Types of knives. What are the knives?

Types of knives.  What are the knives?Knives are divided, by and large, into two categories — knives that can be carried (in a pocket, on a belt, in a bag, in the "glove box" scooter) and cold steel, for wearing that "sodyut" in prison. And immediately forget all the nonsense that you rubbed your friends on shpanistye loft — about palm blades and other nonsense. Determines whether the knives seized from a police officer you opener, expertise, and for a variety of parameters, such as the hardness of the metal, the presence of guards (Ephesus), channels Krovostok etc, etc, etc. As to the prison, we do not want considered in this review will be the first category only. The editors are not against knives, it only, but urges you, our precious readers, if you have a knife, or you are going to buy it myself: Please use it for the most household purposes for which it is, according to the certificate and supports. So the knives are of two types: folding and Blade. Folding — those who in some way are added, Blade, accordingly, no. Knives, in turn, are divided into subspecies: Machines — switchblade knives, without exception, familiar from the counters of commercial tents early nineties. These monsters with dangling edges have with this knife as much to do as a miracle motoproma Belarus "Minsk" enduro for travel. Reliable mechanism "vykiduhi" not easy to do, so it makes sense to buy models only serious companies. How, for example. Ultrateh SE of Microteh, for 14,595 rubles. Happiness for sportbaykera or "straight" — the handle of the knife industry masterpiece is made of carbon fiber!

Knife Ultrateh SE of Microteh

Optimal ratio of reliability, convenience, price possess semiautomatic, knives, blades are tilted by a spring, by clicking the button, you must manually add the blade. Magnum to 01V0017 for 3025 rubles provided sereytorom — special teeth that can not only not giving in to saw a piece of bone in roasted on the fire game, but not to deal with a thick wire. Knives, for example, Spyderco Papa-military, worth 6335 rubles, renowned for its reliability — still, no springs, just a patented lock which does not allow the blade to close spontaneously, injuring his hand.

Folding Knife Spyderco Papa-military

So-called "Multitools" There are two types: Leatherman and crafts bespontovye imitators. The simplest Kick is 1600 rubles., A Charge, which has everything to organize somewhere in Kaliningrad screwdriver assembly "Harley" — 4800 rubles.

Multi-tool Leatherman Kick

18,000 rubles worth gift knife "Chrysostom" — the terms of gold, a beautiful box and excellent blade and gear. Interesting representative folding models — a knife, a belt buckle fits Paul Chen — 2795 rubles. One has only to be aware of is that if you then decide to take the belt plane, grilling you can not avoid. You're lucky if you find yourself a submariner from St. Petersburg. Bladed weapons divided into the following subtypes: Throwing knives, anyway — cold steel, and exploitation of sports facilities is prohibited, but presented here are copies of a certificate of their "Household Items." Hibben knives — 2160 rubles for three knives in one scabbard, "Tarantula" and "Baby" from "Russian Darts", standing for 595 rubles.

Throwing knives from Hibben Knives

Hunting knives are so diverse that describe all the differences between four Finnish knives of Kizlyar and Eskimo from, say, a small picture of Japanese "Katana" is meaningless. By purchasing one of these knife is not easy to stop — and, quite possibly, in the near future you will be able to save on the wallpaper in the repair — all the walls you will be hung with knives. "Machete" are designed to brave heroes of the film "Anaconda 2» hew one's way in the midst of the most anacondas, but a knife, and find a place in the side bags chopper, and a magnetic tank bag on the "sport." Knives "survival" are divided into two types — super heaped for Arnold Schwarzenegger and those that actually can be used — to split a log, cut down a tree, cut the rope and open a can. In general, almost all of it can be done and an ordinary knife, but it's nice to have a few: tiny — for fun, "multitool" — for the cause, and the insane cleaver to, inserting it well, hang on a wall. And with a metallic ring in his voice fill to interested young ladies: "I remember once in the jungle …".

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