated with poisons …

Plants get sick and die one by one. Forests will become a huge cemetery, and between dead trees will aimlessly wander dazed and poisoned poison rain people.

At this time will be less food, because everything will be poison. Barns will be full and will flow streams of cool water, and the trees will bear fruit, but who eats of the grain and who drinks water, he died, and who would eat the fruit, will die. Only the fruits collected the previous generation will not include death.

In these times of woe and connects with a man be born of their union despair, despair is what has never been on the ground. And in these times, even the seasons change, and the rose will bloom in December, and in June will be covered with snow. "

Rasputin even predicted the emergence of genetics and cloning experiments — "human alchemy": "born a monster that will not be any people or animals. And many people who do not have the marks (umbilical cord) on the body, have the mark in the shower. And then the time will come when you will find in the cradle of the monster of monsters — a man without a soul. " Womb will be sold as beef. Appear butterfly kites, bee-snakes, flying frogs, mice, rulers and people, animals.

Grigory Rasputin in his prophecy speaks of the dangers of uncontrolled genetic experiments conducted by some scientists: "Irresponsible human alchemy, in the end, turn ants into huge monsters that destroy homes and whole countries are powerless against them and the fire, and water. In the end, you will see flying frogs and butterflies become vultures and bees will crawl on the ground like a snake. And snakes possess many cities …

Mice and snakes will rule over the earth. Mice will hunt mice, and lost and dazed people have to leave the towns and villages under the pressure of huge hordes of mice, which destroy everything and will infect the earth.

Plants, animals and humans were created to be shared. But the day will come when there will be a border. And then the person will poluchelovek, polurasteniem. The beast will be a beast, plants and humans. On these endless fields will feed the monster called Kobak … '

At present, the result of irresponsible crossing experiments bees from Europe, Africa and South America launched hybrid "killer bees," which is extremely aggressive and has multiply uncontrollably. Probably (in the future) they still remind myself. Rasputin's prediction: "Hand insects suffer death, because the person they had been poisoned. And locusts seem to spring a rain compared to this hurricane that spread from the ground color of leaves on the ground, and from there to the whole world, spreading disease, hunger and terror. "

Predictions Slava (Slava Krasheninnikov) Chebarkul native of Chelyabinsk region. Slavik was born into a military family "in 1982, and lived a very short life, dying at age 11 from cancer. Krasheninnikov prophecies recorded by memories of his mother. Perhaps his predictions relate to the time before and after the disaster, "Slavik said that nuclear war is nothing compared to the impending disaster …

Slavik said that the water from the surface of the earth will go, and the trees and the vegetation — under. Only by the grace of God, those who are not sealed seal of Antichrist, will be able to grow anything from vegetables in the garden … Will not need any musicians or artists or athletes. Will need those forgotten ancient knowledge on which a person could determine where to dig to find water, and how to survive. The water will go, and the rest will go bad …

He also said that as the elm burns and collapses, so will burn a single layer of the sky. Sky then acquire a different look. Slavik was discovered when the true state of our earthly sky, he cried all day and said, "Mommy, the sky is not blue, and such as that of Saddam Hussein, when he was burning oil …"

People will live a little is good, but then the products will be hidden from the people under the ground and would be hunger. Russia will disintegrate. Even small republics, such as Tatarstan, will be separated from each other. This will contribute to the economic survival, but when a disaster will not be mutual, because each region will be busy with his own problems …

Slavik said that before the war, our army will collapse, that power cuts will begin from the Far East, and then gradually be everywhere off. Everywhere is cold because heating will not work. Shut off gas and electricity. The schools will not even chalk and paper. Kids will hang out on the street. Return all diseases. There will be one disease without a name, which will be a lot of dead bodies in the streets and no one will be buried. On them will be crawling worms and will stand the stench around. Slavik said, "Mom, people would go to die, and on the go, as they do not have the energy …"

Slavik said that America will blow up two more of the same at home, then blow up the Statue of Liberty from below. Get: the statue as if to take a step and fall apart. He said that Russia would also blow up the house. When I asked, "Who is it for? Who will blow up? "He said," themselves, and will blow up … "

Slavik said that the first non-human document in our country — the voucher. The rest of the documents will also be from Satan. He said that there will be money "world ruler", which will be called the "euro". Business with the money will go well. The last state, which goes to the "euro" will be America …

The final document will be the world sheet as a small, very cute small gray platelets. When people get it, specially installed devices will be applied on the forehead or right hand in the form of three small tattoos rays six. Initially, they will not show, but then they, as an electronic scoreboard on the forehead and on the hand, will light green light …

Slavik said that Satan wants to ignite a war between Muslims and Christians, but God will not allow global war between them. Muslims and Christians have to unite, rise up because Buddhists. Our country will be at war with China. Russia first make peace with America. A lot of Americans will be standing on the Russian border. Will import American products and goods to Russia. We will have everything American, even movies. Russian people then it's all very tired, and they will be happy to see even a small Russian Marochko. When the Americans and Chinese will be on the brink of war, the Americans at the last moment afraid of China and unleashed it on us. The war will be such that will go somewhere bloody fighting, and somewhere, and without a single shot will take: Russians fall asleep at night and in the morning wake up the Chinese. Christian churches and Muslim mosques little remake (roofs make in Chinese), will put in front of the dragon, which instead kolokola'budet deaf twang people gather to worship. Resist will be killed or hanged.

Slavik said that the Chinese are killing our men and boys and sterilize our population. Then the Americans pioneered the use of the Chinese new psychological weapon, which acts only on this race, and drive them back home, but the action of the weapon will be such that, even in their own in China, they will never be able to be normal.

Slavik said that there is a city in the Urals — as if in a cup (maybe Chelyabinsk. — Comm. Aut.). During the Ural earthquake this City threw stones, flood water and even no animal will not escape from the city, and in Moscow did not even think to help. "And you, mom — said Slavik — break all the glassware, but crumble located near kindergartens, which will be long before this fix" (this garden renovating more than six years and that's just recently opened) …

… In the earth there are huge void, and a warming climate in these places will fall empty land, and in some places it will be a huge bed of disperse in different directions. England will sink, and the British

evacuated to Russia, and the British government knows about it …

Slavik said that the Black Sea is a giant explosion, because the sea was a small layer of water, and under a layer of water on the bottom of the sea climb some organisms, such as worms, of which there are many, and they release hydrogen sulfide. All of this underwater space will explode, and the explosion will reach the upper atmosphere, where human-induced got a huge amount of chemicals and other wastes. Will have the impression that burns like water, land and sky.

City of Odessa will save that burst pipe fresh water. Burning city will fill with fresh water, and this will save a lot. Slavik said, saving his cousin — the daughter of our relatives who still live in Odessa.

More Slavik said that rise in the Baltic and the giant waves washed away the coast of the Baltic states, which will be formed in Bashkiria huge failures of land to a greater depth, the bottom of these failures will be dry. People found themselves in these failures will be seen high above a piece of the sky, the size of the cloud, and falling rocks as if from the sky. Some will expose their heads under the stones, as rescue from the trap will not be.

Greatest disaster (strong kristallopad) erupt over Siberia.

Chelyabinsk plant stop and empty, the left one guard. Then these plants will be de-energized idle falls to the ground. All giant structure sank into the ground. Remaining on the ground people will languish from hunger and thirst. Water will become a thick, smelly and red, like the blood of a deceased person, the plants will stop its growth. There will be no wind, no rain. Every nasty climb up from under the ground. Of spoiled waters climb very large creatures, such as worms … '

Perhaps some of the seers predict Russia will never come true, but even if only part of the prophecy fulfilled, then our country will survive the hard times.

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