That can be eaten with fish? Part 2

How much fish disease can be dangerous to the health of humans and domestic animals? This is a serious topic, a little scary, but treat it with understanding: Booked — is forearmed!

Today, the article focuses on a couple of nasty parasites, such as fluke parasite and cat.

Parasites, or, in other words, kolyuchegolovye — are small worms, the length of which can be up to two inches are a bit flat elongated body, which is part of a broad head, and they are covered with thorns. In color may be red-orange, white or brown, so they are easy to find at cutting ryby.Vstretit them only in the intestine. Since the parasites have their digestive system, they are parasitic on the inner walls of the intestine, sucking food your whole body. The head of the parasite is equipped chitinous hooks, which he attached to the walls of the intestine, and the hooks are sometimes as sharp parasite that can even bite through the intestines, and thus fall into the body cavity of the fish (the animal).

It is noticed that quite often the parasites infest the intestines burbot, pike, perch, eel, carp, salmon, whitefish. There are also other fish. How did they get them? Pretty simple. The female lays the eggs of the parasite in the intestine of fish. From there, the eggs fall into the pond, where the water selected donkeys, amphipods, and other crustaceans. Their body they develop to the larvae. Crustacean larvae eating fish, and in the intestine which has been developing for eugamic parasite. Then the cycle repeats.

Fish struck Acanthocephala thinner, poorly developed and often dies. Often it happens that the fish for parasites is only a temporary abode, and principal — fish-eating mammals, including, of course, and people.

To some extent, the parasites can be dangerous to human health. Not big, but still … The disease is called akantotsefalez, and treatment is approximately the same as in the worms.

To avoid this unpleasant fate, fish affected Acanthocephala to properly gut, rinse and well before use to fry or boil.

Siberian fluke — it is also a worm, and quite dangerous parasite. They can only get infected through fish.

In appearance it is a flat worm up to one and a half inches, with a bright yellow or orange color, as well marked. Parasitizes it in the gut and liver of man, dogs, cats, other carnivorous animals eat fish for food.

Risk of catching the above parasite exists for eating raw and not cooked or fried fish, the affected cat fluke. When injected into the human body, the parasite tends to bile ducts and liver, where it can live up to twenty (!) Years. Disease called opisthorchiasis …

Symptoms occur in different people in different ways, but most — are nausea, fatigue, headaches, irritability, pain in the right upper quadrant. Liver increases, the person can often have a temperature, may develop jaundice, often vomiting. Define human disease feline fluke by the presence of his feces or bile eggs of the parasite. Treatment for long and pleasant in this little.

What you need to know to not get infected cat fluke?

First, if the fish is salted (with salinity ranging from twelve to twenty-four hours), Siberian fluke larvae do not die. Second, even at freezing the affected fish to minus twelve degrees, the larvae of the parasite will die in just three weeks, and larger fish by freezing down to minus twenty-five degrees — a month. Third, we need to observe good personal hygiene — after working with fish wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Fourth, eat only well-cooked, roasted, smoked, salted fish.

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