Wounded bear

Wounded bear attacks man in four situations: immediately after the shot, finding a bear in a thicket zalegshego, at the approach to the seriously wounded beast, similar to the dead, while in pursuit of a bear, which still has the power away from the people. Least likely to befall sad stories in the first case, more often — to follow. Doomed animals have nothing to lose — attacks almost every one of them.

After the shot the wounded bear most of the runs, but some of the animals (about 4%) in this situation strikes a hunter. Known fact, even when the bear ran into the river to get the man who shot him in the boat. More often rushes to human-bear having cubs, especially when she was wounded shortly after leaving the den, that is, in the spring.

Amazing speed with which the wounded (and not injured) bear runs up to the man. In the mountains it happens before the echo fades shot. No injuries, except when it is struck by the brain or spine, can not prevent the bear to throw shooter. Immense power after the bear was mortally wounded often enough to kill or izlomat person shooter, or even several.

In rough terrain easily wounded bear after shots are not usually catches the hill, as usual, and the mountain, it is necessary to consider n: the animal could hit a person, or just casually hit sweep, giving the carcass. Beast rushes down only after injury, in the future can also change the direction of travel, to go to the person, sometimes to the one shot at him?. In the plains bear after shot largely turns and

runs on your back trail, so it is dangerous to shoot the beast, standing on his tracks. Bear, who was injured on the edge or in the field, almost always rushes into the forest.

Wounded bearLifted from the den, and then wounded bear is often evident on anything that stands out on the white background of snow falls on the man in dark clothing, standing away from his path, but often runs in two or three meters away, not in response to a fixed needle in a white dress . It is noticed that the bear, who was injured in the far distance, it is better to consider the arrow and shot him a rather than the hunter who shot him at almost point blank range.

We must remember that in one den can be a bear. There were times when a hunter killed a bear was taken to skin it, and suddenly came out of the den the second beast killed the hunter. Sometimes, in the den, and 3-4 is a bear — usually a bear with his descendants.

Coming to the fallen beast after the shot, you need to be extremely careful. Quite often "dead" animal alive and crushes the man had come up. Signs of life in defeated bear down are tensions pose, against the head and ears are rampant on the nape hair, but the latter condition is not very reliable. If the bear crawls, and in your hands repeating weapon, shoot, do not delay, again, until the beast shows even the slightest sign of life. There have been many instances when the bear, which seemed to be dead, "came to life" and cripple hunters. If you are armed with double-barreled shotgun, it should be, not taking his eyes from the fallen beast, first recharge the empty barrel and then kill the bear, aiming for the head.

Chase escaped wounded bear is extremely dangerous and should not be done in the dark, without a dog, and armed, reliable partner. If your friend has started to be at a loss to understand, then you should be extremely careful this time. Following the bear, you should try to neprosmatrivaemye seats were just in front of you so that they did not have the back and sides. Especially dangerous climb over a fallen tree or other obstacle. It was at this time the beast profitable throw at you, which is often the case.

If a hunter shot at the bear and wounded him, but the beast was gone, you need to take steps to Transoms wounded animal, the failure — immediately inform the residents of the nearby villages, report to ohotorganizatsii.

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